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Shot Guns
To be a good shot yo" must be supplied with first
Class material, both gun and ammunition Our line
i's the highest grade, which is the reason for lovers of
shooting coining to us.
Tlie Hardware Man
Eight hundred hack anil carriage
drivers In St. l.ouis liave struck for
a lS-hour day. and $12.50 per week
pay and 55 cents per hour (or over
time. Harry S. Hurt .Is dead at San Fran-
clseo. He was mi Interpreter ami
could speak more Chinese dialects
than any living man. Caucasian or
Mongol. "
Alterations to make their buildings
epnfnrm-nvlth the law. will cost Chi
cago 'theater managers $500,000. This
i entirely outside the cost 2'
building several.
The courthouse of Adams county,
Colorado, hunted January IS. Loss,
$40,000 on the huildlug. All the rec
ords were burned, including the com
pleted assessor's returns.
.illss Fannie McNabb. of Chicago,
has been sent to an iusane asylum,
the victim of cigarette smoking.
She Is said to have smoked a pack
age evory day for in years.
John Oldham, a Utah mining mil
lionaire aged 72 years, on 10-dayV
acquaintance married Jennto O'Neill,
a 5fl.year-old penniless chambermaid,
first transferring to her a large
amount of his property.
Dr. Gustavp Rosenk died lately :.t
OaKland. Cal.. leaving no will or di
rections, concerning his effects. Since,
however, money, bank books and
deeds representing $30,000 have been i
found secreted In- the room in which J
he died.
What proved to be a false alarm of i
fire was turnet. in at the Chicago i
postofflce January 19. One hundred j
tons' of mall and 12 canceling ma-1
chines weighing 1.100 pounds each. !
were carried out of the building In
four minutes.
A Lambeth, England, Jury finds
that the negligence of the Prince cf
Wales is responsible for the death
ofa woman who fell off a balcony
npt provided with hand-rails. The
prince' owns the property referred '-o.
which Is a public lodging nnuse.
Hotel Pendleton.
J K. Flynn, Portland.
Mrs. S E. demons, Union.
S. E. Clemens, t'nton.
M. K. Ulmer. New York.
11. F. Slnshelmer. Portland.'4
Frank McFarland, Portland.
W H. Irwin, Heppner.
C. A. Minor ami wife, Heppner.
A. B. Thompson. I.a Grande.
M. Woods, Komiah.
A. W Cameron. Spokane.
It W Henneman, San Francisco.
G. D. Galley. Portland.
H. L. Morey. Stokes.
It. 11. Howard. Spokane.
G. Joyce, Spokane.
W. J. Moore. SpiKnne.
W. H. Olendennlng, Portland.
J. W. Po-vers, Freewnter.
A.. Loosch. Starbuck.
Delia Chlldors. I.a Grande.
J. B. Wolfe. South Bend.
F. E. Uamsey. Portland.
T. It. Yerger. Portland.
It. J. Dowdall, Washington.
Hotel Bickers.
Mrs. A. M. Jnmcs. Mednwbrook.
J S. Cunningham, Portland.
Guy Glenn, city.
A. W. Grimm and wife. Iowa.
Mrs. Carey, I.a Grande.
E. W. Helm. Portland.
Jap Gulliford and wife, Vinson.
O. G. Allen, city.
J. W. Carlin. Walla Walla.
C. H. Hacker, San Francisco.
C. F. Daniel, San Francisco.
J. K. Howard, city.
A. M. Jewett.
C. V. Daniel, San Francisco. ,
T. Hytand. New York.
John Llghtfoot and wife. Vinson.
John Clark, cay.
.Miss Schalfner. Baker City.
.Mrs. Small, Baker Olty.
A. W. Connett, Seattle.
L. H. Elgin. Duluth.
New Pharmacist From Portland
Sold Interest In Grocery Meet.
Ings are Being Continued at Chris
tian Church Gone to Portland
to Live Killed a Seven Foot
Cougar Mrs. McBrldc's Father
Will Make His Home with Her.
in start nn entire trnln
,f articles for exhibition. Every
kind of grass nml grain grown in
Utah will he exhibited and fi.OO
pounds of honey will he shown. A
arse amount of fruits mid vego-,hl.-s
have boon placed In lrc
sonlii liquids and will be displayed
m die palace of agriculture.
