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    The Bend Bulletin, Friday, May 27, 1955
Here and There
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cartmill,
1348 East 8th street, are the par
ents of a son, born this morning
t St. Charles Memorial hospital.
Helen Marie Darcy, Juliet R.
McClaran and Jennie Lee Woods,
all from Bend, will be awarded
the bachelor of science degree at
graduation ceremonies of Oregon
College of Education, Monmouth,
June 3, in Campbell Hall audito
rium on the campus.
Donald A. Armstrong, ma
chinist's mate second class, U.S
Navy, arrived at San Diego May
22 aboard the destroyer USS Hope
well, which has completed a five
month cruise in the Western Pa
cific. He is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Armstrong of Route 1,
The Ground Observer Corps will
hold a food sale Saturday at the;
Stipe Furniture store, starling at
30 a.m. Contributors may take
their donations there directly, ac-:
cording to Mrs. Charles B. Hinds
Jr., civilian supervisor of the fil
ter center.
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Raeburn,
former Bend residents now living
in Baker, will visit over the holi
day weekend with Mr. and Mrs.
Garold Reid, 405 Florida avenue.
Jack Hoist, son of Mrs. Alameda
Hoist of Bend, Is a member ol
the varsity rowing crew at Oregon
State college, and was among
those who left by chartered bus
Thursday morning for Newport
Beach, near BaHboa, Calif., to com
pete in the Western Sprint cham
pionship meet. Jack has oar No.1
4 on the port side. The meet will
be a highlight of the annual New-!
Mercy of Court
Asked by Wolf
PORTLAND (UP) Victor Lau
rence Wolf, 45, in what was de
scribed as "a most unusual legal
procedure," yesterday confessed
the bomb-slaying of Oliver Kermit
Smith and threw himself on the
mercy of the court.
Wolf, a railroad electrician,
made his confession in Circuit
Wolf told the stunned courtroom
he committed the murder in an
attempt to win the affections of
Smith's wife, Marjorie, who ear
lier had been implicated by him
and was similarly charged with
the slaying.
Smith, a prominent attorney,
was ' killed April 21 by a home
made dynamite bomb that explod
ed as he stopped on the starter
of his car.
port Beach regi.'ta.
The Red Riders. 4-H horse chrY
will meet Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at
Timbcrlane Ranch, home of the
leader, Mrs. Dean Hollinshead.
Mrs. Hollinshead requested that all
memlers ride their horses to the
H. N. Gilmore, father of Mi's.
Jack Jeff ers of Bend, is a resi
dent of Blackwe.!, Okla., which
was struck by a tornado yester
day. The storm struck the east
side of the city, Mrs. Jeffers
learned today. Her lather is a resi
dent of the west side, and she as
sumes that he was not injured.
Mrs. Allan B. Lichens of Hood
River and her infant daughter.
Jennifer Lynn, are staying for a
time with Mrs. Anna E. Hachtel,
510 Georgia, mother of Mrs. Lich
ens. The baby was born May 12
at St. Charles Memorial hospital.
Mrs. Lichens is the former Bonme
Sue Hachtel. Mr; and Mrs. Lichens
have another daughter, Pamela
Dawn, age 2:,a years.
Milton Ness, principal of Young
school, left Wednesday by piano
for Alaska, for a short visit in
Fairbanks with his daughter,
Officers of the American Legion
Auxiliary requested today thai
members take part in the Memo
rial Day parade Monday. They are
to meet at the National Guard
Armory at 1 a.m., it was an
nounced. Glen A. Hutchinson Jr., seaman
apprentice, U.S. Navy, has com
pleted a five-month cruise in the
Western Pacific aboard the de
stroyer USS Hopewell, which
docked May 22 at San Diego. He
is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen
A. Hutchinson of Route 1, Redmond.
5 .,
T ,
i.. J
Bend Hospital
Lawrence Ballard of Los Ange
les, member of the Byma Produc
tions staff injured in an accident
earl ier th is week, was released
from St. Charles Memorial Hos
pital yesterday.
Admitted to the hospital were
Lyle Leach, Rl. 1, Box 371, Bend;
Mrs. William Hilgors, 565 Gen
eral, Bend; Milton Dj'iggers, Mad
ras; Miss Mary Cheney, 1835 West
Second, Bend; James Gilchrist, 18
months, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Gilchrist, of Gilchrist; Mrs.
