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PAT,!'. I IV
(From Dally Kant Oregonlan of April 1, 1915.)
Taking a stand for home labor, the,
city council laxt evening went on
record as favoring the employment
of Pendleton people In the building
of the new library, the nataturlum,
the federal building and the new
wing of the Eastern Oregon State
Hospital. In the matter of the fed
eral and hospital work, the aldermen
can do no more than give their mor
al Influence toward securing the rec
ognition of home labor but with ref
erence to the library building and
the natutorlum they have a direct
voice and will use It In behalf of lo
cal labor.
The council has one member on
the library board and three on the
natutorlum committee and these were
Instructed that It was the sense of
the council that they give their vote
and support to local people In letting
of contracts, all other things being
equal or nearly so. The council spe
cifically advised the members on the
library board to favor the employ
ment of a home architect In the event
of close competition. This recom
mendation was made upon the an
nouncement of Councilman Phelps,
who Is on the library board, that the
library board Is deadlocked over the
consideration of plans.
Acting Mayor John Dyer brought
the matter up for discussion, declar
ing his belief that the council should
use every effort to provide work for
home labor. Sentiment among the
councllmen seemed to be unanimous
ly along the same line. Councllmen
Murphy, Vaughan and others declar
ing that upon public works local
contracyrs and laborers should be
given the preference.
Mr. Workingm&n
Mr. Businessman
By the above 'news article you may see that the city council has taken
the lead toward keeping Pendleton money at home and constantly circulat
It's a grand move and worthy of our united support.
The dollar spent at home is merely loaned temporarily. It will even
tually come back to us with interest through the course of local co-operation.
BUT! On the other hand, if we spend this dollar away from home WE
Let's all put our shoulder to the wheel and boost for the Pendleton
Workingman and Businessman.
EVERY HOUSEWIFE can be of great assistance in this popular move
and prove a true partner in the home.
There is not a home in Pendleton but what uses either lard or smoked,
cured or fresh meats. Here's where you can help! EVERY morning when
you order meat or lard, insist that it be "PEMECO" BRAND and take no
This will mean that it has been prepared in Pendleton by local labor.
.That it is fresh, pure and wholesome. That it will give perfect satisfaction
or your money will be refunded.
This is how every WOMAN as well as man can follow the councils lead
and make business better in Pendleton. j
quality, service and sanitation. . ,
The Central Market, Phone 33
Q Advertising in Brif
fr'ep lfn flrt lukeniiO loe
Per Hoc, additions! ioHrtloa.. . .Se
V'.t line, per month II. oo
No lural tlii for n than .
Count ordlnsry worils to line
Loral will not be utn out cbe
pbuut and twoltUnc mutt ai-eoia
tfsoj order
NEW TOHK, April 5. Hacked to
pieces by meat cleavers, the bodies of
Otto Zlnn, a cafe proprietor, and
two of his employes, were found a
few minutes after robbera had mur
dered them and looted the cash draw
er. The slayers tvldently entered
the little restaurant quietly, walkec
buck to the kitchen, where they selx
ed cleavers and attacked the em
ployes. Zlnn, hearing the terrible
cries of the victims, rushed to th
assistance only to be struck down aJ
he stepped through the door, Then,
with fiendish energy, the murderers
hacked the three dead men. A pas
serby, seeing blood, Investigated and
found the bodies. Only 35 wen
New Millinery
See the galaxy of beautiful styles In Ladies' Hats we are showing
before you make your decision to buy.
Styles absolutely correct Ideas to please every taste and prices
TM Main Street Telephone 413
Just Received!
another snipment of our
Extra Choice Meat, Average Size
' S1.00 to gl.50
7 1.
Good standard grade, all kinds,
S TINS, f 1.00.
Special, bottle 20
Extra Special Flavor.
12 pound fl.OO.
Than 478. Next Door to Quelle Oaf. 628 Main.
.vmi-.i(h'..x m usk iij, of a
a a a a a a a ?
0, . -
Mls Mary D. Coxe, an American
war nurse, Is suffering from typhus.
contracted In Serbia. She Is at pres
ent In Salonika having been moved
from a base hospital In Serbia. Miss
Cox went to Serbia last November.
She was assistant superintendent In
the operating room of the Mountain
side Hospital, at Montcalm, N. J.
of the most prominent educator of
the west will address the California
Teachers' Association. Bay Section
which began a five day session here
today. Dr. Judsofi, president of the
University of Chicago; President Ber.
jamln Ide Wheeler of California Unl
verslty, and David Starr Jordan, of
Leland Stanford university, are al"
scheduled to speak In addition to a
number of authors and humorists.
The teachers will not neglect the
opportunity to ace the Panama-Pacific
exposition, however, as they will
hold convention sessions only In the
morning and will visit the fair every
For Sale Very Rraeoaable.
Modern 7-room hiuse and T Iota
about If blocks from town 1 block
from paved streets. Suitable for
chicken seising and gardening. In
quire "Mrs. C. A.," this office. Adv
For fuel fone five.
Cabbage plants 76c 100. Forshawa
Wanted Girl for general house
work. Phone 612 W.
