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    DAILY atlL'C EClTiOll
ForeeaM fur la-ilcm !retron by Hi
tnlted stairs West tier Ubarrrrr
at Portland.
The Rait Oronlan ban thf largrat paid
clmilatliin of any (mwr In Oieicon, pjut of
i'ortiwn.l, aid over twlr th circulation In
I'eudlelon 01 tujr other oewapaper.
Fair tonight snd Wednesday.
-4 v-
VOL. 27
NO. 857G
Gulf Storm Rages With Fury But
Danger is Over and Water in
Streets Beginning to Recede. I
Two Fin Reported In tlie City
Transport Is Damaged by Being
Hipped from Her MoorlngH Tlie
Damage In Galveston Is Estimated
at Million Dollars Wind Terrific
NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 17. Oalve.
Urn I safo. nie water In tlio streets
Is receding. The city was avcd
from the terrific gulf storm, by tlie
new sea wall, a wireless nieMKagc
said, it Is estimated a million dollars
Onmage was done. Fire persons per.
Ilicd, according to early estimates,
Two fires are raging lu Uie city, tlie
wlrcle-i mwwago mid. Tim transport
. McCkltan was relortod damaged by
bclnc ripped from lior mooring.
BROWNSVILLE. Tex Auk. 17 Tlie
army wireless station here received a
report from the transport Buford at
Gal visum lat night that the water
had risen 10 feet and that several
vessels had turned over In the har
bor there.
The government wireless station
here after trying without success to
raise Galveston or Texas City, receiv
ed the following report by wireless
from Fort Sam Houston at San An
tonio: "Fort Sam Houston reports it has
been calling Galveston since 8 o'clock
In vain Texas City reported at i p.
m. that ha expected his mast to bio
down at anytime. He also reported
hs had word that water was going
oret tire causeway at I p. m." ,,
T GALVESTON, Tex., Aug. 17. The
tropical storm which struck Galves
ton yesterday, while severe, had
caused no serious damage anl no
loss of life at 8 o'clock last night.
The Galveston sea wall, built as a
precaution against such hurricanes,
had withstood the fury of the storm
and showed no signs of weakening.
The storm struck the city late In
the forenoon with a velocity of 34
miles an hour. At noon It had in
craved to 80 miles an hour, and dur
ing the late afternoon fluctuated to
0 and 70 miles an hour, blowing In
a northeasterly direction.
Wind Blows 90 Mile an Hour.
At 8 o'clock last night the highest
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Chester Fee Home After Winning Honors
Young Athlete Goes to
Having won the distinction of be-'
ing the third best all-around athlete
in the United States, Chester A. Fee,
son of Judge and Mrs. James A. Fee,
arrived home this morning from San
Francisco where he participated In
the far western, senior and Junior
national amateur athletic games and
in the decathlon.
It was In the decathlon, which Is
n ten-event contest, that young Fee
won his greatest honors.. He won
three of the first ten places, more
than any of the other contestants,
taking the pole vault. Javelin throw
and high hurdles.
The decathlon was held on two
days, five events each day. On the
first day the contestants were requir
ed to enter the high Jump, 100 meter
dash, 400 meter dash, shot put and
broad Jump. On the second day ths
events were the pole vault, 1500 me
ter run. high hurdles, Javelin and
discus throw. At the end of the first
day, Fee was In sixth place, but, by
winning more points than any other
man on the second day, finished In
third place, only a few points behind
Rlchnrds of Illinois and Brundage. of
New York.
Fee's records In the decathlon
were n follows: High Jump, 5 feet
K Inches; 100 meter (110 yards)
dash, 12 1-46 seconds; 400 meter
dash, 63 2-6 seconds; shotput, 36
feet; broad Jump, 20 feet 4 Inches;
polevanlt, 12 feet; 1600 meter run.
R minutes, 30 1-6 seconds; Javelin
thiow. 168 feet 8 Inches; discus
throw, 98 feet, 10 Inches.
The Olympic records were taken as
a basis for scoring. If a man equal
led or surpassed all ten of the Olym
pic records, he would have made a
retire of 10,000 points. Fee finished
with 8442.71 points.
Fee states that the cameras show
ed him finishing second In his heat of
the 100 meter dash by several yards
but that by some mistake the ludges
-caught him as third man. In the shot
put his second put was 40 feet but
the Judges called a foul without any
Pope Seeking Peace
I7'T N?(
LONDON. Auff. 17t, i.
here on what is declared to be high
authority on matters pertaining to
the Vatican, that Germanv I. m.irln.
overtures to obtain the mediation of
ine pope ror the discussion of peaco
on Hit basis of the restitution of Bel
glum, rioth Germany and Austria
manifest great unwillingness, i: is
aid, to fuce another winter cam
BROWNSVILLE, Aug. 17. A body
of soldiers and newspapermen were
attacked today, being fired upon by
Mexican bandits near Mercedes, where
Corporal Williams was killed and two
troopers wounded last night, but they
took refuge In the underbrush along
the river. None was hurt. A close
guard is being kept along this section
f the border to prevent the Mexicans
crossing the river again. .
