East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, September 13, 1915, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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    r a n r: four
1 . : v. i 'i the i!i
, ; -.'V -
for 'ihl '
1 :..n. I
11V1 Ulil.
;o country
::'.X to t'orn:
law for us
HH! 1. Ml DIMS
r y S' nil
S I I I I..
ai I'm
hjmr 1 i l"r A.itt'. n
::eront ..; ".
that it w ill be
.;!ate a laml-
tho country which will be en-; .,)
tiveiy sati.-factory to all SCC-j
lions and at the same time ad
mit of reasonably prompt ac
tion on applications for loans.
oilil H liT'l'S
S I'.. I . r:
a ..k iV . r.'rtinnJ.
(i KM.K AT
CM. to I-'i r n S,vuu
Mill ir.,!, X. Y.
1. tour
is probable that the next
ion of congress will see ad
i.T.al bills on this subject in
Juced and that effort vil'
r.-.aJe to enact comprehen-
:n covering
net of farm loan.
V! l ioS KTKS
pn. nr ir. by mill
Iti'y. i wml"", ty mm I
ii:t. tl!-M tn.iTitlit. by mull........
Ittilt, nt m-nii.. t'T ni'i
It)!:?, mie yi-ar hr flrrlT
IttliT rt m.mih. Iit rarrifr
I!!? thr al mils,' tT rarMer
Osllv r.nr month. n orrlr
m! Wwfc !t. on Trar ty mall
toal wiV. u mnntliK. bT mall....
MDHIrri:!, ! ur moDttia. by mall...
It is
. i
Important that the settlers on:
imxi reclamation projects do what'
2 they can to acquaint their;
! '.mi v.Vr.-x.irtatives in congress of;
what is necessary in ims con
nection for the good of the pro
jects that the representatives
rnay see that the reclamation
projects receive consideration
in connection with any farm
loan legislation enacted.
Tin: symphony of hit:,
Life Is n wi.tuiruis symi'hiny:
lis theme 15 ''Mind an.! He.irt
O'tl. the croai M-isic M
Ai il goes ii.h m.in his part
:ne J la y the par's ass.gne,!
them well.
True to the Master- will:
S.ime full to compreheni their
And. biur.derir.g. ptty them i'.l;
Put. in so vast an orchestra.
As is th;s world of men.
Twere trar.ge indeed did V
not hear
Some discords now and then;
Charles W. Habner.u
HE increasing waste of
American vitality and of:
life from the degenera-i
tive diseases among wage-earn-j
ers and other classes is rapid-1
ly reaching the magnitude of i
a national menace. I
Warships, forts, guns, mu
nitions of national defense an.
now topics of serious public j
concern and very properly!
so. I
But how about the Ameri-i
,v . " " 5 !.4
sjilira. tlon of Slortgnge. ,
V mortcajje executed by Sadie and
15. Waller to James A. Fee, trus-
, Io. 11, 1912, is satisfied. " j
A mortgage executed hy A. O. Ha
r.ey to Jame A. Kee, trustee, July 2,
1315. ts satisfied. j
A mortgage executed by Julius La
Course to L. L. Rogers January 2S,
1SU for J300, is satisfied. i
Zumwalt to Watts & Rogers. August
15. 19H, for J573, is assigned to the
Wallowa Nat. !ank. 5
Ora Holilman to Klizabeth Stamper
5367. it id ai res in sec. 33, T. 5 N.,
U. 31 i:. W. M.
Julius I.a Course to L. L. Rogers.
J3500. The SV 1-4 of SW 1-4 of sec.
I, T. N., R. 34 E.. W, M.
Ida 1. stout et ux to Marvin L.
. mortgage executed by Julius I.a Sirout, Jsort. a tract of land in sec.
Course to L, L. Roger, March 31. 2, T. 2 X., R. 30. E., W. M. E
1915, for $150. Is satisfied. I'nt.nt.
A mortgage executed by F. M. Col- Ceo. D. Illlyard, 86.55 acres, title
l'ns to Mary J. Xorvell. January 13. ,i,.scri.!lve.
I The heirs of Burton Strout, 318 18
I in res in sec. 2, T. 2 N., U. 30 E., W. E
H. O. M. ;
19H, for $325. Is satisfied.
Assignment of Mortgag
A mortgage executed by
Chopped Hay a Success The Mc
S8 Acres; 3800 Bushels) One of the
record grain yields of the season Is
reported by Jay H. Dobbin. On 38
acres of his farm, just east of his
borne, he raised 3800 bushels of grain.
It was sowed to oats but a very small
mixture nf liarlev mt in an lr nnh.
