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Firemen Caught
L the Line and Badly
attempt MEDIATION.
Art Strengthened to
jyjrsCrowds of Union
jter and Stone the Non-
Strike Board in Session
LjSayt Even Yet That the
Lwill Deal With the Obsti
tliri if Settlement Can
Ujy Be Reached.
Investigating tne Underflow for Irri
gation Purposes.
AVIchlta. Kns., Aug. 13. Elwood
Mead of Washington, chief of the Ir
rigation Investigation In the depart
ment of agriculture, says that he has
ordered Mr. Wright, his deputy, to
make a survey of Western Kansas
with a view of ascertaining the feas
ibility of raising the underflow for
irrigation purposes.
That survey will bo made at once.
Should the plan prove reasonable In
cost an experiment will he made to
show whether or not It Is practicable.
Mr. Wright has been In Garden City
since early summer making experi
ments Jn pumping.
I oral that the cruiser and tho torpedo
boat Grosovl, which nrrlved hero yes
, terday, must not remain over 24
hours. Tho Kussian consul rniseii mo
point that a reasonable time must ho
allowed to mnke repairs."
Japanese Emperor Asked the Non-Combatants to Leave in
the Interest of Humanity.
Admiral Wlthofft Killed in Battle Outside of Port Arthur Shell
"the Bridge of the Czarowltch, Blowing Him to Atoms Six
Battleships Engaged in the Fight Seriously Damaged Squadron
Now. Taking Refuge in Chinese Port Russian Ships Are Out of Coal
Two Hundred Killed by One Shell Inside Port Arthur.
Work on Great Southern.
The Dalles, Aug. 13. Another largo
force of men began work on the
Great feouthern . railway last week,
tho company having let a contract foi
grading between The Dalles and Seu
fert's place several miles south of
the Columbia. The company Is push-1
Ing Its work as rapidly as possible '
in an effort to have tho road com-1 Tokio, Aug. 13. Field Marshal Islands awaiting British colliers from
pleted so that this year's grain crop ' Yamagata, chief of the general staff, ' Tslng Chou. Tho Jnpaneso squadron,
can he hauled out. 1 has directed Field Marshal Oygama to 1 consisting of one Ironclad, two large
I permit women, priests, merchants, 1 cruisers and four torpedo boat do
To Keep Peace In Haytl I diplomats and officers of neutral pow- stroyers, are watching outside to in
Washington, Aug. 13.-Admlral i efs,.to ,Port "hur , and tajto terrnpt the colliers.
Slrahan nnmmnn,iD. ,.r ., r.-n &ueuer in umiiy. me oraer was in-
Officers Killed on Czarovltch.
London, Aug. 13. Captain Wamoff,
of the Cr.arovltch, Commander Sam
off niul scvernl other officers wore
wounded. Several officers, besides
tho rear admiral, were killed.
Destroyers Arc Stranded.
London, Aug. 13. The Japanese
minster hns received n telegram
from dice Foo stnllng thnt two Kus
sian destroyers aro stranded 20 miles
east of Wei Hal Wc.
; US 13 As a result or
i-ti ceiermumuuii iu muve
I ftordless of the pickets'
jiKh rioting Is anticipated j
hit lines are being strength-
trtttTes sent to the various ,
rEciircds of strikers follow-
Injons bound to down town 1
jorea at the drivers and
zees at them. Ison-unlon
teploy&j of Swift's, were
IcsMe of the guard lines
strike board is in ses
i corning, and are outlining
i in case Mayor Harrison
: to mediate in compliance
f request of the retail deal
squadron, has been ordered to send 1
i the Denver to Gonzalves and Jeremle,
Hayti, for the purpose of protecting
the lives of Americans and foreign
ers threatened In the uprisings.
I spired by the emperor In the inter
ests of humanity.
