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. ... news today
I rg."-- ..T,h!
Tonight showers,
prubnbly fair.
BR- ?r
a 8K
Iphic 'rv'1"-
NO. J 1)9$).
1 H?Oiv
'"an hJ
1 "tirmii
niie mills
That Means Much to
Vool Industry ot a
. portion of' Idaho and
L Tributary to This Polnt-
Laurlng at The Dalles and
I n. iinHfi- One
ton Will c -
mentMllls Here Are Be-
Luroughly Overhauled in
ItiS for a Long and Prodlg-
Lrfleton Scouring JIUIb and
Ur Institution at Tho Dalles
ran under the same manage-
, mt. and it is rumored
L Dalles people have leaseu
ut here for a term tif live
I Russell, of The Dalles, is
t Pendleton mailing uio u
unri will take charge
Uulj'bere about the first of
iu month. Mr. uussen is
iv. minarcra of tho The
ItSt? Scouring Mill Company,
rl!H ue aireci uvumis"'
I Pendfeton mills when the
Iree of men is now at work on
rjcataery of the Penuieion
mil In the next month will
lit Jll overhauled and put into
lest condition possible, ine
fces are not ln the best con
Invito In thn Inner -strain of
I sad day work they undorwent
the uat season, during which.
I there was no opportunity to
little necessary repairs as they
i Strauss, who was lust year
n nt ihf sfniirlncr tllllla. will
tho mhA tnr thn nnmtmnv this
land will buy for them during
wol season. He Is now in uau
ln the Interest of thn mills.
luccessor in the mills has not
Fen appointed, but It Is thought
t will be some man from Tho
be a good one for tho managers,
hey will by It be enabled to han-
It tlin WIUll In Mo Knrl f ftin
west. The Shanlko country and
Mutiui Ytin uu vuKcn rare
' the mill at The Dalles, while
astern and southeastern part of
state, and part of Washington,
and Mnntnnn urlM l. t.ti...
10 tho Ppnftlptnn mill
tgement will thus bo master of
vholfi N'nrthwpat alttmti..., i..
v-wi, unuuuwi,
scouring business.
Chicago Concern Falls for Million
and a Half.
nhinnim Mnrch 1R. Judge Dunne
- - i
...n 4i.ia Tnnrntnir nnnolnted receiver
for the International Packing Com
pany, alleged to uo insolvent, ine
concern has $1,600,000 liabilities,
with $700,000 assets. The petition
alleges the directors lost $1,000,000
gambling on the uoaru oi traae.
Slnco 1899 the plant has not been
Seismic Disturbances With" Mt. Rai
nier as a Center.
aonttit March 1R. Thn directions
of the undulations in different North
western points where last nignts
(.nrtlmimkn was felt Bhow it was
caused by some subterranenn
turbance, with Mt. Rainier as
center. People fear Rainier as
come an active volcano.
An Excuse for the Renewal of Persecutions of the Jews in
RussiaMassacres Expected During Easter.
Nevertheless the .Jews Are Subscribing to the War Fund Story of the
Sinking of a Jap Merchantman Attributed by Russians to a Storm
Japs Said to Have Two Thousand Men In Hospital as Result of tht
Fights Around Port Arthur Japanese Docks Jf ull of Damaged War
Attempt Will Be Made to Make It an'
Open Shop Town.
CnnrnmnnlH P.Jll Mltmh IS. TllO
stlnntlnn In t'hn bulldlnc trades troll
blo is practically unchanged today
The carpenters are tno oniy men ni
work. Tho contractors insi nigui
,i,.i,in,l tn iltnchnrirn nil union men
and employ non-union men only, and
protect them it necessary. inu
Builders' Association announces Its
determination to stand, by tho con
tractors and mnko Sacramento an
open shop town.
Senate Makes Leonard Wood
a Major General by a Large
F. W. D.
Record Broken by the Precipitation
of the Past Winter.
Chicaco. March 18. Chicago is
nirnln hurled beneath a heavy snow
fall, breaking tho record, There has
fallen this winter, ' 5G.C inches, the
heaviest known in the history of the
Murder and Suicide.
