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" 1 -
Ballygreen Farm
Pure Pork
This is to Certify, That the Sail
pape contained in this wrapper was
made from pure fresh pork at
Bulk, Package 30c
Link. Package 35c
I Gray Bros. Grocery Co. I
won. II BE N ATION l.
A. I. Slimn Honor.
A. U. Sloan, prominent resident who
has been ill for some time. Is report.
M) to lx somewhat Improved now.
Ins and the plumbers u
Ing i busy time of K
thermometers registered
below last night. Out on the reser
vation at the agency the thermome
ter registered 19 below.
- i g-hav-Many
tS and 20
Two Phones, 28.
823 Main St.
The Wnxtg Hemphill
In reporting a Pilot Hock birth
esterdaN. a mistake in the parentage Xo t.nimt ,Try Report.
was made. The father is Carl Hemp-i The grand Jury is still grinding
hill instead of A. C Hemphill. away at Its Investigation of the Fen-
I dleton election disorders and may not
("ayuse Woman at Hospital. report for several days
Mrs. Martin Madison, wife of a
well known Cay-use resident, under- Cold Interferes With 9rhOQB,
went an operation this mornlna; at1 The cold weather over the county
St, Anthony's hospital. Is causing many of tho schools to
i elose until milder weather prevails.
Has GoltM Removed. 'County Sup rintendem I. K. Voung
Mrs. Charles Horn of Filot Rock has received numerous reports of
was yesterday afternoon operated up-. suspended school work, particularly
on at St. Anthony's hospital for the lit the outlying districts,
removal of a goitre. -
I Ilowaro of Icicles.
Pedestrians on the streets should
keep a bright eye aloft during the
afternoons when the temperature
causes thawing or rrse they should
walk along the outer part of the
sWewalk. From the tops of manv
buildings icicles, ranging In size from
a slate pencil to a stick of cordwood,
are hanging and sooner or later will
Sins for Balance,
The May Hardware Co. todav
brought suit In the circuit court
against F. 0 Hardy to collect an al
leged balance of 167.95 on a bill ot
llOll.tl for merchandise purchased.
W M. Peterson is attorney for the
HcDevitt and Bantu Win.
In a special match bowling game
last evening In the Bungalow Bowl
ing Parlors Pat McDevltt won from
Omer Stephens, 956 to 896. and Sol
Raum won from Harvey Hanovan 9S9
to 829. Each set was for the total
of three games.
r 1 i
Whits 6
Black G
YES, we have received an early Spring shipment of Petti
coats in mercerized sateen, Heatherbtooga, silk char
ms use and taffeta, in white, black, rose, green, brown,
gray, new blues, plum and changeable colors, finished
with deep corded flounces plaited or bias ruffles, latest
effects and exceptional value..
spi.91 Pettkoats in silk chnnneuse and chftnjreiible taf
feta, finished with corded and bias flounces, black aad
high colors $1.98
$2.98 Petticoats in silk clliarnieuse hiuI taffeta, pleated,
corded and bias ruffles, white, black and high eolors.
Your choice only $2.98
$2.98 Petticoats in charmeusti- and taffeta, with Jer
sey elastic top, black and colore. Yom choice . $2.98
$3.49 Petticoats in charmeuae and taffeta, pleated,
corded, bias ruffles and flounces, assorted colors,
splendid value at $3.49
Blue Ribbon
It is made from
Money back if not satisfactory.
Our Turkey Red
Is as good as any eastern milled hardwheat flour.
Also guaranteed.
Corn in ear $1.25 per sack
Bran 75 per sack
Shorts 1.20 per sack
Millfeed 1.10 per sack
Dried Beet Pulp (good for milk cows) 1.50 per sack
Also oats, wheat and barley.
Pendleton Roller Mills
Telephone 47.
i Two Peel of Snow at I klah
H. M. Culter, proprietor of Hida
way Springs, was an overnisrht visit
I or In Femileton yesterday. He repot ts
I two feet of snow at I'kiah and nil
place, but that the weather there has
, not been as cold as here, the coldest
! being but five below.
, t hief Makts First rrost.
I Chief of Police Tom B. Uurdane
j made his first arrest yesterday since
his appointment when he took into
custody Jack Martland on a charge
of vagrancy. Martland and another
) "vug" will be tried this afternoon In
! polio eourt.
JackntbbM lnwulcs Northstdo.
A lonesome, lnngleggcd Jackrabhlt.
lost in the snow, wandered Into Pen
dleton shortly before noon today and
was spied heeling it down Jackson
street by the Lincoln school pupils
when tho were dismissed. They set
out in pursuit and. unable to get up
his full speed in the snow, the denizen
of the sagebrush narrowly escaped j
capture several times. Finally hs
turned up Madison street and gallop
ed over the hill.
Mrs Kate Richard O'Hare, noted.)
suffragist and social worker of Kan-3
sns City, Kansas, has thrown her hat IS
Into the ring as a candidal for thejS
vice presidency.