1 talis milling exhibit Ih expected
.., i... ,nu- of the most Interesting
tit till i) iiv inn- stale. Specimens
(,.,. from the various mines or onyx,
marble, decorating anil building
stone will be shown. A miniature
n.noentratiiiK plant Is nearly fin-,
Ished and will be one "f the Inter-
csllng features "I me iiumnf,
tlo"- - . . l
Large deposits ot pni-mni-urn . t
troni whteh radium Ir obtained, has ,
been discovered In Southern Utah
utul large iiitantltlos of this will be
lone and Lexington, Not Heppne
Athena, Jan. 21. Mrs. Dickon
son s aged mother, Mm. Hanks was
stricken with .paralysis Saturday,
leaving her deaf, dumb and blind
William Mellrldu. proprietor ot the
Palace drug store, has employed
Harry Dupay of Portland to assist
him In the store.
Miss Stakland has returned lum.e
from Baker City.
Clifford Stanton is noxiously HI
William Iteedur's youngest broth
er from Tncomn, Wash., Is here visit
I tig.
Gits Vollmer of Wnltshurg wiu
spent a few days In the olty on busi
ness, has returned home,
W. 1.. Lelger, formerly a resident
of this rounty. hut now of Boise. i
here on a visit
.Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Johns aril
two sons, who spent the past 3ix
weeks here have gone to Walln
Walla, where they will spend the
remainder of the winter.
John Plumb came down from in-
mountains, bringing with him a p B(mle tIIlt, rt!p0rtH have come
roimar he killed near Bingham , ,, vullnv to the ef-
Sprlngs. The animal measured fec( Ul,u tll0ro wng mi t,piuiiilc of
seven feet from tip to tip. tvphold fever at Heppner. hut the
.Mrs. Dr. Anderson's fntnor is vis-! 0-m,rtB or the boalth authorities ha o
Itlng at the Anderson homo. I , uiinvalllng in detorniining ihe
J. B. Saylnr has returned home ej(ont ()f tll0 sickness,
from his Butter Creek ranch. 'Thc cnBeg havt, ll(.t.n confined to
The protracted meeting of the ,,, , livi,n ,,. the most
Christian church did not close .is nm, B,)rt,n,j f the dlHenso
was e.iected. on account ol o .'.i llllm,or and serlouHneKs ot
"Ghosts" Appeals to Mothers. iler , .
Ibsen's "OlmstR" Is n play which heL
appeuls Rtrongly to mothers. The hl , .. ' ?"
leading character, Mtb. Alvlng. which u rV,,0"
is iiiieriiii'ieii iij tiiK.-iiu i.niiniin, is liclcht of
, a woman of noble mould whose life rcar-ru.,1 i
r' lms been filled with the keenest sor nib7.Jl$
Are Affected Condition Exists, ruwH. sll0 ,unr tu,m lM u,n),.npy ' . "Tj
Thouoh Local Authorities Are Re. even through the llnnl scene in whi. li Satiinlav i,..'
tlcent Eleven Persons in One
Family Were Sick Sanitary
Fund Was All Expended on Hepp-
Saturday. JMM1
"WAY Dow
"Human Hearts."
"Human Hearts," In all the glory nr
n new scenic se'ting, and with an nl- Beautiful Scenic f
many additions to the church in tit- t,e onseg havo ,llH,I( k,,lt wt!rr,,
IKist iuw uj. "-ie - i by the local authorities as tar as
accessions Sunday nlcnt. , ,)(H!Il .M)SBlll(,. The state board
Mrs. Bowling of Elgin, mother nf ; ,iag hcnn, 0i Ull) comitUn
Mrs. Jas. Smith and Mrs. Cynth.a , f h g th(jre .ln(, lMkul, Umt I)r
Davis hns returned homo. I smith of this city make an laves.-
Clarence and Ot s Whitman farh-1 ,( owI , pr(,HHlll? i,,,,,
er. Harvey U hi man . rau t.SH bore It has been Impossible -.r
P.isk. has been vlsltlnir them and . , . ..... ..... , i, .
looking after his business here ami
on the flat.
