East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, January 13, 1921, DAILY EDITION, SECTION TWO, Page PAGE TEN, Image 10

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Including Pendleton Prices and Associated Press Reports
Fwnti Vewtahk
In .Market.
Fresh Tefetaule are expected In lo
cal market tomorrow for the week
rJ trad. French artichokes, at 25
rente each; apinach, at IS cents a
pound, two pound tor 25 cent; Im
perial Valley lettuce, at 15c a head;
green pepper, at 40 cents a pound;
Hmwwls sprouts at 30 cents a pound,
and cauliflower at 25 cents a head will
be among- the products. There will
be aweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots,
turnips, eta Among the fruits will be
apples, Wnanas. grapefruit, etc,
SnaltJ IVxl $S to $3;
liar $7 to $3S.
SEATTLE, Jan. 13. City delivery:
Feed Scratch feed 161 ton; feed
wheat 1 6 S ; all train chop 351; onts
I4; sprouting oats J54; rolled oats
51;. whole corn 4T; cracked corn
I4; rolled barley 350; clipped barley
$56; milled feed $39; bran $38.
HaV Alfalfa 127 ton- rinuhla mm.
pressed alfalfa $33; ditto timothy
$39; eastern Washington mixed $35.
Seattle Hog Prices.
Kange SI ISO to S.
, SEATTLE, Jan. 13. Hogs Re
ceipts 88. Steady, 12 Q 12.50; smooth
heavies 11S12; rough heavies 9
.B0; pigs 9 11.
CattleA-Receipts 25. Steady, Prime
steers S.85f.25; medium to choice
1S.15; common to good .007.00;
"brut cows and heifers 7 7.50; medi
um to choice 5.5068.50; common to
good .00f 5.50;. bulls 4.g6.00; calves
313. '
and heifers 6.00(96.25; bulls mostly
25c lower; crihners calves and feeders
steady; bulk good and choice vcalers
ltUOti U. ; ,v
Sheep 4000; sheep and yearlings to
15 8? 25c higher; 9e pound yarltnga 8;
lambs 25 40c higher;, choice Colo
rado 11.10. .
Farm I'itxIuoo Prioca In
New Pork Show Utile Change.
XEW YORK. Jan. 13. Butter is
steady, unchanged.
Kggs firm, unchanged.
Cheese firmer; state, whole milk
flats,-fresh, specials 24 1-26 25 1-2;
others unchanged.
""" -
Sales 900,000 shares.
The open rate for call loans failed
to get .under t per cent although it
again was reported that Interior banks
were loaning money here as low as
4 1-S per cent. Time loans for two
and three months were made at 6 1-2
per cent, ,
Kelt in Seattle 48 to 54 Vents;
Hutter S8i to 59 crnt-s
SEATTLE, Jan. IS. Eggs Select
local ranch, white shells 68Sj54; pul
lets 48.
Beef Cattle Strong-
To Higher In Kansas City.
KANSAS CITY. Jan. 13. Cattle
S.800; beef steers strong to 25c higher;-
beat load 8.90; few head 10.00;
bulk 7.50 ? 8.50; she stock mostly
steady to strong; spots higher; heavy
Nebraska cows 7.50; bulk fat cows.
"Cold In the Head
I a acute attack of Nasal Catarrh.
These subject to frequent "colds In the
head" will find that the use of HALL'S
CATARRH MEDICINE will build up the
System, cleanse the Blood and render
them ten liable to colds. Repeated at
tacks of Acute Catarrh may lead to
Chronic Catarrh.
taken Internally and arts through the
on wm mucuus surfaces 01 me cys
tem, thus reducing the inflammation and
restoring normal conditions.
AU Druggists. Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney Co.. Toledo, Ohio.
Yesterday's Receipts In Frisco '
Hay, Corn and Fruit Prkws.
ceipts Flour 5680 qrs.; barley 2378
centals; beans 500 sacks; corn 120
centals; rye 120 centals; potatoes 1532
sacks; onions 65 sacks: hay 80 tons;
hides 393 rolls; lemons and oranges
600 boxes.
Alfalfa 18.00 23.00.
Corn white Egyptian 2.752.85
red mllo 2.00 2.05.
Clrape fruit Arizona 4.00 4.25; ap
pies, Newtowns 1.25 2. So.
speculative Favorite
Take Widely Divergent Course.
