East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, September 09, 1903, Image 5

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Mercerized Waistings and
i Fleece-Back Fancies : : :
T ... L ............... .
j PEflsnim BEiTim,
Arc the popular cotton fabrics for Fall.
Our line of Foreign and Domestic Novelties
is complete in every detail, and, comprises
the latest designs in white, black, cream and
figured fancies. Prices from
to $1
Per Yard.
Would be glad 'to show you our new Fall Goods
Corner Main and Alta
City Brevities
Hello1 U C Radur?
Se Sharp for paior hanging.
Fr ill fruit ilally at Martlu's.
Smokers' supplies at Neuman'a.
For the best bread, get Rourman's.
fresh fish, game anil poultry. Casus-
Ueirlgerated meats. Schwartz &
tiroultch Co.
Call up 'Phone Main 1881 when you
wan' pure ice.
Buy o fountain pen this week at half
price at Frazler's.
Try tho Palm, 221 Court street,
tor nuts, candies and frultB.
Received dally, fresh tatuales,
crabs and crawfish at Gratz's.
Men' four-in-hands, raldgots and as
o ties at Tho Peoples Warehouse.
Don'' let cigars get tho best of you
get the best of cigars. Hanlon's.
All kinds of Imported and domestic
iunrhes and clam chowder at Gratz's.
We have fruit jars and fruit Jar
txtras rubbers, covers, otc. R. Rohr
man See Charles Lane about your paint
ing and paper hanging; 807 Vincent
New lino of fall street hats on dis
play Monday, Tuesday and Wednes
day at .Mrs. Campbell's.
Estimates given on short notice) on
painting and paper hanging. Charles
l.ane this pioneer painter, 807 Vin
cent street
I get the price right beforo I list
property. That Is why I soli so raucn
of It I havo some bargains in both
city and country property that can
Jot bo equaled. E. T. Wade & Son.
1 he Bright New Ideas
of the day.
Latest Creations of the
Jewelers Art.
You can always depend
on what you get at our
We never misrepresent.
-Vettdoor to K. Alexander
U C Rader, M. A.
Lndlos" half solos 40c. Teutsch's,
nest shoo work at Teutsch's.
If you want a cab, call up Main
Got your clothes cleaned at Joer-ger's.
For Hont A piano. Apply at this
; oirtcc.
New books arriving dally at Fro-
' Tlnf'ti l.niil ntn-n
Wanted Salesman and collector.
Call at tills olncc.
Now carpets" and linoleums at Rn
der's furniture store.
For prompt scrvlco, call up tho Mc
Kay Cab Co., 'phono Main 1C1.
Ml Preforlda, the best cigar made.
it Ilees" cigar store. Court street.
Get your nscot at Tho Peoples
Warehouse new ones Just received.
Goods that nro right at prices that
ire right at Ilader's furnlturo store.
"Poacoful Henry." "A Slow Drag,"
that's the latest hit, only 2rc. Nolfs.
Havo your buggies painted by
Wilson & Carmine. 'Phono Black
For Ilont Two small houses, three
blocks enst of Main street. Apply
at K, O, office.
Two pianos, slightly used. Great
bargains. Como quick. Inland Em
pire Piano House, near bridge.
Estimates given on house painting.
Work strictly first-class. Wilson &
Carmine, next door to Neaglo Bios.
For Rout Four desirable furnish
ed rooms, JC per month each. Apply
218 Alta Btreet, opposite Episcopal
Puro crystal Ice don't cost any
moro than inferior ice, and is so
much cleanor and more healthful.
Phono Main 1881.
Tho II. S. & M. clothing for this
fall has arrived. Did you over wear
a Hart, Schnoffor & Marx suit? If
not, did you over examine or try one
on? Tho Peoples Warehouse would
bo moro than pleased to havo you
como lu and sco them.
On Missionary Work.
Rev. B. F. Harper, of Pendleton
who Is Sunday school missionary for
the Presbyterian church In Eastern
Oregon, passed through the city last
evening en routo home from Elgin,
where ho has been working along the
line of the Sunday school work. La
Grande Observer.
Mrs. Dutton, Sr., Improving.
C. R. Dutton, of Lehman Springs
hus returned to his home after a visit
at tho bedside of ills mother, who Is
111. His brother, Dr. E. E. Dutton, of
Caldwell, Idaho, also roturnod to his
homo. Mrs. Dutton having improved
and now being considered convales
Goal operators in Pennsylvania,
claim an overproduction of anthra
cite threatens, and hnvo begun to re
strict tho output.
