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Alexander's Grocery I
Pendleton's Biggest and Best Department Store J
Dressed Chickens for Saturday s Trade j
HE gift de-luxe
for A MAN
can best be obtained at this big
store, catering as we do to the
men who are particular of their
attire and demand the absolute
correct in style and the great
est value for the price.
It is impossible to select fur
nishings and haberdashery
here but what will please
Bond Bros.
Pendleton 'i Leading Clothien
New-Way Wonder
for Corns, "6ets-lt"
I he Big Surprise for Corn Owner.
It's Sure, Simple, Safe, Quick.
Listen to tlii" wee story of "Cell It." tbe
wnrld'i greatest corn reined; If snort
mrr,- uoly about two feet, "Mary had a
little (leu It,' anil corns upoii Uer toe; and
an i time she put ou 'Ueta It,' the corn
top Miner? and Embarrassment Ltkl
This With simple, Eauy "(ieH-lt."
ii tin Mire to go." Mary, like thoiiaumta Oft I
otherr, uaed to be a heroine, suffering t
martyrdom, using painful bandages, Irrl-
tstlsg Mites, Micky tape, toe harneaaea,
IiIihkI bringing raiora and aclaiora I Hbe .
say now there'a no aenae In It. Use "Oeta-)
It.' applied In 2 aeconda Kaaj, simple,
acta way Just palnleaa roDiroou aenae M
Millions are doing It. Never falla. You
i an wear amaller ahoea now. You don't i
bare to limp around any more, or walk
M the aide of your ahoea to try to net '
n way from your corna ! You know for aure !
' ' r. you uae "lleta It" that the corn or I
alius la going away. For corna. calluses,
narta and bunlona.
Ueta It" la aold by all drugslsta Uc a
tiotite. or aent dire t ny r. Lawrence a i o .
I'hlraro Sold In I'endleton and rerom
mended aa the world'i beat corn remedy by
tvndleton lirug Co, and K. J. Donaldson.
Prevents roughness during
the summer
A superior vanishing skin
tone soon absorbed.
Price SO cents
The Drug Store That
Serves You Best
First National Bank
Known For
TAt'OMA. Waah.. Dec. 10. More
amazing (Ictiilla of the activities of
war spies, in Tacoma came to ligl 1
when M J Malloy, a resident of
Puyallup, Wash., told rirltlsh COttStl
lur officiala In Tacoma that ho had
been In direct communication Aitli
fount von Heinstorff, Captain Hoy
ed, military attache. Von Papon.
Lieutenant Pohert Pay. also Known
as Scholtz and "Captain" ;harlcg C
Conferences between Mr. Malluy
.ind "Lieutenant " Smith. "Captain"
Crowls) and Lieutenant Fay were
held In Puyallup early In May, Mr
Malloy told the British officers. A4
that time. Mr. Malloy declares. Smith
Pay and Crowley-represented them
selves as British army officers, .seek
ing; to purchase from him a self
propelled mlssle that Tie hud Invent
ed to lie used expl'ssly to destroy
As a result of these conferee es
and written communications witil
Herman military attaches. Mr. Mal
loy declares he has received anony
mous letters instructing him in
"leave the country Immediately."
Mr Malloy declares if called upon
hy United States officials, he 10 dis
close the correspondent e that passid
betWOM him and the (iermnn mili
tary attaches.
Palling Tree Kills Man.
WALLA WALLA, Wash.. Dec. .
Henry S'lPP, (9, unmarried, was kill
ed during a violent Wind storm b a
falling tree while he was driving a
disc harrow In the fields. His place
ia in the VaUes Chapel vlelnlty, near
Hudson Hay.
He was passing beneath a dead
tn-e just as an unusuully violent gust
of wind toppled. It over. His neck
whs broken and his chest crushed,
iii .itli Mas instantaneous.
