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Men's Salts
Men's Sultsf
Youth's Suits
Boy's Suits
Men's Overcoats
Boy's Overcoats,.
All Goods Guaranteed Satisfactory
(l ,H,,,I,,f,vHH"I"H,ll,V T'l" T
llrltlsh Columbia is hard up, nnd
work on all public Improvements has
stopped until the legislature meets.
Evidences and suspicions are nccu-mul-illng
that tho United Mates will
not .illnw Colombia to cource Panama
back Into her government.
A fast train and n fire truck drawn
by running horses collided in Chi
cago. Tin horses wore killed and
several firemen nadly hurt.
Charles 1). Purry chief of the iev
York lire department, contemplates
resigning. If he should he will re
ceive n pension of $3,000 per year.
Thirty-two thousand dollars in cash
prizes are ottered tho national Hor.su
Show association, which holds an ex
hibit at Madison Square garden No
Strenuous efforts are being made
to .settle the differences between coal
1:1 e:s ami u'nritiis before next
Monday In the Wyoming, Colorado.
I' tab. and New Mexican fields.
There Is no liKelihood of trouble
along the Mexican, frontier from Im
portation of Chlneso into the United
States, as Mexico will readily absorb
a largo number, and cannot be easily
The national Woolgrowers' conven
tion will be held in Portland in Janu
ary, in conjunction with the N'atlonr.i
Livestock convention.
Tho stranger who dropped dead on
the streets of Portland lust Sunday,
has been identified as Daniel Nash, a
resident of Halsey, Or.
Henry M. Barrett has been relieved
of the )Msltion of superintendent oi
city delivery In the Portland postof
fice', and hereafter will servo as a
The town of Hauler has been order
ed closed by the city council. Gambl
ing has become a nuisance, and here
after no games of any kind will be al
lowed. Charles Oberg. a plasterer of Port
Und, has sued tho Northern Pacific
for $30,000 for injuries received in tho
wreck of the Elks' excursion train,
near Centraiia, some weeks ago.
Kris Klein Is on trial at Seattle for
entering a pasture belonging to tho J. J. Hentloy, Sheridan, Wyo.: "Her-rrqy-Hrubno
Company and driving out piclde is excellent for cleaning the
111 head of mutton sheep, afterward scalp." Sold by leading druggists.
' w.'lllng the sheep back to tho owners Send 10c In stamps for samplo to The
at ti goojl price. ..erplclde Co., Detroit, Mich. F. W.
A section of the dam on Silver Schmidt & Co., special agents.
creek, near Salem, belonging to the'
Salem Light and Power Company," MODEL RAILROAD STATION,
was washed out Ftiuay morning, scrl-
ousl'y damaging the now work in pro-, Fourteen Million Dollar Structure
gross there. Will Be Duplicated.
Tho Marconi Wireless Telegraph i Washington. I). G Nov. C The
Company will this month begin tho
installation of a system out of Vic-,
torla, H. C. to extend to tho Aleutian j
Islands, and thenco down the Asiatic ,
coast to Hong Kong.
Fierce storms at tho mouth of the
rviiiimiiia river h.tvn waahmi nut
three sections of the jetties since !
Tnursday night, causing a loss of,l'urllu" euecuveness never oe-
,i,h,iU.-m,iK or fir iii.irf! nmi ,lnlnvlnir thn 1
government work greatly. i
Tho comity clerk of Union county,
i...t thn aimpnrn nf thn tnv low
will work great hardship on that coun-!
ty. It will cause the price of
rants, now selling at 95 to 90 cents on
.. : .. . . , , ...
me uouar, to uepreciaic anu cuies
will almost be compelled to suspend '
i business. , j
The betl ft jpoii 1 d ill Ort-fon
Fine vacant lots, l'o;ks
from Alain M., 50 to S130
i Two h ocki, with 5000
;hnprovcniunts, $7000.
. mt t . 1
4uuu uuv.td 1 i luuui limine
anil 2 lots, 2 1 ocks freni Main
st. Runts steady at $35.
tiBoo Two houses ami 2
lots, uood location, together x
rent for $20.