New Shipment of Turkey
and Ostrich Dusters
to inch Turkey, ioo feathers special 35c. 14 inch Tur
e)i too feathers special ,50c. 12 inch carriage duster 120 tail
gathers, special 75c. s inch parlor duster (Ostrich,) special
''25 Sisil duster for removing dirt from furniture special 50c.
Our Ice Cream will please you If you ever had any
Getter ours wont cost you a cent. Wj will let you lie the judge,
15 Hterw tVom Main Street toward tho Court llouwi
Mr. and Mrs. McRae are visiting
menus in tno city.
J. Hayes, of Heppnor, Is In tho city
on a short business visit.
George Peebles, of Weston, was a
visitor in the city yesterday.
W. H. Ferguson, of Adams, is In
mo city for a short business vls'.t.
Mrs. J. Stanton, of Athena. Is In
tno city the guest of friends hers.
J. M. Hayes, of Athena, was a hus
Iness visitor In tho city yesterday.
Will M. Peterson, the attorney of
Aiuena, is tn the city on legal bus
iness. -
Mrs. L. Swaggart, of Athena, Is in
the city the guest of relatives and
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wood, of Athe
na, aro In the city the guests of
George H. Sutherland Is in the city
to look after the progress of the work
on the Bewor.
Do Witt Matlock Is In the city vis
iting his father, Cass Matlock, of
North Pendleton.
Mrs. R. N. Stnnfleld returned to ner
home In Echo this morning, after a
visit with friends hero.
Miss Goorgle Lash is in Baker City
the guest of her sister and will re
mnln there for an extended visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Roscoo Oakes return
ed to their home In Portland this
morning, after a visit In Pendleton.
Conductor Charles Brown, of the
0. R. & N., has Just returned from
a week's visit at Hot Lake sanitari
um. Dan Taylor has returned to his
home In Portlaud after a visit In this
city with his sister, Mrs. W. F. Ken
nedy. Mrs. Walter Wyatt left this morn
ing for Portland, where she will Join
her husband "and make her future
home. 1 '
Mrs. J. U Rowland left this morn
ing for Mount Tabor, near Portland,
where she was called by tho death of
her husband's sister.
Miss F. L. Therkelsen. of Spokane.
returned to her home this morning,
after a visit with her brother, L. E.
Thorkelsiin, of this city.
William Bracken, of Walla Walla.
private secretary to President Mc-
Cahe, of tho W. &. C. R.. is in the
city the guest of his sister, Airs. C.
J. Ferguson.
R. A. Maze left this morning for
Walla Walla, where he will remain
on business for Borne time. Mr Maze
Is the organizer of the F'lternal
George Ferguson, of Lee Teutsch's
store, Jen this morning for Weston
Athena and other small towns of tho
vicinity on a business trip In connec
tlon with the store.
E. B. Penland 1b visiting with IiIb
brother, L. E. Penland. He has been
looking after his farming interests in
Eastern Oregon. He leaves tonight
for his homo In Albany. Or.
Jake Bourne, one of the lnrge cat
tlemen of Camas Prairie, was In the
city yesterday to close up a deal with
J. C. Lonergan on the sale of a lot of
cattle shipped ont Monday night
Rev. Bleakney. who has been pas
tor of the Presbyterian church at
Elgin, will leave In n few days to
take charge of the Presbyterian
Academy at Pendleton. La Grande
Mrs. Georgo Carnilchael, of Wes
ton, returned to her home this morn
lug nftcr a short visit In this city
with friends. Mrs. Carnilchael Is en
route homo from a month spent with
her daughter at Olney.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Anderson, of
Philadelphia, accompanied by Geo.
Ladd Munn, of Seattle, returned to
Walla Walla this morning, after hav
ing completed tho purchaso of the
Pendleton electric plant.
Joo Gill, of Portland, reached the
city last night, nccompanled by Miss
Helen Cranston, who has been visit
ing In that place for some time. Mr.
Gill will be the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
C K. Cranston for a week or 10 days.
Miss Eva Wood, of Weston, tho
sister of Clark Wood, of that city, is
In the city the guest of her sister,
Mrs. J. W. Sullivan. Miss Wood will
remain In the city during the winter,
having been elocted to teach In tho
schools here.
