Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, November 01, 1919, Page PAGE NINE, Image 9

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eujToy -Where Small A
Rate per word -Each insertion one
cent, six insertion S cents, one month,
26 insertions. It cents, un ji-ar, per
month, 9 cents. Minimum pr ad .25
First insertion only in New Today.
City ads cash in advance and not tak
en over phone, unless advertiser has
monthly account No allowance for
phone errors ' -
New Today.
LOST Silver fountain pen. Phone
434. ...... . 259
Et'GS cleaned 40c per rug. rhone 16.
1. L. Buckner. . - - 264
FOR SALE Ten milch cows. Phone
34F2 or 2357J. 261
FOR SALE Late 191T Ford, new
body. 1023 N. 17fli; 261
FOR SALE 6 room house, 1239
Broadway. Phone 205TJI. 264
FOR RENT 5 room modern flat for
rent furnished. Call 686J. 60
FOR RENT' Two furnished house
keeping rooms. 481 Union St. 259
FOR SALE Good 4 year old horse.
One Shropshire buck. Phone 107
F4- 261
FOR SALE Baby buggy, good con
dition. Call afternoons 1145 Cross
St. 259
FOR SALE 7 room modern house,
4. good location. $2500. F. L. Wood,
Bayne bldg. 271
LOST A man's right hand, brown
leather, white fur lined glove. Find
er phone 1502. 260
FOR RENT Good farm close to Sa
lem, stock and implements for sale.
F. L. Wood, Bayne bldg. 271
ONE late model Maxwell in excellent
condition, will be sold at a sacri
fice for cash. 170 S. 12th St. Phone
458.., . 259
EXCHANGE 26 acres improved,
paved road, $4000. for modern
house. F. L. Wood, Bayne bldg. 261
FOR SALE si-horse boiler -and en
gine, 1st class shape. Phone 35F11.
FOR SALE Fresh cow. 1110 Cross
St. S. 12th St. Call mornings, Sa
lem, Or. . 260
WIDOW worth $50,000 age 25. anx
ious to -marry honorable gentleman
Write Mrs. Warn 2216 1-2 Temple
St., Los Angeles, Cal.
LOST Dog, little brown wire haired
terrier, answers to name Jimmv.
Liberal reward, Bligh hotel, M. Cor
rigan. 259
FOR SALE One bay mare 7 vears
old, weight 1300, gentle, well'brok-
en. A. Eugene Aufranc, Rt. G, box
" 6. Phone 19F5. ., ; . 61
FOR SALE-5' acres of. loganberries,
2 room house. 2 miles from citv
limits. Price $2500. Address Owner,
G P care Journal. 259
WANTED First class carpenter, out
of work for 10 days will be glad to
help any one during this time.. Box
Help care Journal. 259
YOUR, future foretold. Send dime age,
birthdate for truthful, reliable.' con
vincing trial reading. Hazel Hanse,
Box 21a, Los Angeles, Cal.
LOST Pocketbook containing change
em Chemeketa or Center between
Liberty and 666 N. 20th, or between
665 N. 16th and Center. Finder call
, 1205R.' Reward. 260
WANTED Bookkeeper wanted for
large firm, $125 per month. State
age, education and experience in
detail in your application. Box 240
Capital Journal.
DIAMOND WANTED Will pay cash
tor bargain in large diamond. Will
leave Salom Tuesday so if you have
one for sale answer nt once. Box
Wanted, Capital Journal. 60
FOR TRADE 160 acres of land, 136
acres in cultivation, 26 acres pas
ture and bottom land; good barn,
well fenced. Would like city or acre
age. Price $11,600. Address Owner
G P care Journal. 259
SALESMEN Economy line of calen
dars, leather goods and ank sup
plies, good commissions; exclusive
contract and territory; established
house. Economy Advertising Co.,
Iowa City, Iowa 259
Salom Auto Radiator Shop
Radiators, Fenders and Cas
Tanks Repaired
Tractor Radiators a Specialty
Ford Radiators for Sale
198 S. 12th St. Salem, Ore.
FOR SALE Ten room double house
on State St . fivo ... i
Modern with furnace heat. Large
ioc wun iruit trees, cherries, apples
na pears, uwner moving to Cali
fornia will sell cheap. Inquire- 665
K. Cottage St. Phone 1901, 265
AUCTION KALE Mnnilnr Km- 9
1919, at C. E. Mcllwain farm One
mile west of North Howell school
commencing at 1 p. -m, All farm
machinery, small tools and 1 Cleve
land tractor, plows, disc, mower,
rake. etc. 1 land plaster seeder.