There Is only one medicine thai
really stands out pre-eminent as a
tcmcdy for diseases of the kidneys,
liver and bladder
lr. Kilmer's Swamp-Koot stands
the highest for the reason that It has
proven to be Just the remedy needed
In thousands of even the most dis
tressing cases Mwamp-Kxot. a phy
sician's prescription for special dis
eases, makes friends quickly be
cause its mild and Immediate effect
1 soon reallted In most cases. It Is
a gentle, healing vegetable compound
Start treatment at once. Sold at
all drug stores In botUes of two sizes
-fifty cents and one dollar.
However, If you wish first to test
this great preparation send ten cents
to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Blnghamton, N
Y.. for a sample botle. When writing
be sure and mention the Pendleton
Dally Bast Oregonlan.
It's Strength
Work Begin on New Concrete side
walk Echo MM n Attends Wood
man Banquet at If ndleum Mrs.
Klohard, Visit Htanflcld R. i;.
Lewis Goes to Portland.
(Special Correspondence.)
ECHO, Ore., Dec. 10 The parent
teachers' meeting was held at the
high school auditorium on Wednes
day night. There wag a good attend
ance and an Interesting program
Work has liegun on the new con
crete sidewalk on iluekley which was
lately ordered by the city council, i
A, O. Carden went up to Pendleton.
Wednesday evening on business per-1
luiulug to the wootman lodge. He
remained over for the banquet and j
entertainment given by that order j
last night.
Mr and Mis. Prank Brundagcr
have returned from Gooding, Idaho,
where the) passed lb summer.
JaMM McLaughlin ami It. K.
Mudgc. both telegraphers at Huron,
Ore., spent Sunday here visiting with J
friends and relatives.
Mrs. Thomas Itlchards spent yes
terday In Stanlield having gone down
to intend the bazaar given by the lu
dies of the Presbyterian church of
Ed .Messenger of Pittsburg Land
ing, Idaho, spent Wednesday hero
while "on his way home from an ex-
tended visit with his mother at Ho 1
! River, ore.
I John i'lagman who with his family
'spent the past summer and fall hero
' has returned to their home at Se
! t tile Mrs. I'lagman and children
will follow in a short time.
it H. Iwis left Thursday motr.
I lug tor Portland. He says he may
j spend the winter In California.
' Mrs. Almlra Shaw arrived here
Wednesday morning from Union.
. Ore She Intends to spend the winter
here With her mother nnd sister. Mr--.
, Mini A EMTker ami Miss Beulah E.
I Marker.
w it UPON pain:
Pain is a visitor to every home and
usually it i omes guile unexpectedly
Hut rou re prepared for every em
ergency If you keep a small bottle of
Sloan's Liniment handy It Is the
greatest pain killer ever discovered.
Simply laid on the skin no rubbing
required It drives the pain away. It
la really wonderful.
Mervln H. Bolster, Berkeley. Cal..
writes: 'Last Saturday, after tramp
ing around the Panama exposition
with wet feet, 1 came home with my
neck -" atll'f that 1 couldn't turn. 1
applied Sloans Liniment freely nnd
went to bed. To my surprise, next
morning the stiffness had almost dis
appeared, four hours after the second
application I was as good as new,''
March. 1915 At Druggists, 25c--Adv.
I WASHINGTON. Dec. 10. Ellsio
ArredoniU, has been named Mexican
ambassador to the i'nlted States.
Announcement of Ihe appointment I
was made here by Secrctar of Stato
Information of Arrendond
lectio was Wired to the state depart-i 'l
meat by Bpecial Agent Belt at Salt-IP'r steamahlp registering 1000 tons o
vlle December 1.
Appointment of the I'nlted States!
ambassador to Mexico Is expected tnMAY rHII.DKF.N HAVE WORMS
follow soon Henry H. Fletcher. Worms are a common childhood
minister to chile is believed to have I ailment They make children irrita
an Inside track on the appointment. ; hie, nervous and restless, besides rob
although former Governor Folk ofihlng the body and mind of proper
Missouri has been prominently men-! nourishment. Watch your child
Britain Recognises carraiua,
LONDON. Dec. 10 Announce
i ment that the 1'arrnnia government
in Mexico had been recognized by
Great Britain was amade here.
IJeutenant Oak lleslgas.
