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Besides Winning Championship
. '.. . " I n u i world's record fur the 100 meter dash
v as Athlete, He Debates; un mi, in 10 3-6 seconds. At the.
i ; Olvmhlnii uamca lie won the 10(1 me-
;,;Has Peculiar Running Form, i" . i un event for which 3.m
'(';t f ', , . j runners from ull parts of the world en
V jLvOS ANOEMCS, Oil., Aiyll 2S. (A.
IT.) Twenty year old, keen-eyed and
avowedly optimistic, Charles W. l'ad-
I'dofk, holder of tho" world's champion
ship for the 300-meter dnsh. and the
youth wlio at a college meet at Merit
ley recently liroke all existing world '
frecords for 220 yards, nt 2 4-5 see-
-onde, In pot only a good athlete, but,
according to his hiBiructurH, he In a
good student.
j' Paddock is a senior, majoring In
'English, In the school of arts and rel
eases at 'the University of Southern
California; member of the Delta Big.
ma Itho, tho national debuting society;
possessor of a medal for. winning the
fe'outhorn' California intcr-scholastic
championship: In debating, and a
scholarship member of tho Phi Hota
Kappa fraternity. -
' .When not training with his coach on
tho athletic field, ho Is In the university-
library writing Imaginative de
scriptions of that fair phantom land
."Wst of the Hespcrldrs" w hich mem.
hers of the writing cult ' have from
Oges past sought to perpetuate in
beautiful lei tern.
During his racing days, I'addock
has fun 160 major races entailing
championships of greater or less de
gree and of thin number has won 152.
taking second place In five and third
In three.' lie Won the championship
of Iho ignited States at Huston In the
tered. the eliminations resulting in
only six partlc'iatlng In tho finals.
Paddock has an eight foot racing
stride and uses a sixteen foot leap to
touch the tape. He weighs 160 pounds,
and his training, lie says, consists
chiefly in obeying his trainer, Dean
Cromwell, of tho L'nivcrsity of Boutli
' em California.
I People who try to figure out exactly
how Paddock wins say that In a dash
of 100 yards he makes a fraction more
than thirty-five eight foot strides in
addition to the great sixteen-foot leap,
which is a fcaturo of his final spurt to
the tapo.
E. W. (Dad) Moulton. veteran train
er of Htanfoid Unlvers.ty athletes, re
cently dewrliied Paddock's running
form as very peculiar "a sort of a
bound or climoing-tiie-rope motion"
After Puddock broke t) world's
record at Hcrkeley by running Die 220
yard dash In 20 4-5 seconds, he went
to ftunford and smashed the cxlutlng
official record again by running the
distance In 21 Seconds flat. Moulton
said he never had seen a man run so
fast before.
ANtiW.KS lXSi: (iAMK
Ui ANOKLKK, April. 2S. (A. P.!
Kan Francisco overcame two 2-run
leads yesterday and defeated I An
geles, to 6. In tho eighth limlnx,
Fitzgerald, baiting for Lewis, doubled,
scoring Kanim anil, after reaching
third on Crawford's error, scored
what proved to bo tile winning run on
Si hlck'K single.
WALLA WALLA. Wash., April 28.
(A. P.) I'nlversity of Oregon yester
day defeated Whitman college in llase
ball, 9 to 3. The Missionaries were
helpless throughout the game.
They're After Babe 's Crown
. Wl
I ikst iwisr; hkcisivi:
P.) Vernon won yesterday from oak.
land, 4 to 2, by knocking Arlett out of
the box In the first Inning when they
r cored four tiilllei, Hayatt's home run
wlti two men on bases bringing In
three. Krause held Vernon safo after
that, but the Ouka were unable to
catch up, although Pinelll knocked a
home run In the fifth Inning.
cicimk to foititriT pi.aykus
LAXHIXU. Mich., April IS. (A. P.)
A bill making It a crime to corrupt
uny one engaged in competitive ath
letics wan passed hytho Michigan sen
ate yesterday. It previously passed
tho lower house and now goes to the
governor. An effort to force out of
committee a motion picture censorship
bill that already has passed the house,
failed In the senate.
HAVANA, Aprl 2K. A. P.) The
tournament committee In charge of
tho International chess championship
hiatch between Dr. Km.inuel l.asker
of Germany and Jose It. Capablanca.
tho Cuban expert, decided yesterday
to grant Dr. Lasser's request to rewicn
the series and concede Cipablanca the
title. Dr. Ijisker gave illness as the
reason for this desire to cease playing.
