The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Deschutes County, Or.) 1917-1963, May 17, 1955, Page 7, Image 7

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Bend. Deschutes County, Oregon, The Bend Bulletin. Tuesday. May 17. 1955
YOUNG IN ART Kenneth "Butch" Mollner, 11, of Port Lavaca, Tex., ii a small boy with a big
talent for art Here he displays some of his paintings, which won every major prize in his home
town. Kenneth, who has been painting for five years, also takes dancing lessons, is a Tenderfoot
Scout and collects rocks, which he cuts and polishes.
No Peace Pact is Expected
From Meeting of Big Four
1 'lilted Press Staff Correspondent
print in the official statements
made so far about the proposed
Big Four conference of heads of
state adds up to this:
No peace pact will .be signed,
nor any detailed agreements be
President Eisenhower does not
expect that he and his three con
ferees will be making decisions on
such hot spot subjects as Formosa
or German unification.
"They would not undertake to
agree upon substantive answers to
the major difficulties facing the
world," said the note to the Soviet
Union suggesting the Big Four
conference and defining the pur
pose and conditions under which
the heads of state would sit down
'Substantiate" is a technical
word of definite legal meaning.
When the U.S.-French-British no'e
to Moscow ruled out decisions oi
substantive answers to world prob
lems it ruled out any Big Four
decisions on principles or essen
tials of the Cold War dispute.
Work Sheet Of Problems
Instead, the heads of state will
whip up a work sheet of problems
to be solved and the procedures of
Graham Heard
By Small Crowd
LONDON (UP) London news
papers took a long hard look at
Billy Graham's east sire visit Sun
day and agreed that something
went wrong. Only 5000 persons
turned up and 100,000 had been
Some papers blamed the weath
er, others public apathy and oth
ers said the American evangelist
was trying too hard to sell him
self. Only one, the News Chronicle,
was optimistic about the meeting.
It said the Sunday meeting and
the Saturday opening meeting at
Wembley Stadium constituted a
"weekend of fresh triumphs for
the preacher."
Graham entered the troubled
dockland area of London yester
day behind a Salvation Army band
which played "Onward Christian
Soldiers" and picked up hundreds
of persons in its wake.
The American evangelist had
opened his second "Greater Lon
don Crusade" before at least
70,000 persons Saturday night. Sun
day he moved into the grim and
grubby east end at Dagenham, a
factory suburb on the Thames
River where Ford Motor Co.,
builds its English cars.
Graham's services had the set
ting of a circus until police liter
ally pushed dozens of peddlers out
of the park. They were shouting
out their wares of "peanuts and
Billy Graham photo buttons" and
"orange pop" and "Billy Gra
ham's life story" until police inter
vened. "We've all been hearing about
the new polio vaccine in the
United States," Graham told his
audience of dockers and auto
"They say it's 90 per cent ef
fective. You may ask why can't
there be a vaccine for sin and un
happiness? Why can't there be a
vaccine for the soul?
". . .God is the cure. God can
cure all that right in this park
right this very moment when you
offer yourself up to him
solution. A new group, probably
the foreign ministers or secretar
ies of state of the Big Four powers,
.(resumably would carry on from
These precautions against an
other Yalta are a measure of th'j
anxiety with which Mr. Eisenhow
er approaches a conference which
would not be undertaken in its
present form if his advice we"e
being followed. The Eisenhowet
administration is offering solid, all
out cooperation in the effort to
turn the trend of world affairs to
ward peace and mutual under
standing, despite a preference for
a different and more cautious ap
proach. But the administration makes no
claim of being parent of the proj
ect now developing, whereas the
Russians and both major political
parties in Britain are ready to
acknowledge applause and take a
bow. . 1
The President's refusal to be put
on a spot where he would sef k
basic Cold War decisions in agree
ment with Soviet Union Premier
Nikolai A. Bulganin is attributed
here to Soviet Russian welshing
on promises made at earlier con
ferences, notably at Yalta.
Yalta's Bruising Experience
Some observers suggest, how
ever, that more than the bruising
experience of Yalta has made Mr.