MARE ISLAND, Cal, Oec. 8.
Lieutenant E C Oak, T'. S. N.i former
senior officer of the cruiser San Di
ego, has been allowed by the secre
tary of the navy to resign. His ac-
luiltal of a charge or negllgenqe byjpUget Sound salmon fishing bltslnasl
a court martial led to criticism o! wm tM, )Ui, llp 0J. Importation ot
the court martial by Daniels. He is 1
now with the transport Ttuffalo
final pM-al for Revi-nlt-.
LONDON. Dec. 8 Lord Derby is
sued a final appeal for recruits, call
ing every eligible man between the ear.
ages of 9 land 40 to express openly I This will result in nearly doubling
a willingness to serve their country In' ihe work of the Pugel Sound hatch
the field. I eries which themselves take from
i.u.utiu.tiuil to 60.000,000 eggs a year.
I The Puget Sound saimon run this
A Simple Aid
to Good Health
W. A. lteese. Ie ljucen, Ark., writes:
"For fhS past yeat constipation has
bothered mo very ntiicli. but 1 rtnd
Foley Cathartic Tablets are better
than anything I have ever used and
their action is pet feet. Not a gripe
In a bottle and I will never be with
out tbem."
Constipntlon Is becoming one of tbe
curses of our pesssnl day civilization,
and Is especially hard on those not
physically active. With Foley cath
artic Toiilets on hand you can keep
your stomach swci t. liver active and
bowels regulnr. Tou can avoid the
congested condition that causes lck
headache, biliousness, nms. a, torpid
liver ami bloating gases They cleans
thoroughly snd are tnitil Im .i t!on.
with no nausea and no costive after
effects that make so many cathar
tics undesirable to tak". Tney sra a
SOU res of comfort to stout people who
enjoy the light free feeling resulting
Iron their use.
Sold Everywhere.
New Methods Will lie set Portli at La
Grande O. A. C. Instructor Will
Also Attend the Gathering Every
Itoad Official In This Section to be
1 rged to Attend.
All the county road supervisors ol
eastern Oregon from sage brush and
mountain districts alike, are asked to
meet In La Grande February 2. 3, 4,
when i'nlted States government road
experts will be on hand to teach them
advanced methods of road building
and road repair, according to an
nouncements made by Prof. Hetzel
who has In charge the details of the
Farm and Home Makers week which
O. A. C. will conduct in La Grande
early In February Mr. Hetzel an
nounces that two government road
and rural engineers will be here in
addition to Prof. Skelton of n A. C,
The college authorities and the La
Orande Commercial club has taken
the matter up with County Judge Phy
as to the most feasible way to invite
the supervisors from eastern Oregon.
Much stress will be laid on generous
attendance, and It will not he sur
prising to see Union, Wallowa. Uma
tilla, Halter. Morrow and several other
eastern Oregon Counties well repre
sented by both county judges and su
pervisors. Catarrh Is an excessive .excretion,
accompanied with chronic inflamma
tion, from the mucous membrane
Hood's Sarsaparllla acts on the mu
cous membrane through the blood,
reduces inflammation, established
healthy action, and radically cures
all cases of catarrh. Adv.
hikes TXi'iM i) run smhi.ooo.
t hit-ago ".windier (,ct Itlg Sum From
CHICAOOi Dee. I, HOW Chicago
swindlers separated W. K. Stinnell of
Newport Xews. Va.. from 166. '"in by
the simple expedient of the wire-tapping
game has become known. The
lederal bureau of Investigation is hoi
after the man who la said to operate
the swindle.
The swindle was directed, it Is be
lieved. b the same gang which took
110,104 from the late Dr. William T.
Kirliy. banker, and wrecked his South
Side bank.
The Stinnell swindle occurred in
Springfield last June, but was kept
sirret until today while government
nnd prlvule secret service men have
wiirked on the case.
Stinnell. returning from the west,
paid his "losses" with three checks
aggregating lt,S00 and three promis
sory notes for tlfP remaining $34,000
These were made out to S. H. Lam'
Pert, who cashed the checks at the
Central Trust t'ompani in Chicago.
