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Important Sale of
...mnni nf Flannelette Wranners. made in ill.- t
(Its in tancy iib"'-o nmKa, juuuiuci mines,
ftcc. Worth $2.oo.
Sale' Price, $1.38
A money saver. Great Value
Our Work and the Bill
U Will ctnnrl rnmnnricnn witli tliH
tel '
m of 'cm. The work is as near perfec
tion as humans can attain the price
therefor as cheap as anybody should
33 expect. We do all kinds of sani
tary plumbing and gas fitting, and
r.harL't! vou not immoderately. L-et
U J -
nr 1 r I r mil I nnrELilv in
our line.
. CLARKE & Co, 211 Court Street
tf H"l 1 1 WH HHHH
1. J. A.. 1 f J i .f i TiiIiiTi JiiIiiIt
5 East Court Street i
- 1
liday Prices Now Placed on all
Pianos (b Organs
fars, Mandolins, Violins, Sheet
Music and Holiday Goods
lee Month's Free Instruction Given
with Each Piano Sale
East, Court, Street
Phone Red t i$i
THE nwsri"
The Standard of Excellency.
W. S. Byets, Proprietor.
I.L farms phi
Eastern Capitalist Conceives Plan of
Establlshlnq a colony of Small
Farmers in the Desert Water Fur.
nlshcd from Artesian Wells HIah-
..-... kny Illicit viivv
the Desert Baffled Settlers.
Washington, Jan. 3. A previous
letter In this series cave a brief ac
count of the 20-acro alfalfa farms,
supplemented by cows and creamer
ies, which a Chicago man thinks Is
Just the thins for the lands now-be
ing ungated on the Colorado desert,
in southeastern California, and which
he Is backing with his money by as
sisting small settlers to get a start.
These 20-acrc farms furnish a
striking contiat with' those of 320
and 640 acres which are being ac
quired In the same section under tho
desert land law. But hero Is the
story of another man one of .tho
richest manufacturers In the Missis
sippi valley who thinks that 20 acr.is
makes a farm just four times too big
for tho average settler who has little
to Invest except his labor and brains.
This other manufacturer is N. O.
Nelson of St. Louis, who conducts a
model profit-sharing Industrial town
at Leclalrc, Illinois, across the river
from tho great Missouri metropolis.
Mr. Nelson is a genuine philanthro
pist, though of a practical kind, since
Ills idea is to help people to help
themselves and to show them how to
become Independent Instead of de
pendent. For years ho has been casting
eyes toward the deserts of tho West.
He was looking for a place where
poor people who are out of health,
particularly with pulmonary or throat
diseases, might go and forget their
Ills while engaged In profitable out
door pursuits.
Health In the Desert.
He wanted a very dry place whro
tho air is filled with healing balm
and whore the sunshine takes tho
place of drugs and artificial heat. He
found this ideal spot on tho western
edgo of tho desert, about 120 miles
east of Los Angeles.
Hero he established the Indo
Health Camp about IS months ago.
Hfi bought a tract of land which is
Irrigated by nrtesian wells' and pro
ceeded to erect cheap but comforta
ble quartets for his colonists whom
lie had no difficulty in securing in
ample numbers.
Mr. Nelson believes that true pros
perity in the land of Irrigation is to
bo had by tho Intensive cultivation of
11 lit farms rather than tho wasteful
tilling of big ones. And at Indio ho
believes five acres are enough. v-
On these smnll areas his settlers
are raising table grapes, melons,
sweet potatoes and other products
which aio readily sold In nearby mar
kets at fancy price?. In that favored
8i-ct these garden crops mature ear
lier than elsewhere In California and
aio therefore very profitable.
Tim Indlo people believe they will
achieve Independence before many of
their tend hungry neighbors, who a-.c
acquiring from G4 to 12S times r.s
much land under tho desert land law
ns they aro buying from Mr. Nelson
at tost price and paying for with the
pri.feeds of their land and labor.
The truth of tho matter Is that the
people of Indlo are making homes
and tilling the land, while their more
acquisitive neighbors aro speculating
in the nubile domain.