T xt interest in good paying
T business on Main st. block
J at invoice. T
45o er acre 20 3cre sub-
urban garden tract. I
i One block (14 lots), good
T improvements, with green
T house cheap. ,
ileal wheat inml In Umatilla
county. Tracts of 1U0 to 000
Call and sen us Wo can show
you something that you will like.
E, T. Wiule a Sun
i' o, lion aji
'I'lioua DUck 1111 Oftlcc In K. 0. Bid;
$ 5.00 to $ J 5.00
J 2.50 to 25.00
4.00 to J 4.00
J. 50 to 5.00
5.00 to 20.00
.. 2.50 to J 0.00
Hotel Pendleton.
Will n. King, Ontnrlo.
Edward S. Kelly. Oregon.
W. (J. Ordway. Denver.
G. W. Hunt. Foster.
John K. Smith.
J. P. Ilrndley.
A. C. Kolley.
S. L. James, San Francisco.
Haul Miller. Athena.
Mrs. Nelson .Miller, Athena.
Clyde Evans, Portland.
William Winters, Spokane.
J. W. llaker, Cottngo Grove.
Dr. T. B. Adams.
D. M. M. C. Adams.
H. Shtiman, Astoria.
It. Alexander.
O. Eppengor.
Geo. II. Sutherland, Walla Walla
t P.M. Novins, Seattle;
J. H. Ackenson, Salem.
John O. Hultrlfh.
Golden Rule Hotel
J. F. Spangler nnd wife, Spokane.
S. E. Johnson nnd family. Echo.
Simson and Fotor, Echo.
O. H. Arnold. Farmlngton.
Walter Arnold, Farmlngton.
C. Pooler, city.
C. Pickle. Pilot Hock.
0. U Holweg. Olklah
W. C. Cook, Portland.
Fay Slttlcmier, Nolln.
D. I.. Gibson and wife, Pilot Rod;.'
Joe Carmon, Athena.
II. Plcard, Adams.
A. U Duck, Gresham.
C. W. Stein. Milton.
J. Wnlters, Spokane.
Ethel Galbralth, Prairie City.
Testimony to the Efficacy of the New
Scientific Dandruff Treatment.
James C. Rowe, of Livingston,
.Mont.: "Herplcide cured my dandruff
nnd stopped my hair falling."
Orange McCombs. St. iinthouy,
Idaho: "Herplcide cleaned my scnlp
of dandruff and made my hair soft as
silk and glossy,"
j W. H. Otis, barber, Uinmpalgn, III.:
I "'I used Herplcide on one customer or
dandruff and on nnother for falling
hair with excellent results."
F. W. Woody (assistant postmaster)
Champaign, III.: "Herplcide complete-
ly stopped my falling hair."
$14,000,000 railroad station which the
Baltimore & Ohio nnd Pennsylvania
Jfallroau companies will build at
Washington will bo represented at
the St. Louis exposition by a model
wlth a oat of 80 feet, a depth ot 40
feet and a height of 15 feet from tho
tioor; n wl 'e on a scale of pro-
ro attempted in an architectural
-rhiL t-ii, -. rj n"
Thinks Trlb a Good Remedy.
P. Oray, Portland, Oregon, July
war-;!"". 192. writes; "I bellove your
remedy for tho liquor and tobacco
,inl,tt "Trlh 1 n c,nl fiitn T rtr' tli.i
Keeley cure and it cost mo $150. i
think 'trlb Is honestly the best euro
of the two. It I ever can bo of, any
I asslstanee tn vnn. let mo know. I
tvirifllrlitt vnn hnvn flnnn mlih fnr
Tnllman & Co
local agents.
Farms for Sale,
We now have listed for sale some
of the best wlieatfarms and stock
ranches In the county. All tho places
arc well Improved and well suppILJ.
with water. Also somo very desir
able city property. Call and got
Deafness Cannot Be Cured,
liy loral uppllratlons, an they ruunot rrach
the dUeasnl portion of tho ear. Tliero H
only one way tu cure ik'iifnes.i. and that
li by coottltiittonal remedies. Deafnras li
raunfil by un lullanieil ronilltlon of tlio
mucous lining of the lCuntucliiun Tube.