Lincoln, Nob., March 18. David
Carroll, a rejected suitor for tho
k.n,i nf Annie. Mnvwnll. daughter of
a wealthy farmer, shot the girl dead
this mornlnK and then killed himself.
Displeased at France.
nnmn Mnrch 18. The none today
received all cardinals of Rome, ex
pressing Tegret at the war cm uatuo
ll congregations wngod Tiy the
French government.
Four Splendid Steamers Added to
Oriental Service From the Oregon
Metropolis Increase of Eastern
Trade Makes This Absolutely Nec
pltated Because the Sultan De
nies Reforms.
Israde, March 18. It Is reported
I au fl'oanian Insurrection
fl rtmOMan ....
I (-.-.o.3 ueiweou Mitrovltr.o
ipe. and that the revolutionists
Veil flunnllan
I, ,.r '" arms.
.".cuiun io precipi-
lns T" unrlslnK and declare
In,. UI lne country un-
the sultan accedes to their do-
Itian lu" 1116 uiamiBsnl of
It, ,r unu employes at
u. relief Imm . . .
Iiinnnri V . i , J ,ttu"-ni oi taxes
"PJ0" Turkish garrisons, and
-uiiiusuneu AlbanlaiiB.
Sarafoff Leaves G nU9
IMacertnn?rch, 18-U 18 rIortetl
Iralt. -""Buonia, lo start
Was For an Injunction to Pre
vent an Attachment.
Nor and a S' ,L Smlth V8' T'
I iKJS 'Nelson, a Judgment
Plain r'nn,1 'T "vor.ot
" costs of thn
ion -ri. "c uuiunuani. A.
PWIth tn ".r " 10 "rauKnt
CC"'"' a note which
a New Crusade.
i,e,', larh 18.-Soveral
Ivoii.v.' .specially of nnn,n
feral. 'nra.T8 appealed tn n.
tn i,. 3 body of vf,il...
I'tyoverfcPh of Christian.
Portland. March 18. Four steam
ei-s or tho Hamburg-American lino
with a combined nset registered ton
nuge of 18,379, have beon chartered
by tho Portland-Asiatic company to
tnlm llln nlnrn llf tllQ lllllia HnCrS
tlin ithnrters of which have about
Tim Kipniiinrs nro modern frolght
,ru nini lirnftli'nilv now, They are
UKj Aragonla, G.19S tons; Arabia, 4,-
438 tons; Nlcomedln, 1,372 ions, unu
Numutla. 4,371 tons. Uxoepttng the
a ..,, in il.i.v with all built in 1901
and for handling freight rapidly are
eimlppod with all the latest uppim"
Tho steamers have .a dead woigui
currviiiir capacity ot tioin 7,uuu to
8,000 tons each,
i.. i, witii thn four Chlnu
Commercial liners, the now vessels
will .bo operated liotween i-uiuuuu
and the Orlont.
Tho comblnod carrying capacity
fitnniints to Ul
I'D nmi iiiuu nm IT IK HilOiiuuu
in linvi. nn Oriental vessel sailing
from Portland ovnry 10 ,nys- Juo
nw ki.1ii.i1ii will HO J1UO u
about May 1.
One Man Killed and Seven Injured
When It Exploded.
I t -r ,.!.,!. .... Mnrrli 18. A dy
t, t 1 .ri.thinn nynloued
nullum iniuinui .-
Kiituiih. i... iinimn nf the commission
er of nollce today. Seven men were
. : . ... 4 iifoini. l'n.
injured, four soriousiy. n -
titn ii-iw. ..tii nn thn maclitne ana
examined It, when U exploded, lias
Rincii died of his Injuries, auiio i.m.
mous. ohnnlnln of Lloge hospital,
...n i , 1, Inlnrnll.
Violent debate fis taking p'neo in
..." . . it.. vn1ficfrin
parliament touay over iuu w
n. I I . . n nAnoarvfliiv w (i n. it
Il tho urtnlnlluta nf ll(llltT KUlUj' Ol
an attempt to assnssinato m" -"
mlsslonur of police.
Lahni. War Threatens.
