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News Notes of Pendleton 1 1
June 14, 15, 18 8Ut con- 4
ventlon of the G. A. R.
June !7-Augut I Summer
Normal School. t
July 10 to 16 ElllBon-Whlte
Beptember 22, 13. 24 Annual
Pendleton Round-Up. 4
Tribute to Til Taylor
The, following tribute to the late
Hherlff Til Taylor la from tho Port
land Telegram: With all the Joy and
uiorry-maklng at this aeaaon, there la
one touch of aadnoae that la felt by
hundred of I'ortlandera aa well aa
acoroa of out-of-town men who vlalt
the Hose festival each year. TU Tay
lor la not here. For yeura thla big
hearted man from Pendleton has been
one of the llveitt wlrea of tho Portland
ahow. He put aa much of hia heart
and notJl Into the Iloae fcatlval aa he
lld Into Pendleton'a own Round-Up.
All who aaw the Myatlo Shrine band
and putrol parade laat year will re
call the Pendloton cowboy who led
the Al Kader Arab In that living- rib'
on of Joy. Til Taylor, aherlff of
Umatilla county, rode at tho head of
theae buokarooa, A fow day later he
was ahut down by crlmlnula who hud
Juat broken Jull and wanted Sheriff
Taylor out of the way, thinking thla
would Inaure their eecape. But al
though Til Taylor la not here In per
aon, he la remembered by hla Portland
frlenda and the Fentlvul aeaaon la aud
dened by hla abaence.
.'o Homo HIiow Thla Year.
llerauae Pendleton'a lovollcat roaea
bloomed during the atate convention
of the Oregon Federation of Women'e
Cluba when It woa Impoaalble for the
Pendleton Women's Club to hold the
annuul Pendleton roae ahow, the ahow
will not be held thla year. The plun
waa to hold the ahow thla week hut
the rain ha worked havoc with the
bloaaoma and local growora declare
that a allowing worthy of I'endloon
would be Impotrolble. Another rcoaon
for cancelling thla year'a ahow ta the
coming O. A. 11. convention, June 14
15 und 1.
IfeMlgfl Met Itrdwod
The Ellls-Bchlllcr Co., local dealers
n Lwdge curs, hua received a wire an
nouncing a aulmtantlaal cut In the
-101 101 101 101 101 101 101 101 101
t "l a a a
' For '
Genuine Hood
River Variety
A little more tedious to pick but something to
be proud of when you get them canned.
Pendleton Cash Market, Inc.
301 East Court Street.
Phone 101, Private Exchange Connects Both
' . Departments. '
-101 101 101 101 101 101 101 101 101-
price 'of Dodrjo cara. ft waa announc-jS
ed the reduction will bring tho price. 5
of thcae cara below tho pre war level, s
Funeral In Hold.
The funeral of tho late Patrick
Kelly., who waa killed a few dnya ago
in an accident at i'llot Hock while en
gaged In loud work, waa held toduy
from Bt. Mary a Catholic church.
Kather Van Hoomiaacn officlatd.
Huh Tonalta Itcmovrd
Mla Leona liowman, atonographcr
in the office of the Kant Oregonlan,
underwent an operation" thla morning S
for the removal of her tonalla. Hhc l
recovering from the effecta of the ope
rating very nicely.
Xcw Employe at Store.
Fred A. Booth ia a new employe of
the Peoplea WarehoiiHe and Iiiik licgun
hla work ua a window dreaaer. He ban
had experience in thla work and
cornea to Pendleton from Hertford.
Mr. and Airs. Booth und aon will make
their home on Alta atreet.
1 tela II vow Are Nifo.
Harold Newquist and Mra. Albert
Hover, formerly of Pendleton, now re
siding at Boone, Colorado, In the flood
district, are aufe, according to word re
ceived here today by their elater, Mia
Ethel Newqulat. They are the aon and
daughter of Mr. and Mra. A. P. New
qulat and alnce hearing of the disaster
In Colorado, feara for their aafety
were felt.
For the Graduate
Now is the time to take advantage of .this immense
stock of jewelry and all gifts for the girl and boy grad
uate make your money go as far as it will. That is why
we are offering you these wonderful values. '
Wrist Walchea, regular $30.00, now ....$18.83
Wrist Watches, regular 125.00, now '. $15.93
Wrlat Watche. regular f 20.00, row , $14.85
Wrist Watchea, regular 110.00, now '. $27.93
Wrist Watchca, regular 465.00, now , $450
Boys' Watch 3d, regular $100.00, now ,,........$79.83
Boya' Watchea, regular $75.00, now $.9.9A
Boys' Watches, regular $45.00, now .....a........ .$38.23
Boya' Watches, regular $35.00, now .$27.85
Pearl Necks. IS Inchea, regular $10.00, now $8.93
Pearl Necks, iO Inches, regular 12.00, now $9.75
Pearl Necks, 24 Inchcj, regular $14.00, now .$10.93
Everything la for your disposal for the same reduced H-ices. Can
you afford to overlook thla offer? Come In and look at It la all we ask.