All farm and garden tols, 1 1000-lb.
Chevrolet delivery car in good con
dition. All household goods. 259
FORTUNES made in Texas oil. Own
an interest in a royalty syndicate
now paying 26 percent on par. Send
for illustrated prospectus. Heard
Brltton Syndicate,. Dundee bldg..
Ft. Worth Tex, 259
of oil fields. Attractive and inter
esting relief map, size 418x24. Han?
Jt in your home or office. See the
arflaaug. development work of the
largest producing oil fields, in the
world at a glance. Limited edition;
write immediately- -for free copv be
fore "supply is exhausted. Union
Trust company,. Dept. 474, Houston
Texas. 259
WANTED Hustling salesman who
nas sold implements or other goods
to farmers, to sell groceries whole
sale. Beginners earn $250 to $300
i?nmnth- ExP"ienced men, $300 to
uo. farmers Bave 20 percent. Our
guarantee "Satisfaction or money
j If ron can inalirvj give age
and experience in detail. Address
WANTED Lady cook, dishwasher
and waitness, 223 N. Com'l. 261
WANTED Ex-soldier wants employ
ment. Hasten years business exe
perience as salesman and general
office work, from clerk to office
manager. Box 11 Capital Journal.
' . l . - 260
I want men to cut 2000 cords nice
second fir wood at $2 per cord and
take land nt from $25 per acre to $7o
in tracts from 5 to 50 acres. Will pay
1-2 cash, remainder to be applied in
payment of the land. Will give a job
of hauling if desired. John H. Scott,
228 Oregon bldg. Salem. 261
For Sale.
FOR SALE Good rauge with con
Phone 11.7:7. 25a
FOR SALE A few good young hens
and pullets. 1766 Lee St. 2
FOR SALE Cook stove in A-l con
dition. 1720 Chemeketa St. 278
A GOOD riding pony for sale, good
With children. 1348R. 259
FOR SALE 500 used brick and 14
cases 2x8x20. Phone 79SW. 259
FOR SALE A few well bred R. I.
Red cockerels. Phone 62F2. 260
BEAUTIFUL wall tints 10s pound
and up. Max O. Buren, Com. St.
FOR SALE 6 room semi-modern
house, $700. Inquire 1105 Leslie St.
FOR SALE Pigs from five to Bix
weeks old. G. W. Thurman, phone
. 8F13. 263
FOR SALE 3 barrel gasoline tank
and pump, good condition, vvnte
Box 43, Marlon, Or. 262
FOR SALE If you are looking for
houses call 1213 Center St. I have
them on easy terms. 259
FOR SALE 6 tons baled cheat hay
at Marion, $20 per ton. E. F. Whe
lan, Salem, Rt. 4. 259
FOR SALE 5 nice lots with fruit, 4
room house, on car line, for $1750,
" terms. V-"B care Journal. 259
FARMS FOR SALE A tew bargains
in dairy farms. Write to H. C. Por-
ter, Aumsville, Marion Co.,. Or. 201
FOR SALE 100 head god stock ewes
or will put 50 head on share. Phone
' 26F33. B. H. Kaiser, Macleay, Or.