When HiIh tuba Is inllameil you have a
rumbllnj; aounil or imperfect liearlui;. and
when it In entirely cloned. Deafuen U tlm
result, and unlesH tbe Inllammatlon can bo
taken out and this tube restored to its
normal condition, bearing will be d
utruyed forever; nine rates out of ten are
raunnl by Catarrh, which Is nothing but
an Inflamed coiiilltlon of tbe mucous sur
faces. Wo will give Ono Hundred Dollars for
liny case ot DeafnenH (caused by catarrh)
tbat i-anuot be cured by Hull 11 Catarrh
Cure. Hend for circular, tree.
V. J. C1I1:NI;y & CO., Toledo, O.
Hold br ilruirulsta. 7rc.
Hall's family l'llls are tbe best-
flot your wlntor suit or overcoat
made by Joorgor.
Concerning the People of Pendleton and Vicinity Notes j
Personal and Otherwise By Our Regular Correspondent J
i Have you ovor started out In tho !
morning feeling disgruntled nnd out
ot sorts nnd chnnced to bo greeted
with n cherry smllo? IUttf ovor your
list of friends nnd acquaintances and
try to remesiber which ono pleases
you mo.tt. Is It she who meets you
with a frown, who Is gloomy and sour,
or Is it she who, smiling her cordial
greeting, places you nt onco on better
terms with yourself nnd tho world?
A smile is n tonic nnd If a smile has
ovor been a ray of light to you, then
a smile from you would brighten some
dnrk corner in some Menu's heart, or
some one who drops In for n call.
Thero Is much value In a smile. It
Is good to have ono always with you,
at home and abroad.
Quiet Week Socially.
Socially, the past week has been
rather unlet outside of a reception
and a few informal nffalrs. Thoro
has been little doing. Society's ranks
are being rapidly doploted by tho exo-
dus (if some of Its members to various
climes. For thoso who remain at
homo there will bo a round of quiet
"small and earlies" that will partially
relieve the tedium, along with some
good theatrical nttractlons that are
promised us this winter. 1
Much attention tho past week has
been given to the work of the differ-
out committees In charge of the re-
coptlou nnd ball to be given Monday
evening nt .Music hall, to the visitors
attending the Irrigation convention,
-t. .
Mrs. Henderson Receives.
A very pretty reception in all Us
appointments-' was given 'on Friday
nfiurimnti frn'm4lin r. at the homo
l.of .Mrs. T. M. Henderson,. who invited
about ono hundred ladles to meet Iter
husband's mother, Mrs. J. T. Header-
son. of Covington. Intl., who is their
guest. The house was especially at-
tractive with a decoration of ferns,
palms and yellow chrysanthemums.
Miss Pejcrson met tho guests at tho
door, from where tney were ushered
wit ouiNum rti i
Methodist Episcopal Church 10
a. m.. Sunany school, A. J. Owen, su
perintendent; 11 a. m., preaching;
12:15 p. m.. class meeting, Ilov. G.
W. Hl.gby. leader; 3 p. m;, Junior
League; (1130 p. m., Epworth league ;
7::!0 p. m., service of a revival char
acter. These meetings will continue
during the week. Ilov, Armflold, of
Athena, will assist. All interested
are cordially Invited to be present.
Hubert Warner, pastor.
Congregational Church Sunday yiCOr and good Spirits,
services will take place at the usual 1
time. Sunday school at 10 a. m.: I lie Emulsion increases
morning worship and preaching 11 digestive power and Strength
o'clock, subject of sermon, "The Hlble " . . . & ,
in Utorature." Christian IMdeavor, ens the Vital organs to get
meeting and preaching service In the the best and make the 111 OS t
evening. A cordial welcome to all. , c it ..i .i c it
Jonathan Edwards, pastor. t of all the Other food. It
First Presbyterian Church 10 a.
m.. Sunday school; 11 a. m., serman
by the pastor, to be followed by a 10
minute conference with tho conKrega-
tion upon matters vital to the church
work. All persons in any way Inter-
ested In tho work of this church are
most cordially invited to be present.