Mrs. Frank Simpson went
Portland Wednesday to Join ner
husband, who has a good position
Will Re3ide With His Daughter.
him tn make the trln. and l' l-
i iin.Mci.i thui tin. ciiiiilltloiiB have
,,, changed n little for the bettiT by
The epidemic Is traced directly to
debris of the Heppner Hood, which
left the valley strewn with the con
tents of the water Closets of the up-
Saved from Terrible Ceath,
The family of Mrs. M. L. Bobbltt
of Bargerton, Tcnn.. saw her dying
and were powerless to save her. The
most skillful physicians and every
remedy used, failed, while consump-
r nn nrno xlnnit.. 1... & .. . 1.
Mayor Boyd. of.Snokane. estimates ' 7" , 1 .1'.. i k'""V
the population 6 thai city at 39.-: n a " .V .ns 8
wi4 on inm.irr i iqo New Discovery for Consumption turn-
-94 on January 1. 1904. p( ,nto
Judge J. C. Fu lerton was held up brought immediate relief and Its con-
i.?T ,MJfOV,,ne"dir ? an? tinue(1 "ae completely cured her. It's
robbed of $1.50 In money and a bunch , the most certa,n cure ln the rworI(,
1 K s- .for all throat and lung troubles.
A heavy snowfall ln the Coast Guaranteed. Bottles 50c and $1.00.
range, between Eugene and Florence 1 Trial Bottles Free at Tallman & Co
has almost put the mountain stages ,
out of commission. , Ten Do,ars Reward.
two tramps. jonn wnitesiues ami , A reward of $10 will be paid for any
FTed Houston, were arrested at The inrnrmatlnn iv,,ii,, t .i.
Dalles. Wednesday, for robbing O. conviction of the party or parties
R. & N. freight cars. i nr(lln,oi.i j,.i , i,.i. i.
James Bnice. a Scotchman living the house on the W. H. Jones place
at Tacoma. aulclded Wednesday be- i Just north of town, recently, and'
cause he had no money with which stole a number of articles, among
to marry his sweetheart. Lillie KIrby. ' them being a volume from a set cf
The North Yakima theater has Thomas B. Heed's "Eloquence and Or
been ordered supplied with a new atory." If the books are returned
exit as It was considered to he dan- no questions will be asked. Enquire
gerous Jjy tne fire committee of the at tins office
city council, j
Two highwaymen held up a saloon i How's This?
at Tenth and Gllsan streets In Port-; . ...,.., ......
land at 11 o'clock Wednesday night. ! for any of 'EES U
acwuuug uciccu 40 uuu u iruui nit; iuicu uj nana i.aiarrn cure.
cash register. J ; CIIBNKY & CO., lroiw., Toledo, o.
The accommodations commltteo , Cbtnty for the lait 15 jar, and txliare
for the Lewis and Clark fair In Port- him prfctly honorable In all biulnaa
land, has already secured over 1.2UD , Ira t"'" km tid flnan'la" D "fry
rooms that will be available forjWKT i tuuax. Wbola e hruss'l.t.,
guests during the fair, To!!o. o. -.
, . ,.., . . ... iv.auui.no. KINNAN & MARVIN. Wbol
The Ministerial Association ff. tal Drnzeuti. Toiin. n.
Spokane, has begun an active cm-1 lUM't Catarrh Cure la taxtn lntrnallj,
sade against the .mmoral women of 1 ?'uf directly upon tb blood and mn
that city, and ... sillmnnna th . : KS. """J? 'hf !?. Price 7Se pr
. ... . . ". num dt an aniKSiaia. xat moaiaia
Mrs. Jennie McBrlde returned , va,u,y nm, tho clty f Heppn-r.
home Thursday, hrlngiiig her ai?od j iRn(1 nnmalg ami n HortK and con
father with her from Iinkotit. ,,. f i,h mi mtiiw M.is'-.nil
Idaho. Mr Armstrong will make his ' iU)WU nn( mlllR,.(i wtll t,t, Hllt of the
nonie wiin ins nuugiiier puruuuiuiu-
Sold Interest In Grocery.
George Gross has recently sold !o
George Thompson of Willamette
valley, his inteYest In the Blue
Front grocery store. The firm will
be known In the future as Worthlng
ton & Thompson.
Dance January il.
There will bo a dance in the opera
house January 22. Prof. Gulott and
Alf Johnson will furnish the music.