FOR SALE 40 acres best soil, all un
rw cultivation, some orchard, stock
and implements, 6 miles north, $10,
""). T-44 care Journal. 208
FOR SALE 3 factory buildings jblri-
ing 4880 feet floor space, with 20x
40 foot warehouse 803 N. Liberty
St. W, Fennel. , ; . . tj 259
FOR -SALR -80hea4. Cotswold ewes
and registered ram; also registered
Shorthorn bulls. Cromley Bros.,
Phone 60F12. 260
FOR SALE--40 acre prune orchard
5 miles south of Salem, 1-4 mile
from end of paved road for sale at
$400 per acre, terms. Call at 1099
S. High St. or Phone 1142J. 262
FOR SALE I have 60 farms listed
to sell from 20 to 600 acres. Both
improved and unimproved. Write
V. R. Putnam, WToodburn, Or. 260
FOR SALE Or trade, Berkshire boar
18 months old; also some stock
hogs. Phone 39F4, L. Bechtel, Sa
lem, Rt. 7, box 142A. 260
FOR SALE Young cow, good milk
er. Wanted some farmer east of
town see me about wood, straw and
hay. Rt. 7, box 14. 259
FOR SALE Che-p, 40 acres, 6 clear
ed, raise onions: house, barn, chick
en house, rest timber land; 7 miles
from Creswell. Inquire 960 High
land Ave. - 259
FOR SALE 3 young mares suitable
for riding and driving, $15 each;
pigs 2 months old $5 each; shoats
and brood sows. Simon Hop ranch,
Rt. 8, Salem. Phone 69F14. 263
FOR SALE 8 head of fine dairy
cows, fresh and coming fresh.
These are all good cows and I will
- sell them at the right prices. If you
want one for family use come early
and get first choice. Ask for R. E.
Neal at Center street feed barn. 269
FOR SALE Farm for sale, nearly
24 acres of first class fruit land
abouti 14 acres under cultivation;
all- new buildings, gravity water sys
tem, close to school on good gravel
road, one block from Yeoman sta
tion. C. M. Robinson, Rt. 6, box
26A, Salem, Or-. 261
FOR SALE River bottom land sit
uated 16 miles north of Salem, of
161 acres, 40 acres cleared. Hard
and cottonwood timber, house and
barn. The finest kind of loganber
ry land at $66 per acre. Will take
some trade. Merlin Harding at Sa
lem Hardware Co. 261
FOR SALE 46 acres land near New-
berg, 25 acres fruit, mostly Italian
prunes, all in bearing. Comfortable
buildings, good teams, implements,
feed, good dry house, under good
fence. Will sell or trade for acre
or two that would make good home.
M. B. Ebbert, Newberg. 261
FOR SALE 130 acres east of Salem
on good road, 120 acres cultivated
and 60 acres now sowed to wheat
The buildings ure new and modern.
The house has 6 rooms and is on a
sightly location; has fine water sys
tem to all buildings. This place is
e real snap at $20,150. See Fred
V. Durbin, 27S 8late St. 260
Second Hand Goods.
LIBRARIES bought and sold. Sims,
143 N. High. Phone 340. 266
opened a first class shop repairing
and refinishing of all kinds, up
holstering a specialty. Will call and
estimate your work. . Phone 1742;
M. Brown, 1201 S. Commercial St.
No Cash Required Good overcoats,
shoes and suits, all kinds of musical
instruments, shotguns, ri'ies, heating
rtoves, gas stoves, suit caes and 1.000
other useful articles to i U or trade.
What have you? The Capital Ex
change, 337 Court St Phone 493.
H. C. Hunting. .407
street, Portland, Or.
Wanted. -
WANTED To t-nt furnished house.
Loom 14, Baker apts. 263
WANTED Moving and hauling. The
Biederman Transfer. Phone 1608J.
i - , 264
WANTED Highest price paid for
i fat cattle and milch cows. Phone
1576W. 279
WANTED Intelligent Christian wo
man for light house work. 173 S.
, Cottage. 259
WANTED Girl for general house
. work in family of 4 and baby.
Phone 14S8. . 259
WANTED Ranch hand $50 month
and board. Phone 931T23 or call at
586 N. High St. - 263
WANTED High school boy wants
place to work for room and board.
- Adress box 100 care Journal. 259
WANTED Modern five or six room
furnished house, good locality.
References. C S care Journal. 262
WANTED Furnished apartment or
rooms. Can furnish best of refer
ences. Address box 22, Journal. 259
WANTED We have two good teams
and will do plowing by day or con
tract. 804 S. 20th and Waller, Sa
lem, Or. 261
WANTED Woman to work by the
hour, on Monday of each week.