Now York, March 18. Tho strike
f l.l1.1.. Inl.nrnra COIltlll
lino nn.l 1.HnnfAn(. tn InVnlVll anOltlOr
gigantic labor war similar to last
summer. Tho conference oi i ""-
board of arbitration anil rojiruaui.."
tlves ot tho brlcklayertt ended in a
ueauiock this mornlnK, niiui
night session. Twonty thousand men
ro out. 1
German Navv Affairs.
Berlin,. March 18. Tho knlsor has
sent tho relchHtag another skotch,
Klvlng diagrams of all British war
ships built since 1900. It is bellovod
io uo tnp precursor of a now iwu"'
St, Petersburg, March 18. The
fanciful theory has been started here
to the effect that the Japanese aro
the lost Ten Tribes ot Israel. The
Idea, while ludicrous, has been seiz
ed upon by the antl-semitlc press as
a means or starting a new iuiu-jcw
lsh outbreak.
The Novoe Vremya wontonly
treats It seriously, and the Dally
nrabroa enVC thf .lflWH llf RllSSla are
subscribing large sums to aid their
new-found brethren in the conduct
of the. war.
ti Id fnrAil tho nnntention will be
the cause of a renewnl of the Klshl-
neff massacres during Easter. The
fact ia, the Jews are subscribing
heavily to the Russian war tuno.
New Prize Courts.
An official decree has been Issued
sanctioning the establishment of
prize courts at Sebastapol, Vladivo
stok and lJort Arinur.
Want Them at Home.
Aldersbot. England, March 18.
An nfflnlnl tint! flmt Inn to tho army
Btates that no application of offlcers
desiring leave or. ausence 10 go iu
Japan, China, Korea or Manchuria
will be entertained.
Matsuda Is President.
Tni.-ln March 1R. At the opening
of "the diet today, Matsuda, the lead
er of the seljukal party, was eiecieu
president oi tne nouse oi reiirem.-ni.u-tlvns.
Matsuda has twice held olllce
In tho Japanese rab'lnet.
Japanese the story of tho presence
of warships. ,
There was-' no bombardment oi
Hakodate, which Is heavily forti
fied. Tho alimlral thinks the war
will bo long.,
Mays of Pomeroy, Assaults
15-Year-Old Girl.
Pomeroy, Wash., March 18. F. W.
D. Mays, editor and proprietor 6f the
Washington Independent of this city,
was arrosted yesterday afternoon on
a chargo of criminal nssauu, niicgeu
to have been committed on Penrloy
May Pearsoll. the lti-year-old daugh
ter of II. J. Pearsoll, a laborer In
this city.
Crossing Lake Baikal.
From Lake Baikal comes reports
that soldiers" nro crossing In great
numbers on d.ho Ico In a comforta
ble manner, marching tho entire dis
tance of 26 miles, in one ciay. tney
are glad to get out of tho trains and
walk. In two weeks Icebreakers will
probably be at work forcing a channel.
Storm Sunk the Merchantman.
hi I'otprRhnrir. March 18. Admi
ral Stackclberg, formerly command
ing the Vladivostok squadron, In an
interview, states that the cruise of
his ships from February 9 to 1C, In
Japanese waters, was made by or
der of Admiral siarn lor ine eurui
upon tho population of Northern
He denies ho fired upon a Japan
ese merchantman ln San Car
Straits. Tho ships were captured,
and while being taken to the tort a
terrific blizzard arose. The crews
and passengers of one merchantman
were taken off. It was loaded with
. . .1. Tlio
nnnira innt ric mill wum nuni- . ,.u ,
ih.r imm T-nipnHiid to carry to the i of .'i00.
Japs Suffered Severely,
lyiniinn. .March ..18. A Central
News dispatch from Port Arthur
states that from private dispatches
received from Shanghai It appears
the Japanese Buncreii extensively in
th nnerntlnns about Port Arthur.
The battleship Mlkasa was struck
...in, hi nrnWillpH In the bombard
ment on the 10th, and was seriously
All the .docks the Japanese nave
aro occupiod by warships being re
paired. Two thousand Japanese
wounded on land and Boa are being
treated In jhjjspltals.
Russians Retire From Wlju.