IfansGom'S Jewelry Store
Doubtful About fcliliw
That the 8. P. & 8. company la very
doubtful about again securing the
Northern Pacific and the Great North
ern for the run between Aatorla and
San Francisco la stated In a letter from
W. F. Turner, president of the com
pany. Mr. Turner understands the
government will not acll these ahlpa at
this time and there is objection to
chartering the ships us they would
have to be remodelled fur the passen
ger run.
Mock la Sold.
The stock and fixtures of the Kenll
worth tfhop of the Peoples Warehouse
was sold today by the firm to Mrs.
Jessie Hlestand, who will move the
new purchase to the Cosmopolitan Art
Shop on Main street. The art depart
ment of tho Peoples Warehouse will In
future he located on the main floor,
with John Benson, head of the dry
goods department, In.chcarge. New
shelves have been put up to accommo
date the stock. The entire upper
floor will be devoted to women'a and
children's ready-to-wear.
MoXary and lillcimui to Kprak
Vr. W. D. McNary, superlntcndeni
of the Eastern Oregon State Hospital
and Perry Idleman, commander of the
American Lesion will be the chief
spcakera at the Commercial Associa
tion forum luncheon at the French
restaurant tomorrow. Dr. McNary Is
expected to give aome frank Ifnprea-
siona of Pendleton and suggestions for
betterments hero. Mr. Idleman will
tell of plana for handling the O. A. K
convention next week and of the need
of cordiality by local people In making
the old soldiers comfortable while
they are here.
Will Seo Hound-lp.
Among the advance orders for
Itound-t'p tickets is one from Mrs.
Alice McNaught. of Portland. Mrs.
McNaught writes ' Pendleton friends
that after attending the state conven
tion of the Oregon Federation of
Women'a Clubs, she is eager to see the
big show. Mrs. McNaught Is presi
dent of the Praogressive Women's
league of Portland and a director of
the Monday Musical Club. She was
a candidate for the legislature and
will be remembered as having polled
one of the largest votes of any worn
an candidate In the atate.
About that
22. cal. for
Plant Fifth Egg
State Superintendent of Hati'herlcy
Mutt Rycknian and a committee from
the Pendleton Rod and Gun club com
posed of Marion Jack, Louis Scharpf,
John Vaughn and James Estca planted
over a million eggs at Bingham
Springs today. In 45 days these egga
will be young fry and they will be re
leased Into the streams of L'matilla
county by the members of the Pendle
ton Hod & Gun club. As soon us this
bunch of young fry are released anoth
er million will be sent to the local club
and they will he released in the fall.
The aims of the Pendleton Rod and
Gun cluh is to give careful attention to
the planting of the young fry in an
effort to secure the good will and co
operation of farmers and land -owners
who are Inclined to keep their places
posted and to educate anglers to be
careful when fishing on land that Is In
cultivation to refrain from needlessly
leaving gates open, breaking - down
fences and destroying crops. The
club feels that they can bring the land
owners and the angler together in a
way that will be to their mutual bene
fit. Everyone knows that good fish
ing and hunting' attracts many dollars
to our state and helps to sell land and
other property.
Wl ft j I
Erin Dimity 75c
Fancy Ribbons, Narrow
Widths 20c to 50c
Women's Handkerchiefs
5c to $2.50 Eacli
A splendid wash fabric for
summer dresses and blouses.
Comes in neat patterns of differ
ent colors on light ground. Erin
Dimity 'makes up into dainty
dresses for the little folks as well
as the grown ups. 40 in. wide, at
75c the yard. "
"The New Silk "Crepe-
Is 40 in. wide and comes in all
the leading shades, for dresses
and suits. It has a permanent
satin finish with soft crepe back.
It is easy to work with and
drapes gracefully. Yard. $4.;U
Sport Silks
$3.00 to $4.50 Yd.
Use these silks for sport skirts
suits, blouses and coats, vhite
and colors, such as tnco, fairy
spun, dew lyst and the like.
Bath Towels 40c, 50c
Another big lot fancy Picot
and two toned ribbons used so
much now for trimmings in a big
range of colors.