Henri Cfcsbaugh has charge of the
case for the government and Iiw
tence Kltchle. a private detective. Is
working In the Virginian's personal
interest. Just how far the investiga
tion has progressed could not be
sank Tmk Destroyer,
LONDON, Dec. 9. A Turkish de
stroyer has been torpedoed ill tha
Marmora sea by a British submarine,
according to an announcement by the
BHiSh admiral! i here. No details
I were Included in the announcement.
Examine the stools and at first signs
of worms give your child a treatment
of Klckapoo Worm Killer. They
kill the worms act as a laxative and
expel the worms and poisonous waste
Tone the system and help resore your
child's health and happy disposition
Only 25c at your druggists Adv.
Paget Sound Kp1 to Place 8V
000.000 Next Veer,
OLTMPIA. Wash.. Dec. 9 The
eggs from the Columbia river and
Grays Harbor hatcheries, State Fish
Commissioner I, H. Darwin predict
ing today that 35.000.OUU eggs will
be taken from these sources to I'ugot
Sound hatcheries within the coming
eat was little more than 30 per
eht of normal for an "off year.''
Mrs, shi ah A .leffrlis. of Newport.
VMM on Her Birthday.
NEWPORT. Ore., Dec 9. Mrs
Surah A. Jeffries, of this city, cele
braleil her 88th birthday by walking
to the polls and voting in the city
Mrs Jeffries Is nn Oregon pioneer
of '.'.:' and Is the oldest pioneer rest
cent of the Yaquina valley, near
was married to Oliver Jeffries and
they moved to Yomallu valley, near
Drain, where they lived for lv
The husband, both sons and one
daughter have since iiled but Grand
KM Jeffries Is still hale and heart
E cry nice day she may be seen
walking from town out to the old
home place and back without assist,
unco She has made her own garden.
Oregon Cream Cheese, lb 25?
Wisconsin Brick Cheese, lb 30f
Limburgher Cheese, lb 30
Swiss Cheese, nice and fresh, lb. 45?
Pimento Cheese, per package. .. 15?
Bluehill Green Chili Cheese, pkg. 15
McClaren's Rocquefort, per jar. 30?
Imported Edam Cheese, each $ 1.00
W1 T r L..I1- - .14
i.arge yueen in ouik, pun
Large Queen in bulk, quart
Make this store your Holiday
of the grea'est moral lessons
father and daughter shmil d
W hat the press agents say
about Pendleton's pres
ent and coming
It was not Mary Ann's fault Ihai
i she, had been led astray from "Ihe
! straight and Harrow path. True,
she had answered the lure of Lon
I don Town, but then her mother was
I tc blame; she let her go with the
! curse of sex ignorance dogging her
I footsteps. Advanced education now
dares every mother who believ.s
I In allowing her daughter to grow to
' i. omanhood with the "Stork fairy
tale" endanger her purity In "The
I Llindness of Virtue." which will be
I shown here as i six reel BssSOAy
feature In the Pastime theater on
Sunday with Kdna Mayo and Bryant
W'SJhbUrQ in the leading roles, moth
ers will see Just why this belief Is
ill Khn.i v 11 s ELOPEMENT. I
Nephew of t aldnt OfftoSSI l ake.
OUAOgO ,lii aii it- as Bride.
11EKKELEY. Cal, He.. St. Stuart
T. Iine. son of Dr. Frederick W '
LahS, and a nephew Ot Fr.ink!tn K. i
Lane, secretary' of the Interior, and
Miss Florence 1 Klrchen. a Junior inj
the college of letters and science at
the university, stole away to Martinet i
and were married by Justice Ol the I
Peace Hayden.
Ijxiw graduated with the cl is-
liHo and expects, he says, to embark I
in business in San Francisco. His
bride is the daughter of John li
Kirchen. a mining man in Totiopali.
and .. meiulier 01 the Alpha Phi so-
OKVICEH Ml si Ki -o
Tacoaaa Mtertlve I without Paj
l mil He JuiU But.