Call at 316 N. Church St. or phone
1238 mornings. 260
WANTED Two wood cutters. Long
contract,- good living quarters and
close to school. Hawkins & Roberts,
205 Oregon building. Phone 1427
WANTED To rent, six or seven
room modern house, close in, furn
ished or unfurnished by reliable
: party. No childrn. Wm. Neimeyer,
444 State St. Phone 167. . .
WANTED Ladies and gents gar
ments to remodel, no alterations
too difficult. 'Mrs.- C. Ezra Sparks,
lady tailor. C. Ezra Sparks, man
tailor. Call room 2, 442 State St. 260
WANTED Hello, hello! Another
new ' and secondhand . furniture
store, 415 S. 12th, a block from S.
P. depot. If you have anything to
offer call for H. M. Canon. Phone
966. 260
' Why Sell For Less?
WE will pay you more cash for your
. household goods. Get- our bid be
fore you sell. Peoples Furniture
and Hardware Store, 271 N. Com
mercial street. Phone 734.
Stove Repairing.
STOVES rebuilt and repaired. 60
years experience; Depot National
and American fence, sizes 26 to 68
Inches high. Pairtts, oipt and varn
ishes, etc., loganberry "md hop
hooks. Salem Fence anC Stove
Works, 250 Court street. Phase 124
CHIMNEY sweep, furnaces cleaned.
Phone 191. 262
'WALFELT" superior to cloth at
about half price. Max O. Buren,
Com'l. St. 276
REX Dry paste, no cooking required,
works better and sticks tighter
than flour. Max O. Buren, Com'l
8t 276
TAKEN UP 5 hogs estray came to
my place. Please come and de
scribe property and pay damages,
and feed bill and for. this av. M.
Lengele, Salem, Rt 8. 259
NOTICE This ranch for exchange,
will take a residence not over $1500
as part pay. I wish to exchange my
ranch at once for part cash and
part mortgage bnck. Will take a
residence up to $1500, and $1500
in cash and carry back $2000. The
ranch consists of 28 acres of the
best of land, fair improvements, lo
cated 1 1-2 miles from town, on
paved road. If you are interested
see me at once. Room 1, Bayne
bldg., Salem, Ore.
Niemeyer's Buys.
New Today
8 room modern house on Mill St.
Lot 75x160. $1900.
4 room bungalow, modern and
neat, on South 21st street. Lot 60X100.
8 room strictly modern house on
Center St $4200.
6 room modern house on Belmont.
All built in features. Lot 42x66. Some
fruit. Cement walks. $2500.
120 acres 4 miles south of Salem.
84 acres cultivated; 36 timber; 22
orchard. 2 houses, 2 barns all in good
condition. Good water piped from
spring to buildings. $100 acre.
32 acres all cultivated; 22 acres
prunes; 4 loganberries. Good water.
5 rom house, also good barn and out
buildings. $12,000.
10 acres 6 miles south on good
road, modern 3 room house. Good
fruit. $3500.
84 acres near Airlie, 50 acres cul
tivated, balance pasture and timber.
Good buildings. $60 an acre. Will
trade for city property.
Just real estate and high class In
vestments. 216-216 Masonic bldg., Sa
lem. Phones 1000, 1014. 259
Office 124 South Liberty street
Phone 937, 1211. Real estate and
stock sales.
W. F. WRIGHT, Turner auctioneer.
WThy not get him. He only charges
2 per cent. . ...
Everything Electrical.
Temple. 127 North High. Phone
Main 1209.
We Want.
Your used furniture, stoves, carpets
and tools, as we pay fair prices for
everything. Call 947.
283 North Commercial St
f DOES .
. Optometrists.-
DR. L. HALL WILSON -Specialist
in the Modern Scientif
ic application of glasses for the aid
of vision and the relief of eye strain
and headache. Office closed Satur
day: Off ice- 210-211 U. S. bank build
ing. Phones, office 145; res.-1244.
rist, eyes examined and glasses fit
ted. Broken . lenses duplicated.
Hours at off ice. daily, 4 p. m. to S
p. m. Saturday 9 a. m. to 6 p. m.
Appointment by phone any hour.
610-13 U. S. bank. Phone 841. 278
Safety Razor Blades. .
SAFETY razor .blade sharpening ma
chine, first installed at A. B. Stew
art Repair Shop, 347 Court St.
Water Company.
corner Commercial and Trade Sts.
Bills payable monthly in advance.