Tlilt. speculation will go on as jong
a.i the land laws continue to favor
huinau greed rather than human
need. The desert land net act er!y
enables tho acquirement of large
tracts of tovcrnment land, but It m
nuires no settlement or residence
whatever. William K Smythe.
to Roosevelt nnd Warrens. They
own a very valuable plot of ground
there and raise all kinds of smill
fruits, as well as grains nnd farm
products, Mrs. Simon had an unusu
ally large crop of strawberries last
year, from which she made 60 gallons
of strawberry wine. This she sells
for $2 a gallon.
Two years ago Mm. Simon loft her
homo and walked SO miles over tho
snow to t.ie nearest railroad station.
She determined -to come to Holsp with
her husband and undortook thp dan
gerous Journey with him.
Sh :vh that tile walk was nut )
dreadful as It Is pictured ami that
she rather enjoyed iho experience.
In crossing the swollen mountain
streams her husband carried her, and
tho rest of the Journey sho made by
his side, walking along ns briskly tit
Mrs. Simon Is a very small, frail
little woman, and to sou hor one
would scarcely believe, her powers of
endurance sufficient to stand a )
mile trip over snow-covered mountain
Mrs. Simon had tho novel experi
ence of watching tho great rush tint
was made Into Rooseveit two yoars
ago. She said that at any tlmo that
sho looked out of her windows, day
or night, she could see tho crowd o
eager men, with their horses und
dogs, tramping along the road to the
gold fields ahead.
After a short visit In Welser, whoro
Mr. Simon now Is, they will probably
go to Seattle to visit their chlldrun.
who aro in school there.
Bright Farce Comedy at the Frazer
Opera House This Evening.
Mickey Finn, which comes to he
Frazer opera houso tonight,' promises
to be cie of the brightest farce com
edy offerings of tho season. Rubo
Welch and Kittle Francis 'arc tho
stars. In this city at least they 'en
quire no Introduction. During the
last half dozen years these artists
have been hero often, nnd have gain
ed the reputation of being thoroughly
capable and conscientious entertain
ers. Rut in years gone by they had
no' such pretenuous pleco ns this.
Mickey Finn is founded on Incidents
Big Clearance Salef
2 Our Clearance Sale lias now comnlcnctd, and prices are g
m cut on ninny linos nil over the More Do you need an
! Overcoat ? Buy it hero, whete you can save 40 per cent i
fj over others' prices. All clothing is now reduced 20 per
cent to reduce stock.
Ladies' Coats and Suits at ACTUAL COST
Misses' Long Coats reduced" to ACTUAL COST
. 3
Ladies' Woolen Underwear, special reduction olaopereent g
S Men's Woolen Underwear, special reduction ol so per cent W
ft Men's Geiinan Socks at a reduction ol to per cent S
Men s FeU Hoots and Overs reduced to per cent J
All Outwit; Flannel, 7c grade, now 5c yard
All Ontinp, Flannel, )c gride, now 7c yntd
All Outinc Flannel, 10c and tic grades, new jc yard
Woolen Flannels, worth 40c yard, now 30c ard, j
Bid Com'oitc, nil Rrades reduced in price
'A a
R. J. NIXON, Manager
I'lionc Mnln 41
One Night OnlyTaesday. Jan. 5.
Harry DeLane with "Mickey Finn.'
taken from Krnest Jarrold's famous
scries of stories. It requires a com
plete set of scenery for each of the
threo acts, and most elaborate cos
tnmlnir. The Htars have met those
requirements in n most unstinting
manner, and havo surrounded them
helves wlm a company of high class
people. Oscar Lewis is seen in one
of his Inimitable Swedish linpersona-
tlnnc Itnrrv III- Ijiln. I Inllfornil'fl
popular baritone, has a number of
spies, while Illcuard i-TanK, singing
and dancing comeuian, oners a novui
nnd pleasing spuf-mity.
Saved from Terrible Death.
Tho family of Mrs. M. L. Bobbltt
of ISargerton. Toun., saw her dying
and were powerless to savo her. The
moat skillful physicians and every
lemedy used, failed, while consump
,.cn was slowly but surely taking her
life. In this terrlblo hour Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption turn
ed desnalr Into Joy. Tho first bottlo
brought Ipimedlato relief and Its con
tinued use completely cured her. It's
the most certain cure In the world
for all throat . and lung troubles.
n.,oror.t..,l Unities Lfto and tl.OO.
Trial Uottles. Fieo at Tallman & Co.
Walked Ninety Miles Over Snow
Clad Mountains With Husband.