TACOMA, Wash.. Dec. 9. -C'ty th
tective llecob has been placed with
out pay on the case of capturing his
'flHffBK ISKsm sieisr j aa I
ever taught young glrlls. Every
see it. Pastime. Sunday and Mon-
son. He has the alternative of bring-,
ing his sun to face a possible term,
in the penitentiary', if found guilty, or!
riving up his place.
Recob was suspended on the alle-1
gations that he had allowed his son '
I to escape from home when other de-
tectlves w ere sent to arrest the young '
i tmin on charges that he had made
a criminal attack on a 14-year-old,
i girl Tiro other young men were nr-l
Villa Threatens Mexico.
DOUOLA8, Dec, 8 General Fran
cisco Villa has posted printed proc
lamations warning all Americans to
leave Mexico under penalty of being
shot, according to E. V. Whitefield. ,
an American, who arrived here from I
his ranch at Bacereachi. Sonora
You Have Catarrh
Reed This
The pleasantest. most convenient
and most scientific method for the
treatment Ol catarrh Is Hyomel
Simply put a few drop of Hyomel in
the inhaler that comes with every
complete package and then breathe
'Is air for a few minute, four times
a day.
It seems remarkable that so sim
ple i Sra) ot treating catarrh will ef
fect such quick relief, but the most
important discoveries of science hae
always been the simplest. By
breathing Hyomel In this way ever)
particle of air that enters the air
passages of the throat and head and
goes Into the lungs ia charged with
a healing balsam that kills the
geniat and bacilli of catarrh and
soothes and allays all irritation
The first day's use of Hyomet will
show an Improvement and In a shi.it
time there should be no further trou
ble from catarrh its action is rapid
and lasting
Y hi take no risk tn buying Hyo
mel. A complete outfit Is inexpi n
sive but if after using you can say
that It has not helped you Tultman
t Co. will return your money. What
other treatment for catarrh Is solid
under a guarantee like this?
Ripe Olives, per quart 50c
Ripe Olives in cans, each 15f 25
Old Fashioned Salt Brine Pickles,
per quart .... 25
Dills, per dozen 20c
Heinz Sweet Mixed, per quart .... 45
Heinz Sweet Midgets, per quart 45
Columbia Pork Sausage, per 1 lb.
carton 30
Extra Fancy Dry Pack Sauer
Kraut, per quart 12 Vj
Don't stay stuffed-up!
Quit blowing and snuffling: A
dose of "Pape's Cold Compound"
taken every' two hours until threo
doses are taken will end grippe mis
ery and break up a severe cold either
in the head, cheat, body or limbs
It promptly opens clogged-up nos
trils and air passages: stop nasty dis
charge or nose running; relieves sick
headache, dullness, feverlshnese. soro
throat, sneezing, soreness and stiff
ness "Pape's Cold Compound" Is the
quickest, surest relief known and
costs only 25 cents at drug stores. It
acts without assistance, tastes nice,
and causes no Inconvenience Don't
accept a substitute.
mission Marshall has been a mem
ber of the commission since Its Incep
tion. He was appointed by Governor
West November 5. 1913 In an-
nouncing the appointment Governor
I Withycombe said:
"I am reappointing Mr Marshall
liecause there seems to be general
satisfaction with his administration.
My only desire Is to see the commis
sion's work well done. Merit la the
only consideration In the appoint
ment." t
Don't suffer! Got a dime pack
of Dr. James' Headache
Ton can clear your head and relieve
a dull, splitting or violent throbbing
headache in a moment with a Dr.
James' Headache Powder. This old
time headache relief acts almost magi
cally. Send some one to the drug store
now for a dime package and a few mo
ments after you take a powder you
will wonder what became of the hesd
ache. neuralgia and pain. Stop suffer
ingit's needless. Be sure you get whal
you ask for.
Over Taylor's Hdw. Store.
Pendleton, Oregon.
Hong Kong Cafe
M noodle raMAM
Chop Suey
netslde Tray Order a specUlt
Boxes for ladles and gswtlslsti
MKtUi lie H OP
Special - Chicken Dinner
548 Main Street
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