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    TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1903.
riAii v cart nppr.nMiAN PPNni.PTON. OREGON.
t'ublU)ii ery nftetnoou (eiccnt Sunday)
t Pendleton, Oregon, by the
..111.1,1,0,1 i,v t'm nciilHMl "rich" man. ! In the only capitalist In the commun
... ,, ; ... . ,i,,,i i' Ity. It Is doubtful It this oxtromo
will probacy bo remembered on ft-1 wI) ovor ,)() ronllml but lf tll0
lure election days. It Is not ..difficult . Now jjeainiul experiment proves sue-
to say harmful thlnss of the poor cosaful, other nations will almost cor
M'hatie, Mnlu 11.
linllv mi jrear by mall
Dallj, l monlliH by mAII
Dally, tiiroo niouttis by mall
D.illy, iop montU by mull .......
D.illy. pt-r month by carrier
Weekly, one year by mall ,.
Weekly, nix month by mall
Weekly, four month by mall . . .
Seml-Wikly, one year by mall ..
Semi Weekly, six months by mall
Semi-Weekly, three month by mall
The lloat llremmlan Is on sale nt It. H.
Itlch'a New, Htanilsi at Hotel Portland and
Hotel Perkins. Portland. Oregon.
llember SerlppsMollae News Associa
tion. San Francisco Ilurenu, 408 Fourth St.
Chleain llureau. 000 Security Ittiltdlng.
Washington, D C. llureau. BO I 14th St.,
N. W
Kntere.1 at Pendleton pnt"01ce as seccoiul
clasa matter.
man, hut it is n very tuiucuu uung
tti romedy the wrong dono him. Uo
has few enough defenders, now. The
hand of society bars tho door ncninst
lilm, whorovor possible. The politic
ian makes him n pack mulo. The
rich" man denies him tho rlsht to
iffor any counsol In lormlng the laws
01 fixing the policies under which by
11 U3t live.
If I to someone can reveal a
nobler vlow
Of life and work; If I can reach
some spirit true
With but one word, If that wind
mean his betterment,
Though without recognition, I
shall die content.
If 1 can serve the cause of
truth and liberty,
If I by deed or song can help
to make men free,
If l can lift some bur.Son from
tho tolling poor,
Although unknown and friend
less, I will ask no more.
J. A. Kdgerton In Wllshlre's
.Miss Ware is . not tho only be
smirched angel In the land office ser
vice in Oregon. She waB probably
thn must original schemer In the
business in the state, but her opera
lions were limited. Tnere are others
coming to the front as fast as the
iron hand of Investigation can tear,
away the veil. This will be a busy
year In the federal courts of Oregon.
Somebody connected with tho
Alaskan boundary convention made
an awkward blunder In giving out ',
the news of the American victory i
last Saturday. It will be In order
now for tho commission to take up
the boundary between facts and lm-'
agination. In relation to ItH actions,
and ascertain where that shall be
fixed, so the nnxlous reporters may
not get mixed again.
Tim one-ess of 'he Oreth airship,
which sailed triumphantly over tin
city of San Francisco for two hours
last Sunday, and then alighted In
the bay only through a miscalculation
of the operator. Is the best promise
of aerial navigation yet given out
by way of tho numberless scientists,
who have been going crazy, at the
jute ot saveral dozen each year.' Tho
avigatlon of tho air, on a greater
01 less degree, will no doubt bo ac
complished soon, and these fllckeilnj;
Miccea&es arc but Index fingers point
ing to what will be the ago of mir
acles. The success of steam navi
gation was accompanied by almost
us many failures and misgivings at
first as the navigation of tho air is
now attendrd with. It Ib only a mat
ter of experience and experiment.
There Is no doubt about the possibil
ity of Ihe navigation of tho air, under
proper methanlcal and scientific con
ditions. P.nt'lesH trials, endless ex
pense ot money, brains and muscle,
will finally hit the right system, and
then the next great problem will bo
lc reach some olher planet, after the
atmosphere f tho earth hai been
i-.jnfiiieretl by the timid airship.
Tho moat dangerous policy which
iver gained entrance Into public af
Itirs Is that one which ridicules tho
Miggestlonti of the "man who has
i,over accumulated anything." Ho
tauso a man In not a largo property
holder, Is sufficient reason for him
10 be relegated to tho rear, his
counsel despised and his proffered
iId In making tho laws of the coun
try coldly turned down, with a cer
tain class of politicians, who aro
found in municipal, county and
state governments. The suggestion
tomes to tho surface so often In tho
discussion of public affairs, that its
eady use proves that It Is tho un
derlying principle of the man. Us
application to tho worklugmcn, poor,
imt nolo men. who are Interested In
tho affairs of the country, Is 0110 of
the very agencies which dlvldos and
keeps apart tho .classes. In dis
cussing tho advisability of Increasing
Ihe efficiency of -.the Pendleton flro
department, tho morning' ipaper; re-
1 era: to tho figuros ot and recommon
Uatlons of 'J. iH.'Pearo,-, chief of tho
Ui Grande flro department, as 'tho
.Miggestlon of a !man who .Iibb never
pecumulated anything." This Insult
10 tho Intelligence and ability ot tho
wurkl.ig classes, which tako an Intor
(hi In municlpnl affairs, and nro thus
Pendleton can take a valuable les
son Irom Ogden In the way of ac
commodating her guests during tho
irrigation meeting. The .11011103 ot
Ogden wore thrown open to tho vis
itors, the residents promising the
local committees that they would not
charge, above a stated price for the
accommodations. After the hotels
were filled the local reception com
mittees, each of which were assigned
to u state delegation, look the dele
F.ates to the residences, which had
placed a list of rooms at the disposal
of the committees, and the delegates
were placed in good quarters, with
the least possible trictldn or confus
ion. Everything was satisfactory,
and Ogden In this way accommodat
ed 1200 visitors, whore she had made
preparations lor hut BOD. The rosl
('.ents of Pendleton should make u
list of the accommodations they can
furnish, Ihe prices they will charge
lor tho same, and hand the list to
the hotel accommodation committee,
consisting of Leon Cohen J V. Tall
man and C. E. noosovoU. so they can
got their work organized and be pre
pared to provide tor tbe visitors. The
convention will proba'ilv attract 100
people to Ihe city. Including visitors
ntitl delegates.