Mrs J. M Simon, of Salmon rivsr,
arrived In Uolse last night and regis
tered at the Overland hotel. Mrs.
Simon was tho second, woman in
Thunder Mountain, and traveled all
over tho mountains on horseback
long before I bat part of tho country
became so famous, says tho IIoIbo
Capital Nows.
Mrs. Simon resides with her bus
i.nnd on n ranch on the south fork
of Salmon river, on the direct road
U Hit-Hied lr llon ""I Whr
DaaJruff In Eradicated.
Sealskin Is ndmlrod the world (over for
Its softness and glossiness; and yet the
human hair Is equally as soft and glossy
when healthy; and the radical cause of all
half trouble la dandruff, which Is caused
by a pcUrcrua parasite that saps the
vitality of tho hair at Its root. Newbro's
Jlerplclde Is the only preparation that Is
fatal to tho dandruff germ. Without dan
druff there Is no falling hair, but a lux
uriant growth of glossy, soft hair Is car
tain. Scouring the scalp won't cure dan
druff. Kill the dandruff germ. Thous
ands Qf .women owe their beautiful suits
of hair to Newbro's Herplcide. Sold by
leading druggists. Bend 10c. In stamps
to The Herplcide Co., Detroit, Mich
F, W. Schmidt, upeclal ajjent.
Winning Sprightly Musical Company
Coming Next Monday.
Ili.v Ilnmi.r T. Wilson, thu UO id
ir..iuri.r nf Tort Worth. Tex., says of
the Schuberts under date of January
lHr 1837; "Their enienainmeni is
will nleaso. delight und
in n thn most fast d ous auaionco.
Amoug thelr warm friends Alio rtchu-
lrt Qvmnhnnv rlllh nnmhl-r thfl leaU
lug ministers of tho United States,
ns well as tho belter element 01 cm
',,.nu nVAI-VWhPrA
Tho miniltv nf thulr entertainment
la omi.Ii Hint II receives tho hearty
endorsement and co-oporatlon of peo
ple who seldom venture 10 auena
performance of any Kino.
a llitia whnlpHomo amusement oc
casionally is necessary to tho moral,
kviiiMi nn,i Intellectual welfare of
..mmiiniiv a linin relaxlon. a
"forgetting of ourselves- lor u niuo,
la a ihonn fnnif ana can do uaa uy
attending tho Schubert concert berri
on January 11, next Monaay.
Rl'im WliLCII, KITTY FRANCIS and Company in the
Musiccl Farce Comedy
' All of New York's la'eM song hits.
Popular Prices---25c, 5oc. and' 75c
On salt Monday, 10 a. tn.
. . . . 1 , .A.
1ELATERITE It Mineral Rubber.!
VIt'.MA I.N II K.NI) lUMI.nih'll w.iiiv.iii ! iinm-
ornn 1 it iiceOMMirjr to ItKl'I.M K A MHI-'l I limit
raks tb . place of shingles, tin, Iron, tur add gravel, and all breparert
roofings. For lint and steep surfacos. gutters, vulloys. etc. Kasy to la
Temperc for all climates. Reasonable In cost. Sold on mtrll. niisrsn
ted. It will pay to ask for prlcesand Information,
Worcester Building. rrllna.
Have it done by a Scientific I'hunl'tr anil) 011 will not
be bothered with bud breaks Let us figure on your work.
"Hello BUI."
if vou want to laugh, and laugh
hnrd. iro to the Frazor on January 8.
Tho name of the play Is show, but
expressive. It Is simply "Iieno uiu,
but It. Is the keypotfl of tbo play,
which Is as hunioroua a performance
as one could wish to see. The wit is
of tho wittiest, tho plot Is of the mpst
complicated type imaginaum. im
tmichnhin fArco keens everyone In tho
house Id a perpetual titter from the
tlmo the curlf. n Tinea in m iirrn. ;v k
until the finale.
Vermont C'rymen.
llurllngton, Vt Jan. 6, -Tim Ver
mont Dairymen's amolatlon begin
Its annual meeting in this el'y todiy
with a large and rcpft-.Tuitlvo at
tendance. The fostlonh aie to con
tinue threo days anu will no occu
pied with parxrs and discussions on
topics of special Inter -s- to those en
gaged in dairying.