H:I5 p. m Christian Endeavor; 7:30
p. m sermon by tho pastor. Strangers
and all who have no regular place of
worship are especially invited to wor
ship here. Ilobert J. Dlven, pastor
Temple and Pleasant View Ituv.
It. L. Alter wilt preach In Temple
Chapol at 11 a. m., and at Pleasant
Vlow at 3 p. m.
Church of the Redeemer Divino
sorvico tomorrow nt hours as fol
lows; Early celebration of the holy
communion at 8 a. m.; Sunday school
at 10 a. m.j morning prayer and ser
mon at 11; ovenlng prayer at 7:30.
Christian Church J. Ji. Listor, of
Kugene, will supply the pulpit tomor-r
row for Mr. Hrooks, who has gono to
Ktgin to assist tho pastor thero in, a.'
meeting of some weeks. Subject at
11 a. m "Workers tor Christ"; 7:30
p. m "Illpened Christianity." Tho
Sunday school, which has grown to
such proportions as to be too crowd-1
ed in tho lecture room, (234 In at
tendance last Sunday) will hold open-.
ing exorcises In tho main auditorium.
Classes will be assigned separatee
places. Y. P. S. C, K C:30 p. m. t
M. E. Church, South Sunday
school at 10 a. m., I. E. Earl, super- '
Intendent: at 11 a. m Ilov. G. W.
Iligby will preach rand at 7:30 p. no
also. Como.and hear sometning nne
from an old veteran. 1
Men's Meeting Tho regular men's i
meetlne will be ncid as usual at met
...en's llesort in.tha,Desialn building:!
tomorrow nt 4 o'clock Ilov, it J.
Uiven will speak. Subject, "Christ
as a Man Among Men." All men are,
cordially Invited to attend, I
Horses Strayed.
Strayed from Platzoodor's old"
slaughter house grounds. One white
horse, branded S on right hip, with
harness marks; one grey rcaro,
branded 19 on right shoulder, also!
saddlo and harness marks; both Bhod
all around.
If you are troubled with Impure
blood, Indicated by sores, plmnlos,
headaches, etc., vo would recommend
Ackers Blood Elixir, wlilcli wo sou
undor a positlvo guarantee. It will
always euro Scrofulous or Syphilitic
poisons and nil blood diseases. COc.
and 11.00 P, W, Schmidt & Co.
Tho East Is wild ovor P, I. It.
Into the parlor, Here Mrs. Henderson
nnd her mother received, assisicu uj
Mrs. OeorRO llobblns. In tlio dining
room Mrs. Johnson served tea, nsBlst
ed by Misses Winnie Privett, Esmn
Sawtell. Hessle and Gay Campbeu.
t,ulto a number of ladles called dur-
lag the receiving hours, though the
weather was very Inclement,
Social anu Personal.
jnBa Cosblo Kaloy waB a visitor at
tllt, teachers' Institute nt Weston dur-
af, tw week.
jjgg I'arkh'urst, who has been the
K11est of Mrs, Itador, returneu to her
lumo n Chicago last Tuesday.
. irf,. a. W. Nye lias beon confined
to lor homo for tho past few weeks,
iiuo to an attack of rheumatism,
Mrs. J. A. Horle spent n few days In
Weston, this week, where she went
to sing at the teachers' Institute
Mrs. William Hlslop and her guest,
Mlas Florence Walkor, spent n couplo
of days at Weston and Athena this (
A numbor of young peoplo gathered ,
at tho home of Elllnor Vincent on
last Saturday uvenlug. to Investigate
the mysteries of Hallowe'en,
Mrs. Fred Judd and Miss Roberts
were the guests of, honor nt n musical
given at the home of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Koss Dickson Monday evening,
Mrs. Otto lioottcher, who has been
visiting jit Chicago for tho past few
months, returned homo Wednesday,
accompanied by her sister, who will
remain during tho winter. I
Mrs; Fred Jund and son, Hcury,
accompanied by Miss Itoberts. left
Thursday evening lor n visit to their
former home. Hurtfortl, Conn. They
expect to be absent until after tho
An Informal but dellghttul little
company that has received no provl-
ous notice, was held last Saturday
afternoon, when Mrs. Norboi n 'm
Ilorkeloy entertained a few friends nt
bridge whist In honor of Mrs. Fred
Judd and Miss Roberts.