Robert Jeffers, 244 Miller, Bend;
Raymond Bennett, 178 Blue Lake,
North Twin Falls, Ida.; Mrs. Dour
las Johnson, 1616 Federal, Bend,
and Richard Chester, 1668 Awbrey,
Released from the maternity
ward today were Mrs. Oliver
Brown and daughter, Bend and
Mrs. Lorenzo Bettelyonn, Sisters.
Karen Austin, a member of
this year's senior class at Bend
High school, was named
"Girl of the Year" at the Mother-Daughter
assembly given
by the Girls' League last Friday.
Smith Receives
Two-Yesr Term
Norman Smith, who gave him
self up for writing phony checks
during a three-year probation was
sentenced to the state penitentiary
for a period not to" exceed two
years by Circuit Court Judge
Ralph S. Hamilton yesterday aft
ernoon. Smith was given a three -year
probation in March for issuing
checks without funds. Early this
month he did it again, but turned
himself in to the sheriff's office
on May 9. He was charged wi'ti
obtaining money and property by
false pretenses.
Prosecution was prepared by'B. M. Martin in La Pine for am
Hospital Board
Eyes Repairs
Tentative plans for the exterior
repair of the original unit of the
St. Charles Memorial hospital, ad
jacent to tiie new building, were
considered by directors of the Cen
tral Oi-egon Hospitals foundation
at their monthly conference Thurs
, Feasibility of placing a protec
tive stucco covering on the brick
exterior of the building is being
studied. In some areas it wis
found that the brick mortar is dis
integrating. Some preliminary es
timates of the cost have been ob
tained, but no action toward a
recommendation tms yet (been
made by the foundation.
W. L. Stollmack, hospital man
agcr, also repcr:. i on some exter
ior changes helng considered for
the old unit ol the hospital.
J. Pat Meike of the grounds
committee repen ted on progress of
landscape work and told of the
experimental planting of manzan
nita en the east slope of the hos
pital grounds. A further experiment
in planting the manzanita in the
fail is planned.
Robert W. Sawyer presided at
the luncheon conference, held in
the hospital cafeteria room. Dr.
Charles B. Hinds, Jr., represented
the hospital staff at the confer
ence, and Rev. Dean C. Poindexter
represented the Bend Ministeri
al association.
Anglers Fined
By LaPine JP
Special to The Bulletin
LAPINE Five persons were
fined by Justice of the Peace
District Attorney George F. Rake-
straw. Court - appointed defense
counsel, Harry A. English, repre
sented the defendant.
to make
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Contrast Noted
Between Asian,
U. S. Standards
Spet-ial to The, bulletin
RKDMOND While many Amer
ican parents are concerned about
the luxuries they can provide for
their children the majority of
Asian parents worry about even
keeping their children alive. The
contrast in living conditions, .was
drawn for Redmond Rotarians
Thursday nonn by Jack Ling of
Bend who cited from his work
with UN1CEF, the organization for
children's welfare that is a part
ot the United Nations.
"A gond water system" would
solve half of Asia's problems, he
quoted the Asian director of
UNTCEF as saying. Bad sanita
tion, malaria, scarcity of medical
assistance contribute toward the
high infant and child 'mortality
UNICEF not only offers financial
assistance for children, Ling said.
but insists that wjien the assist
ance ends the recipient govern
ments themselves will continue the
programs for 'belter health and
sanitation. UNICEF funds are giv
en only when requested, and are
used toward long - term projects
such as construction of hospitals,
laboratories and plants and facili
ties for producing insecticides and
Ling commented briefly on his
own background. He is a native of
Shanghai, attended missionary
schools, worked for Hong Kong
newspapers, came to Synicuse,
N.Y. where he received his A.B.
degree-and went on to Stanford
University for a masters degree.
He is presently associated with
,The Bend Bulletin.
ling in a closed area early this
They are: Orville Donald George
of Portland, William H. Tribe of
Eugene, Jack L. Holmes of Bend
Edward A. Philps of Bend and
Finley Richard Shoan of Prine-
ville. Each paid $25 fine and $-1.50
court costs.
Eliza'beth Martin Brown of Yak
ima was fined $15.00 plus $-1.50
court costs for violation of public
utility commission plate uses,
Graduating from the eighth
grade will be Bradford Flanary,
Jack Fletcher. Sandra Angel, Ka
ren Carter and Nancy Lechner.
