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L --1 ' 1 - - L! BUY A BAIUtEL OF ' I I G"SJ
ll wnne pincca now una the roadway will next Ml Tf rTTl WX 11 H IW
. dtr w mm X
Feb. 11 Pendleton v, Tho
Dulles Dnsketball, The Dalles.
Feb. 12, Pendleton vs. Hood
River, Basketball, Hood Itlvcr.
Feb. 12. Lincoln' blrthduy.
Feb. 12. Pendleton vs. Milton
high school debate.
Feb. H. Oregon Admission
Feb. H-19--Pruno week. 1
Feb. 14 Mass meeting Her
minion women.
Feb.' id. School principals
convene here.
Feb. 19 JJmatllla Itnpida
Power Site meeting, Walla Wal
la. '
Feb. J2.-rWashlngton'a birth
day, general holiday.
uhlan, Ulrths numbered
deaths were 10. ,
Kim Culle-y ! Iii Hro
A bad lire on the Kim Culley ranch
at Weston on Wednesday' destroyed a
large amount of valuable machinery
and all of his outlrfuldlngs except the
house and barn. Iteports of the fire
reached here this morning. A Bout
tractor and other costly Implement
were among the articles destroyed In
the blaxe.
Mass meeting Weston
A. 11. MrKwrn Phhw Away
imlv n. McEwen. Umatilla county
pioneer, passed away In Portland last
evening after a brief Illness, at the axe
of 70 years. Hl relatives were t his
bedside when the end came. Mr. Mc
Ewen was formerly a farmer and
hardware dealer at Athena and the
funernl will be held there. His widow
and five children, among them Mrs.
K. I Bmlth of Pendleton, survive.
1 1 " i
JilrlliN XiinilMT IT lltrldgo Ncurlng Completion
Tho hlrth rate In Pendleton kept The new highway bridge across the
ahead of the death rate during Janu. ' Snake river connecting Franklin and
nry, according to the report from the Walla Walla counties, Washington, Is
office of Tr. Frank Hoyden, city phy- nenrlng completion. Decking Is being
placed now and the roadway will ncxi
bo paved. It is expected that the
bridge will be completed and ready foi
travel by March 1. It bridges the
Snake river near Kurbank auj will do
awny with ferrying between Burbank
and Pasco-. When the bridge is dedi
cated, the Walla Walla Commercial
Club will give the Pasco club an oyster
teed at tho middle of tyio bridge.
"Why Slcii Arc I'liwwd."
"Why Men are Unsaved" will be the
topic of a sermon at the liapllst
church tonight by Itev, Milo Itentley.
I-ast night he preached on "Hypo
crites. "
Feb. 26-
Jli -101 101 101 101 101 101 101 101101-
Form the Habit
Of Eating Oranges
And . :
Buy the Juicy. Tender, Sweet Ones at "101."
Order a Case or Half-Case Now for
February 14-19.
Pendleton Cash Market, Inc.
MiONKS 101
-iui loi loi loi ioi loi loi loi ioi x
Mailt Id War
. Ijist night was unusually warm, the
minimum being 41, only five degree:.
lower than the maximum temperature
today. The barometer registers 29.00
today and the rainfall inta-iuies ,1 1
of an Inch.
City Library Is Clow-d
The city library today is closed, pre
paratory to Its being moved to the
county library building. While it is
closed and prior to Its shift, books that
are to be returned may be left at the
office of theclty recorder on the main
i tloor of the city hall.-
Hanks Will Close Tomorrow
Pendleton banks tomorrow will have
a holiday, in observance of Lincoln's
birthday. It Is not a state holiday in
Oregon, however, and no state or
county offices will be closed nor will
business houses observe the day.
Ilix-Mth fills Out New Drink
The ftoesch Holding Works has Just
! put on the market a new cereal bev
jcriigo called Western. New and at
tractive labels have been designed for
' the drink and it is already finding a
- ready market In a number of north
j western cities. This is not a soda
water, as has' been previously stated,
i tho company said today.
Special sale of Wonder Lift and Self Reducing Nemo Corsets.
These special numbers include the styles many of you wear right
along. Broken line of size3 is the reason we wish to clean these fine
corsets out. Rememrebr, values up to $7.75, Saturday special. $3.79
The Table Supply will be loaded to the brim
with goodies for your Saturday shopping. You
will always find our Vegetables clean and fresh.
2 Nice Heads of Lettuce for 15c
Oranges, sweet and juicy, per dozen ...... 20c
You will find our meat dept. complete with an
abundance of every thing for you.
Phono 187 and 18S 739 Main Street
Aladdin Cooking Ware
Unirmal Stores & furnaces
Wheat I'liidH liadly Waidifd
Kecent rains have washed reserva
tion wheat fields and waj-hed out roads
even worse than the rains of the win
ter of 1919-1920, in the estimation of
Harold Maloney, who farms 10 miles
east of town. There are gulches In j
wheat fields higher tnan a man s
height, Mr. Maloney said today, and
there is not a field between his ranch
and Pendleton that has not suffered
damage from the surface water seek
ing an outlet to the river. Hoads have
also been badly damaged by the rains.
