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    T 7(fr -W I! DAlLYVEfliNGDITIOH
BcAWEEK, I 'mmmmm''mHmmmmmmi 7 Mr J I Touigut ami fair
NO. -tS'Jo.
L Transfers 1 100
f the Tract to Idaho
L Stephen Venard, W. H.
L Eben Mounce Become
i the Land and Ditch at
Mr. Brownell Reserves
lOceupy Old "Four Mile"
tWPOIl tl.r. Villi .L. t
i... . ..' " 1 uoiumu a river
ust above Umatilla. This Is a fine
body of rich land, and Mr. BrowneU
C0I7e,rt 11 lnt0 a fl,le nn
in the near future.
This sale of Umatilla county land
tan?.ntlmt aCl'Ve oiMiatlonS, under
fnc'hnt , hoa. will continue
n that district until the arid land now
in8 S?i0' wU1 1,0 a sollrt olfa"n
held. The new company Is In perfect
harmony with the Oregon Land &
Water Company, of Stokes, of which
F. n Holbrook Is superintendent The
results of the systematic work on
each proposition will bo an advertise
ment for the other, and the develop,
ment. will be watched with Interest
by those Interested In the reclama
tion of the desert In this county
One. feature of tho Maxwell tract,
which Is absent In most Irrigated dis
tricts, Is the presence of an excellent
quality of water, about 11 feet under
neath the surface, all over the tract.
The basin In which Maxwell is locat
ed has evidently been a channel of
tho Umatilla at one time, and the
soil Is exceptionally rich.
In tho basin to the eastward of the
Imttes, near the railroad track at
Maxwell station, are found the most
pronounced Indications of artesian
water In tho Inland Empire. The
formation of the earth nnd the gen
oral contour of the country, Is favor-1
nine to an underground flow, accord-l jaris, Aug. 21.-l.al,orl concluded
hik iu u.u imauSi un oi experts ; m behalf of the Humberts this morn
wiio nave examined mo district, i tnR by declaring no dlshonc:
Great and Sensational Inter
national Swindling Case
Nears Its Conclusion.
List of Demands Mcde by the
Irans-Mississippi Congress
at Seattle
Treasurer- George
Kansas City
Secretary--Arthur V.
plo Creek.
It, Hanlson,
Francis, Crip-
Declared That the Famous Birth Cer
tificate Was Fraudulent Was Sub
jected to Frequent Interruptions
and Demanded Quiet Concluded
His Speech and Yielded to the Pub
He Prosecutor.
Favors a Territorial Organization for
Alaska Handles the Range, Forest
Reserve and Irrigation Question,
and Also Wants Oklahoma and In
dian Territory Organization Into
One State.
LWItt C. llrownoll, of
U tmiiBfurred 1.1 no acres
I . . ..r l.ttt.1 rtnnolat.
tUr irUCl l .milt, ...uv- ...v u.ov.
By of 1,34(1 acres, which Doing convenient to transportation
l' llltlCO Spargm, u" iiuf inhujo, d.ii.uiuu gum ujiiuuu iui
1 . f tlinf.nirl, lr.ntnn nn.l Imiiln. (V...
-ir..nn...l wr II 1 n.1vnntnfpa rtf ti rrnnjl rlliiifl tlinpn
Eben Mounce, nil form-' U no reason why this tract should
1 Tin ltfwmhia nnn nf fhn timet ni-nfHn.
I.' , , ... i, ,.ii,,itv ! hie Irrigation propositions In tho
station, seven miles east I " 1 Bt-
on the O. K. & N., anil p w.. . nFTmP
L Irrlontlni: (lltcll six i RUSSIA WILL RETIRE.
U. constructed by .ludgo . . . ... tu.
1 1894, Mr. Urownull re- ,....m
will occupy nnd cultivate oi me uzai.
if tho original Spargur London, Aug. 21. A dispatch from
as the Sam neilol place, l Constantinople this afternoon says
Seattle, Aug. 21. Interna in to
day's session of tho Trans-Mlsslssln-
Ing by declaring no dishonesty had pi Commercial Congress centers In
been proven, and that of tho money j the battle on tho subject or me leg
enough remains to discharge all debts
nnd still leavo a surplus.