Harrison Will Mediate.
r Himson has consented to
laamlttee of the Retail Meat
wrs' Association Monday to
n plan to mediate the meat
; Donnelly does not look for
ieit on account of tho atti
tie packers, he today relter
ta! the strikers are willlnc to
secessions in regards to the
Ik reinstatement.
B - . .
Iltsmson, of St. Helens, Did
Jlncide, But Was Abducted,
. Aug. 13. Mary Robinson.
I Helens, who was sunnoseri to
iKxraea, oas been found at
i where slip ipIU n fit r n r tvo
ie ana Kidnapping.
pi fieter, a respected capital
IB- neiens, Is in lal nt Hills.
Ijar-ea with having abducted
p. ho is but 14 years of age.
f i 67 years old and from the
iwrr, nas been Infatuated with
ft Several mnntlm nn,l kiuvuI
lpe, and finally took her by
png to place her in
r Gtll 8he bnpftmo nf iiku whmi
Nd be married.
t'ad travelpil pnnntntittv ttlnpn
paction ij escane nursuers.
13 BO? Charcr- Plnlnro vlh nnv
I'l C bit KHVu ho line lrcoli.fi
Will Have Western Offlr.en
and Chicago.
l-uipolls Auc 13. If In tnnm.
' Ptone fmm Chairman Tni-Pnrt
w York that ihn
rulers of tho ,i,.m,.,-o.i
VJU' be opened here. Taggart
liZ. a Chicago office. Ac
b begun on Sentem-
1 B- Cliff, of the Northern Pa.
Meta Death In Lake- Wash-
AUC. 15 Tl 1. .i
. m V suPerintendent of tho
' "iTlalon nf tha n
"tornlB- " LJOn" vvasmngion
WOE. He we 01lt i mni
uu , 1 Thursday evening. Tho
lound yesterday with a hole
- iue siae and Cliff was nc
aT drowned
' Tachers
RbUS- "what promises to
atai circular over issu-
F It ,in ' . ""'"-""lenoeni ACKer
JwttS t,ltIe?;.".A clrF,ar
r jess than a statement of
i trnZ,enw8 and savings of
Kbt teachers.
SELLS FOR $10,000.
Fred Taute Disposes of 320 Acres of
Wheat Land to Archibald Struthers
Farm Is' One of the Oldest In the
County and Was Known as Doss
Turner Place Taute Goes to Ne-Braska,
Russian Losses Were Awful.
Berlin, Aug. 13. A dispatch to the
local Anzeiger from Tokio today eays
heavy fighting took place at Port
Arthur all night Tuesday and Wed
nesday, and the Russian losses ar.e
reported to be enormous.
Destroyer to Neutral Port.
London, Aug. 13. According to a
Tokio dispatch, tho Russian torpedo
boat destroyer Ryeshltelnl, tnken by
the Japanese at Chee Foo, Is being
taken to a Chinese port.
Liao Yang Is Impregnable.
St. Petersburg, Aug. 13. A mem
ber of the Russian general staff stat-
o.l tmlnv tlinf tttn Ttnaalnti nnol Mnn nl
Admiral Wlthofft Killed. ; Uao Ynng ,8 practcaily imregnnble
Umdon, Aug. 13. The St. Peters-1 owing to the work of Kuropatkln's en
bur? correspondent of tho Central 1 gineers.
News wires official details of Wed-! The wall about tho cltv has been
nes.lay's sea fight. . utilized and heavy artillery mounted,
Admiral Wlthofft was standing on with also an elaborate system of
San Francisco Merchant Cuts His
Throat on Board La Tourralnne.
San Francisco, Aug. 13. Qulllor
Hlrschflold, a morchnnt of 2239 Sut
ton street, cut his throat In his stnte
room en hoard La Tourralnne, tis sho
entered port this morning.
He boarded the vessel nt Hovro
and hns boon In 111 health all tho voy
age. Ho had wrlttun n letter telling
of his despondency and threatening
to suicide.
