East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, September 21, 1903, Image 5

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LeeTeutsch wants
Your Wife
To buy school shoes for the boys and girls at the BIG
STORE on the corner of Main and Altn. None better made
for the bovs and girls than the PAT COGAN make and
none better for the women than THE JULIAN KOKENGE
Have you seen thorn?
Follow the crowd to
Lee Teutsch's Big
Corner Main and Alta
Gity Brevities
olio' U C Rador?
Fresh frtitt dally at Martin's.
Smokers' supplies at Neuman'a.
See Sharp's artistic wall paper.
Fresh fish, game and poultry. Cas
tle B.
For Rout A piano. Apply at this
UefrlKorated meats. Schwartz &
GTUltch Co.
Call up 'I'liono Jlain 1SS1 when you
want pure Ice.
150 swell noveltiuB In street hats
Mrs Campbell's.
New hooks arriving dally at Fra
tier's book store.
Try the Palm, 221 Court street,
for nuts, caudles and fruits.
rion't lot cigars get the host of you
set the best of cigars. Hanlon's.
All kinds of Imported and domestic
(uuches and clam chowder at uratz s.
We have fruit Jars and fruit jar
extras, rubbers, covers, etc. It. Rohr
man i.uoK over your houso furniture.
Ai tan rellnlsh it like new. Wilson
i: ' 'amine, 'phone main black 1043.
Estimates given on short notice on
painting and paper hanging. Charles
l.ane the pioneer painter, 807 Vin
cent street.
Pure crystal ice don't cost any
mon than inferior Ice, and is so
much cleaner nnd more healthful.
Phono .Main 1881.
Four hundred ucres 30-bushel
wlicv land, 8 miles out. Level, deep
soil big spring riming water. Price
51 nun B. T. Wudo & Son.
U O Rader, M. A.
See Sharp for paper hanging.
Swell slippers at Teutsch's.
Dost shoe repairing at Teutsch's
For the best bread, get Rohrman's
It you want a cab, call up Main
See Dave
Cannot Be Dealt With
Foo Carefully t i i
Thpy arc the most delicate
organs of sense and if they are
painful and your vision is not
perfect come and have your
eyes fsfd. Don't neglect
We u i I-jrstaiuf the eyes and
ar equipped with the most
msdern imstrutnunts for test
ing them.
Get your clothes cleaned at Joer
Buy a fountain pen this week at half
For Sale Alfalfa hay.
Ingram, this offlce.
New ready-mad skirts arriving
dally at Teutsch'.
New enrpets and linoleums at Ra
der's furniture store.
Children's school shoes that wear
und look well, at Teutsch's.
$100 in gold coin given away to cus
tomers at the St. Joe Store.
Received daily, iresh tamales.
crabs and crawfish at Gratz s.
For prompt service, call up the Mc
Kay Cah Co., 'phone Main 161.
Hlg shipment of game hoards, $1 to
$.'.!).-,, 10 to 100 games. Nolf's.
Fall patterns for suits and trousers
on display at Seihert & Schulz's.
Mi Preferida, the best cigar made,
t Rees' cigar store, Court street.
Goods that are right at prices that
arc right at Rader's furniture store.
See Charles Lane about your paint
ing and paper hanging; 807 Vincent
For Rent Two small houses, three
blocks oast of Main street. Apply
at E. O. ofllce.
Don't overlook t.iose fine lots in the
Cole addition. Every block has a 12
foot alley. E. T. Wade & Son.
Two pianos, slightly used. Great
bargains. Come quick. Inland Em
pire Piano House, near hridge.
We have a long list of desirable
city and country property at low
prices, We can suit you. E. T. Wado
& Son,
Wanted Man and one or two
teams to haul wood at Aleacham. In
quire of J. J. McConnell, C19 John
son street.
Ross has been lu the ice business
In Poiidleton three years and has al
ways sold the best in the lco line.
His motto has been "No favorites,
treat nil customers alike."
Regular meeting Hushee Chapter
No. ID, O. E. S. There will he a so
i clal meeting and ontfTtnlnmcnt Sep
I tember 22, 7:30 p. m. Cordial invlta
lion to all members. A good time
promised by the brothers.
I To Be Given Away at the St. Joe
j Store to Our Customers.