Belts 25c to $1.50
Belts of all kinds, and for
every occasion, wide belts, nar
row. belts, white belts and color
ed belts in all lengths. Use them
on your sport suits, coats or
sweaters, also on the little ones
Parasols 75c to $12.50
Some are plain hemmed, some 5
embroidered in white, some em-
broidered in colors, some colored
borders, some colored in most at-
tractive combinations and de- 2
signs. We're offering a few.
Hand Made Colored Linen Hand-
kerchiefs and Pongee silk, wrork-.
ed with contrasting threads.
They are very attractive. Let us ,
supply your handkerchief needs.
Black Wool Jersey I
1 $3.50 Yard
52 in. wide, all wool jersey for
sport coats. YouU like the qual- 1
ity. I
Hand Bags and Purses x
Use one of these on your va-
cation trip. We can match your
suit Offered in lots of attract- 2
iye styles, flat, long, bag shape, j
etc., fitted with coin purse, mir- j
ror and the like. 5
Two splendid qualities of bath
towels, full size and good weight.
Let us fill your needs for bath
towels ... 40c and 50c
The sun shines hot you know,
why not keep off the heat with
one of our parasols or sun shades
offered in plain and fancy. We
also have a good assortment for
the little ones. Pick one from
our assortment.
An assortment!
of best quality
goods, Melba,
Elcaya, Pebec-
co, Lyons and
flnltrnt.ps tnnfh
paste and many
other good
filings to keep
you looking fit
Iliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiniiiiiiiim in iiuiiiiMuiiitiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiMfiiiiijiiinititujiT
from burning and lessens such a dan
ger, say wheat growers.
Cool Wealltor Meases.
The recent rainfall, whllo not gen
eral throughout the county, brought
cooler veatter which us welcomed
byfarmers. Tho temperature yester
day and today will keep the wheat
gy-4 i-MrniiM Vajer
lvr IlriMtliiiig r
A bill of J116.S4 alleged to be due
and unpaid is the basis of a suit that
has been brought in circuit court by
C. A. Perkins and T. C. Amnions
agains Joe Hlint. Judgment for. this
amount Is sought. The plaintiff's at
torney Is George V. Coiitts.
Is Gambler, vtfo Clirtrges
That her husband treated her In a
cruel and inhuman manner, and that
he gambled, drank and associated with
other women are some of the charges
brought against lsllo It". Parker by
Grace V. Parker in her suit for a di
vorce. The couple married October 5,
1918, and they have a boy baby. The
plaintiff Inherited Ji.6wo, uhe avers,
which was borrowed by tho defendant
and remains unpaid. Tho Wnintiffs
attorney Is Judge I. M. Schannep.
cd States us Secretary Hughes pro
posed, is believed here.
President Obregon will take tills
course in effort not to menace his po
sition with the Mexican people in
l reaching an agreement with the Am
erican government which will allow an
extension of American recognition. It
is believed Obregon's next message
will suggest the t'nited States und
Mexico treaty along the lines Secretary
Hughes suggests, provided recogniti
on will be extended to the Mexican
government. George T. Summerlin Is
conducting the American negotiations
in Mexico City.
Show Has Oiicnuig. "
Bert Whitman, prominent stockman
of this county, left toduy for Cnion to
attend the opening of the Union Live
stock Show. A big crowd Is predicted
for the event.
It is Believed Next Message
Will Suggest Treaty Along
Lines Suggested by Hughes.
WASHINGTON. June S. (A. 1..
llradrord. U. P. Staff rurrexpomlent)
President Obregon of Mexico will
strive to obtain the American recogni
tion before the actual signing of the
treaty between MeeJco and the I'uit-
You should regard these out
breaks u danger signals. They are
a sure sign something is wrong
within. Look to your blood at
once. The poisonous impurities
hT collected in Tour circulation
unto the danger point has been I
reached. Start right now, today,
to purify your blood with S. S. S.
For Sp9Cil BookM or fortntfi.
writ Chif MetlrcI Advisor.
5 S S. Co., O'tW.AItanti.Gl.
Ct S. 5. S. Ml your dtugiimt.
The Standard Blood Purifier
QUALITY PRINTING at Reasonable Prices
East Oregonian Printing Department
Some Worthwhile
Best Quality Rubber Gloves, pair . 29c
3 pt. Aluminum Percolators, very special. . . $1.89
San Silk in a wide range of colors at, the ball. . . 4c
Paper Napkins, per thousand ,. $1.45
Bathing Caps, large variety of shapes and
. designs at 49c
Clarks Silk Gloves in white and black at 54c
Picnic and Market Baskets at just one-half price.
We have just received 144 collars and vestee sets,
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Tendleton, Oregon