J. Plorpont Morgan lias bought a
resldenco property at Herts, Kngland,
and will reside there.
You want the children to
grow, but not all lengthwise.
When they start that way
Scott's Emulsion will help
them to grow right with
due plumpness and outward
i proportion, and with inward
gives a kind ot help that every
growing child ought to have.
We'll euJ i y i a sample frre uon request
scorr & bownk & Pearl street, N
. Vurk.
. .
If 1 r"
We expect to occupy the Milai:ky building; opfoite Xribu6Wj
r Nov. 15, and we will not move a sinelo Piano or Organ fro A
present quarlors to our
tin ih nut' a nnni'n
.1 1
piaiing ijie purcnaaooi
jtUtlU vUlll VVI4,LJ UAIVt
tn QAontw . hntir
our stork. Thov aro
iQltnI rirl hitrit nnnu
' ----- r-
uuarantrod. Call in
addvoss. .Court street,'
II 11 LI
Baker Citizens' League In Favor of
Quick Action.
Ilakor City, Nov. 7. Tho Citizens'
league of this city at a nootlng last
night decided to potltlon Governor
Chnmberlaln to call tho oxtra session
of tho leglBlnture In ordor to rollovo
the financial situation throughout
the state.
School districts and city govern
ments will be compellou to suspend
iiiiHliinss If taxes for lflOS aro not col-
lected The countlos might tide over, (
Ul't 11 WOUIII HO uiBuaiiuuo wth kj
them, recites tho petition.
Tho sentiment of both people nnd
officials Is In favor of calling the s'os
slon at tho earliest posstblo date.
Brand Evaporated
goes farthest tickles tho palate,
pleasing in appearand., ituws
smoothly from the can. most ap
petizing, most nuunsmnK.
The abovo cap libel on all our
brands is an Insurance policy (or
Its integrity, purity ana jxunui
preparation. Insist upon your
dealer divine you Economy
Urand ana see mat our lace, is
on the can. Take no sub
Highland, Illinois.
...Material I
nil descriptions. Basil,
Doors, Uliuils, Mould
ing, Iliilldlug ami Tiir Pu,er.
Bring Your Bill to Us and
Get Our Figures,
Grays' Harbor Com. Co.
Oop. W; & C. . Depot
r u
1. m !
new home if we can avoid it,
a . a T - t tl Til
nn nr r nnna i irrrflno nnri rriniriwi
n 1 ti.i 1 irta in
an instrument snouiu tano aavunibv
rnri.vtnrt ri (nnnirol t not in nmn I a fflll UC Uk
nil hrftnd now with alfipnnt cases, beauinwiy t
nurl nni'ioot ontinn ITvni'V HlfilTllIflUUl' "
- ; 1 - ' y . ...f 1
and inspect thorn now and don t torgeium
oppoaite Tribune.
II IIL I 141 W iv
Is a n.
" sunburn, j,
Plication i
Posure to
sun will ,1
ll sin
A sample 0
asking on!v i:
Thn Pnllnhl. n...
Pmtoffice Block.
Kir 1
11 1 1
vr 1 un lcovi II)
HI W II MFa.'lM'in
CncU fin- f. II'
uujii, uuuiii u n
puji, nine, ttmcai,
and sand, wood goua
barns and dwellings!
r t
U eats
The anprovi!
want the
most ucuuw
no higher in pi
rnmiT S!
1 nj urcuon uni v