Ilorlln March 18. A Iokal Anzel-
ger Seoul dispatch confirms reportg
that tho Kussian norse nriuiury nus
withdrawn to tho north bank of the
Yalu, leaving only a weak post at
Chungsong, near Wlju.
Headed Off the Russians.
Kobe, March 18. It is officially
confirmed that the Russian squad
ron at Port Arthur attempted to
break out tho night of tho 10th,
which was very dark, and effect a
Juucturo with the Vladivostok licet.
Tho morning of tho 13th, however,
Togo's patrol sighted tho fleet, which
returned to Port Arthur.
Cold Storage Plants for Mexico.
Mnvlrn. March 18. Cold
storage plants with enormous enpa
cliv will anon hn erected In this city
a concession having been granted
the company wnicii iibb uio prujeui
In linn ,1 Prili! Klnr.inn is needed ln
Mexico nnd upward of $2,000,000 Ib
now in hand for tlio construction i
tho warehouses, not only In the City
nt Mnvlrn. hut also In Vera Cruz,
Tamplco and other lending cities of
tho republic.
Hanned for Wife Murder
iilmnnln Mrmt.. Mnrch 18. Louis
H. Mott was hanged today In tho
,..,.i .-r iiw MUsniila county lall ln
tho presence of several Bcoro of oflV
n ,ir iniiDnna nnn micciiiturB. unu n
crime was tho murder of his wlfo
last January.
Union Laborlte From California Will
Hold His Seat In House of Repre
sentatives Proceedings Taken to
Secure the Impeachment of a Fed
eral Judge In Florida Pension
List Is to Be Extended by Order
Under the Act of 1890 New Fog
Station In San Francisco.
Rumors of Defeat,
n.-lo Mnrch 18 Thorn Is nn un
confirmed rumor on tho Bourse of a
great Japanese defeat. It Is bellev-
ml llm ronnrt i.rnw nut. of the defeat
of 200 Japanese by a Rufuluu forco
Question of Where to Build Is No
where Near a Solution.
Dr. C. J. Smith, Lee Teutsch,
Jesse Falling, Walter Pierce and
Clerk John Halley, ir oi tne scnooi
i.nr,1 nccnmnanled bv a commltteo
of business men, consisting of Leon
Cohen, Dr. W. a. uoie, ur. w. Vin
cent 'and F. B. Cloptou, made the
-r.M.wla nf tlin nvailnbln sites for
Bphool buildings this morning and
now things are in a worse muuuio
than before.
It has been the contention of those
who oppose the building of a school
house on the Academy site that tho
iimiinii iu niiiliislrnliln: that It Is too
close to the railroad and the factor
ies; that It Is flat and generally un
desirable as a place where the young
peoplo should spend nine mouths of
the year.
Now when tho situation is can
vassed it is found that unless tho
district Is willing to pay a fortuno
for what they want, no better loca
tion can bo bought. That Is about
what Avns decided, and tho matter Is
now JUBt where It was last year.
tn,.. i.a iu winini? to build on
1 II u uuu... " .......... . .
any property that Is suggested and
that can be secured. No better than
utt ii fit ItiHt ft nfjiln If will hold an
..ti.nM n.. tVitu iiimtilnir fntiatllur
all of tho evidence gleaned from the
trip, view the question rroin an biuch
and if possible decldo on some plan
to suiiniu.
To Distribute Sturgls Estate.
A. S. Ijo Grow, of Walla Walla,
has askod tho county court of Walla
walla county tor permission as uu-
.nlnlulrnlnr tn rllutrlllllti. till! OStatO
r,t Mm. SiiKiin M. SlurirlH. deceased.
of thut city. Tho dato set for the
final huaring In the case Is April 12
. tin i (llatrlhiitlnn will III! order
ed. The estate amounts to $jOO,44
in nersonal property and n.buu in
mill i.utntn Thn Imlrfl nro F. S. IjO
Grow, of Athena, Susan A. Wals.i,
and Grace Winn, or Walla Walla,
and tho children of Mrs. Llna Stur
gls, of this city.
McNerny vs. McNerny.