Nancy Lechner has been named
valedictorian and Sandra Angel
A combined graduation of the
high school and grade school is
Guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Sigurd Askviken over the
weekend were Mrs. Cora J. Saw
yer and Don Sawyer of Portland
They are Mrs. Askviken's mother
and brother.
By I'liitcd Press
Double A' !..;"e eggs were up u
cent from the 'iiside range today.
hugs To retailers: Grade AA
large. 52c do:i; A large, 47- )c;
AA medium, 47-48c doz; A medi
um, 46-480 doz; A small, 38 4&
doz: cartons, I-3c additional.
Butter To retailers: AA grade
prims, 65c lb; cartons 66c; A
prints, 65c: cartuns, 66c; B prints,
Cheese To retailers: A grade
cheddar, Oregon singles, 42'i-
Ij'ac; 5 - lb loaves, 46" j - 49' sc.
Processed American cheese, 5-lb.
loaf, 3!Mlc lb.
K1RTLAND (UP) Potato mar
ket; Oregon local Burba::!:3 100 lb.
sack No. Is 4.75-5; Central Oregon
'tussets No. 1A 100 lb. 5.50-6; live
:unce minimum 6.2a -6.50; 10 lb
window 55-60c; No. Ds 100 lb. 4.J5-
4.50; 50 lb. 2-2.25.
By Hulled Press
Calves and cows were lower this
Cattle for week 3685; fed steers
weak to 50c lower; spots 1.00 off;
heifers and cows 50c - 1.00 lower;
bulls steady: low- average choice
fed steers 22.50-23, around 2 loads
up to 23.50; good 20-22; commer
cial to low good 17-19.50; utility
13 - 16.50: load low to average
choice fed heifers 22: bulk good
111-21; utility- commercial 16-18.:0;
utility grassors 13.50-15.50; utility-
commercial cows 12.50 - ,15, few
above 13 late; young commercial
cows on heifer order 16-17 early;
canners and cutters 10-12.50; util
ity-commercial bulls 15.50-18; cut
ler bulls 12.50-14.50.
Ca'ves for week 400; vealers un
evenly SOc-l.OO lower; good-choice
20-25; , commercial 17 - 19; utility
14 - 16.50; good - choice slaughter
calves over 350 lb. 19-21.
Hogs for week 1785; butcher
hogs and sows steady to strong:
choice ISO - 2.15 lb. barrows and
gilts 19.50 - 20.50; closely sorted
choice one 200-220 lb. 20.75-20.90;
choice 2 and 3. 2-10-270 lb. 17.50
1S.50; choice 350-550 lb. sows 14
15.50. Sheep for week 22.50: spring
lnmbs more active: demand indif
ferent for old crop lambs; spring
lambs fully 50c lower; spots 1.00
off; old crop lambs fullv j.00
lower; some late sales 1.5U off:
ewes steady to weak: feeing lan.!,.i
unevenly lower; early snles choice-
prime spring lambs 21-22; closing
at 21-21.50; good-choice 20-21; Inle
bulk good old crop shorn lambs
13-14; few early sales 14.50-15.50-
some Monday, up to 16.25; utility-
good shorn ewes 4.50-5; cull-utility
i 1 it
GETS FIRST POPPY The first poppy of hundreds to be sold here by the American legion aux
iliary Memorial weekend was given to Mike Miksche, president of the chamber of commerce, by,
Mary Lou Pierce, president of the Junior auxiliary group here. The poppy was presented at the'
regular meeting of the chamber of commerce this week. Others shown above are Mrs. Robert
Harris, 1st vice-president of the American Legion auxiliary, seated left, and Ivan Chapped, sec
retarymanager of the chamber of commerce. Mrs. Harris is also advisor to the Junior legion
auxiliary. (Photo for The Bulletin by Walker Studio) .
Tumalo Grange
Holds Meeting
Special to The Bulletin
T1JMA1X) Twenty members
and 14 officers of the Grange mot
early this week. During the meet
ing Master Henry Gassier named
the fair committee which is com
posed of Mrs. Cal Fouts, Mr. and
Mrs. Del Dairs, Mrs. K. W. Put
nam, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Becker.
The committee will make plans
for the coming county fair Grange
booth, handle arrangements and
decorations, and remind members'
to raise produce and can fruits
and vegetables to enter in the fair.