The SI. Joo Store will give away,
absolutely tree, $100 111 gold Coin to
three of Its customers. The gift will
bo divided into three presents of $00,
' $25 and $15, The presents will ho
made December 24, nnd a ticket will
bo given with each dollar's purchase.
New Shipment of Turkey
and Ostrich Dusters
io inch Turkey, ioo feathers special 35c. 14 inch Tur
pj'i 100 feathers special 50c. 12 inch carriage duster 120 tail
leathers, special 75c. 8 inch parlor duster (Ostrich,) special
fl 25' Sisil duster for removing dirt from furniture special 50c.
Our Ice Cream will please you. If you ever had any
nettur ours wont cost you a cent! We will let you be the judge.
Oft HtopMlrom Main Streot toward the Court IIouko
There will bo a meeting of the Elks
Thursday evening.
T. J. Kirk, of Athena, Is in the
city for a short visit.
R. N. Stantield, of Echo, Is In tho
city for a business trip,
Mrs. A. Gillette, of Echo, visited
friends In tho city yesterday.
A. Ij. Jones, of Athena, Is In the
city for a short business visit.
Mrs. h. C. Rothrock is visiting
friends in Milton for a time.
Misses Kato and Cecelia Moore, of
Echo, are visiting friends In the city.
J. P. McMnnus of the Pilot Rock
Record, is in the city for a short
Van Wilson and J. M. Gulllford left
today for Coos nay country on busi
ness. Mr. and Mrs. P. T. Hale, of Adams,
spent Sunday in Pendleton visiting
J. H. Wood, of Athena, was in the
city yesterday for a short time on
Mrs. F. A. Wllllnms, of Athena
was in the city yesterday tho guest
of friends.
Mrs. Charles Epplnger has return
ed from a visit nt tho coast, Astorl;
and Portland.
.). T. Whistler has returned from
his visit to tho Nntional Irrigation
Congress at Ogden.
Air. and Airs. Frank Pedro an
family, of Athena, spent Sunday I
the city, the guests of friends.
U E. Therkelsen left this morning
lor Walla Walla, for a visit in th
interests of his piano business.
H. C. Willis, Charles Bartholeniew
and Judd Rogers of Echo, are in Pen
dleton today on a business visit.
W. T. Gordon, one of the larg
wheat growers of the Juniper conn
try. is in the city l'r a short busines
Mrs. Pauline Schmeer has returned
to her homo after an extended visit
with relatives and friends in Port
Hon Macy, of Portland, Is expect
ed in the city this evening to he the
guest of his brother, Frank Macy, of
ho Hoston Store.
Miss Flo Hallock. of Portland,
the guest of Miss Edna' Thompson
and will visit In the city tor Home
time with her friends here.
Mayor T. G. Hailey stopped off at
Hoise City to visit his parents, as he
came from Ogden, and will not hi
home lor several days yet,
Airs. Albert Wur.woller, of Joseph
Oregon, Is the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
R. Alexander, while on her way home
from a visit In Portland and the car
Miss Lt'iioie Sheridan and slstur
.Miss Gertrude Sheridan, accompanied
by Miss Bertha Alexander, have re
turned from a visit at the carnival
nt Portland,
John Hnlley, Jr., lias returned from
a trip to l.a Grande, where he has
been lor tho past several days in the
interest of tho stock exhibit of the
coming earnhal.
Mrs. S. C. Stanton, of Athena, loll
this morning for Arlington, where
she will ha the guest of friends.
Wliilo In this city Mrs. Stanton was
the guest of Mrs. M. S. Stanton
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Teutsch huve
leturned from a trip to Haker City
and Huntington, and are tho guests
of Mr, and Mrs. Leo Teutsch, and Mr.
and Mrs. H. F. Scott, of this city.
O. F. Thompson and Ralph Stan
Held, of Echo; William Shaw, J. W
Arnold, of Freuwater; J. T, WMfller
ami Hert Huffman, of Pendleton, re
turned Sunday morning from tho ir
rigation congioss at Ogden.
Sales of Blooded Sheep.
Charles Cunningham returned tills
morning from several days spent 011
his sheep lanch at Pilot Rock. Ho
has in the past weok made several
sales of blooded sheep to parties from
the eastern part of the range. Mr.
