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J the larget circulation in Pendleton of
anjr other newspaper.
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Maximum temperature 73. mini
mum IT. rainfall. 0; wind. wait. 11(1)1,
weather, clear
VOL. 28
NO. 8797
""' " "" - !. hum."'' ' ',., mi 'i . '.Li.,,.,,'.,,.., , ' i",'',', ,' ,,.,, ' , I, , , "- ....... i 4 i
Question of Withdrawal Which May
Mean Peace or War With the
Defacto Forces Up to Wilson.
Administration Doc Not Intend to
Treat Willi obregou In the Matter
of Taking tb American Troop
Oat of Mexico; Bauer and Wilson
In Conference.
EL PASO, May l. viliuitas
have burned the Mormon colony
at Chulchupa, the colony' care-
taker reported upon hi arrival
here today. The attack occur-
red last week. Two hundred
American familial deserted their
home more than a month ago,
fearing Villlata outrage.
Three newspaper correspond-
ents have returned from Perh-
mg's heudquarter because they
understood the active operation
In Mexico were over. Thl reviv-
ed rumor that the expedition '
wuuld withdraw shortly.
BL PASO. May l The question of
withdrawing the American expedition,
upon which depends peace or war
with Mexico, was up to the preaiu 'til
today. Scott ha nought Pershing'
opinion on the Curranxlstas demand
for immediate withdrawal. A second
conference with Obregon may be held
later today. Intervention Interest
Save Scott documents to show that
the Carranziata would not cooper
ate in policing the border, but hud
themselves looted American property.
WASHINGTON, May 1. The ad
mlniKtratlnn does not intend to heed
Obregon' suggestion that the Amer
ican expedition withdraw from Mex
ico. BoMt and Funton again have
been instructed nut to treat with Ob
regou regarding withdrawal Instead
they mint again expres the need of
the CurrartlstuH cooperating with the
Secretary linker visited the presi
dent following the receipt of Scott's
request for more explicit instructions
on how far to go at the next coher
ence He must have received hi In
struction quickly. The conference
with Wilson lasted 10 minutes.
Reservation May
Secure 2 Bridges
First Planned
Word ha been received here that
through the efforts or congressman
Sinnott. a conference committee pass
ing on the Indian bill has decided in
favor of the original plan for erect
ing two bridge on the Umatilla res.
ervntlnn. one at Mission and one at
Thorn Hollow. As adopted by the
conference committee the federal gov
ernment will provide two third te
bridge cost and the county on
thlrd. As amended In the senate !v
Senator Lane the hill provided that
the county pay half and the govern
ment half.
The news i welcomed here as It
gives promise of the early construc
tion of the, two bridges, both being
badly needed. The appropriation
however, has not yet been passed by
. congress.
M,W0 Bond Demanded.
COEUR D'ALENB, Idaho, May l.
N. D. Wernette, prosecuting attorney
of Kootenai county, made a formal
demand on a surety company for 125.
000, the bond of James W. Smith, ex
assessor and ex-officlo tax collector
of Kootenai county.
The demand was made after the
county commissioners and the prose
cuting attorney had considered a re-1
port of a special auditor. The re-
port, according to Wernette, shows
alleged shortage In excess of 850,0011
In the accounts of the ex-assessor. The
alleged shortages are principally In
uncollected back taxes, refund and
collected taxes unreported.
State Should Provide Homes.
t PAUL. Minn.. AD1 ! Pretn
vine covered cottages should be estab
lished, by the state, at 1 cost of 81,
000 each, for teachers of consolidated
rural school, in connection with their
school, State Superintendent C. G.
genu) said.
Irish Insurgents Surrender in Large
Numbers to British Troops Fol
lowing Fight in Dublin.
Scattered 1 lands on outskirts of fit
Keep (u intermit tent Firing on
sltiiern But Work of Rounding
Them Up Is Going Forward; Revo
lution Effectively Broken.
LONDON, May I. All the Dublin
rebel commanders have surrendered,
It was officially announced today
Correspondent Forrest of the Unite-l
Press reported that the rebel who
were holding Stephen Green surren
dered lut night. Four hundred and
fifty Insurgents entrenched in the '
central part of the city, also laid down
their arms at the foot or Parneli mon
ument. Large forces or rebel at En
nescorthy, go miles south of Dublin.
surrendered after a short truce, din-1
patches received in London today stut-j
Sniping on the outskirts of Dublin'
may continue for several days while
the troops round-up the scattered reb
el. There was no intimation what
punishment would be given the rebel
pi Isoners.
Close Formation
Attacks Made on
the French Lines
HAVE BEEN Hi til l 11 IIU1K
PARIS. May l. Following a severe
bombardment, the German last night
hurled powerful cloae formation at
tacks against the French north !