Way Down hM
Hie Krazer on isM
premier at Kn9
lnml,. ...1
transferred to Xnl
jumped Into '-rJ
'"u uau one o( 4
runs which it t
managers and iM
" is aLsolitdrfal
pretense as a iaJ
lurui in a realisld
allots on (drllk J
life which is to til
ew England. E9
liten presented
ed In to laugh
qmsite touches oft
Pioneer Woman of Athena Passed
Av.ay at Her Home Yesterday.
Athena, Jan. 21. .Mrs. H. Banks,
an old pioneer of thls city, familiarly
kuown as 'Grandma' Banks, died
yesterday evening of paralysis.
She was hurled here this afternoon,
her funeral to he tne first one preuch
ed In the v E. church.
She leaves nine grown children.
Ave of whom are married and are
present at the funeral. She was 74
years of age, and was one of the
most highly respected pioneers of
the county.
. . . . . ... iiiiinittii
streum. ThlR has lain tlirtmgii tnt llury 2n
summer ami now is iiciiik iuuikm-ii
the water used by lone and Lexing
ton. Heppner Is free from the dlsea3e.
owing to the fact that aided by the
funds furnished the city by outsivlo
sources It was cleaned nnd purified.
The committee hnvlng the funds In
hand refused to allow the money to
be spent on the places lower down
the creek, and as a result they are
now paying the penalty of the flood.
In one family In lone not long
ago there were 11 persons sick with
the fever at one time. This ratio
shows the prevalence of the disease.
equate cast, will be presorted f.ir
popular approval at the Kroner Jan.
Bryan t,
New York, Its
tcenth annual bu-
society at the W
night Colonel
Hryan will renoi
reare " Otltr
ers to be heard w
fleoree C Lorfac
Tung-Cheng, the
Fast living nutaf
devil s chain.
lice to testlfv against the women.
I Im.
Hall'i Family Pllla are the beat.
British ship captains who have lost
haavlli. frnm ,hcl. nna, In T).t I n . .1
,i,.o..i ... . ' , Annual Meeting of the Inland Enu re
many desertions Is that wages oald . " Lumbermen, Spokane Wash.,
on shore nre much hlehfr than nn fetiruary iu to 14.
the vessels, and that men tire of the I Fr tho avobe occasion the O. It.
cheap salaries and poor fare of the & makes a rate of one and one
sea. third fare for the round trip on tho
- certificate plan. Tickets on sale any
inree uays prior to the opening day.
, hor particulars, call on or addresB
E. C. Hmlth nrinr
In Real Estate ? Wonderful Nerve,
tls displayed by many a man endur
ing pains of accidental Cuts. Wounds.
Well watered and imnroved i I B?"sf ", Burn8' ScaIds. Bote feet or
wen watered anu improved. aUff Jontg But thore.s no need for
1000 acre stock ranch. All
fenced. Raises 200 tons of
hay; has running water; open
range near by, $5000
io-room house and two
lots. Modern conveniences.
$2 50a
' All on Easy Terms.
J Hll
i it.
T tb.
t tb.
; E. T. WADE & SON
r. o. itox su
'fbone BJick 1111 Office In'K. O, Bld(
Bucklen's Arnica Salve will kill
the pain and cure the trouble. It'i
the best Salve on earth for Piles. 25c
at Tallman & Co., druggists
Dissolution Notice.
The firm Jones & Damon has been
dissolved and tho undersigned will
hereafter conduct tho Modern School
of Commerce In tils own name, hav
ing assumed all obligations of tho
old firm, RAY JONES
Olympla Beer Olvmola Eeer.
The most popular brand for family
use. un draught at Anton Nolte's
He also handles the oottled beer ln
any quantity desired.
Angus McDonald Very Low.
Angus McDonald, who has hiBt re
turned from a visit to Colorado,
where he went in search of health,
Is very low at his home nt Athena,
with pneumonia, and little hope Is
entertained for his recovery. His
brothers, Harvey McDonald, of Walla
Walla, and Alex McDonald, of this
county, are at tils bedside.
