The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Deschutes County, Or.) 1917-1963, July 13, 1955, Page 6, Image 6

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    Redmond Council Approves
Changes in Fund Accounts
" Special to The Bulletin
REDMOND Changes in city
fund accounts suggested by audi
tor Bernard Davis were acted up
on Tuesday night by Redmond
council men In regular session. The
council voted to combine city funds
into ) two bank accounts, one the
general fund, and the other to In
clude all special funds such as re
serve, sinking and bond accounts.
Heretofore each of the latter has
been kept separately. Davis met
with the council, as did city trea
surer Max Cunning. A monthly re
port showing receipts and expen
ditures of each department is to
be presented before council by city
recwder Mrs. Evaline Riebhoff.
T4e gasoline bid was awarded
Shell Oil Co. by vote of council
Maximum guaranteed prices are
$.2204 per gallon for regular gaso
line! $.1415 for diese) and furnace
oilr-and $.1515 for stove oil.
Til? new contract with the ru
nillire district was approved,
wito, three important changes
Avalanche Takes
Lives of 7 Boys
BANP, Alia., (UP) The
bodies of seven teen-aged Ameri
cans killed In a roaring mass of
rock and snow as they descended
from the top of a 11,636-foot moun
tain were brought out in baskets
ly pack horse today.
The tragedy occurred above the
9500-foot mark of Ute peak, aboul
30 miles from Banff.
, Only four of the 11 boys roped
together for an attempt on the
peak" survived. Two were in the
hospital today with serious head
The two uninjured youths were
Identified by Royal Canadian
Mounted Police as Tony Woodfield,
16, Eye, N.Y., and Peter Smith, 13,
Paofi, Pa. Injured and In "fair
condition" were Fred J. Ballard.
13, -and Theodore Clattenburg, 14,
both of Philadelphia. .
The dead were Identified as:
Jolin Townscnd Bulls, 13, Phlla
drlphia. His twin brother, Richard.
David Shapln, 15, S t a m 1 o r d,
. Conn.
Miles Mardle, 12, CoUcgovlUe,
Luther Seddon, 13, St. Louis.
William Walls, 18, Whlteniarsh,
William Wise, 15, Souderton, Pa.
Nationally Advertised Brands of Footwear
all liiei but not In all stylet
Women's Air Step Reg. 9.95 to 1 2.95 NOW 7.85
Girl's Sport Shoes Reg 3.99 to 5.95 NOW 3.00
Women's Life Stride Reg 7.95 to 1 0.95 NOW 5.45
Men's Dress Shoes Reg. 1 0.95 to 1 6.95 NOW 8.45
Childrens Straps & Oxfords Reg to 6.95 ...NOW 3.99
Women's & Chld's. Hse. Slipper Reg 4.95 . .NOW 2.00
Sorry No Phon Orders All Sales Final
pointed out. These are (one) the
district's payment to the city for
Ihe fiscal year July 1, 1935 through
June 30, 1906 is $3,000, (two), in
subsequent years the district will
pay to the city for fire protection
an amount equal to one-fourth of
the city budget for the fire depart
ment for that year, with repre
sentatives of the district sitting In
on budget preparation, and (three)
any new areas that might receive
fire protection from Redmond
equipment will enter into separate
agreements with the city. V.
Wilson and Paul Perkett represen
ted the rural fire district in pre
paration of the contract, with
councilman Prior Smith and Dan
Kilgore and fire chief Jack Hart
ley representing the city.
Contract Approved
Council approved a contract for
50 mile speed zone from Pilot
Butte Canal to south city limits,
to be established by the state high
way department. Residents of Pla
nervllle, on the highway south of
Redmond, have requested 50 mile
zone through their area, this
would make a 50 mile limit in
effect south from Redmond
through Planerville.
By roll call vote council ap
proved the resolution making ef
fective an ordinance calling for va
cation of a portion of East First
Street adjacent to Forest Ave.
Referring a request from Port
land representatives of a religious
denomination, city attorney Ru
pert Park asked their Interpreta
tion of the Green River ordinance
as it would apply to house can
vassing for religious instruction,
with possibility or sales of a re
ligious material. He advised that
in his opinion home calling Is per
missable but that any sales call.
without specific Invitation from
Ihe property owner, is in viola
tion of the Green River ordinance.
Council voted to have Park write
lo the Portland Inquirer according
Park advised that he would have
ready at the next meeting an or
dinance to govern Hie library. It
is to create a library board, pro
viding for appointment of a mem
ber of council to act as chairman,
along with the existing board, and
another member. City superlnten
dent John Bemlng advised that
street oiling will begin Monday,
and that city crews are now be-
Kinmng io connect water mams 10 i
(he new reservoir. He advwed re-l
Bldenta not to be alarmed about!
low water pressure In the morn-1 Cuttings of grape vines from
ing for several day. rounc'lmnnlspaln were transplanted to. New
Walter Kleen was absent M V
Citations Issued
By Bend Police
Bend police issued nine citations
and 14 warnings during a periodic
traffic check - up of equipment
and licenses yesterday.