Phone 606. - :
No. 1 9 room home 1 block north
of Court street, on south east corner
of Chemeketa St. Price $6000.
No. 2 8 room home with furnace
and fireplace, No. 640 Chemeketa St.
1'rice $5500.
No. 3 12 room double house, No.
487 North High, opposite high school.
Price $3250.
No. 4 5 room bungalow modern
except heat. Price $2600.
No. 5-r-6 room modern home with
garage. Prioe $3600.
No. 6 6 acres of land with Im
provements. Price $2360.
No. 7 5 acres with fair improve
ments. Price $2750.
The above property is a Uhrgain,
and can be bought on terms.
W. A. Liston
484 Court St.
Good Buys.
11 acre tract located 4 miles south
of Salem, 5 acres of 12-year old Ital
ian prunes, rock . road. Price $6000.
$1000 down, balance 6 years 6 per
cent interest.
20 acre tract all cultivated, 4 acres
of Iogans, 10 acres cherries and ap
ples; good plastered house, barn, well,
rock road, close to highway. Price
4.81 acre tract" all cultivated, best
of prune or loganberry land, rock
road, 4 miles-'out. Price $1250.
6 acre tract, house and barn 3-4
acre Iogans, some, prunes and cher
ries. Price $1600.
6.67 acre tract all cultivated, 5
acres in prunes, good house and barn,
Price $3500. ,
10 acre tract, 6 acres bearing
prunSs, 3 acres 3-years old, 2 acres
apples. Price $3760. -
10 acres good soil all cultivated, 6
miles out. Price $1600.
17 acre tract, 10 acres bearing or
chard, mostly prunes, 3 room house,
barn, well, located on main Pacific
highway. Price' $5500, $1500 down,
balance 8 per cent interest.
Well Improved 10 acre tract locat
ed in the Liberty section, good plas
tered bungalow, barn, 1 acre logans,
3-4 acre prunes. Price $7000, $5000
10 acre tract, all cultivated, best of
bottom land, small buildings, 100
bearing apples. Price $1850. i
10 acres of bearing Italian prunes,
6 and 9 years old. Price $5500.
10 acre tract located east of Sa
lem, good 7 room modern house, barn,
all stock and machinery goes. Price
20 acre tract located 1 mile from
city limits', 6 acres' in prunes, 6 room
house and barn, well, best of soil,
good gravel road on ,two sides. Price
28 acre tract of first class soil lo
cated on paved road. Price. $9000.
20 acre tract of good soil all culti
vated and located on main gravel
road, good plastered house and barn,
best of dark prairie soil. Price $5000.
98 acre farm located on Howell
prairie, 50 acres cultivated, balance
pasture and timber, house and barn,
orchard, located on main Silverton
road. Price $13,000.
112 acre farm, 70 acres cultivated,
balance pasture, good modern house'
and barn, rock road, 5 miles from Sa
lem. Price $165 "per acre.
130 acre farm, 120 acres cultivated,
balance pasture, good modern -6 room
bungalow, good barn, good water sys
tem, 50 acres fall wheat seeded, best
of soil. Price $20,150.
320 acre farm, 240 acres cultivat
ed, balance pasture, good buildings,
on main highway. Price $136 per acre
Good 8 room modern house and
large lot. Price $2850.
6 room modern bungalow located at
620 South . 18th street. Price $1650.
6 room modern house located at
735 Ferry street. Price $2000.
8 room modern house at 746 uerry
street. Price $3500.
6 room modern house located at
1330 S3. Commercial street. Price $2,
800. 6 room modern house at 1057 Sag
inaw street. Price $1750.
3-4 acre tract and 6 room house
located in Salem Heights. Price $1850
7 room home located at 148 W.
Miller street. Price $2500.
8 room modern home located at
1760 South Liberty street Price $3,
800. 9 room home located at 1395 South
High street. Price $3500.
W. H. Grabenhorst & Co.
275 State street
Used Cars for Sale.
TO Oakland owners, we are fully pre
pared to take care of your cars no
matter in what shape they are in
and can guarantee absolute satis
faction. We are also prepared to do
first class repair work on any make
of cars. American Automobile Co.,
1919 6 PASS. Chevrolet, good as new,
new tires, lots of extras. Big reduc
tion in price. 1-ton quick delivery.