XEW YORK. Jan., 13. The super
ficial character of existing conditions
In the stock market was strikingly il
lustrated today by tho widely diver
gent course of speculative favorites,
somewhat to the detriment or neglect
of the more representative shares.
Crucible steel, which lias been the
strongest and most prominent feature
of the last week, reacted an extreme
of 5 points, recovering- little more
than a point.
Atlantic Gulf, another speculative
Issue recently under pressure, rose al
most 7 points at its best, but forfeit
ed all but 1 1-8. Mexican Petroleum
closed at a net gain of 6 points.
Additional features embraced the
less active shippings and oils, express
company shares. International Paper,
New York Air Brake and Sears Roe
There was a further demand for
rails, although secondary or reorgan
ized properties, such as New Haven.
St, Louis Southwestern common and
preferred, St. Paul common and pre
ferred. Rock Island, Lhigh valley and
Southern railway fared better than
seasoned or dividend paying issues.
Rvniiorated Apple Urkct
Dull In New York. '
NEW YORK. Jan. 13. Evaporated
apples dull. ..Prunes, firm.. - Peaches
Abraham Lincoln Said:
' "Teach economy; that is one of the first virtues.
It begins with saving- money." - --
When a man, with a rugged character, like Abra
ham Lincoln, made the above quoted statement, it
i fully reaped that it contains an unusual deep
significance. And it has not lost any of its value
during these days of extravagant habits and very
little economy.
This bank offers you every possible assistance to
save and accumulate. One of our courteous tellers,
at window No. 5, Is constantly in charge to render
jou special Savings Service.
Tfe American
Pendleton. Oregon,
'Strongest Sank in Gaston Oregon"
We Are Remarking
Our Goods
5 to conform with the market, irrespective of what
they cost us.
We follow a policy of no special sales, but you save
5 money with us when you see us for Furniture.
, f -- --
5 We have the most beautiful dining sets, in golden
I oak, mahogany, walnut and Jacobean sets, in all the
1 latest patterns.
I Come to our store where you have room to see
I our goods. 1
Double Show Room
1 " Cruikshank & Hampton j
1 124-128 E. Webb St Phone 548 E
Your Old Furniture taken in exchange as part payment on new. r
llUinilltlllltlltllllllllllllllMlllinilll!lllli.lllllllllltll1IIII 1IIIIIIII1I1IIIIIIIII1I1IC
Competition of Millers and - -Exi)orters
Ix-ads to WlHat Advance.
CHICAGO, Jan. 13. Evidence of
competition etween millers and ex
porters led to a sharp upturn In wheat
today. Final prices although unset
tled, were 3-4 to 4 1-4 net high with
March 1.82 to 1.82 1-4 and Mny
1.72 3-4 to 1.73. Corn gained 1-2 to
3-4: oats 1-4 to 3-8 and provisions 10
to 30c.
On the advance May wheat touch
ed the highest price this season. In
connection with the upturn in values,
interest was attached to news that
Minenapolia mills were buying hard
winter wheat In Nebraska where imost
of the recent export shipments have
been obtained. An apparent pause In
export buying early had a transient
bearish Influence and so too did gos
sip that the Argentine export tax
would be removed.
Gossip that Texas mills were after
wheat in Kansas and that flour de
mand shoiwed improvement were addi
tional bullish factors.
Corn and oats swayed with wheat,
advances being- checked by heavy
hedging sales of corn. On the other
hand, export buying of corn continued.
Hfgher quotations on hogs and ce
reals gave a lift to provisions.
..MOW. ARfS-.XcK,
c ' i a k iv f . i a rir
EC f
ooir4Ariv.Y He "DoesN't wotic6 fnrs, got ujrteM
his scr goMTftoc Uicg. thi S 111 . ti ""A
Saving of $52 Per Year to Con
tinentals Kept Capital at
Princeton Where Living Was
O11I7 $3.
HARRISON, Ark., Jan. 13. (A. P.)
There was a time in the history of
the United States when $52, repre
senting a year's loss or saving to
members of Congress, was a vital
factor in the consideration of a pro
posed moving of the seat of govern
ment, and, according to an afficer
of that same Congress, $52 a year
was "no trifling consideration."