Those cited for license irregular-
ities were: Dorothy Weaver.
1025 W. 2nd street, no operator's
license; George L'rguhart, Pilot
Butte Inn, no operator's license;
Larry Craig Wormingiun, 415 De
Kalb, expired auto license: Edith
Huston, 667 E. Uih street, no op
erator's license on person; Min
nie Howard, 215 Congress, no op
erator's license on person; Loren
Everett Zink, Route 1, Box 200, ex
pired truck license; Richard Hem
ingway, 310 congress, no opera
tor's license on person; Guy W
Johnson, 26 Shasta, no operator's
license on person; and Robert E,
Gardner, 440 Riverfront, no chauf
feur's license on person.
Fourteen motorists were given
warnings for Inadequate equip
ment. including brakes, head-
Mehts, windshield wipers and toil
Police will make another check
on Friday. Police Chief John
Truett said that the periodic
check does not aim at making ar
rests but rather keeping automo
biles in condition for safe driving.
Thornton Rules
On Underground
Water Control
SALEM (UP) Oregon attorney
general Robert Y. Thornton ruled
yesterday that the state engineer
has the authority to control under
ground water supplies and their
Slate Engineer Lewis Stanley
requested the opinion after Robert
Lytle, a Vale attorney, claimed
that one of his clients who had
drilled three wells did not have to
get a permit for use of the water.
A hearing will be held in Vale
within the next 30 days on the case
in question.
The attorney general said .hat
until August 3 when a new state
water code goes Into effect, anyone
can drill a well without a permit,
but must have a permit before
nuDrooriatlne the water.
Under the new code, permits
must be obtained before drilling
- mn dome8,;c wcUs.
Mexico in inc days oi ine nrai
The Bend Bulletin,
IspeedL ,
mi I . m H MB I'-.' i iUi to.
hJ 1 n
: MI LHU ,--
H :
EYE-CATCHER, LIFESAVER-Driver. do a dojAtake when
they see the weird lettering of the "Z" and the "N in this sign,
near Michigan City, Ind. And that's Just fine, because it Ira
presses the warning upon them and they slow down.
Paving Work
Set at Madras
Special to The Bulletin
MADRAS Ordinance No. 172,
creating Improvement District No.
6 and providing for paving on cer
tain Mudras streets, was approved
by the Madras city council in i
special meeting, Monday evening.
The extension of C street from
Third to 100 Scot west of First
street and Second street between
C and B streets wHJ be paved.
Work is planned to be completed
next week, according to Joe Pal in,
city recorder. Gravr-I is bein
moved by Koyce Fiorey; Verne
Moore is in charge of excavation:
and Warren Northwest, Portland,
will do the actual paving.
Bid by Co-op
Denied by State
SALEM (UPI The State Hydro
electric Commission yesterday de
nied the application of the Coos
Curry electric co-operative to buiM
a $25,500,000 project on the Illinois
river Bald Mountain site.
Chairman George W. Joseph said
the principal reason for the rejec
tion was an economics report ot
stale engineer, Lewis A. Stanley
Estimates of stream flow itidi
cated the plant would be idle .or
several months each year. The re-i
port estimated that the plant's coat
of 6.48 mills per kilowatt hour
would "not be competitive with the
cost of power In the region."
The commission added that th"
Illinois was a valuable fishing and
spawning stream.
DAVIS. Calif (UP) Hand thin
ning of sugar beets brings higher
returns to growers than machine
thinning, despite its high cost per
acre, according to agronomists at
the University of California branch
Shortie and Long
Take your pick for only
Wednesday, July 13,1955
Employment Up
In Area, Price
Notes in Report
Employment in the Central Ore
gon area this past month was high
er thun a year ago, with most
industries, other than construction
and agriculture, providing more
jobs than a year ago, according
to information released today by
Clark A. Price, manager of the
Central Oregon Employment Ser
vice, Bend.
Construction and agriculture ac
tivities were slow in getting under
way because of the inclement wea
The current report notes that
the current number of unemployed
in the big area, covering all or
parts of seven counties, was 300
at ihe end of June, compired with
500 a month ago and -100 a year
The number of unemployed work
applicants currently continuing job
insurance claims for the final week
of June numbered 167, compared
with .itH) for the previous month
and 200 a year ago.
The current report notes: "It is
reported that Bryna Productions
spent some JROO.OOO in the area
while filming 'The Indian Figh
ter", and the Bend chamber is ex
erting every effort to attract more
movie producers lo this area."
With construction and agricul
ture now beginning to call for moro
workers, il is expected that the
number of unemployed will go be
low 300 between July 1 and Octo
ber, the report states.
