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Climb of Mountain in June
Brings One to Winter Snows
H- Marion Randall Parsons. Treas-
urer of the Starr Club.)
j'OSKMITK. June 5. In June, Yo
"fili' valley Is at the very height
f itj beauty, The deciduous trees
re in new leaf, maples nd dogwood
in lend'-reM brishtest green, oak
tipped with pastel shades of pink and
red in prophecy of their autumn
Fl". ahaleas in full blom. and the
mes'lon'C rippling mass of exa.ui3-j
Jfcr ;.,ks brifthiened with flower. In
.ki!u. too. the rivers are at theiri
' lihcvt uiid 'be falls in wildest heau-j
f.r while the fast melting snow still
lii-s deep In the upper forests and
on tVe hither mountain slopes. j
After a week or more In the val
ley, following the better-known trails,
(retting muscles In condition again af-
(r e:t -bound 'lavs, we were anxious
the valley trail over whk-h our trip
self with the breakfast fire, a doe
came out of the woods and stood mo
tionless for a long minute watching
him before she quietly stole away
Where one's possessions are so few
washing dishes and packing is a
matter of scant ceremony. In leas
than an hour we were ready for the
tra'l, or for the inarch, rather, as we
Events in the War
One Year Ago Today
must begin. All the way up to Lit- expected to leave lulls behind us and
tie Yosomite we were beset with
questions Where were we going?
Didn't we find it very hard work?
Wouldn't we get lost? Weren't we
afraid of getting sunburned? We
had an inclination to slink shame
facedly by these proper-looking folk.
In Little Yosemite we made a amp
r-o.-lde the smoothly flowing Merced,
and after lunch set out on a ramble
up toward the base of Half Dome.
l"p the Cloud's Rest trail we climbed,
and then pushed through the forest
lo the brink of Tenaya Canyon,
forge almost as deep as Yosemite
,i!ey itself. Inaccessible to all but
the hardiest mountaineers. The great
chasm, more than 2000 feet deep, lay
at our feet. Half Dome towered ma-
s gainst
what spring was like In the . '
.". .mm.!. m-. , . h- "hJl l',i!fs of El Capftan and the Cathed
ral Rocks.
A Buck In Velvet,
companion on this ramble el
to climb Clouds Rest before
laincd for love or money, we prepar
vA to make pnek animals of ourselves!
and knapsack over to Mount Clark jiv
(1109 feett on the southwestern, ecltil
wu.i.jary or me pars, me most returning to camp, so I made mv way
.prominent peak of the Merced group. back to LiuIe ToSem!te alone Near
There were four of us in the oarty,! the foot of the trail. In a glorious
-two men and two women, and we i;tle mounUin meadow, I surprised
planned to be out two nighta with a, a beautiful buck, the largest I have
mfortable markln of provisions for ever seen in the Sierra. His noma
third night, if necessary. Bacon, Uere In velvet and he stood so near
hardtack, and that blessing to moun- me that I could see the oulck. nr-l
ta inters, soup, made up the bulk of me that I could aee the quick, ner-
-.ir cuinmisaarj, reeniorceo. nowever, watched me. For two or three mln
y raisins, cnocoiate .anea irun,; mes we stood there regarding one
beans, spaghetti, and cheese. Our1 another. Then, with a nonchalant
personal outfits, of course, were re
wug of his funny little tail, he turned
....u iu kciiubu. . Bicepius anii 0fr through the woods, as un
weigning aoout eignt pounas, a hurriedly and indifferently as if I.
too. had been a woodland creature.
Perhaps I looked It. After his de
parture I examined the meadow more
closely. It was a little gem of Its
kind sloping from a ledge of graa-
lte that was covered with gnarled and
m-oked Junipers. At the first gllsso
I thought it an unbroken sheet of the
tiniest blossoms of yellow mimulus.
-sweater, a change of hose, tooth
ruh, hairbrush, towel, a box of
j'lai-hes. and a tiny roll of adhesive
tape would about complete the list.
Tin buckets, a small frying pan, and
-a tin cup and spoon apiece compris
ed the camp equipment
Share Alike With tbe Men.