A man living In Ohlc v h"se name
Is Goodenough Joined tl church Vho
other day a clear wasU of time and
Rate Will Be Continued, Out Under
Needed Restrictions.
It has been reported that the ruil
road companies of tho West liuvo de
cided not to issue hulf rutea to the
ministers in tho year to como, but
tho rumor beems to bo groundless.
Tho blanks for tho half rate permltH
have not been recelvod as yet by the
local office, and In tbo meantime they
ure allowing, on ordoro from head
quarters, the old cards of last year
to bo used.
Hut, whllo It ia thought that the
company will not abrogate its half
faro agreement with tho ministers, It
Is thought that some more biudlng
restrictions will bo put on tbo Issu
ance of mom, no that tholr abuso will
be restricted. It has become so that
a great many persons who aro not'
membera of tho cloth have becurod
the cards In aomo manner, and aro
riding on thu half faro when they are
not entitled to do so. ,
It la this abuso that tho companies
aro protesting about, and In all prob
ability some action will bo taken that
will make It' harder for one who in
not a bona fldu minister to secure a
half rate card. It will perhaps be so
arranged that only cortain offices
will be allowed to Issue tho permits,
and the agent at these offlcea will bo
rnado strictly responsible for the
ones Issued from bis office. In this
way It Ih thought that there will be
less abuse and nt the same tlmo til
of the r-ilvHcRt-H will bo continued
to the ministers
Freak Letter Reaches Its Destination
at Indianapolis.
IndlanapollB, Ind., Jan, 5. The
sweetest girl In ludlanapolls has been
found, What Is more, this girl con
fesses it. MIbs Mary Webber, 1B0H
olnlrnn this (Untitle-
' tlon, and tho distinction itself was
! thrust upon her by her sweetheart,
Ben Mttlo, of I.os Angeles, Cal., who
! formerly lived here.
l,A.,..tl., iuttnm u;ltli ft mAKfllllnft
;ii v. iitij a "
I hard was received at tbo Indlanano-
iu i.iintniiirn. tin tno cnveiono. in
stead of the address, were tho words,
"To the Sweetest Girl In Indianapo
lis." 1 The letter was about to be started
to the dead letter oltlco when an
oillclul told n reportor about It. His
ptpor told the story. Next day a
feminine voice ovur tho teluphone
(old Assistant I'ostmnster Schledlor
this letter wns for nor.
"I urn i.lsB Mary Webber, of 1C08
Columbia nvenuu. That lottor Is
"Yes, but how do you know It la
for you7 .Tliero Is no name on IL'
"Yes, but It's from Uis Angeles,
"You may have tho letter," con
cluded tho olllelal, "If you will opon
It in my pri'fon'o, and beforo yon
open It tell mo tho uamo of tho writ
er, then show mo tho signature. Wo
hi vii to bo strict about theso things,"
"Very well; I'll do so." And she
lid, soon. And tno letter was far
her. Miss Webber Is a teachor at
Ilenjnmin Harrison public school.
Her father Is a well-to-do Jewolor.
Cured After Sufferlno 10 Years.
II. V. I lure, Bupt. Miami Cycle &
Mfg. Co., Mlddlotown, O., suffered for
ten years with dyspepsia. Ho spent
hundreds of ilollurs for modlclno and
with doctors without receiving any
Iiermnnont benefit. Hu says; "One
night while feeling exceptionally bad
I was about to throw down tho even
ing paper when I saw un Item In the
paper regarding the merits of Kudo)
Dyspepsia Cure. I concluded tn try
It and whllo I had no faith In It I
felt bettor after tho second dose.
After using two bottlco I am stronger
and bettor than I havo boen In years,
nnd I recommend Kodol Dyspepsia
Cum to my friends nnd acquaintances
suffering from stomach Iroublo." Bnld
by Tnllmnn & Co,
Postpone Bryan Meetings.
Indlanaiiolis. Ind.. Jan. &. The
meetings of tho Jeffersou league, with
William J. Ilrynn as tho principal
speaker, advertised to tako placo In
Kvansvlllo tonight and In Indianapo
lis tomorrow night, havo been post
poned until next week. This chango
hoc been made no essary by a change
h the plans of Mr, nryan, who will
not return from his European trip
until a week later than he first In
Slow steps, whether long or "boH.
sliggest a gentle or reflective state or
( mmu, as mo cimu wj v.