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tar the largest circulation In Pendleton of
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tie; weather, clear.
VOL. 28
NO. 8877
Mortar Ammunition Being Brought to the ".dies
One Hundred and Fifty
Mexicans Reported to
Have Crossed Into
Officers luilcvo Hand Its Are Making
An Effort to Revenge the Killing of
Eour outlaw. In the Itunuing light
Witli 0, s. lOree Monday.
President's Attitude is Not Affected
by Lead of Hughes on the
Wilson RjefMCal to Walk t Winchester
Sept. 6, while BufbM is speak-1
in).- Twenty Miles Away Doeen'l
Waul Polities iii Lincoln My plan-
Report is Groundless.
EL, I'ASO, Aug. 2 Cai'taln
William Kelly told General
Hell the report that Mexican
had entered Texas near Kind
lay was groundless. Militia
officers ut Fort Hancock flashed 4)
Hell the report last night.
Kelly Commanded the troops
rushed from Kort Bliss to fight
the .supposed raiders. He found
no signs of the bandits.
has refused to follow Hughes' lead
and declare favoring suffrage. He
authorised the White house announce
ment that his attitude was unchanged.
The president still holds that the)
states should decide the suffrage is-1
sue. Wilson declined to make u
speech at Winchester Kentucky, on I
Septemhcr 5, while Hughes is speak-1
lug at Lexington, twenty miles away. I
He said he dldn ! want politics to en
ter the Lincoln day speech' plans
BL PASO, Aug. :. Two troops of
cavalry, a motorcycle corps and ten!
trucklouds of Infantry have been
rushed to Kurt Hancock from Fort
Hlls It Is reported that a hundred
and fifty Mexican bandits crossisl the I
river at linill.n, Texas, eight miles'
west, officers believed the Mexicans
were attempting reprisals for the kill
ing of the four bandits Monday, Gen-!
eral Hell at Kort Hllss, stated he had!
not received reports of fighting be-ill Workers Pa lor Walkout llrotlior
the American militia, regulars hood Heads Will t all for n. iaf
.and bandits He said "I don't In-1 strike Ih-iiiandliur Rlahl Hour lint
the trenches. A bridge has been built over
Powerful Fortified Works on North
Bank are Taken After Heavy
I noffldal Dispatcho say Muscovite
Have captured stajuno Terminus
of l.emburg Hallway. All Four
Lines Xo Being in Rnss Hands.
PAULS. Aug 2. It is announced
j the French have advanced on both
j sides of the Somme. The Germans
I have gained Vaux Chapter Woods.
ine Communique said: "North of
the Somme we captured powerful for
tified works. South of the Somme
we occupied a German trench
Merchantman May Mot
enter Hampton Roads
Until Night Falls.
Prize I nn Behaves in Peculiar man
ner steamer ts Kept Brilliantly
Lighted Marine Men are PaoJed
Rnt BUhlll) she May he Flashing
a signal to Diver.
Moving yio&rxR ammukitjojs
photograph shows ihe moving of mortar ammunition up to
trench where the men have "dug la,"
Prospects of
Many Benefits to Pendleton UMAIILLAD SIR CT
tend to allow the bandits to remain
on American soil."
Two corps of the eighth cavalry. It
is reported also passed Fort Han
I K'k en route to Findlay.
and More Oicrtlmc Pa).
Hailwal Brotherhood's execu
tlve board threatening a nation- A
al strike of four hundred thou-
sand railroaders, agreed to re- 4)
time peace conferences In Now
York August I.
These New York conferences O
may produce an amicable set-
tlement in the belief; ,,t com-
mlaaloner chambers Be de-
clared he is keeping President
Wilson informed dailv retmrdlmr
FOR TIN BOX TRICK ,the railroad controversy .level-
j4 opmenta. He said: "The great
Gives up $950 and Receives
sfi r a r fM I
comic supplement 01 rort
land Paper.