Portland's Deficit.
Portland, Aug. 13. Portland's city
government is up ngnlnst n hard prop
osition. The auditor estimates that
there will he a deficit of nearly $29,
000 this year If expenses nre not ma
terially reduced.
the bridge of the battleship Czaro
wltch a: the height of the battle,
when a shell exploded, blowing him
to atoms.
Casualties on board the Czarowltch
were 210 killed and CO wounded. The
battleship reached Kai Chow with
her steering apparatus shot away and
most of her machinery damaged so
It is practically useless.
trenches about tho city.
The Fred Taute ranch of 320 acres
on the Tutuilla creek, three miles
from Pendleton, was sold yesterday
to Archibald Struthers for $10,000.
Negotiations had been on betweeli
Taute and Struthers for several
weeks. The farm consists of wheat
land and is one of the oldest ranches
in Umatilla county.
Mr. Taute secured the farm about
three years ago. He came to Ore
gon from Dakota on account of his
health. He recently purchased a farm
In Southern Nebraska and will leave
boon for that state. Tne Taute farm
Is what was formerly known as the
old Doss Turner and the Bell
ranches. The two quarter sections
that make up the farm, were form
erly owned by two different persons.
The sale of the property was nego
tiated through C. C. Berkeley, real
estate dealer,
Details of Sea Fight.
London, Aug. 13. Ti.e Japanese
embassy has received from Admiral
Togo of today's date, as follows:
"Five of the six Russian battleships
which engaged the Japanese fleet on
August 10, are believed to have been
seriously damaged. The Pobledas'
masts were broken off and her big
guns ceased working before the bat
tle was over. The R.etvlzan apparent
ly suffered most, owing to our con
centrated shells.
Tho firing at the cruisers was from
a distance of 3500 yards and o.e a re
sult this class of vessels was proba
bly less seriously damaged than the
Russian battlenhlps. The Russian
cruiser Bayan did not emerge from
Port Arthur."
The message adds that the Japan
ese damages have already been tem
porarily repaired.
Admiral Wlthofft Buried at Sea.
London, Aug. 13 An evening News
dispatch from Tslng Tau, on Kalo
Chou bay. states that Admiral With
off's legs were blown off in the battle
of Wednesday. He was hurled at sea.
Tho commander of the Czarowltch
states that he encountered tho Jap
anese 20 miles from Port Arthur. The
Czarowltch changed course and sail
ed, toward Shantung. The Japanese
followed the flagship and a second
battle occurred there in the afternoon.
One Shell Killed 200.
Chee Foo, Aug. 13. Reports have
reached here today from Port Arthur
to the effect that a shell in the re
cent bombardment, fell Into a build
ing and killed 200 Russians.
Russians Evacuate Llao Yang.
London, Aug. 13. A dispatch to the
Evening Star from Tien Tsln says
the report has reached there from a
Japanese source that tho Russbns
i evacuated Liao Yang without fight
I lug. after burning the railway station.
Oregon Cherries Lead.
Union, Aug. 13. C. M. and G. G.
Stackland. of the Cove, Union coun
ty, received first premium, during the
past week, tor the best cherries on
exhibition at the St. Louis fair, of the
Bint; ard Royal Ann varieties. Stack-
i a i .1 n .....11 nil , 1, IH
zens of Cove are highly elated over , ..."V', ".J off
this bit of good news as thoy are Ulrue "ussian cruisers orr
Justly entitled to be. The honor, as
well as the advantage iroin a com
mercial point of view Is of Incalcula
ble Im)ortaiice. The grading was 100
in pach Instance.
Germans Guard Runaways.
St. Petersburg, Aug. 13. A tele
gram from Klao Chou says a German
cruiser, probably the Fuerst Bis
marck, has arrived there to prevent C(j anr jlcr hold searched
tne Japanese irom entering me uar
bor In pursuit of tho Russian war '
vessels which liavn taken refuge In
the bay.