Toung lady wants position as cook
on ranch or city. Inquire "P." E. O.
To rent 3-room apartments, fur
nished. 602 Water street.
Experienced man and wife want
work on ranch. Address I. Holgrun,
For sale New Economy Chief
cream separator. Inquire 210 Thomp
son, j
Five room house for sale on north
nae. corner lot Improved. Address
MW" this office.
For sale "Old Trusty" 228 egg In
cubator. In good condition. Apply
"T" this office.
John Rosenberg, watchmaker and
Jeweler, Court and Cottonwood. All
work guaranteed.
For sale Two block work mares,
both In foal. Phone or write A. A.
Mclntyre, Athena, Ore.
Wanted, work on ranch by man
and wife. Experienced. Inquire 704
E. Court street, or Eyers mill.
Very many people desire to buy
lands in eastern Oregon. What have
you to offer, and price? N. Berkeley.
Old papers for sale; tied in bundles
Good for starting fires, etc. 10c a
bundla. This office.
Dunham, Brownlow & Payne, con
tractors, builders, Job work. ' Estl
mates and plans furnished. Golden
Rule Hotel basement. Phone 361J.
iuuiig woman wisnes work as
waitress or competent cook. Will1
work on ranch. Give particular is!
to wages. Inquire "H" th'S office.
The Alta House and Barn. Head
quarter for farmers and stockmen.
Call a.id see us. Stephenson k. Eng
lar, proprietors. Phone 447. 702
East Alta street
For Sale 18 fe. cut, 24 In. cylin
der Holt Combine, 32 horse equalizer,
good condition, 3650.00, F, O. B.
Kennewlck, Wash. 8. D. L. Ross,
Athena, Ore.
For sale 240 acres foot-hill wheat
land raising 35 bushels per acre, (
miles from railroad at 135 per acre,
easy payments. Paul Bulflnch, Am
erican Falls, Idaho.
"Mutf takes the big loads and
"Jeff" shows the speed. Penland
Bros, haul anything and reasonable
Furniture van and storage warehouse;
Office 647 Main street Phone 333.
( "V0 M
: . - f
- :
Scene from l'uta, and Pei 1, nutter, Oregon Theater, Thursday, April 8.
For Sale Cheap.
Two sets single buggy harness, sad
dle, two buggies, light Studebaker
wagon suitable for "roustabout"
John McDonald of Wallowa is a
Pendleton visitor.
L. A. Eeteb, Echo attorney, was up
from his home yesterday.
J. F. Relhl of Hermteton was a
Sunday viBitor in Pendleton.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. White of Her
mlston are at the St. George.
Dr. D. N. Hayden of Ukiah, wa
registered at the Pendleton.
Tom R. Pearce of Hertnlston was
up from the west end Saturday.
Alfred Smith is In from the Smith
sheep ranch near Pilot Rock today.
W. F. Follett of Elgin Is among the
eastern Oregon people here today.
H. G. Hurlburt was among the
Hermlstonians In the city Sunday.
W. M. Friend of Hermiston came In
last evening and spent the night here.
C. H. Zurcher, prominent Enterprise
resident, is at the Pendleton today.
T5 T d.llicin rf 1J ; n. K
work or camping trip and a pony'..;;-"'".;: n, ,". " " "
city broken to drive and ride. Will
sell separately,. Inquire "W" this of
fice. Adv.
Good Coal and Wood.
Our Rock Springs coal burns clean
giving you more heat and leas dirt
for your money. Good dry wood
that doesn't boll, Lut burns. Also
slabs and kindling. Protect yourself
from cold and cost order from B.
L. Burroughs, phone I. Adv.
Free Excursion to Harney Valley.
See Llvermore & Bickers at once
and make reservation to go with the
crowd on the big excursion Saturday,
April 10th, and see the wonderful
Harney valley. Fare and one-third
on railroad for round-trip. Free au
to rides and accommodations at com
pany's hotel to all who go. Railroad
fare returned to all who buy. Land
sells at 10 per cent down and bal
ance In nine annual payments at (
Per cent Interest. Adv,
Notice of Bids.
Sealed bids for the c instruction of
a Natatorlum in Round-up Park f'.n
accordance with the plans and speci
fications now on file at the office of
the secretary of the Pendleton Com
mercial Association) will be received
at said office up to 4 p. m. on Thurs
day, April 8, 1915.
A certified check for five per cent
of the amount of each bid, made pay
able to The Natatorlum Committee,
must accompany each bid.
The Natatorlum Ccmmittee re
serves the right to reject any or all
of the bids. C. M. BISHOP.
(Adv.) Chairman.
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Gelvin of Pilot
Rock were visitors In Pendleton yes
terday. J. A. Campbell of Hermiston was
up from the west end of the county
J. M. Ashton and John Fits Hugh
of Milton, were at the Bmman dur
ing the weekend.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Penland and lit
tle daughter, Mary Elizabeth, are in
from Helix today. '
C. W. Nctyes and Fred Gaskill of
La Grande are here as Jurors a', the
session of the federal court.