The kings call on God to deliver
them, but the people are doing the
His Father's Ranch
explanation. They also called a foul
on his second throw In the discus
when he put the Grecian disc out
120 feet. But for these two misfor
tunes, he would have been within a
few points of first.
Fee won the Javelin throw in the
far-western meet with a throw ot
over 172 feet and took second In the
ChOU Fee.
senior and Junior national meets. Ho
was permitted to use his own Javlln
In the far-western but was required
to use a Spauldlng Javelin In the
o'her meets.
Fee will leave at once for his
father's ranch near Uklah where he
will spend the balance of the sum
mer. He will return in the fall to
the University of Oregon where he
will captain the track team next
ceason .
Li" J
- ' '
fl i
I ' y. - :
ft ' ,
f . .
" " i nni.-M.lii.ii..-iu.1
Germany and United States Will
Each Designate an Expert to De
termine the Cost of the Loss.
Ac-ci-ptam-e of ITopoeal Made by
Berlin Will Not Preludioe die Con
tention of Tills Country Tlmt tlie
Destruction of Uie Vewwl Was Not
Jui-rlflablo Act.
tnited States has agreed to Ger
many's acceptance of the proposals
that each country designate an ex
pert to fix the amount of Indemnity
to be paid for the sinking of the Frye
but with the understanding it will
not prejudice the contention that the
destruction of the ship was not le
gally Justified. The administration's
reply to Germany's note will be pub
itshed by the state department. Ger
many' proposal that the controversy
us to the Prussian-American treaty
involved in the Frye-case be submit
ted to The Hague board of arbitra
tion, was agreed to.
Acceptance of payment for destruc
tlon of the Frye will not effect the
contention of either the United Jtatea
or Germany as to the interpretation
of this treaty. Germany claims the
sinking of American ships carrying!
contraband Is Justified under the
Prussian-American treaty of 1828.
The administration maintains the
sinking of the Frye was a direct vi
olation of the treaty.
Kovno Forts
Are Stormed
by Germans
VIENNA, Aug. 17. General Von
Elchhorn's German forces have storm
ed the forts defending the Russian
stronghold of Kovno, it was officially
announced. Three of the northwest
forts at Novo Georgiewsk also have
been stormed.
LONDON, Aug. 17 The Germans
are preparing to land troops in Fin
land, according to a Stockholm dis
patch. LONDON, Aug. 17. Giving way
before the onward thrusts of the army
of Von Hlndenburg. the Russians are
evacuating Blelostok on the Warsaw
Petrograd railway. 15 miles east of
Lomsta. Petrograd dispatches declar
ed the factories at Bielostok have been
dismantled and moved further Into the
interior of Russia. The greater part
of the civilians have fled.
Are Buried
Under Wreck
Hl'NTIN'GTON, W. Va., Aug. 17.--Fcur
were killed and many Injured
and over 100 were Imprisoned In a
tunnel of the Chesapeake and Ohio
railroad when an express train was
derailed. The train demolished the
supporting arches when It left the
track, causing a cave V- Workmen
are digging in the tuniiel to extri
cate the Imprisoned passengers.
$1.01 (Now Asked
For T'ortland Club
PORTLAND, Ore., Aug. 17.
(Special) Portland wheat of
ferngs today have shown bid
prices as follows: club 93 with
$1.01 asked; bluestem 81.01 bid
with 8 106 asked.
CHICAGO, Aug., 17. (Speci
al) At the close of the mar
ket today the following quota
tions obtained: Sept. 31.05 8-4
bid; Dec. 81.05 7-8 bid; May
11.10 3-8 asked.
Liverpool quotations are as
follows: Wheat Spot, No. 2
Manitoba, lis 9d; No, 8. lis 7d;
No. 1 northern Duluth, lis 7d.
In American terms the Liver
pool quotation for spot No. 2 Is
81.71 per bushel. 4
The Situation in Poland
The situation in Poland according!
to the latest dispatches Is as fol
ic ws:
Russian warships successfully beat
off a German naval attack at the en
trance to the Gulf of Riga (1) al
though Berlin reports that the Rus
sian torpedo boats did no damage to
the German vessels.
The Germans report having re
rulsed strong Russian attacks on tbe
Riga-Mitau road. (2).
Attacks being made by the Rus
sians from. Kovno, (3)
LONDON, Aug. 17. The British
transport Royal Edward, formerly of
tbe Canadian Northern, was sunk by
a German submarine In the Aegean
sea Saturday, the admiralty announc
ed. A thousand troops are believed to
have been lost.