We women who "knapsack" pride
tur.lves on being able to do our h"t on kneeling down, 11 species of
jihare, so, while we do not pretend to
any such heavy packs as the men,
e carry our own outfits and a part,
at least of the general commissary
-Mir piles. Short-skirted, flannel-shirt-d,
with hobnailed boots to the knee
-and shocking bad hats, we are as
easy in our own clothing and as re
saniless of wind or weather as the
isnen themselves.
J.t was rather hard for us to nerve
flowers revealed themselves all the
daintiest and most delicate of their
kind yellow violets, white forget-me-r.ots,
gillas. white saxifrage, and
the smallest pink pea I have ever
A knapsacker's camp is a simple
affair a bed of pine needles, a few
stones rolled together to make a fire-'
place, a pile of firewood gatherel!
together; and there is home. By S
viur.n''.ves to meet the stares and o'ekek next morning we were astir.
q ieiias of the tourists we met along! As our energetic leader busied him
fted Crown )
l ) the Gasoline 7
V t of Quality J
strike across country to the base of
Mount Clark.
Hot llocka Ui Warm C'vUl lUils.
We held It to be but a tribute to
t.ur skill as mountaineers, however,
when we found an old sheep trail
following the very route we had
planned to take. For many miles we
followed it through the rolling forest
oast of Mount Starr King, throunh
Star King Meadow, and out near the
cret of a granite ridge near Clark
Fork. Here we left It behind and
struck across the open country, over
j ridge afte ridge, across stream after
stream, until we came to the north
em fork of Gray creek, where we
made a camp. We had reached the
altitude of about 8500 feet, and snow
drifts lay deep all about us. But
flicwood was abundant and our lit
tle nook among the tall firs promis
ed every comfort that a knapsacker
need expect.
In default of extra bedding we
took hot rocks to bed with us.
The night passed comfortably and
we were up at dawn ready for the as
sault on Mount Clark confident also
of success Ai we climbed the snow
lay even deeper about us. The for
est of fir and mountain pine gave
way to the hardier white-bark pine,
the tree of timber-line. Up to the
top of the ridge It crept, at the top
of a mere shrub, bent and twisted
beneath the winter's weight of snow,
As we climbed, our- horizon to the
south and west widened. We were
looking across the valley of the 1111
louette toward the snowy divide sep
arating us from the South Fork of
the Merced where lies .Wawona and
the splendid Mariposa grove of se
quoias. Yosemite valley was but a
blue rift in the" forest with only its
great domes. Halm Dome. Sentinel
Dome, and Starr King, rising Into
any prominence.
Far different was our view to east
ward from the crest Our ridge end
ed on the east in an abrupt precipice.
Though a h'nken "chimney" or wln-
uowiiKe aperture in tne rocks, we
looked down BOO feet Into a great
snow field filling all the eastern ba
sin, and beyond this lay the cleft of
the Merced canyon, and still beyond.
the magnificent snowy peaks of the
summit crest, Lyell, MeClure. Ritter
Dana, a host of others, all above 13,-
000 feet, all shining and gleaming
in the brilliant sunshine with a radi
ance tha hardly seemed to belong to
this world.
Comneasatcd Disappointment.
Well for us that this glorious vi
sion was compensation for all the
many miles we had climbed, for we
got no farther that day and Clark
still remains unconquered. For we
had anticipated the season for moun
tain climbing by a fortnight or more,
and the slope that should have of
fered an easy rock climb to the sum
mit was now a precipitous wall of
treacherous snow. We had no rope,
no ice ax, not even a knife with
which to cut steps, and tte Icy edge
where rock and snow met proved an
invincible barrier to the summit.
Up and down the ridge we prowl
edged, over every ledge. Into every
chimney, only to admit ourselves de
feated In the end.
For an hour or more we remained
upon the ridge feasting our eyes on
the marvelous paronama a hundred
rrilr of snowy angle, a magnificent
alpine region, the greater part of
elglun seat of government re-
moved to Antwerp. German cav-
airy approaching Brussels. "
French claim continued for-
ward movement in Alsace and
capture of one Alsatian regi-
ment. 4
Russia says Austrians suffer
severely In sabre engagement
on frontier.