British Steamer Searched.
Gibraltar, Aug. 13. Tho ' British
steamer Itonda, bound for Naples,
was boarded by a Russian cruiser's
crew yesterday, her papers examln-
DR. C. J.
Thirty-first Annual Session of Oregon
State Association to Be Held In
Portland August 30 and 31 Spec
ial Clinic to Be Given by Dr. Mayo,
of Minnesota Entertainment of
Delegates by President Williamson.
Russians Short of Coal,
Russian Vessels Seek Hiding Place.
Washington, Aug. 13. Consul Gen
eral Goodnow. of Shanghai, cabl.es
the state department: "Tho Russian
cruiser Askold has arrived here seri
ously damaged and wants to dock!
Have written the Russian consul gen-
Aberdeen Ravaged by Fire.
Aberdeen. Scotland, Aug. 13. A
fierce fire is raging iu the tenement
district and the damage already ex
cedes a million dollars at noon.
LW ; Maybr,ck Sals-
Atiti- u13-"11 18 reported
J . I P that Mrs. Mavhrlnk
'total oAn a88mod name for
leu States today.
fck. .0 Auc. 19ri.i o. i ...
Mat ;: 'z&; new aop-
T.,Ui,j Corn 60j onlg
First Socialist Speech Ever Made
Helena by a Woman.
Last night residents of Helena
were treated to a novel sight. For the
first time In the city of Helena a wo
man, Mrs. Ida B. Hazett, addressed a
crowd In the interests of the socialist
party, says the Helena Independent.
It was an open air meeting and was
held at the corner or Broadway ana
Main street.
Mrs. Hazett is a mannish appear
ing young woman, and standing upon
a cracker box, in a sharp clear voice
she told of the advantages of social
ism. She Is a good talker, too, and
made several hits. Probably tho
best one was when she said tho
packers had gotten tho business
down to such a fine point that they
were able to utilize every part of the
hog, even the squeal, which was re
corded on a phonographic record and
used as a rally at republican conven
tions. The first part of the Bpeoch soared
but with every sentence kept coming
a little closer to tho ground, tho
spsakor closing the address with
these words: "Come up and buy one
of these little book Only a nlckle. i
'a half a dime the pn -e 3f n r gar or
' glass of boor"
Questioned this morning hy tho
East Oregoniati, as to tho average
cost of raising a bushel of wheat In
Umatilla county, E. W. McComas,
local muungur for the Northwest
Warehouse Company, took tho aver
ago farm of 100 acres and a 25-bushel
yield for a starting point, and con
cluded that it Is 32 cents and 4 mills
Taking this figure for an average,
21 to 22 cents Is sometimes found as
the cost, where the farmer Is excep
tionally located as to richness' of
laud and contlguousuess to market,
and perhaps other more than usual
ly favorable circumstances intervene
to lessen the cost.
On the other hand, a frost, a local
dearth of rain, distance from mar
ket, or some other factor may inter
fere that the farmer cannot reap the
full benefit or average conditions,
and the cost of reproduction may
reach from 3D to 38 cents.
But on the average farm 10 miles
from market, the schedule of expense
may be considered to bo covered by
the following estimates of the cost
per acre the labor bolng practically
all hired:
Preparation of ground, $2; seed,
(one and a quarter bushels of grain
at CO cents per bushel) 7fc; harvest
ing with combine, $2.fi0; sacks, $;
hauling, $1.40; warehouse charges,
45c. Total, $8.10. Divided between
a yield of 25 bushels per acre, makes
tho expense to $1200. and tho vlehl
(at 25 bushels per acre) to 4000 husli-
eis. me avcrago cost being the same.
un me large ranches it would ap
pear, to judge tho subiect minerflc
lally, that the cost per bushel would
bo lighter, but Mr. McComas h Until.
tive that the average big rancher has
to pay almost exactly the same as the
sman farmer, because he must hire
all his labor, or practically all of It
The "natural" difference ought to
be about 15 per cent in favor of the
large rancher, hut It does not exist In
reality because or tho fact that ho
must hire very nearly all his work
Wheat raising is more profitable
man id years ago, for the reasons
that th,e yield is increasing percepti
bly and "year by year," with ovory
Indication of bearlnir out tin. t hfinrv
held by government experts that tho
soli of this wheat belt Is actually self
fertilizing that It tak.es cultivation
and tho prowluu of crona to dovolon
its strength.