I 4
Why Ship Cattle Into Oregon? I
What Is the matter with Oregon
cuttle raisers, anyway? .1. I'. 1'hlr-1
man. of this city Iibb gone .0 Omaha ;
to buy beef for the Union Meat Co.,
at Tmutilale. is it possible that
Oregon ennnot supply meat enough
for local markets? Or is It that the
trust iias such a perfect orgnnlza-!
tinn that beef can he shipped from
Omaha to Troutdale at u profit in1
competition to local growers? Tho
Closintf-out Sale of mv entire stock ol Ra
Snuares. Portiers, Lace Curtains, Mittufl
Pillows and Feathers. Pictures and Fran
must no leeardless of cost. Call tsf
You con get. a fine Velvet, R.UC, 9x12. for ttOMil
You con get. & fine Axminitcr RUC, 9x12, for tUXi i
Near the Bridge
it.it M nkl.n, i.. i. . 1- - a. j. . AA44-4' r
him .u i (jiiinuii in ijujiuk uiuai 1 1 r - - -w"SH
In Omaha for the local markets is
cause for Oregon cattle raisers to
put their thinking caps on. Times-1
Hotels Are Placed on the Unfair
List by the Cooks and Walters,
Owing to some difficulty with cm
ployes, the Sagamore and the Pack
wood hotels, of Baker Cnty, havo
been advertised as being on the tin
lair list, ana union people were
warned' against eatlne. sleenlne nr
drinking 'there.
The Baker City Herald, In com
menting on the situation, says:
"The Herald called on W W. Lake.
secretary of the Cooks and Walters'
Union, this morning, and asked for
an explanation. Mr. Lake stated
that the hotels were still In bad le
pute with tho Cooks' and Walters'
Union and that they would continue
to boycott the places until the matter
was settled.
"Ho said that the grievance
against the Sagamore Is the employ
ment of Chinese cooks and tho pro
prietor has Indicated that he will try
to get while labor and Is Willing 10
pay the union scale of wages.
"But he claims that the man at tho
Packwood will not pay union wages.
While tho wages of the union liore
aro comparatively low the Packwood
man refuses to pay tho sum,"
Pitchblende Has Been Discovered In
Utah and Specimens Will be Ex
hibited at the World's Fair.
Utah's state building at the
world's fair is finished and was
turned ovor to tho commissioner
January 1.
8, T, Whltaker, the executive
commissioner, has collected four
carloads of agricultural products for
exhibition and on loliruary 1 ho ox-
Inducement for a Railroad.
The Crook County Journal esti
mates that 10.1)00,000 pounds of
freight was hauled Into Prlnevllle
from the terminus of the Columbia
Southern during the year 1003, and
this Is only a part of the Ingoing
freight to Crook county. The
Journal makes a very good showing
of the amount of traffic that country
offers to a railroad that will Invade
its territory. Antelope Herald.
Bankers Meet in Houston.
Houston. Tex.. Jan. 20. Tho
Texas Bankers' Association of the
first district hold Its annual meeting
in Houston today with a large and
representative attendance. The busi
ness sessions, occupied with nannrs
and discussions on live financial
topics, were Interspersed with fea
tures of elaborate entertainment
provided for the visitors by the
bankers of Houston.
Pnn!rl. prnnnmv in VOUt ClOtning "7,
i ..,1 .naired. nreSStd "
away Kd ,c,.i -r ---'. tm (ft
new. it you desire me lu.u. slbd
are prepared to tane yum .
new again.. Our steam facilities are fint"-1
men arexompetent. MtMlai,
uur.priceu are ru.u w - efoiMjf,
,i.. ,in K uuwl the price of serrwou
tUN JWH n W W w -r .
Stenm Cleaning &
Goods otlled for n(i aiiT'
will bring us to your door
want to get fat and fat people
want to get thin human
nature. If you are fat don't
take Scott's - Emulsion. It
will make you gain flesh. If
you are thin Scott's Emul
sion is just what you need.
It is one of the greatest
flesh producers known. Not
temporary gains but healthy,
solid flesh that will fill out
the body where it is needed.
There's nothing better than
Scott's Emulsion for weak
ness and wasting.
SCOTT &. IIOWNE. 4, I'miI Si-,,!, tUw York.
-...Mice. So H J
rrTERlTB li
.mi iilNG .of.d
cri A-rcrniTE nV
VL. U. J IT , B rcnTt'
TBkoa thi place or smue. ... 'Tfteei, ly'". S"1
rooflBM. For flat and steep u" bW i
tt for all cllmtM.teeSurtill
It will pay to 'or P-rrg ROOFl"",
Tom por
Worctsttr Building.