Eiienhower cautious now. The
Kremlin has talked peace and
peaceful co-existence , with the
West. But there is scant evidence
that the American public has been
On the contrary, the belief pre
vails widely in the United States
that the basic objective of the
Communist Party, which controls
the Russian government and op
erates international Communism,
remains unchanged. It was origi
nally, and is widely believed now
to be,, the destruction of what me
Communists call capitalist Imperi
alism. By capitalist imperialism
the Communists mean any West-;
em democracy or a representative
republic, such as the United States.
Mr. Eisenhower's assumption,
until convinced otherwise, presum
ably is that any Soviet Russian
agreement to join in a Big Four
conference will toe related to the
world revolution which has been
the basic objective. He is willing,
however, to give Bulganin the op
portunity of convincing him.
The President does not want the
American public to expect from
his meeting with Bulganin, Prime
Minister Sir Anthony Eden and
Premier Edgar Faure the miracles
which great numbers of British
and French men and women ap
parently do believe may come to
pass. He is hoping for the best,
but promising nothing for sure.
Bee Population
Faces Starvation
New York state's bee population
is in danger of starvation this
Entomologists at Cornell Univer
sity say the threat of starvation
is a result of a poor honey crop
caused by storms and extended pe
riods of wet weather in January
and early in February.
The experts suggest that be
keepers set up two or three pounds
of dry granulaed sugar on the
inner hive cover. This is called
winter feeding and keeps the bees
from starving.
. ran
of your Y"
mtrchondin hounhold goods
5l! loco! or long FREIGHT
ft diiton SERVICE
Soviet Troops
Prepare to Quit
Austrian Ground
VIENNA, Austria (UP) Soviet
troops prepared Monday to with
draw from Austria within 90 days
under an Austrian state treaty that
rolls back the Iron Curtain for the
first time and promises the long
awaited break in the .Cold War.
A high American official said the
Soviet withdrawal from Austria
marked a trend "which is going to
have a profound effect on the rest
of Europe" and predicted it was a
"general modration" of Soviet poli
cy toward the slave nations under
its thumb.
The four foreign ministers who
signed the state treaty giving Aus
tria its first freedom in 17 years
were dispersing to their various
capitals to plan "within week or
ten days" a meeting of the Big
Four heads of state.
But Western diplomatic joy at
winning the treaty after ten years
of haggling with the Soviet Union
was tempered by Foreign Minister
V. M. Molotov's statement on Ger
manythat its price of reunifica
tion would be Austrian-type neu
Molotov flew Monday to Moscow,
leaving behind unconfiimed ru
mors this might have been his last
major international conference and
that he would be succeeded-as -for
eign minister by deputy Andrei
French Foreign Minister An-
toine Pinay was flying to Copen
hagen to join French President
Rene Coty who is paying a state
visit there. British Foreign Secre
tary Harold MacMillan was flying
to London to resume his election
A high Western source said the
time and place of the meeting of
the Big Four leaders would be set
during the next week or ten days
through diplomatic channels. Vien
na and Berlin were reported defi
nitely out as far as the Americans
were concerned, with some city In
Switzerland, or Stockholm, favored.
Austrians were still celebrating
their new-found freedom as they
began their first full day of Inde
pendence. Many stayed up all night
in a celebration that began when
bells throughout Austria pealed the
news of the signing shortly before
noon Sunday.
Heifetz Quits
Brazil Tour
World - famed concert violinist
Jascha Heifetz broke off a tour of
South America because of illness
Sunday night and left by plane for
the United States.
A spokesman for the Municipal
Theater said Heifetz was suffer
ing from an "Intestinal disorder"
but gave no further details. Hei
fetz was scheduled to appear be
fore a sell-out audience at the
theater tonight.
So smooth
it leaves you
tht maittt namt
10 proot Mid from 1 00 train omml ipirita
Sit- Pitf re Smirnoff Fit. Inc.. Hartford, Cona.
Blackjack Oak
Gets Kind Word
NORMAN, Okla. (UP) -Many
a curse has been flung at
the blackjack oak tree by Okla
homa farmers, but a University of
Oklahoma scientist has taken the
tree apart molecule by molecule
and says the wood may have some
value after all.
professor of chemistry, ' said he
bought 20 acres of the poorest land
he could find near Norman. It was
covered with blackjacks.