Oakland truck, pneumatic tires,
good condition. For sale cheap. Ore
gon Traction Co., 173 S. Com'l St.
Phone 1600. 259
Plumbing and Water Systems Install'
ed by ORABEB BROS., 141 South
Liberty St. Phone 550. Also agents
for Fairbanks-Morse Gas Engines.
Lodge Directory.
meets every Wednesday
evening at 7:30 at I. O. O. F. halL
McCornack hall on every Tuesday
at 8. Harry Levy, C. C. ; P. J, Kuntz
K. R. & & . : . , .
Oregon Grape camp No. 1360 meets
. every Thursday evening in McCor
' naok hall. Elevator service. Oracle,
Mrs. Carrie E. Bunn, 64.8 Union St
recorder. Mrs. Melissa Persons, 1415
N. 4th St Phone 143SM,- ,
bly No. 84 meets every Thursday at
8 p. m. in Masonic Temple. Glenn C.
Niles, M. A.; C. A. Vibbert, secre
tary. 340 Owen street-
Oregon cedar camp No. 6246
meets every Thursday -evening at 8
o'clock, in McCornack building,
Court and Liberty streets. W. M.
Persona, Y. C Frank A.!' Turner,
clerk. " V . ... . '. ' '--
DR. JOHN L. " LYNCH Otseopathio
pnysician-'ana surgeon, 404 Oregon
bldg, Res. Phone 68F5. Office
phone 1394. . 270
DR. WM. B. MOTT, formerly of Port
land, has located In Salem Occupy
ing the offices of his late father,
Dr. W. S. Mott, 407-408 Bank of
Commerce bldg. Office phone 383,
residence phone 696. i ':
Best Buys.
30 acres all cultivated, welt fenced.
woven wire fence on three sides, one
side rail, good barn, half mile from
town, great snap. $2350, terms on part
if desired.
110 aores, 95 cultivated, 15 pasture.
some timber, 12, acres in 6 and 6 year
old prunes, 11 acres in one year old;
iamny orcnard in bearing, l ; acre
Royal Anne and Governor Wood cher
ries, 12 years old; all orchard in good
condition; 7 room plastered house, 8
years old; hot and cold water, barn
J0X4SX18, machine shed and garage,
all neoessary out buildings, place wa
tered by well and spring, all woven
wire fenced and cross fenced, 3 miles
of Oregon normal school; equipment
as follows: 3 horses, 2 colts, 4 milk
cows, 2 yearling calveB, 15 head hogs
including brood sows, 50 chickens, 2
wagons, 7-foot binder, 8 plows, spring
tooth harrow, corrugated roller and
lot of other tools and implements.
$18,500, $8000 cash, $10,500 terms 6
per cent.
29 acres, 21 acres cultivated, 8
acres stumps 3 acres mixed orchard,
fair house -and- .barn, water system,
macadamized road, half mile from
school and church, 6 miles from Sa
lem. $7360, terms on part. -
60 acres, 45' cultivated, 16 timber
pasture, all but 5. tillable; woven wire
fence, well watered, fair 6 room house
good, barn and out buildings, 2 1-2
miles from good town, macadam
road. $6000,v$2500 cash, $3500 terms
4 per cent.
40 acres river bottom land, 20 cul
tivated, good improvements, . good
fence, stock, farming Implements, etc
all included; 2 miles from good town
on paved road. $8000.;.
218 acres, 125 cultivated, 94 timber,
139 river bottom, 7 room house, large
barn, other out buildings, all stock
and .equipment, hop houses, 6 miles
from good town, $80 per acre; terms
on part.
137 acres, 80 cleared, balance pas
ture and timber, family orchard,
house,' barn, dandy good ranch. $80
per acre; -mile and half from town in
very prosperous community;, terms
on $5000 6 per cent.
7 room fully modern house, finest
panel and wood work, furnace, large
lawn, complete set of out buildings,
garare, cement floor, cost $7500 six
years ago, all in first class condition,
offered for a short time at $5000,
terms on part. ,
E room modern bungalow, well
planned, good porches, curbed lawn,
cement walks, garage, wood shed,
chicken house. $1750, $300 cash, $25
per month, 7 per cent.