Naught contract for the Shipment Of' hin n, nnl feel thnt h. n onll It
fOO tons of chopped alfalfa hay ls( n straislU yield of 100 bushels to the
working out very successfully, accord-; iu.re ot oats. Enterprise Record
ing to C. N. McXaught, who is in ac- j chieftain,
tive charge. Other orders are being
negotiated and there now seems no , .. . ... .,,.. '
,-,, k... .1. . .v ,, Oats Seven IVet HlRli 11. p. Kram-
questlon but that the entire Maxwel ,, . . . , . .
j t v-.... w .1. . , lic'h was showing a sheaf of outs yes-
and McNaught hay that is sold will:, .. ,k, ..,' .
v, i: a .1. . terday that was as fine as one ever
be disposed of in this way. Arrange- , , ,
A roadster designed to lie all that a
minister should be.
A car capable of carrying two peo
ple In continuous comfort
You can see better than we can tell,
how beautiful It Is.
Modeled In clay, when It win first
conceived. It was re-modeled, again
and again, till the last harsh lino
was eliminated.
The body la built of steel, with the
usuul useless framework entirely
As a result there is extraordinary
storage space at the rear more
than sufficient for all the luggage
two might take on a long tour.
A light car, with all the advantages
which that lightness adds to the
powerful mulor but a stout,
staunch, strong car, and a steady
one as well.
ments may
other hay that is sold will be handled
in the same manner. Hermiston Herald.
thony J. Drexel Biddle and the di
rectors of the Drexel-buldle classes
per. The grain, stood a full seven
feet high. Mr. Kamlich had 20 acres
of these oats on his ranch at the
i Ruttes. It was so high that any man
I would disappear from sight as soon
Another Car of Horses Walter as he had stepped Into the field. The
Ringham shipped a car of horses on sheaves after being cut by the binder
Monday for the British army. This were higher than Mr. Kamlich and
makes six cars, or 132 horses, that he were so heavy that It was & hard mat-
j Pendleton Auto Company
HOW long Can the of which there are 80.000 members has EhPPed from pllot Rc he, ter to handle them. Six foot oats are
can men
republic endure with the phy- " thirty state In the union, are pre
sical fitness of its detenaers, ;t;--ji; ;r
steadily declining? jtrain them.
How long can we hope sue- The Mea accorJing t0 Mr. Biddie,
CeSSfuliV to maintain our tU-i father of the movement, ts to form
ITH the subject Of rural ture Struggles Of both peace a military organization for peace
credits a very lively and war with the proportion; fw rathtr than tor Tar
topic these days an ar- of inactive, flabby-muscled, i W.T?J!!?" f h.n.fL-p Sf
tide in the Reclamation Record low-powered Americans con-j,'ne blWe claW! are conducted,
for September is worth read- stantly increasing? j -We the undersigned are American
ing. It is by I. D. O'Donnell, : In three decades the death j citizens, we promise our God to
supervisor of irrigation and in rate has increased nearlv 1 00 j protect the flag and the honor of the
full is as follows: per cent from the breaking! ' America with our
v,A wdHof vhC se'e"1 down or wearing oat of the j More than ;ooo signatures have
bills which have been submit- heart, arteries and kidneys (in-!a;ready been obtained by Mr. Biddie
ted for consideration by con- eluding apoplexy.) land he said that fuiiy 10.000 more
press on the subject of farm we lose about 400,000 Am-;"e in the hands of other directors.
loans snoTs tr.at at least two encans annually from these
of such bills propose something degenerative diseases,
definite in the way of farm in 0Tie decade (1900-1910)
loins which may, if adopted this increase .in the registra-
work out satinactordy.
wants to get this week. The horses see them go to seven.
hA la pattlnar iorA aro nf oTrellrtnt
quality and have no difficulty in pass
ing the tests put by the British offi
cers at Denver. Pilot Rock Record.
More than 24,500.000 aires of land
are devoted to cotton growing In
British India.
These tills propose the for-
knowingly. They are unin
formed, unwarned. How
.... 1 IT -a-illlUCU 1UI1KCI tail unuoi.ui. vjj
- iV"s". :r ' and the state continue to ig-
22SO acres near the Blue Mountain Forest Reserve; allott
ment for two bands of srleep. Water piped Into a two story
7 room house. Fine spring close to two barns, good family
orchard. Stream runs through premises. 80 acres toovtom
land, together with tillable bench land, produces sufficient
feed for stock In winter. This ranch Is adapted to any kind
of stock. 64 tons of hay goes with this ranch at J10 per
acre. Easy terms. If not sold in September, It Is off the
E. T. WADE, Pendleton, Ore.
; nore this excessive drain upon
j national vitality? i
Jrsf National Dank
Known For It's Strength
sisticn of land-mortgage asso- widely separated large citie
r-'sr-'r-a wVvh &'iations frnm Oft trt nor rpnt
mar.' under supenision from in ten years, ending 1900. ! Is a life saved from tubercu-
WssV ---,-. Tt (' . throueh tva inrrpaA amonff.iosis oi any more aiue tu -c
four million
the Federal reserve ban. over
make loans on lands in cist-was: j
ricts of states or within entire Manufacturing industries 54
states in amounts not exceed- per cent. !
ing 50 per cent of the actual , Laborers and servants 37 j
valuation of the land. The per cent '
loans to be secured by first; Farmers and other outdoor
mortgages and the fund3,w-0rkers 66 per cent,
loaned to be utilized for pro- The physical examinations
ductive purposes on the lands 0f groups by the Life Extension
mortgaged. It is then pro-' institute sustain the verdict of
posed to issue debenture bonds the statistics as to degenerat
based on these first mortgages jVe tendencies,
and the bonds offered to the! jnig increasing mortality
public as a safe investment.: occurs jn city and rural dist
There is strong objection on'rict3 and in both native and
the part of many legislators to, foreign population. It ha3
utilizing public fund3 for iarm caused the general death rate
loans, and this objection is to increase at all ages above
workmen 1 family or the state than a life
saved from Bright's disease?