The Adriatic Is swept clear
of Austrian warships by a
French fleet. Four vessels
The kaiser reported to have
left for the battlefront In Al
sace. Wealthy Americans reach
N'ew York In steerage.
which is now almost Inaccessible,
soon to be opened to travel by the
construction of the John Mulr trail.
After luncheon In camp a 15-mlle
walk back still lay ahead of ns. Our
defeat lay lightly upon us. for many
mountain summits have been ours in
the past, and we had had. after all,
the Inspiration and the uplift of the
glorious upper regions of snow even
If the exhilaration of the summit
had been lacking. Down among the
great below of yellow pines, undsr
the spreading arms of sugar pines
and out upon open crests covered
with manzenlta and chinquapin we
hastened past Nevada and Vernal
and down through the Happy Isles
where thrushes sang their evening
songs, and into our Yosemite valley
How York
m 1i WWW-A.
1 -rill & & m ex.
Hear for yourself the conversation and music over
the Transcontinental Telephone Line. See the mo
tion pictures illustrating the Progress of Telephony
an intensely interesting story.
Demonstrations daily (except Sunday:)
1 1 :00 A.M., 1 :30, 2:30, 3:30, 4:30 P.M.
Panama Pacific International Exposition
Cor. of Ave. "C" and 7th St.
Admission Free
Tho Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Go.
Farrell and Mosler
May Arrange Bout
Billy Farrell, local lightweight and
AI Mosler, lightweight contender for
the northwest title, will probably
meet at the Oregon theater In this
city on the evening of August 25
just five days after FarrelPs bout
with ommy Clark In Athena. Mosler
Is here and Is negotiating for the bat
tle and Farrell Is willing to take him
This will be the first card of a se
ries of fistic bouts which will be stag
ed here during the fall and winter.
Frank Barrleau .welterweight cham
pion of Canada, may get a bout here.
He has written for one and Farrell Is
desirous of giving the fans a chance
to see him in action. Sammy Good
of Seattle who claims the lightweight
championship but who fights mostly
as a welterweight also wants a bout
and Farrell will try to match him
with Barrleau.
Farrell Is In fine condition for his
match with Clark on the 20th and ex
pects to win. Many local fans will
go up for the bout and efforts are
being made to secure an auto truck
to take them up.
Even a f Ong can't dictate what
you should like or not like
If it so happened that Fatimas
were originally "Made and blend
ed for lha K.ng cf Whatiz"
would that fact prove that you
were going to like Fatimas best?
It would not.
A man's taste 13 his own. A
dzarett3 that mirjht delight some
old potentate's palate would not
necessarily pleaso you.
That's why we leave Fatimas
vp to your taste.
Dut thcro h something more
than good tsste that is mighty
important to you.
No matter how good-taating
a cigarette may be it can only be
the SENSIBLE drjarette for you
if it is comfortable, too.
Its pure tobacco must be cool
and comfortable to your throat
at all times. And it must leave
you feeling fine and fit at the end
of a hard-smoking day.
WLU it do all that?
Then, it is the sensible ciga
rette for YOU.
There are thousands and thou
aands of men who believe that
Fatima is the most sensible
cigarette there is.
Try them yourself. You may
discover as these thousands of
other men have that Fatimas
have Just the cool, mellow taste
that you've been longing for in
a cigarette.
You may find that Fatimas
have the kind of mildness which
allows you to emoke more of
them than you might of other
You may find that Fatimas
oflbr you a little more satisfac
tion in every pufT than you ever
before found in any other ciga
rette. Buy your trial package of
Fatimas and test them today.
FATIMA wot thi rtifr ClrarrtU
Atrarittd tkt tiramJ Priu at tkt i an
t-raetfic Itttermaiionai txMfiM.
i '
n n
m AW. . JL
P kl J
At Portland
Portland 7 J
Chicago 3
At Buffalo
Kansas City 5
Buffalo M 0
At Baltimore
Chicago g
Baltimore 4
At Fittsburg
Brooklyn 4
Pittsburg 1
0 2
9 3
7 3
At Tacoma
Seattle 4 3
Tacoma , 1 H
At Spokane
Vancouver S 9
f-pokane 1 6
At Boston
Boston 1 i
Washington 0 I
At New York
Philadelphia 2 10
New York 0 1
At Cleveland
Detroit (13
, Cleveland 2 10
Kecond game:
Detroit t 1
Cleveland 1 1
At St. Louis
Chicago t S
St. Louis 4 II
Second game:
Chicago S
St. Louur 1 (
At Philadelphia
Philadelphia S
Boston 0
At Brooklyn
New Tork 2
Brooklyn 1
At Pittsburg
Pltabunr (12
Cincinnati 4 I
Good TempUrs Meet.
dreds of delegates and visitors from
all parts of the country are here to
day to attend the annual convention
of the National Grand Lodge, Inter
national Order of Oood Templars.
