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August Bargain Days
Shirt Waists, Wrappers, Skirts
Hosiery and 1000 other things.
ins to litem
Bargains Everywhere
Dont mi s it
Corner Main and Alta
Messrs. Newell, Savage, Whistler Et
Al Meet With the Commercial As
soclatlon Impart Much Valuable
Information as to the Bureau's
Work In This and Other States
Officials Cannot Tell "Which Way
the Cat Will Jump."
'City Brevities
See Sharp for paper banging.
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Greulirh Co.
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Rtgby Clove Foundry
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want pure ice.
Fresh crawfish at the Columbia
Saloon tonight.
Buy a fountain pen this week at half
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Try the Palm, 221 Court street,
for nuts, candies and fruits.
For prompt service, call up the Mc
Kay Cab Co., 'phone Main 161.
Tents, camp stoves, camp stools, for action, and then
etc., at Under s Furniture store. department saw
Games, blocks, dolls, toys, juve-! begun.
nlle books and air guns. Nolf's.
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U Rohr- j nrlze- Inland Empire Piano House.
uoous mat are rigni ai prices mat
Last Saturday evening tho Com
morclal Association assembled with
their friends In tho rooms of the as-
soclatlon to meet with the party of
irrigationists who were here looking
into the conditions of the country in
the sen-ice of the interior depart
menu The guests of honor for the
evening were F. H. Newell, the head
of the reclamation bureau of th de
partment of the Interior, H. M. Sav
age and J. T. Whistler, engineers of
the department, and Congressman J.
X. Williamson and ex-Congressman
Malcolm A. Moody. A large number
or the men of the city who have the
problem of the watering of the semi
arid portion of the state at heart,
were present, nnd listened with great
interest to the remarks and explana
tions that were made by Mr. Newell.
Magnitude and Uncertainty.
Mr. Newell said that the task was
of such magnitude that the men who
were Interested in the movement
were compelled to go slowly and
carefully In their investigations for
fear that in the end they would be
unsuccessful in what they undertook
if they did not first consider all the
details of the case. What had al
ready been done was the patient
work ot years, and the best efforts of
men who had made the subject a
life work. And In the work there
was so much to do that it must of
necessity be a slow process. First,
the district engineers gathered all of
tne data at their command and from
it made the reports which they sub
mitted to the bureau; this was In
turn given to the board of engineers,
who examined it. and they passed on
j it. and if It was deemed feasible It
n co ivuiuutciiucu iu lite Ul'jial lUICTJJL
finally, if the
fit. the works were
! All of the work had been gone oev
j so many times that there wis not
Are you going camping? U C Ra-ii,B ul
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camp supplies. I "Jg and paper hanging; 607 Vincent
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ond premium. $2 music wrapjier. given j Wanted Rooms for light house
awav with sheet music. Inland Era- keeping. Address "Baxter," care this
pire Piano House. yniMaln. , j
Pendleton people are loyal to Pen
dleton's business enterprises. That
is the reason the Ross leo & Cold
' . ri 1. 1 ,1 t ..ot nn
wo wagons and then can scarcely
uandle the trade Give us your or
jers and wr will take care of It if
we have to put on four times two
wagons. 'Phone Main 18S1
much o f newness In tho discussion;
but there was one thing that had
not been understood, and that was
the lact that the engineers favored
no state or community for the reason
that one part had put up more money
than the other.- The question that
was first considered in the recom
mendations of the engineers was the
needs of the country. For instance,
in Nevada all of the people are
moving out of the state. There are
now not more than -lO.noo people res-
Estimates given on short notice on ",e,ul mere just a noui enougn to
Intinc anil nnnxr lmiirrlmr PhnrlPR n,a';e one good-sized town, were they
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slnery, especially patterns. Mrs
Dont be always a-ktujr some
one for the right time, have a
reliable wutcli of your own. No
mutter what your tante, jour
needs, yourprice, vie can sati-sfy.
Prices, $J.25 to $150.00
Next (lour it. K AIondrr
painting and paper hanging. Charles
Lane, the pioneer painter, SO" Vin
cent street.
Prizes awarded when 150 tickets
are given out. Ticket with every 35c
sale of sheet music. Inland Empire
Piano House.
Good meat in summer must be
'.aken care of. That's the kind you
get at Houser's. Alta street, opposite
Savings Bank.
Ross has been in the Ice business
in Pendleton three years and nas al
ways sold the best In the Ice line.
all rounded up into one place. And
this small number of people have to
support nil the expenses of a govern
ment. The strain is too much for
them, and they are leaving the state.
It has been thought best by the de
partment in order to upbuild the
state, to fly to the help of the people
by the Irrigation of their land, and
works are now In course of construc
tion. When they arc done, a valley
CO mlie long and of good width will
be under water, and the state will
have a nucleus around which to
for the reclamation of the
His motto has been "No favorites, i ather
treat all customers alike." country.