He burned the blackjack wocd
and spread the ashes as fertilizer
in his garden. His potatoes grew
big and thrived, paying little at
tention to the dry weather.
There is one other use for the
blackjack which Dr. Shead Is not
recommending for Oklahomans. It
provides an excellent fuel for cer
tain distilling processes that occur
in a well-known home Industry.
But federal revenuers frown on
moonshine stills.
Calls Off Trip
SEOUL, Korea (UP) President
S y n g m a n Rhee cancelled the
scheduled departure Monday of the
Korean delegation to the Asian
Peoples' Antl - Communist League
conference in Taipei because of a
dispute with Nationalist China over
Japanese membership.
Korea demands that unanimous
vote of league members be re
quired to permit entry of new
members, Nationalist China wants
only a majority vote.
Togliatti Said
'Gravely III'
ROME (UP) The neo-Fascist
newspaper. II Secolo said Commu
nist Party Boss Palmira Togliatti
was rushed to a Rome hospital
Sunday "gravely ill" with a brain
It said Togllatti's condition re
sulted from a cranial operation he
underwent after his attempted as
sassination in 1949 and a sun
stroke he suffered in Trieste two
weeks ago. There was no confir
mation ot me report. I
Hoover Report
Hits Competition
By (Government
Hoover Commission told Congress
Monday that the future security
and prosperity of the nation is be.
ing injured by unfair government
competition with private business.
The commission said tlie De
fense Department alone has 15 bil
lion dollars invested in business
competing with private enterprise.
It urged elimination of at least 1.-
uuo of the 2,500 business facilities
operated by the Defense Depart
Former President Herbert Hoo
ver heads the commission which
presented its latest in a series of
reports on government reorganization.
The commission acknowledged
that while its report was being pre
pared, the Defense Department re
viewed its efforts to reduce com
petition with private enterprise.
The Defense Department revamp
ing resulted in discontinuing 97 facilities.
"This action of the department."
the commission said, "Is most con
structive." But it said there still Is
much to be done.
One of the projects singled out by
the commission for sharp criticism
was the fertilizer sales .and re
search program of the Tennessee
Valley Authority. It recommended
transfer of the TVA fertilizer re
search facilities to the Agiculture
The commission also recom
mended that the postmaster gen
eral seek a further increase in par
cel post rates sufficient to cover
the cost of the system.
'Bandits' Killed
In Colombia
BOGOTA, Colombia (UP) An
army detachment killed 22 "ban
dits," including, a notorious guer
rilla leader, in a clash Saturday
in the Communist - infested Villa
rica area, the newspaper Diario
De Colombia reported Sunday.
There was no official confirma-
tiou of the report.
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- nil 1 1 i
LOSING WEIGHT BUT NOT TIME This gal catches up on her reading in New York City
while lying down on the job of losing poundage. The mechanically operated reducing table lets
the customer relax, fully dressed, while the oscillating pad, center, helps melt away unwanted
weight. Customer lies with whatever part of her body on the pad that sht wants to slender In
above case the hip. . '
Of Weather Set
meterologist at' the University of
Wisconsin has announced plans for
"fingerprinting" weather.
Prof. Reid Bryson said "Opera
tion Fingerprint" was begun to
find a series of code numbers to
appiy to wavy pressure lines on
weather maps. As in crime detec
tion, the code numbers would be
on hand to identify a recurrence
of a particular type of weather.
The technique Isn't new, but
Bryson said the system never has
been worked out fully.
Delegate Favors
Trade With Reds
TOKYO (UP) Warren Lee
Pierson, head of the American
delegation to the 15th biennial con
gress of the International Cham
ber of Commerce, said Monday the
non - Communist nations of Asia
should trade with the Red bloc in
non-strategic goods.
The congress held its opening
session Monday, with some 1,000
top business executives from 42 na
tions outside the Iron Curtain on
Children form habits of eating at
home and school that set a pat
tern for later years. Make certain
that your children form the habit
of drinking enough milk each day.
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