In 1910 Mrs. O'Hara accepted the
socialist nomination few congress In II
t.ie socvond Kansas district. She wasjS
a delegate to the International So- I
cialist bureau of Europe in ISM Mrs. I
O'Hare is quoted saying she thoughts
"President Wilson the most honest,
politician since Lincoln's time "
I9 Rlack sateen petti
coats at 49?
09? Mercerised sateen
petticoats, bias corded
98t Mercerized sateen
and Heatherbloom, black
and colors 98i
49 Knit petticoats, as
sorted colors 4f9f
69 Knit petticoats,, as
sorted colors J9
$1.49 Wool knit, heavy
weight, just the thing
for cold weather . $1.49
NOTE Our window will give you an idea, but see our
entire line in the store for Golden Rule Values.
Dies at State Hospital.
William Springer. 48 years old and
who lived in Pendleton some years
ago, died Monday at the Eastern Ore
gon State Hospital. The funeral will
be held tomorrow at 2 p. m at the
Folsom chapeJ.
i Heating Plant Bursted.
I Earl Sawyer has opened his Main
1 street barber shop again after having
I hfen compelled to shut down for near
, ly two days owing to a damaged
heating plant. The colls in his heat-
er bursted Sunday night after freez-
ing and the damage was not repaired
I until yesterday afternoon.
Sues to Correct Title.
Alleging that in 1902 he purchased
9 1-2 acres of land from Maggie an I
Jack Arlington and secured a deed
in which there is a misdescription,
Wesley W, Harrah has brought suit
against them to secure a correction
of the deed. Carter & Smythe are his other blow it penetrated the left lobe
Bert Johnson, alleged assailant of
Kay Hicks, the express messenger
who was stabbed yesterday afternoon,
has not yet been apprehended by the
officers. He is said to have escaped
from the city but to have telephoned
In last evening to friends.
Hicks Is still at St. Anthony's hnp
pital and Is being attended today by
his mother who arrived on the morn,
ing train from Pasco. His condition
Is not considered serious at this time
but the doctors state that it is Impos
sible Just yet to tell what the devel
opments will be. He was stahbed
twice, once over the hpart and once
in the left side. The lower wounl
ia the worse inasmuch as the knife
was turned aside by a rib when the
upper wound was inflicted. At the
Slavs Deny That
Offensive Halts
in the Caucasus
announced. It Is claimed, the Turkish
reinforcements have repulsed the ene
my with heavy losses. The genera
situation Is favorable, despite an eight
day offensive by superior forces.
with BIG !sj:s
Father I'olltlelan: son runner.
! ALBANY. X. Y., Jan. 10. Although
I William Hames who sued Koosevelt
PETROQRAD, Jan. II. An offl
rial denial that the Russians were de
feated In the Caucasus. Persia, was
made today. Contrary to reports the
new offensive on both fronts is de
veloping favorably. Suffering only
small loesei the nilSSlSlH have made
heavy captures and annihilated whole
The Russian offensive
casus has been halted.
Jan. 19.
in the Cau
it is officially
Dr. Thos. C. Ohmart I
Announces His Return
Still Friable to Work.
Jake Boziker. head butcher for the
Pendleton Meat Co . who severely cut
his hand several weeks ago. is still
unable to work. He was forced to go
to the hospital recently for an op
eration necessitated by the dlscoverv
that some of the tendons of the hand
bad ben cut.
and is now practicing at the usual location, 743
5 St., over the Hub, Pendleton, Ore.
I Phone 507
2 Var-FIre at Church.
5 ' The Methodist church cai
Main I having a fir yesterday. As!
H the furnace had been dumpei
I asement next to some wood
Wood had caught fire when
B near I
s from !
in the
nd the 1
of the lung.
Something of the cause of the affair
has been learned by the officers.
Hicks himself told them of meeting
Johnson and the latter's uncle
Charles Marshal, on the street and
of having been Invited down to the
Oregon Feed Yard to settle a differ
ence with flats. He accepted, he says,
and was Just taking off his coat when
Johnson struck him in the eye with
his fist. He returned the blow and
was then struck twice with the knife.
The difference between them Is siid
to have arisen over a young woman
IUvnsed Chiropractor
Temporarily located
Dr. I. V. Temple,
Temple Hldg.
I 'horn 190
for libel, long has played a big hand
in the polities! game, he keeps the
cards high out of the reach of his
son. ThOT low Weed Barnes, 2d. The
Junior Barnes Is 28, and one of the
state's most successful scientific far
mers, He owns and manages "Maple
Manor" dairy fan" M Mtnervllle,
near here.
The development of mines discover,
ed a few years ago hits given Tunis
second rank to the United States fur
the production of phosphate
Expert repairing r
of Watches
and Jewelry.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Wm. Hanscom
THE Jeweler.