Another reason for the crowinir of
wheat being more nrofitablo than
ever before hcre la that tho cost of
actual production is less' as more
wells nre dug, thus doing away with
the necessity of hauling water.
The third reason Is tho incrnnnnrl
efficiency of machinery. Almost evorv
year something is done which renders
the combines, and even the older-fash
ioned fypes Of harvesting annarntna
Dr. C. J. Smith, of this city, at tho
31st annual meeting of th,e Oregon
State Medical Association, to bo held
In Portland on August 30 and 31, will
lead the discussion, following the pn
per on "Surgical Shock,"
"I intend going Hast In a few
weeks," said Dr. Smith, this morning,
"and It may bo that I will not bo
able to attend tho meetings In Port
land. Tho sessions of the associa
tion are always very ontertnlnlng nnd
highly Instructive, and I will attend
If I can possibly tnke the lmo,"
Tho meetings of tho association
will bo held nt Elks' hall In (ho Mar
quam building. One of the principal
events will ho nil address on abdomi
nal surgery by Dr. Charles Mnyo, of
Rochester, Minn., nnd a surgical
clinic conducted hy him at 51. Vin
cent's hospital.
Dr. Walter T. Williamson, tho pres
ident of tho association, and chief
surgeon at tho Mount Tabor Sanitar
ium, will hold an informal smoker at
his residence In Mount Tabor, on tho
ovenlng of tho 30th. On tho evening
of August 31 tho city and county
medical associations of Portland will
.entertain tho visiting doctors nt a
banquet at Hotol Portlnnd.
The officers of tho state associa
tion are: W. T. Williamson, Port
land, prosldont; G. W. Tape, formerly
of Hot Lake, vice president; 15, K,
Ferguson, The Dalles, second vlco
president; Jesslo M. McGavIn, Port
land, treasurer; L, H. Hamilton, Port
land, secretary.
Dr. W. T. Williamson, president o
tho state association, was n former
resident of Umatilla county, having
been one of the pioneer physicians of
me county.
Gala Day at the National Cap
ital Turned Into a Time of
Seven Bodies Recovered at Four
O'clock Accident Happened at End
of Second Race, Opposite George
town Thirteen People In the
Launch, Only Four Escape Happy
Event Was Proceeding With Great
Enthusiasm Wherv One of Leading
Launches Went Under In n Strong
Wnshlngton, Aug. 13. During tho
boat races today u launch cnpslzctl
and seven wero drowned. Tho acci
dent happened at tho close of th.b sec
ond race off Georgetown. Tho swift
current from tho flume of tho Sizzles
mills capsized and snnk tho hont and
flvo women and two men wero
drown. Ono man, tho only other oc
cupant, was rescued nnd Ills nnmo Is
not known.
Nine Lives Lost.
The bodies recovered are Miss Ha
zel Hlzer, nged 20; Dr. Charles H.
Blum.er, MIbb Melon Moore. It Is now
stated that 13 wero In the bont and
four wero saved.
Seven Bodies Recovered.
Washington, Aug. 13 Soven bodies
wero recovered up to 4 o'clock. Ono
was Identified us William 11. Smith,
an employe of tho navy yard. Tho
others are; Albort C. Stout, Dr. C. L.
Stewart, J. George Smith, A. J. Hoso,
and J. Herbert Coates, all of Washington.