magnitude of such
ters the Brother hi
hast action. If
i strike de-
oils from
negotiations 4
nd I strike materializes. It 4)
assumes proportions impossible
to forecast. Such a strike would
he vastly more disastrous to
the United Slates than becoming
SAM. KM, Ore., Aug. 2. Swindlers
stole nine hundred and fifty dollars
from Oils Defnaa a barber. It was
hla lifetime savings. The old tin box
trick was used. They made Dcmas
surrender bis tnone "as a guarantee
of good faith " They hamled him a
box supposedh containing a twelve! Vi.n- vouir . .. n
.h i ....ii.., 1 i... r -skw STORK, Aug. 1. Timothy D,
... . ' .' . . Shea announced that the BOUtttlna of
Pendleton Is in line for a company ; T. Park who spoke upon military
j oi the Oregon National Guard and training in the schools declared he
probabl battalion headquarters, ac- was in favor of military training In
cording to Dr. Max S. Kern, former 1 public Institutions to build up the
captain of the Pendleton company. In' physical side of the boy. Individual
a report to the Commercial Assocla-1 attention to physical culture will be
Itlon last night. Dr. Kern said thai j given each and every boy this year in
'there will no doubt be a battalion I Pendleton high school: Instruction
formed in eastern Oregon anil Pen-1 will be given by Prof. Virgil FendaM
dleton a slated by the Oregon army of the department of agriculture, who
! officials for a company. has held high offices In the military
Should Pendleton be awarded bat-1 department or the Oregon Agricultur
tallon headquarter!, a majority o(ja College. Park seemed to favor a
the officers would be located here j cadet corps which would not be im
A company of militia would mean a ! swerable to the call of the president
iirsi claaa armory in Pendleton which ' to arms. In this, the cadet corps is
would cost between Z0,4O0 and $40.-j c'ifferent from a militia. At the same
W, i time the corps is given the same
mis. said or. Kern, "would serve i physical attention as a militia
as a club room for the boys. It Is a panv.
thing Pendleton is sorely in need of ' The Wyoming idea, favored by
No proper solution has ever been Prof. Park, was briefly described to
worked out on the question of a rec- the meeting
reatlOQ place tor the boys In ac- In squads of eight, and they hold con- PaHBOBsWa, In taking this action,
Cordance with the provisions of the teats between them such as acaling ,M,weMT. Hhim' interested in the pro-
Petition Withdrawn This Afternoon
After Long Remonstrance is
! Filed.
IttorncyD for Kemonstraturs Contend
Pnsisixl rmaUhi Unlawful and
I'njiNi Petitioners nw to Mlt.
Jority sentiment Hut Will Not
Abandon ITojiit.
The petition asking roi- tile calling
sm-1 of an eiocabin for the formation of
UM pniHse, I inanlla port dlstrii i
was formally withdrawn this after.
The bora are organized ,,(K, Judge aT, A. Piv. anorney foi
Champagne west of Aubrlves, the
Russian reconnoitering forces made a
bayonet charge and dispersed the
Germans. One hundred were made
prisoners. Thirty-three aeroplane
duels were fought over the trenches.
LONDON, Aug. 2. Haig reported
that the Briish are slowly gaining
around Pozieres. Hand to hand fight
ing is continuing. Haig said the
lighting was in "close quarters be
tween small detachments."
j PETKOGKAD, Aug 2. The. Rus
sian wedge separating the Austrian
j and German armies Is advancing
! rapidly. Unofficial dispatches said
the Russians had captured the St.-
way. ine iiussians control all four
railway routes to Lemberg.
BERLIN. Aug. 2. It is announced
that Ihe Germans repulsed all allied
NORFOLK, ng. 2. The anbtna
rlBM lleutsetiland wras reported flf-
Iri i teen mllcH below Tangier Island near-
Ing Tape Charles at noon. Crowds
lined waterfront awaiting a glimpse.
The Detitschland passed Tangier la
land fifty mile above Cape Charles
at a a. m.
It is believed here the Deutschland
will probably not enter Hampton
Roads until night. No Virginia pilot
was sought. Marine men are con
vinced the Deutschland intended to
remain in Chesapeake Hay all day.
Some believed the submarine might
shoot the capes without touching on
account of thick weather. A heavy
haze concealed the boat's distance
for two miles and made her escape
easier. The American battleship Ca
rolina moved Inside Cape Henry on
account of the fog. The allied block
ades were behind the mist.
The Appam's prize crew at Newport
News behaved peculiarly last night.
They kept the steamer brilliantly
lighted. Marine men were puzzled.
It is believed they may be signaling
the submarine. The Deutschland
rapidly progressed last night. Press
attacks on the Flanders front except boaUi epl up eMilv -She " mlj
the highway between Maricourt and
Clery The allies occupied and com
pletely demolished German trenches
traveled ten knots, but sometimes
went sixteen. She passed Solomon's
Island at the mouth of the Patuzent
river at two a. m.
Happy Canyon Will be Rebuilt;
Raley May Be Guiding Genius
of 1916 Round-Up Night Show
Yes. there will be a Happy Canyon1 if this is legally possible and. If not.