Man Refuses to Leave Auto
After Being Given a Ride
It is considered proper road cour
tesy for a man. driving an empty auto
to give a lift to a pedestrian which he
But w hat would you do j
if. after Eivinir s:ild lift nnd hauilnffl
the hiker to town, he refused to leave
your car?
This was the Mtuation which con
fronted R. E. Haynes of North Pow
der when he arrived In Pendleton this
morning. He tried all of the expedi
ents he knew short of physical force
and finally had to appeal to the po
lice for aid. The aid proved effective
Haynes was driving in to Pendleton
this morning and noted a dusty pedes
trian, weary with walking, plodding!
along the country roads. He stopped
and invited the man to ride. The
man got up to the seat beside the
driver and the latter noted that his
passenKer was somewhat the worse
for linuor. He drove him to town
and to the garage. Mr. Haynes got
out of his car but his companion did
not move. It was explained that the
car would go no farther but still the
man moved not. He was politely re
quested to descend but the Inebriate
one liked the comfort of the seat.
Persuasion, protestations and com
mands had equal effect upon him.
Finally the owner of the car walked
to the police station and explained
his prdeicament. "Drive the car over
to the station and I'll help the man
out." said Chief Carney.
Haynes returned to the garage,
cranked his car and drove It to police
. .'1
The Germans era ulniin.
ward from Lomaa. 4 toward thi
jvur-iMarew line-. -Th6
railway iunctinn -
- - -vj tuono vi
ostrow (5) has been captured by the
The army of Prince Leopold of
Bavaria, nursuim. h
Kussians, has reached the region of
a.uiuszyn, while General von Woy
rach stormed positions west of Luk
ow (6).
Field Marshal von Mackensen Is- at
tacking the Ruaalans near Parcaew
and Ostrow (7K
An official statement said: "Six
hundred are known to have been
saved. The vessel was carrying 1350
soldiers, 32 officers and 21 crew.
The Edward was a steel vessel of
more than 11.000 tons.
headquarters. The chief, with a yank
and a pull, accomplished what the
other man's words could not. The
bibulous passenger descended from th
car with more haste than grace and
now reposes where his rest is undi
Wheat Market Is Down.
The wheat market has been down
for several days, buyers quoting only
S. and SS for club wheat. There isi
nothing offering at these prtcs and
quiet prevails
British transport Is sunk and 100O
troon refilled lost.
America acres to Germany's plan
of .payment In loaa of Uie steamship
Mob drags li Frank from prison
and lynches htm,
Galveston is vcd from the hjr
new wall.
Body of drtmnea man b reentered.
t'liet Fee returns from athletic
meets with new honors.
Ioiik Tom lo be Immortalised In
VHu Hsu for m-ho industrial ex
hiMts at Vincent fair are announced.
Doer hunters have poor luck.
Guards Make No Attempt at Rescue
Man Convicted of Murdering Mary Phagan is
Taken Out by Party of 20 and Hanged to
Tree No Clue Obtained to Those Who
Took Part in Midnight Tragedy Mob Ap
pears at Prison in Automobiles and Soon
Has Warden Overpowered.
MARIETTA, Georgia, Aug. 17,-The body of Leo Frank waa
found hanging from a tree two miles east of Marietta, lynched
by an automobile party of kidnapers who appeared at the state
prison at Milledgeville last night, overpowered Warden Smith,
Superintendent Burke and the
from the dormitory by the, heels.
The body was a ghastly sight. The scene of the hanging wa
a short distance from the birthplace of Mary Phagan, whom
Frank was convicted of murdering. Frank's wrists were hand
cuffed in front of his body. The rope, noosed about his neck,
had opened the wound inflicted by Convict Green who attempt
ed to cut Frank's throat "recently. Blood had streamed from
the wound down upon his prison suit. His hair was disheveled,
his clothing torn and he was barefooted.
No clues to the identity of the lynchers has been obtained
thus far. Of all the armed guards at the prison farm, none
raised a hand to protect Frank from the kidnapers when they
appeared in automobiles and overpowered the officials and
dragged oat the prisoner.
Of Frank's last hours, none except the lynchers know. No
shots were fired into the body as the corpse was not marked by
bullet wounds. The fusillades fired by the lynchers evidently
were intended to frighten off pursuing posses.
half a dozen men rushed Into Leo
Franks room and dragged him by
the legs and hair, bumping down the
taJr of the prison was tofd by J. M.
Burke, superintendent of the state
farm from which Frank was takes
and Iynchetf
"I was caUed to the or ef my
residence Jast mm I wag preparing to
retire," said Burke, "r was imlni
the threshold when two men grabbed
me and snapped handcufXs- on my
wrists. Four armed men stood guard
over me. I remonstrated. Thev said
there was a" use for me- to squirm,
as they had come for Ftasi and wera
going to get him. With that I was
marcned to- the penitentiary building.