Cunningham thinks that there will ho
plenty of grass In tho pastures this
winter for the llocks that will bo run
on thorn, and that the cry about lack
or feed Is greater than the occasion
Best State Fair In Years.
G, A. Hartmuu has returned from,
his visit to the state fair at Salem,
and Is well pleased ith tho trip. Ho
reports that the stock exhibit this
year was tho best for some years, as
and Suit
New Suits and Coats
for Autumn
A Woman Chooses here with
the Certainty of Choos
ing Correctly
Tho head of our Cloak and Suit Department visited all tho leading cloak
houses in the East, so we are able to &how what is being worn in the fashion
centers. We can show you some of tho garments displayed in the CONGRESS
of FASHIONS recently bold in New York. Tailor suits will be in great de
mand this fall. The radical change in tho suit jacket from short to long is
reason enough. The straight round walking skirt suit has gained in popularity
and will sell largely. Many fancy materials are in evidence, especially Homo
spuns, Mixtures and tho Mannish Materials.
New Capes
New Jackets
New Dress Skirts
Muslin Underwear
New Walking Skirts
Children's Wool Dresses
The new silk waists are more beautiful than ever and prices within reach
of all. No trouble to show goods.
was the poultry exhibit.
Ion was well filled with displays, and
taken all around, the fair this year
,vas tar alidad of those of tin
ew seasons,
The pnvll
I'ast I $
Formerly of Pendleton.
II. A. Wright, of Port Townsend,
eft tills morning for Portland, where
he will transncl some business be-
ore returning to his home .Mr. '
Wright was u former resident of this 1
Ity and was called hero by the death j
of his mother, Mrs. Mary Wright, of $
Nyo. it
l TdDnDettSdDfflip
Fall Trade Good
It N good and that's a fact
says Mr. Fluneran to our repor
ter. How do you account for if,
when others are complaining
altout the fall trade I asked him.
Why, I do not know auy other
good reason than that the people
have found out that we ure ac
tually selling better slices for the
money or the same (juallty for
lets money than others do. It io
really remarkable how many
people there ure who remark
about the "wearing quality" of
our shoe. Now that in what we
nay for and you fret, when you
buy Douglas or Gloria or Hed
Bchoolhouse Shoes. These shoes
are sold at a price and 110 one
attempts to undersell them
they simply can't and live. We
have fouud the least margin of
resistance to trade and that ac
counts for our Increase tills full.
Now watch ll sell shoes. We
carry shoes 011 live widths in all
foot form lasts -In all leathers,
height, styles, sizes, weight,
etc "Hav, don't that boy talk
someV" i thought as J went on
my way with line pair of the
Douglai shoes on from the
Boston Store
Turkish Hath, lloval Oatmeal,
Pine Tar, Klc Hand 111 lied
soup-j, per bar Io or 4i!o per ileus.
Other Hue values 'Jit to 15c a bar.
We are agents for two of the
best grades. C'raiio's Kuperllue
hi cream laid, Hunt's Hoy a I
White in all the new shapes.
KuvcIopcH and aper to match,
We handle the leading makes
such us Geo. Ilussett's, liavilaud
Jtoyal, Austrian, Kt
Hear this in mind when you
need poultry and stock supplies
and ask for the International
Poultry and Stock Food. Use
Kow Kuro for your cow trou
bles, C. F. Golesworthy
127-129 East Alta bt.
j Agent for Lee's Lice Killer
j. Cur Midlife .Mlii his. I(. Hlllolt, 1'top,
Our specialties arc finest
fresh and suit water fish
of nil desirable verities,
crabs, lobsters, clams and
water dolacucics. Olym
pia and eastern oysters.
We will serve you with
the finest oyster cocktail.
Goods dulivered to any
part of the city. Prompt
service and best satis
faction. A Trial Order is Solicited
Rigby-Clove Mfg,
Manufacturers of the
Eigfey-CIove Combined
Repairs for all kinds of!
Farm Machinery
Vnntiilni, UTinlr ,1 Qnnnlnlhr
j Cas'i paid for old castings
I Pendleton,
The Oregon Datlv Journal can be
found on sale at Frazier's book storai
1 "