In answer to the manv queries be I by leading business men under the
ing made both locally and from a dis
tance, the Commercial association last
evening f orally decided that the in-
same plan as used in organizing the
Round-l"p association. A meeting of
the Happy Canyon committee of 1915
will be called probably tomorrow to
newl) enacted army law. each boy; walls and rifle practice. One girl is joet arc not abandoning it but will stitutton. which tor the past two dLscdss this suggestion
would be given tl for each drill. This chosen for each squad to be trained ,u" '"riher consjlcrntion to the mat- 'ars nas provided evening entertain-j u js m probable that the mainr,
Involved in the Baropean war " 4) wl" "''r " a" Incentive to attend In the duties as a Red Cross nurse. of reaching the Cold springs area ment tor Round-Up crowds, will be! ity of the members of the committee
i drill. The benefits from good, clean1 The physical training starts with the " M""l aa there slmll appear suffi- r""tained as one of the big features of of last year will be retained to han-
! '''Mow-hip and obedience are un- boys of the seventh grade and con- ,'it'"t siipsirt to guarantee a favor. hl" Round-Up week of lilt, die the various features of the work
measurable." . I Unites throughout the high school. Me election. J. Roy Raley, first president of the thin year but a more complete or-
t contained a comic supplement of a
Portland paper.
Casement Will
Die Tomorrow
U1NDON, Aug. 2. It is definitely
announced that Sir Iloger Casement
hangs tomorrow morning. The gal
lows were erected at Pentonville pris
on. Asqulth acknowledged the receipt
of a monster petition asking for cle
mency. Casement's lawyers declared he was
unconcerned. His condition has im
proved lines his trial when ho looked
haggard and worn Asquith held no
hope of mercy.
sAIKM, Aug. 2 Nix convicts have
iweaped from the penitentiary flax
'camp five mile northeast of here.
They were trust! en. Their dlsappear
iinee was discovered this morning.
'Hiey were traced u Hllverton. The
KiigitivcH are 0. O, Griffin of Mai
poor, mnvletcd of larceny; O. B
Tooea and John Smith of Hood River
ii. ruarv. I uillc Hell of Mult
nomah, larceny, T. O. Dtndsay, Lake,
larceny, and IChner Barnard of Mai
hear, assault
the strike vote
sand rullwav
A list ol II names of voung men Ammunition and arms are furnished WeWBBWa, the matter. ". L. i(. Kound-I p and a member 01 the Hap-! ganization will be formed to the end
Who would be willing to join such an by the national government. ; man, who baa ban actively interest- i c'anvon committee for the pastjthat the show may be run with bet-
i orrantution will bp forwarded the no.i IVr Wm ,l , o, M-Im, . til ill Ibe lunw ttm llte hmmm I m tl... two years, will pt'obabh' be chairman ' ta ,....,!.. fL- " ....
f four hundred thou I t.um ir iu- r - vi - - - , . , I "e piimary purpose
' ouiniii u uioii I Jutant-general. The establishment ot , day circulating papers to obtain sig- waOIOt, said tids aftemiMin:. -It has "; the Happy Conyon committee this Will be. as before the entertaining
Oe , ..,..,,,. u- .,..,,,1., .... ...., . , , , , i, ' , . , PMdrf.nl H,.,,.L- nt ,h.. .M- . k . ... .
i ...,.,..,n m. nuuia oo-tiu .in-1 ii, nuies ioi men ami nnys. netween - "i "--ii in.' iiaiH muu am- v .... me uouna-i u crow ,ls in th
trainmen would
completed August IT. If the workers'
favor a walkout, the vote will author
ize the heads of the four groat rail
way brotherhoods to cull a general
rtrlke demanding an eight hour day
and more overtime pay. Shea said:
"This Is history's biggest movement,
the largest number of men involved
It covers a wider territory than any
other strike "
nual expenditure of $10,000 Thejthe ages of Is and 35. who wish to t,l(e that
Commercial association voted its ap
proval of the work of Dr. Kern and
he was asked to proceed with his
City Superintendent of Schools A. men's Clothing store
see the establishment of a company eoiitrib.it
of militia in Pendleton. I)r Kern I""1- Otherwise i would under no
can be found in the Judd building circumstances fuvor pushing the or-
and Mr. Vlnler is with the Working-
em wan II aitrcicu must ' "i w -wai me p.- rather than the making of profit
a pn-K.ndcraiHV of sup. attloB would logically fall, last even-" i, hai nt VM b declde.1 h.r.
ing ueciareu nis inaonuy n act aim the 1111 show will be held since the
expressed the wish tn.it Mr.
major portion of te old pavilion has
reau of Hallway Kconomics said the
proposed strike affected three hun
dred thousand men. earning four
hundred millions annually, employed
on two hundred and fifty thousand
miles of railroad. The strike means
the greatest transportation blockade
In the country's history. The result
mil commercial prostration might
send the nation's loss Into billions. If
the strike cntues the railroads will
present congress with many reasons
for enforced arbitration. Senator La.
Fnlletto plans to lead tho strikers'
figiu against mediation, The brother.
bonds threaten to vote against any
congressman favoring enforced arbitration.