If you cannot easily read the
fine print below with each eye
seperately when held at 14
Cation About Use and Selections ot Spectacles
"t.rMM hariaa ....... i .mm .ill aa aMa la iwJ uua IMi at
itt'Mtn a I iv-Kd liw ay, with mm 4 i ' i
Will M aU. ' TMl It WltH Mrh . . . IMMIll) It MM U M M
j.nr ryn mi 4frti,. M4 I h...niM.lilaiiMIM WW.
IM rjm Me. 11... 1 F'-n rvadlng .m m if iWlni low,
UarrW M run UfriMr, ,i ., a ia4hMimi thai flMMa at
ai ill I Ta Imh. auk iMhachMafMM ar. f wiaa)aiMai,
aaaj Kara iMBtrfrctt. famad Mrfaawa Caattia mm aflfcaa.
p -,r, Umm will raawli la axaWU't ia)a, feaa im iwaliai atraW
94m ua aiMtka if KCaatMadalaan la wfal) Jalafll g ftajw 1
If your vision does not meet
the above requirement there is
some defect that should have
immediate attention. If you
are wearing glasses, make the
test with them on. ,
Optical Specialist
American Nat. Bank Bldg.
Phone 609.
O'Connell, electrician who happened
to be working in the basement, smell,
ed the smoke and discovered the fire.
with whom Hicks has been keeping
company for several years. This
young woman is an aunt of Johnson, i
it is said, and he resented the atten
tions paid her by Hicks.
Fine Watch Repairing
by an Expert
Royal M. Sawtelle
Jeweler since 1867
Agency Teacher III.
Miss Lajetta Kummell. teacher of
the advanced grades at the Umatilla
aeency, and Miss Jean Darmoudy.
primary teacher, are both unable to
teach on account of Illness. The for
mer Is o,ulte seriously 111 with pneu
monia and the latter is suffering
from lagrlppe but is recovering rapidly.
A i. kins for a Parole.
Ben F. Keith, former O.-W, R &:
N agent at Olbbon who was Indicted
last week on a charge of larceny by
baileav and who entered a plea Ol
guilty Saturday, was sentenced byt
Judge Phelps to the penitentiary
from one to ten years and lmmedi-i
ately applied for a parole. Judg
Phelps has the application under eon
i Alx'rdeen Offer rl-- llant Sites
ABERDEEN, Wash., Jan. 19. Free
! factory sites are being offered by j
; Mrs. Jean B. Stewart, pioneer Aber.
; deen woman and owner of extensive I
property. These are on the Upper !
Wishkah river, about a mile and a
hall from where it flows Into the I
Chehalls. Her son, A. J Stewart, saysj
he has assurance that a railroad will,
build a spur track to this site, pro
vided some industry ! ates there.
Mrs. Barbour Dies of
Pleural Pneumonia
m i it ; op &OENO i.kisk is
Ilr-t Baas shipment Tomes.
The first package of booze shi.i
pad into Pendleton since the prohi
bition law went Into effect arrived
yeftefday through the American Kx-
pp.t QaS, and delivered to. well
lis only charity not to mention name",
en if there is some distinc
tion in being the first The shlpm mt
rontaiSjed the full two quarts of 11
onor allowed to one person In a
It Mow last Night.
I.ast night old Jack Frost showed
coate-baok proclivities and sent the
rni ri ury scooting downward with his
ley breath The official thermometer
registered a minimum of 15 below
during the early hours of the morn
ing but during the dsy there has been
Heatly rise At 10:30 It was four
at, me zero and this afternoon moiinl
td I bOUt the same heighth as yester
day. More pipes bursted this morn
A victim of pleural pneumonia.
Mrs. Alvln Harbour, wife of the clerk
at the Umatilla rettervatlon agem .
died last evening at :0 after an Ill
ness of only a week. .-,he took a cold
a week ago and. though forced to re
main In bed, was run considered In
a serious condition until yesterday
when she began slnkli rapidly.
lieieas. ii was 67 ye rs old. having
'.in bora In ItOfteyub Falls, IN". V- j
In ilfli She came to ''matllla conn-
tj In the summer of with her
husband when he was .pointed rlern
at the agency. Her husband and her
daughter. Miss Harriet! Harbour, v.hoj
is also employed at the agency. weru
with her at the time ol death. Two,
sons also survive her, ,lvln Ernes', oil
i'Ii' ago and Ralph Morton of Jack-
sonvllle, Fla The foi mer wired lust1
nm-ht that he and his wife would Hr-1
rive here Saturday noon. The funer-i
a will be held In thi- city ptflfcaMy
Saturday afternoon or Sunday.
KaSftrflS MiW
More than One Million now in use
500,000 more are to be sold this year No
other motor car in the entire world has
such a wonderful record for service This
year's lowered prices mean the same Ford
car of quality and reliability for less money
that's all.
The Runabout is $442.45
Touring Car $492.45
F. O. B. Pendleton
Round-Up City Auto Co.
812 Garden street
Oils, Gas and Accessories
Phone 651