Mitts Todd Itr-Nigus.
Miss Vlrclnla Todd, for the past two
and a half years home secretary of the
lmatilla county Red Cross, yesterday
resig"?d her position. The resigna
tion was accepted by the board, but
Miss Todd will continue as county sec
retary. Miss Todd, whose work with
the county chapter dates from the
lime her orders for overseas war ser
vice wero cancelled because of the end
of the war. has won great praise for
her ability. She has proved herself an
able an efficient worker and has
made hosts of friends in Umntilla
county. Several applications for the
position have been received by Mrs.
Thomas Hampton, H. E. Inlow and
Mrs. Itoy naley appointed by Chair
man llaru'.d Warner, to secure a new
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take GROVE'S Laxative L'UOMO
QL'INIX.C t.-')lets. Thj gc:.-i"ne bears
the slgnn' 5 of E. W Grove. (Be
Laure you get I'.ROMO.) cCc- Adv.
Mrs. Taggart Returns
Mrs. L. H. Taggart, who is In charge
of the ladies' ready-to-wear at The
Peoples Warehouse, and who Just re
turned from a visit to New York, and
other eastern markets, says that gray
and navy blue lead among the spring
colors. Gray Is used extensively for
dresses while navy is the favorite for
suits. For sport wear, brilliant shades
are shown, and English tweeds are
populur for sports suits, she says.
Taffeta and silk Canton crepe are fav
ored materials for dresses, Mrs. Tag
Kart noticed. Skirts will he exceeding
ly short, Mrs. Taggart states, and the
bouffant hip is still popular, as are
ruffled effects. Wrap coats are still
popular, she says, Mr. Taggart at
tended the stylo show while in Chicago.
Mrs. Taggart saw Leon Cohen in New
York and says he is much improved
$1.50 YD.
Beautiful qual
ity of fine dress
linens of ... the
shades of blue,
rose and pink.
Use this fine
linen for dress
es, blouses and
collar sets.
To Close Out All Outing Flannel.
Colored Outing 20c
One Lot White Outing 19c
One Lot WTiite Outing 24c
Use Them for Dish Cloths.
They come in lots of 6 of a size
to bundle. Only a limited quan
tity on hand now.
Grocery Department
Wc arc now able to suiiply you with
ETC, 2 I.I. CAS $1.00.
A reiidleton Product.
For this week, we will offer all
T. G. Preserves at 20 Per ,
Cent Discount.
Weston Mountain Potatoes,
per hundred $1:75
Van Camp's Chili Con Came,
3 for ..j....50c; 12 for $1.90
Try Us for Fresh Fruits and
WASHINGTON, Feb. 11. (A. 1'.)-
uhnui.1 ird Mavot O'Callaghan of
Cork who came as a
leave the country today, a warrant for
his arrest and deportation will be is
sued, said the department of labor. '
which will probably be given a Fpace
In the annual. Miss Elizabeth Rever
ence, Instructor, has found a great
stowaway not Ideal of material that could be publish.
ed. The study of drama and the writ
ing of plays will be the next step of the
class in the line of writing. Some ex
cellent material was received a short
time ago on the subject of American
ism. The Knights of Pythias offered
prizes for the three best essays on this
HPbject in the school. All pupils of
the higher English classes were requir
ed to writ the essay which was for
500 to 750 words in length. As yet
the winners have not been announced
as the time for the decision has been
I.urpose of giving the teams a chance acted a chairman. The affirmative
to appear before an audience before team wl" leave tomorrow for Milton
hlie Milton's affirmative team -will
the f.rst debate which is to be held this come hcrp. Miw RosH debate coach
evening in the high school anditorium.1 wj accompany tne teara t Milton.
A decision was not given to either ..... '
team so that they would not know
their strength and become over-confi- WHO IS morally insane today Ask,
dent Orville Reeves of the faculty H.irdjng he knows. Oregon tonight.
i:in c.vnoxAL
SO. 6
health and
has gained 10 pounds in
Basketball Teams Lcavc Members
of the boys' and girls' basketball
teams left this morning for The Dalles
where they will meet that city's team
tonight in a double header game. Re
turn games will be scheduled later in
the season. The boys who made the
trip were, Hanley and' Cahill, for
wards; Lawrence, center; Henderson
and Kramer, guards; with Harold
Houscr going along as the extra man.
The boys will play The Dalles tonight
and Hood River tomorrow evening.
Coach Earl Flclscbman Is said to have
a fine team but the locals expect to
show blm a defeat similar to the foot
ball defeat.
Mpmbcrs of the girls' team to make
the trip are Mary Clarke and Jane
Cheney, forwards; Captain Mildred
Itotrera. ppntnr' Trvn n. T ..to nnHi...
Aflerta.McMonlcs and Marie Fletcher,
guards., Subt-tltutes who went were
Katherine McNary, Ruth Minnis and ;
Knilly Dohnert. Resides the conches
Airs. Ij, Ij. Itoirers nnd Mrjt VJ 1
J Clarke accompanied the teams.
Deliato Hi-Id. A practice debat
was held in assembly yesterday morn
ing before the student hody for the
Feb. 13 1st Day.