It Pays to Trade at
I The Peoples' Warehouse
We're Here With the Goods
Divorce Granted.
In the circuit court today a decree
of divorce was granted tu Mrs.
Maude Johnson, of Athena, from her
husband, Albert S. Johnson. The
parties wore residents of Athena, and
the husband deserted tho wife and
has slnco continued to llvo separate
and apart from her. The court
granted the plaintiff the right to as
Biime once more her maiden name of
Maude Yusburg. Will M. Peterson
was the attorney for tho plaintiff
Industrial School Fire,
Whlttier, Cal., Sept. 8. Fire 111 the
state industrial school this morning
destroyed the stage scenery and fix
tures, Tho boys. Inmates of the
school, did splendid work fighting the
fire and it Is due to their efforts that
tho school was not destroyed. Ioss,
Germany will begin the work of
Installing a magnificent exhibit at St,
Louis by transferring bodily the Dres
don municipal exhibit.
G? Marx
If you havo worn a
Hart,Schaftiierifc Marx
vuit you'll want an
other. Good as they
wero )ast season, thev
.110 butter for THIS
PALL. They bfin
at $15 and better oues
if you want them.
Thoro is no so-callod
made to order Fiiit for
which your measure
is taken that it KG INS
to bo a HANDSOME
as tho
n. S. b M.
You won't find such
clothes as these any
where else in town
and we'll bo as glad to
show them to you
whether you come to
look or to buy
S 1
'J a tlor
Leading Clothiers
-----I'---44 ---- - ---.....
Fearful Odds Against Him.
Bed-ridden, nluno and destitute.
Such In brief was tho condition of
an old soldier by name of J. J. Hav
ens, Versailles, O. For years he
was troubled with kidney disease and
neither doctors nor medicines gavo
hlin relief. At length ho tried Elec
tric Bitters. It put him on his feet
in short order and now he tostlfles:
"I'm on tho road to complete recov
ery." Best on earth for liver and
kidney troubles and all forms of
stomach and bowel complaints, On
ly 50e. Guaranteed by Tollman &
Co., druggists,
A Glassware Sale
See Sharp's artistic wall paper.
What Kind of
Feet Have You
If they are narrow or low
Instep, or high instep or wide
and short. Hat and broad, or If
you havo corns or bunions or
Ingrowing too nails, or toe In
or too out, why to bo properly
shod you must certainly con
sult the doctor of shoes in the
shoo parlor of tho Boston Store.
Here will bo told to you all
tho truths about good shoes.
How to buy tho easy feeling,
good wearing, fine appearing,
and purso opening shoes. Re
member that our shoes save in
stocking wear.
When we tell you wo have
the largest stock of shoes to
sell men and women at .G0 to
$3.50, we are staling a fact easy
to prove. That's why it pays to
inspect our shoe department
when in need of shoes for any
of the family
Thi beauti
Hl.is.it pitcher
only 25c
Other fiuc
IS Hinl 48
Glass Setd Consisting of cov
ered butter dn-h, Miiir howl ami
creamer, three line value, -18, uT,
mid fl5e. Not the cluap, trahy
ware, uut heuvy, tervlceablo
other Itenii. auch Xapplei, Fruit
Jllitu'f, Celery triijn, etc , leuin 5 to Ute
An I uineiiw lot ol bulla-Jliunlredi o
Mjlet at loweat I'ricn.
Bear this iu mind when you
need poultry and stock supplies
and ask for tho International
Poultry and Stock Food. Uh
ICow Kure for your cow trou
bles, C. F. Golesworthy
127.129 East Alta .St.
Agent for Lee's Lice' Killer
4. Cor Mum N , II11 I'D 1(1 1 lot I I'mp,
Our specialties are finest
fresh and salt water fish
of all desirable varitics,
crabs, lobsters, ciaius anil
water delacacies, Olyni
pia and eastern oysters.
Wo will serve you with
the finest oyster cocktail.
Goods delivered to any
partof the city. Prompt
service and best satisfaction.
t A Trial Order is Solicited
J. f Jul 111 ,J -- -
Rigby-Clove Mfgj
Manufacturers of tke
Clove Combined
Repairs for all kinds oft
Farm Machinery;.
Fouudry Work a Specialty
Cash paid for old castings J ;
The Orogon Pally Journal can be
found qn salo at Frazler's book store.v.