Wednesday will be observed as "Oood
Templar day" at the Exposition. The
program Includes a great military and
civic parade.
LONDON King George hospital
Just opened will house 1660 wounded
sold:ers, contains three Ilea of beds,
four miles of partitions, nine and one
half acres of linoleum and covers
46,500 square feet.
LONDON Experts' statistics from
London's east end show that since
the war sixty per cent of all births
are girls compared to statistics from
Vienna which show the opposite ex
AMSTERDAM, Aug. 1. Appara
tus for a big wireless station at Con
stantinople was shipped from Oer
niany to Turkey through Roumanla
as a circus," thus not violating Ru
mania's neutrality.
LONDON The British navy has
advertised for 50,000 new recruits,
none of whom will serve on the wa
ter, but will enter the navy's land
and air services.
LONDON A big London newspa'
per carrying on a "cigarette for sol
dlers" campaign announced that
without cigarettes the British Tom
mies could not beat the Germans.
LONDON Lance Corporal William
Angus returned from the front with
forty wounds and Is recovering.
marines on the battleship New Hamp
shire were swept overboard and
drowned during a storm In the Gulf
of Mexico on Sunday, the navy de
partment announced. The men lost
were Berdle Ray of Mississippi and
Joseph Robinson of Ohio. The bodies
were not recovered. Their parents
have been Informed.
hTdB eamp
nruish VeHwi Torpedoed.
BERLIN, Aug. 11. The British
auxiliary cruiser India was torpedoed
entering Restfjord, Sweden, It wu
announced. The steamer Qoesland
tared 80 of the crew.
Mexico is strangely dense as to
"notes" unless they are of the dollar
2 Marlnog
Aug. 1. Two
Only about tA( bright onea have
remarked that the Liberty Bell Is Just t
what it's cracked up to be. ' 3
Almost everyone knows that Sage
Ten and Sulphur, ptoperly compound
ed. brings back the natural color and
lustre to the hair when faded, streak,
ed or gray; also ends dandruff. Itch
ins scalp and ttopj falling hair,
Years ago the only way to let this
mixture was to make It at home,
which Is U musty and troublesome,
Nowadays we simply ask at any
drugstore for "Wyeth's Sage and Sul
phur Compound." Ion will get a
large bottle for about 10 cents.
Everybody uses this old, famous n
clpe, because no one can possibly tell
that you darkened your hair, as It
does It so naturally and evenly. You
dampen a sponge or soft brush with
It and draw this through your hair,
taking one small strand at a time;
bv morning the gray hair disappears,
an? after another application or two,
yrur hair becomes beautifully dark,
thick and (lossy and you look years
wmm0'r JT
in fine fixtures are now b. Ing
shown by us. It affords you an
excellent opportunity to purchase
handsome chandeliers and side
fixtures at remarkable savings. In
cluded Is a great variety of celling
fixtures and lamps. We wish es
pecially to have you see our fine
dining room domes.
tickets to the East, the
West, the South, from W.
Adams, Agent, Pendleton.
The "Great Big Baked Potato" Line.
via Minneapolis and St Paul.
Via St. Joseph and Kansas City. ;i
Excursion Fares
To all points in the East, with long return limit. To Clat
sop (Oregon) Beach. To Washington Beaches. To Cali
fornia Expositions, by rail, or via Portland and S. S.
"Northern Pacific" and S. S. "Great Northern," the two
magnificent new steamships of G. N. P. S. S. Co.
Season to Sept SO.
L M. CONRY, T. P. A., Spokane, Wn.
A. D. CHARLTON, A. G. P.' A., Portland, Oregon.