Tho $25,000 Involved In the match is
being divided between the players as
thounh the full 24 games had been
Jack Cudahy. son of the fi.moui
packer, who shot himself at Los An
lff..JBsJUw hi .wiai
Mich., April 2S. (A. P.)
Little Fighting Force of
10,000 Men Has to Be Kept
Ready for Quick Action.
The JJcus.l brothers, Kmll of the Phillies, at. right, and Bob of the
',TanfcJrJy both swinging on the ball this spring They are trying
Sfo out-home run Lube fluih. Inset Is Uabe Ruth's grip which the brothers
are using to fatten their swat records.
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Keep the Doctor Away"
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Some FACTS About
' ' Tin: JVi:nsAii c.it ,
1 Horo aro autlienllc figures from the Ford factory at Detroit.
Thoy Khow you Just how many Ford ears and trucks have hen
built each month sinco January 1, 121 and how yany havo
boon sold to retail custoinors, in the United States.
S 5,306
Delivered to N
Itotail t'tistomerS
, G7,28
' S7.221
Total Production 127,074 Total Kctail Sales 208,032
showing that actual sales for the first three months of 1921 ex
ceeded production by 80,968 Ford cars and trucks!
' April requisitions already specify 107.719 additional cars and
trucks and the estimated April output of the factory and assem
bly plants combined calls for only iio.ooo:
These facts clearly show that the demand for Ford products Is
growing much faster than manufacturing facilities to produco
and wero it not for the dealers' limited stocks, which are now
being rapidly depleted, many inoro customers would have been
compelled to wait for their cars. It will be only a matter of
weeks, therefore, until a big surplus of orders will prevent any
thing like prompt deliveries.
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COIXKXZ, April 28. (A. P.) If
Americans at home imagine that the
life, of the soldiers composing the
,),ri.-!,n Ariv.v ,,f I limmt Inn ,.n th,i
V device that permits a gun to be i (h,11(. )a (me (lf kipilesa ,he wU, be
a bmg way from the truth.
The little fighting force of 10,000
men has to be kept hard, trained and
ready for quick action, ami that means
work eitcht hours of it a day M. drill,
study, target practice or manoeuvers,
for it is ih .pur!o of the general
Ktaff to maintain union houis.
' - .Most of the American doughboy's
'l l eithl -hour ilsv is snenf in drill which
without I, ., f, ,!. , fi.o l.r
daily, according to the circumstances
and needs of the different units.
A visitor to this American commu
nity transplanted into the center, of
Hurope would f. nd the American bovs
Just now preparing for a summer of
grim war manoeuvers, for the open
training season has just commenced
and will continue until October 31.
The regular target season, which is
I now In full swing, will last until July
pdJ 31. It Is being held on the target
hundred head of Bunn ranges oum oj n.e ucM...m.
a rew nines east oi me icruess ol r-n-renlireitsteiii.
It includes known dis
tance practice combat firing and com
pany proficiency tests.
Problems, terrain exercifes and ma
noeuvers including night operations
and combats In woods for units up to
an including a company, are also
part of the day's work.
Field work for the battalion w.'ll
commence as soon as battalions have
completed all firing.
The second period, from August 1 to
September 1," will Include, battalion,
regimental and brigade manoeuvers
and terrain exercises. During tlvs pe
riod, one week for each brigade will
l,e reserved for battalion combat prob
lems w'lh live ammunition and in
conjunction with auxiliary arms. As
shot "In a c'rrie" has been invented by
Alex. T. Flshe. of Detroit. The Unit
ed States war department has Just sent
blm two Spritinfield rifles which he
will eiiulp w th his device and he hopes
to obtain the endorsement of the gov
ernment. Friends of Fisher substantiate his
claim that a gun so equipped will en
able a policeman to shoot around
corner and main a robber, wlthu
being exposed to a return fire.
SALT I.AKi: CITY, Ftah, April
(I". P.) Twelve hundred head
sheep were frozen to death at Milford,
Ncwhouse and Hla k liock today,
when the worst blizzard for many
years swept that section of the slate.
"No-To-Bac" has helped thousand!
to break the costly, nerve-sbattei m
tobacco habit. Whenever you have
lenging for a cigarette, cigar, pipe, oi
lor a chew, just place a harmless No-
To-Hac tablet in vour mouth instead
I to help relieve that owful flesire.