All the primary kaolin produced
in the United States comes frtni
North Carolina. It is a ceramic
used in fine china.
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Tour in Russia
By HFKVlHlt HKfr',NHt
t tillrd Tmu Stuff wtvpM1enl
imrmhor American tmni riWrga
lhMl VhfUlltd to MSlt KlISMrt will
i tour Souel farm bums that "ik
Americans luve sirn m this iprtv
oration," nn Iowa limnor said to
Ralph A, Olson, Ellsworth. Iowa
a member of the delegation, said
Soviet authorities had not yet re
leased detailed iuns for t h e
American group's month-long tour
of Soviet farm areas, "but we've
been told we'll go as far as 1,800
mites east of Moscow and aboul
2,500 mites south," he said.
Will Tour Siberia
That would take the group Into
Siberia and into areas of corn,
cotton, and wheat production, 01-
sen said. Tentative plans call foi
trips to Soviet farms in areas so
remote they have not been visited
by any Americans of this genera
tion, he added.
Although the itinerary has not
been released, an informed source
reported that the tour will start
with a three-day visit in Moscow
July 15. From there the group
will proceed southward to Khar
kov, site of a tractor factory, and
then to Dnepropetrovsk where a
large dam is located.
Other stops have been scheduled
tentatively for Krasnodar, Rostov
and on the Don River, Stalingrad,
scene of one of world war II
major battles, and Kuibychev.
The group will move on to Si
beria where stops are planned at
Alma Ata, Akmolmsk and Barnau
Enroute the group will visit . Tash
The timetable for the tour is not
available yet.
Attend "School Sessions'
The farm delegation attended
"school sessions" Monday with
officials of the Agriculture and
State departments. After a news
conference they will fly to Newt
York and leave for Russia, via!
Finland, from New York's Idle-
wild Airport. 1
An exchange delegation of So-1
viet farm officials is scheduled to
arrive at New York July 16 for,
a 30 to 35 day tour of American j
farm areas.
The American group is unoffi
cial. Its members, selected by
three farm leaders from private
life, were picked as "representa
tives of American agriculture"
and will pay their own expenses
of $2,500 to $3,000 apiece, officials
Chairman of the group is Dr.
W. V. Lambert, dean of the Uni
versity of Nebraska College of
Agriculture. Another member is
Lauren K. Soth, editorial writer
of the Des Moines (Iowa) Regis
ter and Tribune, whose editorial
suggesting the exchange of farm
visits led to the tours.
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Summer Clearance Sale
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Guards Have Quit
munlw v( Ktiimm at the Wusliing j
hw Stat iHMitlenltiH-y who have
.vtfgnf. U the wake of lust week si
Hot routed to have risen to
Kuecne Wftmrlt, one of the cor-
lwtion BtianN hold hostage diu-ing
the 2il hour ivU'ltion. mud he re
iihsI "lnvause then it no safety
in the prison.'
Whinclt siiul prison officials
m.uto ihe cons a lot of promises
they can'i keep" in order to settle
the not and free the nine men held
"Il just won't work," he de-
laml. "If the officials don't keep
those promises I think it will hap
pen all over again. Only it will be
worse. I don't think the cons will
fool around next lime."
Two Monuments
Being Sought
By Neuberger
ard L. Neuberger (D-Ore.) intro
duced bills yesterday to establish
national monuments at two historic
spots along the trail of the Lewis
and Clark expedition to the Pacific
He pointed out Uie 150th anniver
sary of the expedition is bein;i
celebrated this year.
One monument would be created
on the original site of Fort Clatsop
in Oregon near the mouth of the
Columbia river. The other would
be on the Lolo trail above Lochsa
fork of the Clearwater river in
Willard L. Kurtz. 40, Rt 2. Box
156, was arrested for speeding in
a 25-mile zone yesterday by the
city police.
MEMPHIS, Tenn (UP) Hot Ta
male Road has been changed to
Dogwood Road.
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Switch Sought
In Jurisdiction
land district of the U.S. Army en
gineers plans to seek congressional
approval of a jurisdictional switch
of the proposed Jolin Day dam
hum Portland to Walla Walla dis
trict. Col. L. H. Foote, division engi
neer, said the switch would better
balance the heavy civil works con
struction load.
Juhn Day, as well as Hills Creek,
Cougar and Green Peter dams
now are Included in the Portland
district along with The Dalles dam,
now at Die peak of construction
activity. Only Ice Harbor is in the
Walla Walla district.
If plans are approved, bound
aries of the Walla Walla district
will extend to the Columbia river
to below Arlington, Ore., to Include
John Day as well as Ice Harbor.
The Portland district will com
plete design studies and initiate
construction on Hills Creek and
Cougar dams as well as planning
for Green Peter dam, all in the
Willamette valley.
Foote said few personnel
changes were contemplated.
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