L. F Tomjoly has purchased the Oregon is not the first on the list
"Royal Restaurant" and its business of the states that have made appro-
from Mrs. Ida Teft. He will run a priatlons for irrigation work, but Is
first-class establishment In all re- l 'east third down the line. But
spent) Call and see him. "Us fact will Have no bearing on the
report or tne investigators, ine
Sept 7
Balloon Ascension v
Not withstanding the fact that manufacturers want more
for all linen and cotton goods, we shall offer while ourv
present stock lasts, our complete line of HOUSE FURNISH
INGS at the same low prices that have always prevailed
in this department.
Table Linens
Bleached, Unbleached and Colored.
CO inches wide, worth 35 c, our price 23c
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C4 inches wide, worth 60c. our price 45c
CS inches wide, worth SOc our price 65c
size, worth $1.25. our price, dozen . . . .$1.00
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dozen . $2.25
Turkish Towels
Bleached and Unbleached.
12t.e kind, our price . .- 10c
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Huck Towels
our price
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Towel inii by the Yard
.V kiul. our price - 4c
10c kind, our price 8 1-3c
12M:c and 13c kind, our price ...12iic and 10c
23c and ISc kind, our price 20c and 15c
Bed Spreads
With or without fringe 90c to $3.00 each
2 yards wide, worth 22c, our price 20c
2. yards wide, worth 26c, our prlco 23c
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Pillow Cases
15x36 Inches, worth 16c, our price 12'ic
42x36 Inches, worth 12Mc, our prlco .....10c
l?eady Made Sheets
2Ux2Mi yards, worth 70c, our price 55c
2V4x2i yards, worth SOc, our price 65c
Lonsdale Muslin worth 10c, our price .... 7c
36-inch good bleached Muslin 5c
Plain and Fancy Stripes.
32 inches wide, worth 12c, our price, 10c
32 Inches wide, worth 18c, our price 15c
Curtain Swiss and Screen
36 inches wide 10c and 17c kind, our
prlco 8 1-3c and 5c
36 inches wide 33 l-3c and 20c kind,
our price 25c and 15c
Lace Curtains
A new stock of Ecru and White, In new and
dainty patterns. A few one and two
pair tots, at
It Pays to Trade at
The Peonies
Outfitters lot Women and Men.
Don't undo the good your vacation
hag done you by drinking poor water
or putting Inferior Ice Into the boil
ed tt'ater. Ten cents worth of Ice per
day will supply an ordinary family
with plenty or drinking water. Be
sure, though, that you get good Ice.
Call up 'phone Main 1881 and get
pure distilled water ice irom the
Boss Ice Plant.
Returned From Vacation.
Mr and Mrs. John Kees have re
turned from their summer outing at
Hldaway. where they have been for
the last two weeks. While away they
visited the other resorts and were an
over tho valley of the Uklah country
New Shipment of Turkey
and Ostrich Dusters
to inch Turkey, ioo feathers special 35c. 14 inch Tur
key, 100 feathers special 50c. 12 incli carriage dusttr 120 tail
feathers, special 75c 8 inch parlor duster (Ostrich, ) special
$1.25. Sisil duster for removing dirt from furniture special 50c.
Our Ice Cream will please you. If you ever had anv
better ours wont cost you a cent. Vj will let you he the judge.
115 Hti from -Mlu street toward tho Court HoiiM)
works will be located where they
will have the greatest effect In the
making of the state, and the conse
quent good of the nation. The prob
lem now before the Investigators Is !
where to locate the works whnrf to
find a place that Is feasible, and
where the land will justify the ex-IK-nse.
When this place of places
Is found aud has been proven to be
good, the works will be started.
State Legislation Needed.
The greatest thing that the late
could do to help the men who have
charge of the government work
would be to see that there Is suita
ble legislation enacted, so that when
t tho time comes for the construction
to begin there will be no trouble over
water rights, and no injustice done.
The men of the state should see that
there Is a commission appointed who
will be competent and willing to In
vestigate all of the points of such a
measure: to examine into the prior
rights of those who now are using
the streams, to determine the num
ber of inches that each man would
be In justice entitled to use, and then
draft all of their findings Into a bill
for the next session of the legisla
ture. But as far as being able to tell
what would be the ultimate outcome,
it was impossible, for the engineers
did not know themselves what tho
department would do with t.iolr rec
ommendations. Mr. Williamson and Mr. Moody
also made short talks on the subject,
as did some of the men of the city,'
and at the conclusion of tho meeting
an Informal discussion was Indulged
in by those most interested In tne
Working for Columbia College.
Itev. 0. H. Glbbs, pastor of the
South Methodist Church at Milton,
who has been traveling over Eastern
Oregon and parts of Idaho in the
Interest of Columbia College, at Mil
ton, stieut last night in the city and
left for his home this morning. He
has met with very encouraging suc
cess at every point visited, and the
prospects for a good attendance for
the coming year are excellent. This
college has grown in popularity and
efficiency until it now stands in the , j
front rank of Eastern Oregon lustl- t&
....!,. 1 ... 1. I .1. T T ...... M 1 ..
luiiuiitt, iiuu uiit? ui wjui-ii l iimima
county Is justly proud.
Tiipuni pomnr :
I HE HULr OlUnr Wc Can Mend It
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