Shortly the habit may be completely
broken, and you are better off mental
ly, physically, financially. It's so easy
so simple, (Jet a box No-'fo-liac
and If it dosen't release you from all
craving for tobacoo in uny form, youi
cruggist will refund your loon-y
I witnout question.
Cieueral Allen puts It: "We do every
thing that is done In war except k.ll
men." During this period, units w.ll
be required to cany out exercises in
volving movements on short notice to
d.stant locations, followed by the oc
cupation or attack of positions.
The third period from Heptenft.er 15
to September 30 will be taken by rna
noeuiers of the full army of occupa
tion and the result expected at the
close of the period is through prepara
tion for war of the American forces
in Germany. ,
During the fourth period, from Oc
tober 1 to October 31. brigade and
separate unit commanders will correct
def i lencies noted dur.ng the previous
field training.
During the past winter months spe
cial courses in educational and voca
tional training were taken by soldiers.
They included commercial training,
.shorthand, typewriting, anJ account
ing) mecbaiLCal training, including
automobile driving,' pipe fitting,
plumbing; aJso a cooks' and bakers'
school which had a large attendance
n an effort to live down Marshal
Fayolle'B famous criticism of the Am
erican army; that they could not cook.
An engineers' school and a horse-,
shoers' school were also filled to ca
pae'ty. About 50 soldiers to each company
were permitted to employ three hours
of their eight-hour day to the pursuit
of these studies but from now on, all
educational and vocational training
will be suspended Slid it will be war
manoeuvers for the -American soldier.
With the schedule enumerated above,
it wilt be seen that he has his v.crk
cut out for h m until oictober 31.
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'. method. Mo )U, so thyrofi, Bostarv
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V4fMlUrialMl KQWIIW I --!- I
to Santiago, X'hile, in four
NEW YORK, April IS. (A. P.)
"Tei" Itickard, sporting promoter,
yesterday was made defendant in a
suit filed by F. C. Armstrong, who al
leges he has been associated with
Hickard in a businefs way, and who
demands an accounting of several en
terprises in which he ma'ntains he had
a share. The amount of Armstrong's
claim is not set forth.
Mr. hickard last night declared he
had had no dealines with Armstrong.
ether than that the latter hatl interest ,.,,. and Bain and tough-
with him in the Riekard Texas till enH (h) tendeI gpngitlve skin under
ccmuany. He said Armstrong hud . . .. Ih9t it ran not Dene.
made considerable money on the deal. trate tne ne!,hi and the nan turng nat?
uraliy ourward almost over- night.
"Outgro" is a harmless, antiseptic
" I manufactured for chiropodists. How-
i ever, anyone ean get from the drus
A Frenclt ovhttrem was tne first wo- , stnre Uny bmiW containing direc
man to fir across the Andes. Hhe re- tlons
cently made the f llirht from Mendoza,
A noted authority says that a few
drops of "Outgro" upon the skin sur-'
rounding the ingrowing nail reduce
Arriotrone Mr. Kickard saia, is
broker, dealing largely in oil stocks.
Tris Speaker made what he
declared the best catch of his ca-
Cleveland beat White Sox ft to
4 and went into lie with l'.oston
for league lead.
Athletics ami lied Sox played
14-Inning, 7 to 7 draw. Kinney,
lloinmel and -Martin pitched
aguinst Jones and Uussell.
CHICAGO, April 2S. (A. P.) At-j
torneys for five indicted White Sox i
baseball players "Ktick" Weaver, Os
car "Happy" Fclsch. Claude Williams, '
Fred XlcMullin, and "Swede" Kis
berg notified assistant state's attor- I
ney yesterday that they would file a I
deniand today for an immediate trial j
of the indicted men. Michael O'Hearn
one of the counsel, said that under the ;
Illinois law this would mean that the '
men would have U be tried in July
or the indictments would be auto-
mutici'.lly dimmissed. ,
A Minden, Nevada, hotel proprietor,
unable to open his safe containing val
uables belonging to departing guests,
wired to the Nevada State Prison for
a safe expert. A convicted burglar
was sent at once and promptly opened
the vault.
American students in architecture, I
landscape architecture and engineer
ing will .devote their vacation time to
repairing the devastated regions of
France, under the d. ruction of French !
Chief of Staff?
If- "-.iA&'f .
, f ?
Major Oenernl tlarenoe It. I d
wnrils of Cleveland, is slated to w
.-eed General Peytn, Mitrr!i as I'. S.
irmy chief of stnlf.
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