Mrs. Ted Becker, Mrs. Herbert
Scoggins, and Mrs. Cal Fouts
were responsible for the program
which consisted of songs, talks on
finite and flowers, and conserva
tion of birds and wild life. Serv
ing refreshments were Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Allen and Mrs. 1 lu
bcrt Scoggins. Ne.vt meeting u
scheduled on June 3 at 8 p.m.
By a "cover," stamp collectors
moan the ontiiv envelope with
postage stamp adhering.
School Groups i
Name Officers
SMx:lal to The Itulletin
PIUNEVILLE-Sehoors end at
Crook county high school finds
new officers elected for the com
ing year in various groups. The
Pop club has installed Yvonne
Raymond as president. Other new
officers are Jean Berry, vice-
president; Verda Smith, secre
tary; Glenice MeG row. .treasurer;
Jean Houston, parlimentarian; Joy
Paxson, publicity chairman, and
Jan Callantine as sergeant-at-
Outgoing officers are Rao Gum-
pert, Janice Byrd, Shirley Broad
sword, Jano Durkee, Sharon Wil
son and Donna Aschbacker.
In the Girls Athletic Associa
tion, the new president is Glenice
McGrew, president; Hheta Chase,
vice president; Marilyn Lynch,
secretary; Joy Pnxson, treasurer;
Pat Wendt, point keeper; Janet le
Moore, sergeant-al-arms and De
anne Bekkedahl, sports chairman.
Tho city police arrested two
transients early this morning.
They arc: William Roderick Fin-
nery, 41, The Dalles, for failure to
stop at a stop sign; and Joseph
v. Effman, 19, Millican, for iuloxj
Funeral services for Mi's. J. II.
Loomis, late of 106 living avenue,
wUl be held Saturday at 9 ajii.
at St. Francis Catholic church.
Recitation of the rosary will be
tonight at 7:30, ait the Niswonger
Winslow chapel.
(Vodka in orange juice)
Ic leaves you
Mrs. Mary E. Loundree ol the
Midget Drive Inn reported to the
police Thursday that the telephone
1 u nd enin hnx nl Uin rai-nor nt V.
3rd street and Burnside avc. were
ai the Qrcait&t name
8Dprnn(. Madcdom 100 drain neutral spirits.
I Sic.l'ieituSmirnotf Fli.Inc.,Hauford.Conrt.
Minnesota has' 30,000 .mllosi of I
fisliing streams in addition to J(s;J
11,007 lakes.
Parties Given j
For Mrs. Elliott i
Special to Tho Itulletin ,
REDMOND Several friends
have entertained recently honor,
ing Mi's. Marsden Elliott who
with her family will be leaving
Redmond in July for Wisconsin.
Mesdamcs Fred Sparks, 11. W.
Allen and Wade Short entertained
at a luncheon in the Pine Tav
ern. A luncheon and bridge was
held in her homo ihy Mrs. Maurice
Lynch, and Mrs. Hugh Amsberry
entertained Mrs. Elliott and
friends for dessert and two tables
of bridge last -week.
Friday morning the PEO hon
ored Mrs. Elliott and Miss Edith
Bork at acoffee and handker
chief shower in the home of Mrs.
Jack Hartley.
Memorial Rites
Set in Prineville
PR1NEVIELE - The rhythm of
drumbeat and bugle will sot the
lempo for Hie annual Memorial
Day parade through downtown
Hnncvillc, Monday, May .10. The
pirade is being organi-ed by the
Pnnmlle V.F.W. and Carl Mc
Donald, commander, has issued an
invitation to all organizations to
bo represented in the line of
The parade will organize- at Pio
neer park shortly before 10 a.m.
and will p roc w I f rom t h e re to
Third and .Main streets. Music will
1 furnished hy one of the Crook
county school bands. From the
center of Pnneviile, the line ol
march will I urn noi-th to the hndje
across Orhoco rnvk, where the
traditional naval cermnnifs wi'l
be hfld and a wreath will be
dropped on Uie sin -am.
The marching group will be driv
en from thn bridge to the Prine
ville ceni'1ery. where special Me
morial Day services will be held.
Tne full rosier or groups who
v.-ill lf in the parade had not yn
Iwen prejKtn-d tfxtay, hul the
Eagles lodge, Bluelmds and Camp
fire girls will be am(ng those who
will nn die painoiif organizations
fur Uie piirode.
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