The divorce case of Laura McNer
ny vs. John McNerny, was tnea we
rnm TnHen w. It Rills this after
r.r,n Thn nlnlnllff nllccns CTUOl
and Inhuman treatment on the part
of tho defendant. Quito a number
of witnesses are being examined.
nnd tho case is being fought on both
nl.lDa oliililiiiriilv Thn lllnlntiff Is
Hint enn lln HPPIirCd. NO UULIUI muu diuwi bvwmw.m.. :
what h noV d aw bo gotten for represented by A. D. Stlllman, and
wliat is now -' B 'thn defendant bv John McCourt.
any smau buiu, uu - ,
Washington, March 18.-
-Tho comptroller of the
iSnnoial) tho corner of Main and Court
drnnto A lAnRn nf 10 vnnrn haa
umptrollor of the currency H(J0Ur0d on the cornor r00mgi
has approved tho application oi w. and tlloy wl)l bo flttod up at once
L Thompson, R. C. Beach, T. L for the establishment of tho bank.
... , , n ipAin.l T n. TTnllnv will hn ennnral at
Tfo oCr'gaJn.zo"rnaUona.- nan In Forney" ff "the new Inst, ut.on and
.Inrilnton Or. with a capital stock W. L. Thompson, of Lowlston. one
of $0(1000 to "be Known as the Com- of tho chief proraotera, will proba
ioi National Bank bly ho caslilor, and tho Arm oxpectfl
m(Twi U tho bank spoken of In to bo ready for business In time to
th colum fl last week, which will handle a Hhare of tho harvest buai
bo lnstl tutoa in tho Judd building onness this year.)
ONTARiO SEPT. 19, 20, 21
Mnihrur r.ountv Association Fixes
the Date and Arranges an Elabor
ate Proaram Committee of Prom
inent Citizens Appointed to Have
r.hnrn Irrlaaled Lands Will Ot
Seen at Their Best at That Time
At n meeting of tho Mnlhour
County Irrigation Association, yes
terday, tho date for tho meeting of
tlio State Irrlgutlon Association was
,i i r- Hnnlniiilinr 19. 21) mill 21
and an olabornto program mid lilnna
were arranged lor uio ihl-hijiiiii.
n C.lluc f llm cnlltltV IIM
Boclatlon. Iiub sent out flivitatlonH lo
tli.. tfivernment olllclnls to attend
thn tnrntlnc- and tulto pari In tlio dlti
puhhIoub and official announcement
of thn meeting will bo IbhikmI Iiiiiiii
.11..!., In
A commltteo of Ontario clllzeliH,
oiuii,,., r m. ii Test. J. It. Black-
iiunmiiiih ....
i... mwi i. Ailariiu. wus unpointed to
act as fliinnco and general nrrauKe-
iiii-nt commltteo, nnd It ih mo mien
n r H. ii cnmiiiitlen lo ecllliHO any
Hlato meetliiB over held by tho ubbo-
clatlon. , .
Ti.,. ,inin una ant III Seiitemlier III
order that the ilelogati'B may boo tho
Irrigated lands of Malheur county
at their bCBt, with two crops of al
falfa already In tho Black, nnd tho
third crop being cut at that llino.
Tho wheat cropa will bo harvi'Hled
and tho fruit will bo ready to gather
and It was thought this tho most op
portune tlmo to hold tho meeting,
to show tho advantages and frullB of
Irrigation at their high tldo.
It will bo poBslblo to gather a
magnificent agricultural display nt
that time, and this being ono of the
most Important features of tho
meeting, Ontario wished to mako it
tho best ever Been in Oregon.
Malheur county sent tho bent and
most Important exhibits to tho meet-
..... I-..I M,,i,il,r In llllH I'll V. hut
lll IUO. "J ..'-"" -----
tho season wob bo far advanced that
It was Impossible to secure iue ih-bi.
exhibits at that time.
Washington, March 18. Tho Bim-
uto thlB nftornoon voted to confirm
tho appointment of Wood to bo ma
Tho confirmation vote stood 10 to
Ifi. Scott, of West Virginia, and Kltt-
rldge, of South Dakota, tho only ro-
publlcaiiB voting tiny. Democrats
voting for woro Dubois, CockrelL
Poltla and PnttcrBon. The voto was
advanced from Tuesilay noxt to to
day on nccount or tno iiesiro oi mrs.
wi.ii, i in unli fur tlm l'hlllhnlncs to
morrow If tho voto waB fnvorablo.