Dead Man's hill. Today's communique
said that every charge wilted under
the terrific fire. Th German losses
were enormous. Another alt. ek in
the Cumieres sector was repulsed.
The German attacks have grown
steadily more violent since the T,u
tons resumed the Verdun offensive on
Friday Guns of every caliber shelled
Dead Mans Hill and Hill 304 and
rained projectiles east of the Meuse.
A curtain of French mitrailleuse fire
mowed down hundreds of the advanc
ing Germans. French aeroplanes
showered bombs on the railways at
Etain and Sebastopot. near Thlacourt
A German hlvnar at Aplneourt was
bombarded from the sky.
This photograph of Liberty Rail,
with the defiance of the Itrltlsh gov.
?rnment In large letters was taken
ome month ago. The hall was the
Liberty Hall Headquarters of the Irish Rebels jjl
Hit! rii-fev4' ton H - i ...J Hii
mmt liTHM;" i .W stmt ntmnvii, ? I
Gibson Guilty of Violation
of Dance Ordinance But His
Sentence Suspended by Court
A verdict of guilty with a suspend
ed sentence was handed down thit
afternoon by Municipal Judge The.
Fltx Gerald In the case of AfftSf t:
Gibson whose trial on a charge of
violuting the 'dancing ordinance was
held Saturday afternoon. The case
was taken under advisement until thia
afternoon by the Judge.
The trial was held between 3 and I
Saturday afternoon and wa attended
by a large number of people. Mayor
J. A. Rest and Officer Frank Nash
were the two prosecuting witnesses.
Nash testified first that he cautioned
Gibson to change his method of danc
ing when he noticed him dancing close
to his partner and In u way he con
sidered improper. The mayor declar
ed the defendant was dancing a
"cross between a rag and a walk
dnnee" but what he objected to most
he said, was that he did not obey the
placard on the wall which read
"Eight steps and turn."
The ordinance prohibits ragging
and indecent dancing but the prose
Adams Young Man Probably is
Fatally Injured in Accident
(East Oregonian Special. )
HILTON, fire May 1. Another au
tomobile accident which may prove
fatal occurred on the macadam road
on Dry Creek near the J. H. Coffman
Place yesterday about noon. In the
car were James Lieuallen of Adams
and young Koffman of Walla Walla
and two young ladles. They were go
ing about 25 miles an hour. The car
turned over and righted itself. The
young ladles suffered many bruises
Wheat Advances Three
i Cents in Chicago Pit
CHICAGO, May 1. (Special to the
Kast Oregonian.) Today's range of
Open High Close
May . ...tl.tf $1.1714 tl.l64
July . ..11.17 11.18 S1.17'n
Tort hand.
PORTLAND, Ore., May I. Special!
Merchants Exchange prices today.
lub, 91 bid, 97 asked; bluestem
II 03 bid, 11.07 asked
LIVERPOOL, April !8 Wheat
Spot Nn. 1 Manitoba. 12s 10d (tl.84
Per bushel!; No, 3. 12s id: No, 1
rorthern spring, lis id; No. 2 red
western winter, lis 5d (tl.68 per
headquarters of the followers of Jim
l.arkln. the agitator, who was in the
United States not long ago. Frcm
this point the rebels spread through
cution contended that the placard on
the wall, put there at the suggestion
of the mayor, plainly Indicated that
mON Umn eljht steps without turn.
Ing was co us!,' frt1 hot decent
The defendant, a half dozen ladies
with whom he had danced including
the middle-aged married lady with
whom he was dancimt just before his
arrest, the two floor masters and
others at the dance, testified, some
very positively, that Gibson was not
ragging nor dancing In any manner
suggestive of Indecency. His wife,
too, was among the witnesses. Gibson
further stated that he never had rag
ged and did not know how.
The defense sought to show that
I he, arrest was the result of words
between the mayor and defendant
afler he had finished dancing. Col.
Rafey, his attorney contended there
is nothing In the ordinance limiting
the number of steps dancers shall
take during a dance and that the ma
yor has no power to make such regulations.
Koffman had his shoulder dislocated,
while Lieuallen suffered a fractured
skull. They were rescued and hauled
to Milton by Claud Steen, who was
met here by Lieuallen' parents and
Dr. Montgomery of Walla Walla. Dr.
Thomas of Milton ana Dr. Montgom
ery took Lieuallen to Walla Walla to
the home of hla parents, while the
other three were taken to their homes
at Adams At 6 o'clock yesterday
evening. Lieuallen was still uncon
Irish rebels surrender and lay down
their arms.
Germans deliver new attacks In
dose formation against Verdun.
Reply of Germany to V. S. demands
is due next week.
Mexican situation Is approaching a
Gibson found guilty but sentence is
Teachers are elected for next year.