CHICAGO. Aug. 2. Railroad and
grain men here said the proposed
strike would certainly paralyze cen
tial western states and work great
hardships. Grain and cattle move
ments would practically cease. The
grain now Itored In eastern milling
ci nters is totally Inadequate to with
stand n prolonged blockade. Ex
tremely high prices and food shortage
would probably result. Hlg eastern
cities would be nearer to starvation
than at any other time in American
Restoration of Belgium and
Serbia-Reparation to France
and Russia, British Peace Terms
gauaaatloa or to impose upon the ,;lkc charge. The choke met with the! been torn down, considerable em.n.
COOK, an election, the mornlie !. I approval of the members. would attach to the rebuilding of It
suit of Which would be doubtful." , Mr. Raley has not yet accepted the ! However, a similar expense would h-
position but expressed a willingness ; incurred If a new location should be
Following the filing of remon-1 to serve. However, he recommends ; selected and the additional expenae
Btrancea against the proposed forma-1 that a corporation be formed to as. ' of a grandstand Walter's ghad has
tion of a Umatilla port district, attor- "ume the manageent. the stock to be been suggested is a good location
.,. vomuorowi ociaiion and will be serlouslv considered
(Continued on Page Eight.)
LONDON,, Aug. 2.--Asquith an
nounced today in the house of com
mons that Britain regards the resto
ration of Belgium and Serbia, the re
pairing of the devastated portions of
France and Russia as the essential
peace conditions.
Prohibition Cuts Down
Arrests 70 Per Cent
Club Prices Climb
3 Cts in Portland
CHICAGO. Aug. I, (Special to the
Fast OrOgOnlen ) Range of prices to
day; Open High Close
Sept 11.11 11.31 V, $1.39j
ler II. 30i li.jfid I1..144
IN inland.
PORTLAND, ore., Aug. 2. (Sped,
ai 1 ciub 11.00; bluestem 11.01,
Give John M. Parker credit for
hat that just wouldn't be rained out pendbitis
of the ring, varj good today.
Still another rumor is that Villa.
being hard up, is dictating a dime
Her condition is reported ; novel of his wonderful disappearing .
Appendicitis Operation.
The fourteen year old daughter of
William Kllis, who lives twenty miles
northwest of Pendleton, was brought
to St. Anthony'a hospital last evening
and underwent an operation for ap
That prohibitum has greatlv
: Inquiries From Four Corners of Continent In-
out by the records of the city 4:
recorder. A record of arrests
for the first seven months of 4
1111 show that a total of lHti
uresis have been made Last ,
year during the same period
there were III arrests made.
dicate Largest Crowd Ever Will Assemble
This Year.
uf the Blewetl Harvester rasa.
22' pany will be used if it can be obtain-
LONDON, Aug. 2. A German sub.
marine sank the Dutch steamer Zea
land last night The crew landed .it
Mouth Shields They said the cap
tain boasted that they sank five ves
sels before the Zealand.
From New York. Michigan. Indiana. their tents for the three davs For
Iti.l Ihfl ., 1 ... L. .,.., .... . .
..... ...r ...... e-iiirn- me 1 Hue; na K I,' I, Mr.), ili.il, I'. i
i i" inui tun) si per cent w .-vaies come inquiries as to the dates back
as many arrests were made this 4 oi the KOUnd-Up, September 21.
, T iu,' V 1UB nauon-wiae pu e.l. and also the ctt ,1 will
The largest number ot arrests gamed through magazines, newspa- asked in . ,..... . ..
pers and personal boosters has been street below the grandstand tor ,hl.
at work and will no doubt result In purpose. A special effort w'll he
bringing to Pendleton the largest made to provide suitable d id.-ouat.
crowd ever this year. parking and camping larllltie., for
The Kound-I p directors are now all motorists
at work en staging the hi exhlbl-l The contract for the moving BM
uon tures for tylii has been
11 s, tatom. in charge of the ac-
loiumouaiions. wants all the camping
room for automobile parties that he
can get. The present Indications are
that there will ba thousands of 1 -
this ear were made in May.
most of which were made for
violations of the city traffic or
dinances. May, 1915. was also
the largest month up to August
last year when 130 were
brought up before Judge Fitz
The revenue from tines last
year amounted to a sum between 4)
16000 und 17000. This year the
city will probably receive I0 4
from this source of revenue. 4
pie here in autooblles with
camping outfits nnd the city
provide places for them to
let to the
Oregon. Washington Fealui,. Film
onipunv of Spokane, ,u fiari. f
which Is verv satlsfie torv 10 ih
Hoiinil-Cp. Th company in o tak
not less than vi'iu feet or film mi l
their! make it up Into four reels to be
must' proved by he board of dlrm-tora
pltchj fore they r put on the market.