Pension List Increased.
Tim roHiiliitlon bv Overman call
ing on tho aecrotnry of tho Interior
to Inform tho sonnto wiioiner on or
der has been Issued enlarging the
pension net or lH'Ji), anu wnui m
crease It would mnko, was agreed
Llvernash Holds His Seat.
Tho house today, after dlsagroolni;
r-.t ll.J u.iiu.tit ntllundmOlltS to ' tho-
military appropriation hill, Bont It lo
Without debato, and by a viv
voce voto, tho Iioiibo adopted unanl
miinnlv n rnnnrt from tho committee
on elections that Llvernash, union
labor, from California, wiiobo buiu.
Ih contested by former republican
Knn, bo declared entitled to 1Mb soaL
In commltteo of tho wholo tho
poHtoIIlco appropriation hill will bo
rend for amendments.
To Impeach Federal Judge.
Tho HUbcoinmltteo of tho house
committee on Judiciary today re
ported In favor of tho Impeachment
of Judge CharloB Swnyno, of tho
roilernl district of Florida. Tho full
loinmltlou will tulto It up at ItH noxt
For New Fog Signal.
The Bonato pasnod a hill appropri
ating $12,000 for a fog signal Btatlon
In Sim Frani'lHco Bay,
Heavy Majority Against by the Bi
tuminous Miners.
IndlatiapollH, March 18. Tho
inlimrH In tho bituminous 'districts
In tho Central StotoH will not Btrlko.
At noon tho voto wiih niinouncoiL
making tho majority 31,111 ugalnat
a proposition to go out.
Cleveland Becomes a Mason.
Princeton, N. J., Murch 18. Tho
MuboiiIc grand l"'lg "f Now Jersny
Iiub Issued a dispensation by which
tho Princeton lodge will conlor tho
three degrees or Mnaonry on (Irovor
Cloveluml In ono night, this wook.
Mr. Cloveland la 07 years of ago und
this b one of tlio row extraordinary
concessions granted tho Masonic
fraternity In tbo history of the
United States,
uo tbo
Blacks Not Alone In Perpetration of
Awful Cruelties.
Berlin, March 18. Tho Voerwaertz
Btates that Southwestern Africa cru
elties aro not confined to tho Hero
ros, but tho German troopa aro co
operating with armed colonists m
retaliating. Letters from Germans
detail the barbarous treatment meted
out to the blocks ln revenge. Tho
Germans and Hereros resemble two
armies of devlla with holl let loose
throughout tho colony.
Mason In Distress.
Portland, March 18, The rovenuo
cutter Daniel Manning left Port-
I-...1 11, la tnnrntnir to look for tllO
American ship W. H. Mason, report,
od off Coos Bay in a helplosa condi
tion. The Mason Is 18 days out from
Lodysmtth, B. 0., for San Franclaco.l
Attempted Hold up.
Baker City, Mach 18, A
...I.!.,... nllntnritcil tn hold
m..i. ni,v,i, nt t o'clock Thursday
morning, but waa foiled by the bar
keeper and gamekoepor, who tiirnod
tho llghtB out na tho robber appeared
In tho gambling room. Thero was
over $12,000 n tho safe nt tho tlmo
besides $000 on tho gambling table.
King Bill at Gibraltar.
Gibraltar, March 18.-Kaiser WH
helm arrived today, tho Drills
i- i. .ii,. i. ihn Dnrman shin.
Governor White boarded tho Koonls
Alberta and weicomeu uio uuijiuiu-
The Dynamite Cure.
Vienna, March 18. At Arad,
Huugary, a miner named
Kimpian, suspoctod IiIb wlfo
of famlllurlty with a lodger
named Kohout, and exploded
n hi let- ur ilvnnmlto under the
dinner table, blowing hlrasolf, '
wlfo, tho lodger, nnd four
children to atoms.
muni navy bill.