Tho East Orogonlau lakes 1MI3
method of warning Its readers and
the citizens ot Umatilla county, in
general, of tho presence in the coun
ty of an outfit representing somo pho
tograph enlarging institution The
practices of these grafters aro so well
known that It soenis useless to re
peat them, yet, for fear that sonip
one may be taken in by them, thl.i
word of warning Is sounded. Thh
outfit Is preparing to travel through
tiie southern and western portion of
Umatilla county, by team, and will
soon ho In ovldenco In the country
districts around Echo, Pilot Rock,
Uldge, Alba and Ukinh, and the peo
pie should steer clear of them.
Tnelr methods nro questionable, and
joii will be defrauded If you deal
with them. Don't allow them to take
any hard cash out of Umatilla county
this .season.' If you want work In
this line, patronize somo of your
home Institutions on which you can
nepend, and which in return, patron
izes other home institutions, and
keep tho money in circulation In
tho country. Howaro of tho picture
enlarging outfit, nnd when you aro
solicited by them. Just shiu 'be door
and say that you read thrlr history
Ir tho East Oregonlan
Tho .Milwaukee Sentinel has the
following to say In regard to Gover
nor Ijx Follotte, of that state:
"And this Is tho record ho is making
from day to day, Tho governor of
Wisconsin, chosen by tho people to
wisely and Impartially execute tho
laws, is going about tho state with the
unblushing impudence of a paid agi
tator who has nothing to loso en
deavoring to foment discontent. Uo Is
poisoning the wells from which tho
people drink. He Is sowing the Bc-cds
of social and Industrial disced. Ho
differs from the ordinary breedui' of
class hatred in that ho appeals first
to 0110 and then to the other class
wit ha plea that he believes will fit
the tlmo and placo.
"Mind to tho honors that have been
conferred upon him, greedy for tnoro
power, and careless of tho conse
quences of his acts so long as ho can
secure a temporary victory, tho man
whom the people of Wisconsin have
elovated to tho highest place In their
gift Is now playing tho part of a po
lltical avltator whoso stock In trado
Is falsehood, misrepresentation and
half truths, tho latter of which aro
worse than falsehood,
"Governor I-a Folletto Is a danger
ous man. Those who countenance
and aid him In furthering his political
ambition nro In part responsible for
the consequence of his acts. Tho day
will surely como when thoy will re
gret the part thoy nro playing In cur-
rent events which will come to bo
known as marking ono of tho histor
ical periods In Wisconsin that would
best bo forgotten."
One effect of government ownorshlp
and management of the chief Indus
tries of tho land Is that government
employment, or a "government bllle.
is tho chief ambition of nearly overy
man. Aside from farming, almost the
only lines of business opon to pilvata
oiiierprlso aro navigation, manufactur
ing and mcrcantllo pursuits. About
ono man in every six throughout tho
lKianuB is in somo form of government
oniploy, or Is In recolpt 0f o pension
from the government.
Now Zealand has probably gono
further than any other' nation In real
izing tho Ideal stnto of tho socialist.
where tho government owns all tho
tnlnly enact similar laws, and tho
state, Instead of private corporations,
will bocotno tho great capitalist and
tho great employer of labor. When
this occurs, t is needless to say, tno
days of tho multbrnllllonalro will bo
numbered. From "Tho socialist le
Legislation ot Now Zealand," by Uf.
Uicleu C. Warner, Hi tho American
Monthly Review of Reviews for October.
That Tom Johnson has frightened
the republican leaders to tho point of
desperation Is plain enough ; and lf
the Intensity of their fears is evidence ,
of tho drift ot things In Ohio, Jour
son must bo making headway agalnf
their enormous majority there. Sena
tor llannn's blllingsgatu vocabulary
has been called Into play, always a
sign that he Is scared, nnd Seciotnry
Shaw, of President Roosevells cam
not, has taken the Ohio stump wit 11
a mouthful of well cooked statistics.
it l now ov dent that Hanna now
realizes that he Is no match for John-
soli In a political contest. From the
freedom with which ho uses power
terms, however. It would appear tlm
ho might mako a hotter showing In the
groat American game. I-ouls Post's
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of our partners.
Pure water, from 3ix
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Pure air, which has first
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Every drop of Schlitz Beer filtered by machin
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mmnc Main 1781.
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11 S
L-'.l,?v t iMaaW
The Star tit
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made on an equal footing
of health In man and wife.
Hut how soon, in many
cases, the wife loses the
start and fades in face and
fails in flesh, while her
husband grows even more
rugged nud robust.
There is one chief cause
for this wifelv failure nnd
that is, the failure of the '
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