Farm house on reservation burns.
Bridges over Umatilla are provid.
ed for by congress.
Blind girl and eom.oanion injured
by auto.
Pendleton gives beating to Echo
Mill. At
me Him m a eoiiii.uir
Cltiien Soldiers." They j
the men concerned In
of the postofflce acting
Tentative Draft Still Undergoing
Changes But Fundamental Points
Will Remain Unaltered.
American Ambassador said to Have
Dispatched Long; Message Regard
ing His Confereuce with the Kaiser j
Washington Is Annoyed Over the
German Delay.
BERLIN, May 1. Ctermany's reply
to America's submarine demands will I
be dispatched to Washington this week '
unless the unexpected happens. The!
tentative draft is still undergoing j
changes. The decision regarding the
fundamental questions Is unaltered.
However, certain newspapers warned I
the public not to count for a certain! i
on America's full agreement with the
attitude of the reply.
WASHINGTON. May 1. A long
dispatch from Gerard, outlining the
conference with the kaiser, was re
ported en route today. It may reveal
what Germany proposes to do regard
ing meeting the American demands.
Unofficial Berlin reports of a reac-1
lion in the optimism there is being re
flected here In annoyance over the
delayed reply. It was deemed un
likely that Germany would trifle with
the American opinion by permitting
I the anniverslty of the Lusttanla dis
aster, Saturday, to pass without riefi
note avowals of the present case. It
was believed that the president will
not wait longer than Saturday for a
reply. Unless early evidence of a
note is forthcomng, Wilson is likely
to suggest to Gerard that the time is
up. Although the reply was complet
ed on Friday, a delay followed the
conference between Gerard and the
kaiser. Indicating that Gerard did not
consider the reply acceptable.
Three Cheers for Joe.
MILWAUKEE, Wis., May 1. Jo
seph Hasenmiller wanted to prove he
wasn't a hyphenated American, so he
erected a sixty foot flag pole on the!was made without any accident or
lawn in front of his home and an Am
erican flag will fly there from now
until the end of the European war.
Refused to Pay German.
APPLETON, Wis., April 29. Albert
De Coster, Belgian-American, just
kept right on owing John Wendt, Ger-;
man-American, 835 today, because hel
tnougnt it oeneatn tne dignity or a the 8hipment t0 reacn this ,,itv Mav Hundertmark. Sr.. 74. and C H. Ber
Belgian to transact business with a , ' " ! thiame, 69, always feel qualms about
German. The cour awarded John the The Chevrolet, while comparative h j voUn r a"ody for anything.
thirty five but Albert's hatred for Ger- new tQ this cout)ty a we known ear j Hundertmark' first vote was cast for
mans would never let him pay it. heand indlcatlon of lts popularltv j Lincoln and Berthiame's first vote
sa,d. L,,. i,- u-j . .,. . .i..iwent for Garfield Roth men h f-
miner me uirecimn oi vne man rein
Society. The hall was taken by Brit-
ish soldiers, Wednesday, April :, at
the cost of eleven lives.
Fire Destroys a
2 Story House on
the Reservation
Fire Saturday evening between ,:S()f
and 8 completely destroyed the two! . .
story house on the reservation occu-JMiSS Mabel TempletOn 311(1 MlSS
pied by Sam Ingall and family. Not . c .. c. . . ti...
only was the house destroyed but all
of the household goods were lost, the
family escaping from the burning
building only with the clothe they
had on.
The fire, supposedly, was caused by
a defective flue. The family was at
home at the time but the whole upper
story was a mass of flames before
they discovered it. With no facilities
for fighting the flames, the members;
of the family were powerless to do!
finvtfilno- THa Inn. wa. inrnu. etiH hv!
The house was on the Indian lanl
of Mrs. Barney Sherry and was bnilt
a few years ago by L. L. Mann. It
was across the road from the J. R
Thompson place.
Squirrels Like sir Edward.
LONDON, May 1. Sir Edward
Grey's fondness for squirrels and the
squirrels' fondness for Sir Edward
Grey became known today. The Brit-
tab. foreign secretary occasionally
goes into retreat on his estate in
Northumberland There are many
wild squirrels in the surrounding
wood. Almost uncannily the sqoir-
rels know when Sir Edward arrives,
for they quickly make their way into
the house, scale the walls and invade
tne iiDrary; men jumping on Hirione eye witness, Miss Saling started
Edward's writing table they are re- to lead her blind companion back
warded with nuts from the minister's when she saw the auto making the
Sam E Paine and Harrv Alnsroueh .
manager and salesman respectively ! were talen "to the Pendleton Drug
for the Chevrolet Motor Co. In this;Store for flm W and later Dr. Guy
territory, arrived last night at 11 oV Boyden had Miss Templeton moved to
clock from The Dalles in a "Little
Wonder" Chevrolet 490 In which they
left The Dalles at 1 o'clock. Tho trip
trouble, and their running time was
remarkably good considering the con
dition of the roads.