The uard aver me wn tinuhlnii n
route. The kidnapers demanded thai
ttio gate be- evened. Whe the truafv
pn duty h-wHated. they ut all the
wires and threatened him. with death.
The trusty ecened the Rite. Nieht
guard Hester then came nn n,l aJ
covered witft revolvers and ordered to.
put his haads uo. Half nr -in the
stairs half a dozen men rushed by
and dash 1 into Franks room. Tta
ethers st-wd guard ovf Hester and
me. Prisoners who v.rtnessed th
taking of Frank said four men setzurt
him by tfy arms and k-ss and a fifth
by the hair. They dragged him oat
of his room, then bumped him down
the stairs. He was tarown into an
automobile and the kidnapers speed
ed awaf.'
ATLANTA, Aug. 17 Withi the
horrible picture of Frank dngling
from a rope's end. clad only in a
Moodsmeared. coarse prison night
drees, with manacled hands, and the
theught of Fra-nk's . widow, grief
stricken and horrified, Atlanta turn
ed in revulsiom from the horrible
work of the mob of 20 who lynched
him. Even these who were bitter In
their denunciation of Slaton for corn
muting Fran, cried for venseanfe
against the men who hanped the not
ed prisoner. Criticism of the Mili
edgevllle prison officials was particu
larly bittl. They permitted Frank
to be carried away without resistance.
The body hung for hours, sw.iylng
in tlie breeze, before it was cut
down. The sheriff could not be
found. The coronr said he hid no
authority to take charse of the re
MARIETTA. Aug. 17. As soon as
it became known that Frank had'
been lynched, hundreds of automo
biles containing the morbidly custom
hurried to the scene. By n o'clock
It was estimated S000 people had
gathered about the tree. The body
whs not cut down until after a num
ber cf speeches were made. One
man urxed mutilation of the body.
Judge Morris urged that order be ob
served. The crowd then voted
against mutilation. The body wis
placed in a wagon to be taken to
Marietta for an inquest, but Judr
Morris, fearing the threats of mutil
ation, transferred it to his automo-
guards and then dragged Frank
bile and sped to Atlanta, two nun)
dred automobiles pursuing.
Widow Swoon at News.
1 com panted by a nhvsiclan SI A at nilPtta
the widow of Frank left here at 11
o'clock for Atlanta where her unci
Jives. Although she knew her hus
bsnd had been kidnaped from the
state prison farm during the night,
she was not told he was lynched un
til Just before boarding the train.
She swooned. She was hurried on to
the train by the physician bot she
bore up better than was expected.
- I
Troubles Ended. Says Mother.
NEW YORK, Aug. 17. "Thar.Ic
God he's dead. He's through with
his troubles.- cried Mrs. Rudolph
Fiank. the mother of Leo. "If my
boy lived, his life would have been
one of continued torture, and he
might have been kitled in a worse
Cowardly Atuu-k Says Slaton
SAX FRANCISCO. A tie. 17. "Mv
horror Is inexpressible. There's no
language at my command which can
convey- my sentiments over this out
rage.'' declared former Governor SUi
ton of Georgia, the rommuter of
Franks death sentence to life im
prisonment. "Tfc abduction of Frank was a
cowardly attack on civilization,'" said
Slaton. "I know the people ot
Georgia well enoueh to sav the entire
state will reeent the outrage and
that nothing; wilf be undone to pun
ish the malMctors who diseraee.1 the
Body at Atlanta.
ATLANTA. Aug. 17. Franks bod
was brought here this aftercoon but
s whereabouts is being kept aeeret.
The body of Clyde Miller, the f irm
laborer who drowned mar Barnhare
Sunday afternoon, was reroverr.l yes
terday afternoon about 2 o'clock.
mcasage tellinir of tlie finding of tha
body was received by Coroner Brown
Just as he was about to start wlttt
Jimmy Fulton, the prof.-aslon.il dl'.i-r.
for the scene. Tho body was bro'ii-lit
to Fendletiin about 7 la.-t evenln nn-i
is now at the Brown undertak.ng
With the aid of grab h-mk. thu
hody was picked up in th centec of
the !are pool made by the river Just
below Barnhart. It wan In M f-t
of water and only a short distawo
from where he sank
No word has been received yet from
the relatives of the young man. II
is supposed to have relative in
Spangle. Wash., and also In Water
vllle. Wash. Messages have been s.-tit
to both places. Little Is knnwa of
the deceased here. He had l-u
w.-irklng for Guy Wyrb k only a
before his drowning.
Germany, too, has .-t a cUte f r
the "beglnnlnn" of the war They re
getting together on tht line, ny