February 15 is the last day upon
which application for grazing on the
Cmniilla division of the I'matllla Xa
tional Forest can be made, uccording
to word from the local forest off'ce.
For the Wenaha division the last date
for receiving applications was Janu
ary SI. I'ermlts for 22.800 cattle and
nortec, and 149,400 sheep comprise the
total which are let each year. The
fees fixed for the yeir 1921 are as fol
lows: For cattle, year-long permits
$1.20 a head ;April 1 to October SI
period, 84 cents a head; April 13-Oc-tobor
31 period, 78 cents head:
horses, year-long permits, $1.50 a
head; April I to October 3.1 period,
$1.0,-. a heed; April 15-October 31 pc-.
rlod( 97 cents a head. The fees to be
charge for grazing sheep will be as
follows: Ycnr-long permit, SO cents a
Scad; Juno 10-Oeloocr 15 period. 12 VI
cents a head: Juno 10-uctooor 10 pe
riod. J 2 cents a head.
Day or Night
. and its ease of di
gestion and sound .
food value will $ve
The food is '
?'s a Reason"
, Pendleton high school debate team
won its second debate this year with
out ever having a team in action. Pen
dleton drew a blank for the first de
bate and thus won that one. Milton
who was to have debated here tonight
has defaulted the debate to Pendleton
thereby giving this city tho second vie
tory. There will be no deliato this
evening as has been advertised. It was
not known until yesterday that Milton
did not have a team. Prlncinnl Aim.
tin Landreth called the I'nlon Hich1
school principal to decide upon judges j
for the debate which was to have been ;
held this eveninir. when he rnM
for the first time that neither Milton i
or Cmapino had a debate team. Only
one debate will be held to decide I
whether or not Pendleton will get to I
make the trip to Kugene to try for tho'
state championship. This debate will
be a triangular one to lie held in two!
weeks to deckle the district champion-;
ship. Before this debate Hermlston ;
nd Stanficld must debate and the
winner meet Condon. Pilot liock und i
Kcho will have to decide the winner ot I
their debate which resulted in a tie.!
Pendleton teams will go up against ;
these towns without any experience.!
Champions of tho triangular debate!
which will be held February 25. wilt
go to Eugene in May to try for the;
stale championship. The question will I
be entirely different and will mean a I
great deal of additional work for the,
winning team. This trip will be made
during Junior week end which is
sometime In May.
Miss Kstella Mills and Rex Kramer!
compose Pendleton's affirmative toam I
with Miss Thelma Ulanchett and David :
Swanson on tho negative. The local !
teams are going to try hard for the (
trip, to Kugene in the spring. Mlssj
Laura Ross Is coach of the local de-l
haters. I
-that children of any age
thrive well on
It is nourishment abundant
in strength-giving
and growth-promoting
5cott& Bom. Bloomfiald. N. J.
(Tablets or Granules)
Ulcerated Teeth
Thousands of people have suffered in the past
from rheumatism and neuralgia because their
diagnosis of the cause was not correct. Physi
cians prescribed the usual remedies but relief,
if it came at all, was only temporary. They doc
tored the condition and not the cause. . The
"cause" was ulcerated teeth but neither the
physician nor the patient was aware of it. The
present-day physician never overlooks the teeth
in locating the cause of rheumatism, neuralgia
and several other illnesses. One cannot be in
good health with ulcerated teeth; these teeth
can sometimes be treated successfully some
times they must come out. By all means get rid
of those pus-pocket formations.
j Consultation Freely Given ill all
Dental Ilranches.
8 Tears In Pendleton.
Phone 507 Honrs Taylor Hardware Bldg.
Over V A. SI. to 5 P. Sf. Pendleton, Ore
The Hub ApiKiintnients to stilt you
Story Writing Iking S'lidtrd. The !
senior English classes of the school
are studying short story writing and
as a result many very good short !
stories havo bee a received, the best of
All Market, Fruit and
Clothes Baskets at
One-half Price
Tho Dog ISiuo
"More for Less"
We are offering an extra
special sale of all of our box
ed stationery, values up to
90c. '
Very Secial at 39o
Clean-Cut Merchandising Superiority
Our desire is to make this store the leading one of its kind in this section. We
realize it demands SUPERIORITY of merchandise, SUPERIORITY of price, SU
PERIORITY of service. You may depend on every transaction being conducted on a
' basis leading to this commercial leadership and with this intention WE SOLICIT
One-Half Price on All
Bread and cake boxes,
you know the kind,
white enamel and alum
inum finishes.
Our new shapes- iif"
buckram and wire hat
frames have arrived. Be
the early one to choose
from the unbroken assortment.
Announcing another
reduction in J & P Coats
Crochet Thread.
2 for 25c
You can save money
by buying your notion
With the cost of living of such vital interest to everyone and a seeming tend
ency for large financial gain being uppermost in the minds of many we take
this opportunitjfto assure our many customers of our intention to still adhere to
the policy of the MOST VALUE FOR THE LEAST MONEY. We hope that you
will appreciate this endeavor on our part as keenly as we appreciate your pat
ronage in response to such a policy.
(Signed) THE BEE HIVE.