Well built 5 room modern' house,
east front, lots of fruit, close to school
graveled alley. $1860, $1050 cash, bal
ance terms.
6 room bungalow, fire place, large
porch, east front, fine garden spot
$2000, half cash.
5 room cottage, large rooms, 2 60
foot lots, macadam street, good re
pair. $1350, half cash. (
7 room plastered, well built house.
75-foot front on State street, pave
ment paid; fruit and shrubbery. $2,
350, $750 cash, balance 7 per cent.
341 State (trevt
Good Buys.
8 rooms nicely improved, fine lot,
some fruit, streets improved, best lo
cation in city; look It over, 354 N.
Winter St. $4500, $1600 cash, balance
long time. . ,
8 rooms modern, improved streets,
a .real snap, 1096 Chemeketa St. $2,
750 for a quick sale.
7 rooms, large lot. all ' kinds of
fruit, bath, electric lights and toilet,
1272 Fir St. $2250, $1000 cash: look
at it.
6 rooms modern; a dandy home for
some one at $2300; I860 H. Church St.
5 room modern bungalow, two lots:
this is a swell place, 1695 N. Liberty
St $2501), $800 cash, balance two
years. .
6 room modern house; a real snap
In S. Salem, one block off street car,
$2200, $600 cash, balance monthly.
We have several 4 to 6 room good
houses from $900 to $1500 on easy
payment plan. See us when you want
a house or farm.
John H. Scott Realty Co.
228 Oregon bldg , .
Investigate These Bargains.
10 acres of best soil. 5 acres bear
ing prunes, 2 acres loganberries and
2 acres strawberries new set build
ings. Snap, $4000.
30 acres river bottom choice gar
den land, buildings and orchard. Only
$200 per acre.
85 acre farm 3 miles from Salem,
best loam soil, good buildings, orch
ards, berries. Snap, $300 per acre.
Choice 19 acre bearing prune orch
ard near Salem, best buy around 8a-
Uem at $500 per acre; will pay 60 per
cent on Investment
125 acr river bottom farm near
Sniem, farm buildings and 60 acres
bearing orchard. Fine Investment for
$16,000; terms.
For bargains and investments.
; Perrine & Marsters
212 Commercial Club bldg.
For Rent
FOR RENT House with garden spot
Phone 24F4. 260
FOR RENT-Large ' furnished front
room, close in. Phone- 1363M. 260
FOR RENT Two sleeping rooms
with or without board at 642 North
Liberty. , 259
FOR RENT Good farm for rent, eith
cash or snares, immeaiate posses
sion given. Sea J. H. Lauterman.
Argo hotel.
Salem Scavanger -Garbage and re
fuse of all kinds removed on montn
ly contracts at reasonable rates.
Cess pools cleaned. Dead animal
removed. Office phone Main 167.
Money To Loan.
On good real estate security
Over Ladd & Bush Bank. Salem, Ore.
MARION-POLK National Farm Loan
Ass'n. Government money to Joan
at 6 1-2 percent. 303 Salem Bank of
Commerce. W. D. Smith.
Lost And Found.
LOST Bunch of keys Wednesday
night netween commercial ana
690 High street Finder phone 926.
Federal Farm Loans
5 1-2 per. cent interest, Prompt serv
ice, 34 1-2 years time. Federal
farm loan bonds for sale. A. C.
Bohrnstedt, 401 Masonic Temple,
Salem, Oregon.
Advance Rumely Ideal
! ,.- Separators.
A separator to fit every farm, 4
sizes, 22x36, 28x44, 32x53 and 36x60.
Wood or steel, and a Rumely tractor
to fit every size separator.
Wm. H. Trumn, local agent, Salom,
263 N. Commercial. Phone 413.
No Safer. Buys In Salem
. 8 room house, modern, . adjoins
good business block, $4000.
8 room house, modern, close in, S.
Salem; $2750.
5 room cottage, plastered, 2 good
lots, N. Salem, $1200.
,11 lots, mostly in commercial fruit,
good 5 room house, good outbuildings
Price $3000 for-.Short time only.
6 1-acre lots, 4 with cottages on,
best of soil, selling from $1000 to $2,
500. 6 acres, best of soil, no buildings,
2 blocks off paved road, $1500.