They will establish headquarters
here just as soon as they can find a
suitable location. A carload of uui s
lert the factory at Flint, Michigan on
Vpril 22, a part of a !5-car shipment
made upon order Qf B(mj E
Koon- of Prf,H Mr , ' ,l
ten" carloads leave the factory every ' vored were assassinated. They al
mornlng for the Pacific coast. The j ways ,eI1 thl" ator to politicians seek-
car is made In two models, the 49ti'ns tne'r vote.
and the Baby Grand, and sells for 150 j
and 8865 f. o. b Pendleton. Eden is Near Soldier.
LONDON, April 29. On officer
Child's Death Due to Cat. j serving in Mespotamla wrote home
ABILENE. Kan.. May 1. Anthrax, j as follows The Garden of Bden is
according to phpsiclans. waa respon-not many hundred yard from my
sible for the death of Paul Lloyd, the j camp. On the river front grows a
8-year-old son of arfleld Lloyd, a ma- j tree which has long, yellow beans and
chmlst here. ; feathery leaves. It is the only one of
The child was ill for two months j its kind here, and "T A tkins" has
and specialists announced he had con- named it "The Forbidden Tree " In
traded the disease playing with the jits vicinity small Arab boys hawk
family cat. Several operations werebeap clgarets biscuits and tinned
performed in attempts to thwart the j milk and the locality is known a
disease. TVmptatlon Square."
Most of Present Teachers in
Schools Reelected by Board
Klection of teachers for the Pen- will nrobablv k.
Idleton schools next year was held b
the school board Saturday evening.!
With but few exceptions the present
teachers were retained, some at ad-
vanced salary, but some of the teach,
ers i. -elected win protiatm resign,
leaving vacancies to be filled la
L. P. Gambee was re-elected prin
cipal of the high school at a salary
ot $13',0 and all of the other faculty
Positions are the same for next ear
at) this
with the
if directoi
13 ground
y w as chi
ptiun c
the p,
I Ruth Ti
B. K.
were re
snips bi
it the
v gra
enly nei
Misses .
' lYlldlel.
The frMt teachers 1
been assigned to their
most of those re-electe
'their present positions.
Some few
nuuo oauiig ouuxn vj tnaumic
While Crossing Main Street.
j Mjf, xcmpleton is Blind and Was Be
ing Led by Miss SMtag at Tiase of
Use Accident; Said That Auto Wa
Taken from Oarage Without Any
Struck by an auto Saturday even
ing at 8 o'clock as they were about to
croas Main street, Mia Mabel Temple
ton of this city and Miss Anna Soling,
a young lady who teaches at Csurass,
were knocked down and severely
: though not seriously Injured The au
l to was being driven by Guy connerty.
J and Carl Churchill was occupying it
i with him.
Miss Templeton is Blind and waa
being conducted by Miss Saling, who
& her cousin. The auto waa traveling
j north on Main and at the intersection
Qf Main and Court was being turned
; about The young ladles had started
! across the street directly in front of
; The Leader Store and, according to
turn toward them.
They had not quite reached the
walk again when the auto struck
them. Both were thrown backward
upon the walk and tne anto crashed
into a telephone pole a few feet away.
Miss Templeton suffered two cuts
and torn muscles on tne calf of her
right leg and some other braises.
Miss Sailing's head struck the pave
ment with considerable force and she
was partially stunned besides suffiv-
"n ome onuses. Tne young ladles
the hospital. Both are recovering to
day but Miss Saling will not return
to her work for several days.
The auto In which the men were
riding was a Ford ana belonged to
James Walden. It is claimed that
it was taken from the Long Garage
without any authority. There is some
talk of an arrest in connection with
the accident.
May Be Bad Sign.
ST. PAUL, Minn.. April 29.Woht
term starts.
Anson Cornell, prominent I"
football and baseboll man may be
employe! partly by the inhsrds
coach and partly by the liinlor clubs
of Pendlet.ii
director iha,r,u,.
Taliman was named a committee of
one to make negotiation
The following are the teachers e.
ected for the high school u P
Gambee nrlnelnnl n f r-wi
W. K. Livingston, ''larence Tubbs.
Anita Slater. Caroline Honnev Fmnia
ler, Mildred Wilson, Norma Graves"
1 Maria n H Webb riant II. Mmlth and
Louise G. Bailey.
Mn'uiirv. In
isted. Mays Hi
'eva Unr, Mr
I MulholUn.
Ise Deute. Klore
gar, Vesta Cutil
E. E. Gels ant