Porte Must Answer or Diplomatic Re
lation Will Be Broken.
London, Aug. 13. A dispatch from
Constantinople states that Lelsch
matin had nn Intorvlow with Foreign
Minister Tewflk Pasha to renew tho
request for tho Immediate settlement
of American demands.
After tho intorvlow Tewflk Pasha
left tho palace. Developments aro ox
pecte'd today. IClthcr the porto will
grant tho demands or Lelschmann
will break off diplomatic relations.
Waldec-Ros8eau Burial Was a Simple,
Democratic Affair.
Paris, Aug, 13. A vast throng at
tended tho funeral services of Wal-iluck-Itosseau,
former premier, lit St.
Clotllde, today. Tho body luy In tho
center of tho church surrounded by
candles. Thoro wero no flowers, In
accordance with Hut wishes of tho de
ceased. Th.o Interment was at Mont
Mnrtro cemetery.
Dissolve Australian Parliament.
Melbourne, Aug. 1.1. Premier Wnt
sou has asked the governor general
to dissolve the Australian parliament.
The request Is duo to tho defeat of
tho government Wednondny on tho
question of labor arbitration.
he average cost per bushel 32c and j more efficient, and in tho same ratio is
": ' lessens, of course tho cost of nro-1 to
By hc quaver section this brings ' during every bushel of erain I tKI
Dr. Hutchinson Finds "Scabies
Large Herd at Eugene.
Government Stock Insnectnr iininh
nison was In Eugeno yesterday after
noon ana condemned a bund of 130
head of cattle, which w.oro ready for
suipmont 10 Montana, on account of
an injection called "scabies," Hays
me Hiigcna uuaru.
According to tho law. cattln lnr.-fi
ed in any way cannot bo shipped from
ono state to another. Another drove
or 27D head nt Oukland and one of 17D
neau ai jiaisey wero also condemned
and cannot bo shinned.
tne announcement that the cattle
were Infected and could not bo shio.
peu came as a tnunuorbolt to J. N.
uurgess, ttio gentleman who had
oougut tho cattle and was under con.
tract to deliver them to tho govern
ment on an Indian reservation In
"Scabies" Is a now dlseaso to local
cattle men. It appears on tho skin
of the cow and is not discornable un
less a closo examination Is made.
Hark scabs about tho slzo of a dime
are seen underneath tho hair and are
found on various parts of the body.
. uv o.ui'ti juDjiei-iur nays mo disease
Is found all over Oregon. Washing
ton and Idaho, and doubtless has n.
Istcd for years
Firemen 8erloualy Injured,
Minneapolis. Aug. 13. Eight tint
men wer.o seriously Injured by a fall-
lug slnlrwny Iu a flro which gutted
tho Printers' Exelmi'en Building this
morning, Loss, $100,000.
Russian Heir Is Robust.
St. Petersburg, Aug. 13. Dr. Vott,
tho Imperial accoucheur, today re.
ports tho czarina and son doing well.
Northwest to Ship 100,000 Pounds'
This Year.
The statement coiiioh from an uu
thorltatlvo source that 100,000 pounds
of cascara hark, with u market vnluo
of approximately $0000, will ho ship,
p.od from Pugot Hound ami Columbln
river districts to eastern markets dur
ing tho present year.
An unusual demand from custom .
cities, especially Now York, has In
creased the vnluo of tho hark to such
mi extent that farmers having tho
cascara treoB on their lands aro de
voting much of their attention to
peeling the hark nnd proimrlrii; It for
th.o markets.
Oregon Horses East.
C. M. Clay, ono of tho most oxten.
slve horsemen of tho West, shiilned
200 head of range horsjes to East St.
I-oula last weok. The next shipment
from there will bo about August 18,
when Mr. CJay will ship 500 head of
Malheur range horses. Duriuc tho
ast Ii shipped to eastern mar-
m 1
- iwu neaa of horses