This bit of history is contained in
a letter written by Charles Thomson,
secretary of the Continental Congress
during the several years of its exis
tence to his 'wife Hannah, an aunt
of President William Herny Harrison
The tetter is dated Princeton, August
21, 1783, the Congress then being in
session In the New Jersey town, and
was addressed to "Mrs. Thomson,
Corner 'of Spruce and 4 Street, Phil,
It was proposed that the residence
of Congress be removed to Elizabeth
town, N. J., but, according to the let
ter, there was opposition on the ground
that "lodging" in Elizabethtown would
cost $4 a week, whereas it could be
obtained for $3 a week in .Prince
ton. Whether the "high cost of liv
ing" in Ellzabethtown finally swayed
the Congress in rejection it is not
disclosed, but history records that
the Congress met in Anapolis, Md., af-
terf leaving Princeton, and at no time
sat at Elizabethtown.
The letter,- in part, which recently
came into the possession of Mrs.
Rex Worthington, of Harrison, a de
scendant of Mr. Thomson, Ipllaws:
"Dear Hannah:
"I have received your letters .dated
Monday 12 o'clock and Tuesday 10
o'clock at night and acknowledged the
receipt of them. ...... .Mr. Rend was
misinformed respecting the adjourn-m-nt.
They met on Monday but they
might as well have adjourned till this
time for any business they have don.
1 m very apprecehensive that noth
ing but some calamity will awaken
the states to a sense of their situa
tion. . . . .
". - . , . The President of
Congress lias not provided a house
for himself nor is likely he will find
one here to suit him. I find Elize
bethtown has been talked of at his
table as a proper place for the resid
ence of Congress. He has a rouse
there -which he says has twenty rooms
and which he -will let for the use of
the President. It is true the place is
infested with mosquitoes in summer
and lying low and near marshes may
he liable to intermittents in the spring
and fall, but these are trifling when
it . ' considered that by fixing the
residence of Congress there the value
of his estate, will be increased and he
will have an opportunity of letting
his house at a good rent. But yet
I am inclined to believe this will ne
opposed by his colleagues; for Mr.
C-Jndlt has found a lodging In thiB
town at 3' dollars a week -which en
ables him to lay up more money. And
there is reason to fear that at Ellza
bethtown, which is so near New York,
it will cost him at least four. This
would be a clear loss of 62 dollars
a year which is no trifling considera
tion, and which I daresay will have
due "weight with some of the others.
There are Titer weighty considera
tions which mifsM be mentioned."
"Tour loving husnana.
Chas. Thomson."
containing a copy of the Oregon voa
er at editor C. C. Chapman in tho sen
ate yesterday following a denuncia
tion of the Oregon voter in the senate
by Senator Thomas, because of an ar
ticle attacting Senator Jones, of Eu
gene. The Binder grazed the eritor's
ear. ' .
PARIS, Jan. 13 (A. P.) The
changes of the moon have been found
by the radio officers of the small A
merican fleet in the Adriatic sea to
have a striking effect up6n the tffici-
ency of the atmosphere for transmitt
ing radio communitatiens. The offc
era have succcfied in drawing curves
and other diagrams, based upon
months of observations, which, they
assert, reliably seine to Indicate what
atmosphereic and celestial conditions
affecting radio service will be met at
any particular date in the future.
The discovery apparently has speci
al application" to the vicinity of. the
Adriatic, for there the changes in the
world's relation to, the moon are
much mors than anywhere else in the
world, so far as yet disctvered.
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tobacco habit. Whenever you have a
lenging for a cigarette, cigar, pipe, or
for a chew, just place a harmless Xo-To-Bac
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to help, relieve that awful desire.
Shortly the habit may be compffetely
broken, and you are better off mental
ly, physically, financially. It's so easy
so jsimple. Get a box of No-To-Bac
and if it dosen't release you from all
I craving for tobacco in any form, your
druggist will refund your money
witnout question. . ,
Sausage, Backbones and
';vy.j, Spareribs
Fresh Poyntry Sausage, 3 pounds . .', . . . $1.00 , ,
. Fresh Country Backbones and Spareribs,1
pound . 30c
Fresh Country Eggs, dozen . . 60c
Fresh Country Butter, 2 pounds ........ $1.00
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Valve-ift-Head automobiles.
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befof e the end of the season.
that Buick has sold a large percentage of its
1921 schedule.
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