25 acres, best of black loam, 8 miles
out, buildings not very good, $200 per
120 acres, 20 in cultivation, balance
mostly oak timber, poor buildings,
close to rock road, 8 1-2 miles out
Enough timber to pay for the farm,
$40 per acre short time only.
Walter" McLaren
Room 25, 180 N. Com. St. 262'
Oleson's Auto Exchange
349 N. COM. Y. M. C. A. BLOCK
Buys, sells and exchanges used cars
Light Studebaker, electric . lights,
six good tires, $276
1919 Chevrolet, almost new, shock
absorbers, 5 tires, $750.
6 Studebakcra $200 to $1800
1 Ford truck, fine condition, $826
Many other good buys.
we sell oils, grease, gasoline, used
s-ito parts, tires and accessories.
wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmKmmmmmmmmmmtmmmmmmmKmmmmmmimmmmmmtmm
205 Oregon BuifcEng
171 S.
p after ies
Automobiles i
Wood Saw,
PHONE 1764R. 0"' Prices are right.
W. M. Zandler. proprietor. 1255 N.
Summer street, Salem. Or.
Grain: Wheat, soft wiite No. 1 IS:
feed oats 80c; milling oats 86c; hy.
neat, new 17; hay, oats, new $18& -
20; mill run 4446
Butt erf at: Butterfat. 69c: crease- .
ery butter, 67 69o.
rorH, veal and mutton: Pork on foot '
13c; veal fancy 20c; steers
78c; cow 6T l-2c; spring lamb
10c;. ewea 45c; sheep, lear lings 9c
Eggs and -poultry: Eggs cash 82c;
light hens 18 20c heavy hens 24c; old
roosters 16 16c; springs 20c.
Portland, Or., Nov. 1.- Butter, city
creamery 66 67c; Eggs selected local
ex 7076c; hens 262Sc; broilers 23
' 27c; geese 15c; cheese 33 35c.
. Live Stock.
Cattle: Receipts none; tone of mar
ket steady;, good to choice -steers $9
9.50; fair to medium steers $708;
common to fair steers, $5.60 6.50;
choice to good cows and heifers $6.60
7.50; cannera $34; bulls $5 6.60;
calves $814. . ', . . i
Hogs: Receipts 91; tone of market
steady; prime mixed tl3.6014.0O;
medium mixed, $13.00 013.50; rough
heavies, $11,0011.50; pigs, $12,000
Shop: Receipts none; tone of market
steady; prime lambs $11.0011.50;
fair to medium lambs $10.00910.50;
yearlings $8.00 9.00; wethers $7.60
8.50; ewes, $6.007.00.
A good modern 6 room cottage, run
cement basement, cement walks,
large corner lot, fruit, berries and
grapes; you'll have to hurry to get
this," $2250, $1000 cash, balance to
suit. John H. Scott Realty Co., 228
Oregon bldg.
110 acres, 100 In cultivation, good
buildings, some crops seeded, yountt
orohard, . teams, cows, hogs, all
farming implements, ' hay, corn,
kale, seed wheat and oats, chick
ens. Everything With farm must bo
sold, terms. $125 per acre.
100 acres fine land, fine improve
ments, one mile from town and
normal college. A number one farm
$150 per acre.
Other farms from $50 to $100 per
acre, also well improved small
farms. J. H. Moran, Monmouth.
Ore. 25
To whom it may concern: Notice it
hereby srivon that the undersigned. Ed
ward Luthy and Ernest Luthy, joint
executors of the last will aad testa
ment nntl estate .of Peter Irathy, d
ceased, have, this day, tiled in taiol
estate their final account and the
county court of Marion county, Oiegt
has fixed and appointed Monday, No
vember 17th, 1919, at the hoar of 19 ;
o 'lork a. m. of said day at the county
court room in the county court nous
in said county and state as the tim
and place for the hearing of aoy ob
jections to said final account and fa
the eottlement thereof.
Dated Oct. 18, 1919,
Joint executors of the estate ot
Peter Luthy, deceased.
Carey F. Martin,
Attorney for estate.
of battery troubles.
Equip your
car with an
"Exibe" Battery
backed by
"Exibe" Service
Commercial Phone 1107
Salem, Oregon
J' s
I (!'