If the state can afford to
fight germ diseases why not
degenerative diseases? If it'
can teach community hygiene
to check one, why not indivi
dual hygiene to check the
other? I
This problem of Individual
hygiene should be vigorously,
and permanently taicen up by j
the public health service, pub-
lie schools and other- educa-
tional agencies. American j
Public Health Bulletin. j
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N the decision to strength-
1 . . A . V. . n 11 M A 4 TV.'-. r , , .vs -1 1 fT
cum a ui av. uuiu tuiiUii.i'Jii 13 i'aoi niiiviivu.i .
friminntincr in favor of thp far-: Tt ia rrA fciiinH in Fncrland or in1 Jl en the coast aeienses oy
mer and ajrainst other citizens! kindred nations. ! , installing 16-incn guns in
such as manufacturers, pro-: There are constantly at leas, Place of the 14 inch guns now
fessional Deonle. merchants, fiftAPn million Americans inin use is proof of the succes
etc. This objection is obviat-the "development period" of
ed in the case of the two bills these preventable or deferable
mertioned, in that public : diseases. This period ranges
funds are not to be utilized.
but rather small private in
of recent experiments with the
larger weapon. j
By mounting the first of the
from a few weeks to several! big guns in tortmcauons ai
vosrs nrintr txiifri the dis-!CaDe Henry the water ap-
I - --- , ---- , x 41, , . . ,
vestors are given opportunity ease may be checked or cured, proaches to the national capi
to secure bonds, backed up by I if discovered by periodic tal should be secure against at
real estate, as security for their! health examinations or other-j tack. In due course of time,!
loaned money. jwise. j naturally, all the main harbors
This country is so large and The most of these peopl'jjof the United States will have,
the conditions vary so greatlv arp drifting into diseases un-:the added protection of the
1 I new type of coast defense,
" " ' ' ' ' 'guns. Much has been heard!
since last April of the great
range and power of the 15 1
inch guns of the new British;
super-dreadnought Queen Eli-
zabeth, but the event has prow
cd that the effect of their fire
upon the Turkish forts at the
Dardanelles has been far les3
than was to be expected. The
familiar fact has again been
demonstrated that in the face;
of the heaviest naval fire mod-,
em fortifications remain im-j
pregnible. .
The fanciful picture has fre
quently been drawn of late by
excited patriots of foreign war
ships standing far offshore and
from a safe range reducing to
ruins our coast defenses. In a
test by the best battle-ship
afloat it is more than doubtful
if it could be done. With tho
new 16 inch guns in place at
Cape Henry or Sandy Hook it
would be wholly out of the
question. New York World.
Scientifically Built Roofing
V3 7f'-""T The General lays:
w. 'JZZZZLJ. "IheBo3who comen rlnwn tn Vi! rrA.
S'i. P Jek at 10 a.m. and leaves at 2 p.m.
-S-Ci may get away with it but I never could.
W ' It took years of investigation and labcr to
bring 'Certain-teed Roofing up to its present high
quality standard. '
-.!!-. mm ,i . mJiu mi . Ti !Z-i.iz2 ftL-,;?j.-:-g-T" i-TQ
Ceii R,ofP I OX? rt I :e ... .:,
.iiwaiy u tnuh ,4 f J. lOli I 'n, fno, nni.nr !,
(IhiuuiuU u( riK n- V I ieit an,) l (Jj n r
mum in ixir bU.r.i- S I hie nJ IraU-rbis uwi uvA
l"iir nJ mi thr nf wurlj wile Crrtain-lnA tun no more tUn t!.e
k jnli (nr Uit liesl raw naieriai a Kuiiy oiauijiy kiiiJ.
General Roofing Manufacturing Company
N VHi CUr Gicw riiiUdrlph; St Ua Boa CimUad
rituWgli Dtf:i Sui FrftncMc Cncuti M.mbmoU
tf S..H1. AtU limutui Lonik.1 HiaWl Srjn.r
I I T. I
I i . -V j til
t arm Liie
S-W East Oregonian Q 1 7C
I i A K m w M m f
V v . i,
4 .
. n mr'w'Kjrr r
yxvxi.ff'i"'""" j
r- ' f 1 ,
t ,
w m
' v
M,, ....... . f i i T ' ' ' 'jm
fc. f.4 rn rr-rrrr
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