C. H. Stuller of Baker, who Is doing
Jury duty before the federal court, is
registered at the Pendleton.
E. I. Davis, well knowr. civil en
gineer of the west end of the coun
ty, spent the weekend in the city.
M. L. Watts, prominent Athena bus
iness man, and H. I. Watts, mayor of j
the same town, are in the city today.
W. R. Taylor of Athena is here to
day and is one of the Jurors sitting in
the case on trial in the federal court j
Judge R. S. Bean, Marshal Montag.
Deputy Marshal Leonard Decker, Dep
uty V. S. Attorney E. A. Johnson and'
Deputy Clerk G. H. Marsh, all of :
whom are here fur the term of the
federal court, are guests of the St
NEW YORK. April 5. Mrs. Lln
don W. Bates, chairman of the wom
an's section of the commission for
relief in Belgium, yesterday an
nounced that among the various do
nations sent from the different points
in the United States, was one of II.
050 from Mrs. W. K. Jewett. of Cal
ifornia, making exactly 14690 receiv
ed through the activities of this one
friend of the Belgians.
Mrs. Bates said that, despite the
fact that the state of California had
previously given an entire shipload
of food, valued at nearly 3300,000.
Its citizens were continuing to give
generously to Belgium relief.
The students of Stanford Univer
sity have to date given no less than
34.705.50 making an average monthly
contribution of 3700. The students
whose funds come from many states
in the union, are preparing to gather
further funds this month through the
establishment of a European market
in the Palo Alto -:ircle.
er plant will be voted on as a pre
paratory step to voting on a bond Is
sue for a city plant The ordinance
provides for an estimate of the cost
of extending the present plant.
A man with a lot of money la al-
ways a great help to himself.
Petition I'onn Approved.
BAKER, Ore.. April 1. Despite
disapproval of the city commission
ers, the movement for the extension
of Baker's municipal light plant was
taken up again.
City Clerk Cunning approved the
form of a petition submitted today
by Robert Service to initiate a popu
lar election on July 14, at which an
appraisement ordinance for the ex
tension of the Baker municipal pow-
Repair Shop
Now ready for business.
Your Autos Neatly and
Promptly Repaired.
Give us a trial.
Cottonwood St., Opposite
City Hall. Phone 181.
for co-operation with the Stom
ach, Liver and Bowels will be bet
ter apoetite. Improved digestion
and freedom from Headache,
1 Illoatinjr, Constipation and Bill
ousnexK. To bring; about this
condition try
Stomach Bitters
It IicIik Nature in etery way.
ii '--1T f fr t i i ii mT
You can always depend on
WE WILL clean, spot and
press your clothes RIGHT
Work called for and delivered
to any part of the city. Satis
faction guaranteed we know
Our Motto, "Quick Service"
Lester it Shanafelt
Tel. 321. lit E. Webb St
There will be a dance Satuid iy
night, April 10th, nt German
Good music and a great time assur
ed to all. Adv.
Hard Times Dunce Wednesday.
"Nix wid de doll-up," get on your
old clothes, leave old care and 'troub'
behind and come with the bunch to
the big hurd times dance in Eusle-
Viinlmnn hnll WAtlneqriav ntpht.
April 7. There'll be somethin' ,loln'irenn-
every Instant. Late music by new
Pendleton orchestra. All Invited. Ad
mission 60c. Adv.
WASHINGTON, April 1. Former
Representative A. Mitchel Palmer to-1
day went on the bench of the court!
of claims, who was defeated for V I
S. rrnator In Pennsylvania by Sena-j
Penrose, was an "original Wilson''
in n mil democratic leader In Penn-:
Hall, i
svlv'.tiiia. After lteinir defeated for1
the senate, the president appointed j
Calmer to succeed Justice Charles B i
Howry of the court of claims, who re
s.ijned effective today. Palmer waa
democratic caucus chairman of the
house of representatives and refused
the portfolio of secretary of war
when the Wilson administration came
in. His home is at Stroudsburg.
Cleo Madison in
SAN ANTONIO, April J Emulat
ing European governments. Villa ex
pects to make Mexico a prohibition
nation when peace Is restored, ac
cording to statements credited to
him. Villa has had many soldiers
executed for drunkenness. He has
also placed saloonkeepers before the
firing squad for selling liquor to
them. He believes prohibition will
be one of the best guarantees for fu
ture peace in Mexico.
Tax Officials Ienove1.
COLUMBUS, O., April 2. In ac
cordance with a letter from Gover
nor Willis, the state tax commission
removed all officials in charge of
the taxation machinery In the 88
counties of the state. Those remov
ed are all democrats who were ap
pointed under the administration of
Governor Cos.
The removal of the officials was
based on a desire on the part of
Governor Willis to have the state
taxation machinery In the hands of
men in sympathy with the state administration.
How large a dollar looks to the
man with only 30 cents!
Tells the story of the regeneration of a hearties.'; mother
who, while her child is dying, spends her time at the gam
ing table and is only torn away when her fortune is
"Rejuvenation of Liza Jane"