He said tho only real accuser Is the
notorious usurer. Cattnnl. who Is
talnllvn tipp.lfl nf Alnskn
The most contested point In the
discussion will doubtless be that of
a proposed territorial form or gov
seeking personal revenge. He eharg-1 ernment for the district. The Alaska
cd former Premier Wnldoek Itosppnti delegation, IS strong, held n meeting
and members of tho present cabinet yesterday afternoon for tho purpose
with corruption li. conned Ion with of considering the matter of Intro-
the caEO. claiming that the public
nrnsprtltnr lind lippn chosen boCaUSO
he was known to be hostile to the
Humberts. Tho prosecutor arose and
denied the charge, and a duel of
followed. Tho judge inter
words followed. Tho
i.-.,, I ..... i,...i.. ,..i..,, ,i,ii. ..onMwwi 1 Voned.
Q(J Hllliwun I'll... ......v. luu uuaaiuii eiiiinitiuu miiii.ii " . : , ... ,. , .. , , ,
.1.1. or n.i.ntllla station, the Rosnhorus Wednesday, will leave Laborl throw the first light on the
.l.ir.lrxr n t-ncnlnttrin fnV'l.rilli' the nil
mission of the district ns si territory,
and after some brief discussion
adopted a resolution favoring that
measure by a vote of 17 to 1. Gover
nor llrady alone voting In the negative..
The most Important work of me
Chance to Make Some Speed Second
Day of Races.
Xew York. Aug. 21. Tho weather
bureau predicts light northerly winds
tomorrow morning, shifting to east
ward nnd getting stronger ns the day
advances. Odds today arc three to
one on Kellanco. but few bets un
posted this afternoon.
Sir Llpton Is Hopeful.
IlliTl.tn.i.lu .,,. "1 Qlr 11,,!,,., It'
today more hoportil man ever or win
ning the cup, Ho says yesterday's
conditions were tho worst he ever
saw off Sandy Hook. "Shamrock had
no show for wind, while Reliance was
lucky enough in catch puffs, giving
her a lead. Whenever we did get
a hrco.e we lost no time getting over
Hellnnco'fi gain, but tho lurk never
lasted. 1 hope for a fair breeze, I
when we will show what Shamrock
can do, 1 want to race on even terms
and If 1 get It, I do not fear the result."
A Democratic Committeeman
for Alaska Appointed Com
missioner to World's Fair.
Serious Street Car Accident In Seat
tle Suburb.
Seattle, Aug 21. A street car,
loaded with Sunday school picnick
ers from llnllard, got beyond tiie con
trol of the nioloriunn on a grade In
Fremont, n Seattle suburb, this morn
ing, and Jumped the track on n sharp
curve. It plunged down a 20-foot om
hankment and turned oor. Ono wo
man was fatally hurt, and n doiou
children seriously Injured.
It has been learned that Mts, Ol
son nnd Mts. Mary HKgen were fa
tally Injured.
Scheme of Car Thieves Nearly Caus
ed a Wreck.
' Phlr-!..-.. Ai.tr -M l-'nur masked
men last night bound and gapped and
ai ..,.. wii ..- - -
.I......... , . . ; lv date, as Turkey has ac-' mystery by declaring the madamc's j nay was tne p.ee.n . , u, ..,..
b oi iuiiii uuu.uw 7 . -,,.," ' ., :, w blith certlucate. nrodueed n court uy tier ot resoiuiiuim, whimi -
!, nno of tho most teas-1 cupieu uu uiu u. o uuiu..... , ,,, ,.,. ..nr.. relerred to the resolutions com- " . V"V "
Ion proportions In tho Turkish this afternoon , ; w ,ch w, rt tll eu , h er , m,n
the gentlomen purenasinB - , al)orl Ho flnally tape- later on in the ween . no i.s, ,., ,,,,, KMv was discovered
letuatoly begin improve- no r .lent o " 0 nK "r1al ,-iously demanded her to keep b lent eluded the following: ltl engine crew an hour later, in
with a view to making it onstratlon ataltibt tne pone. concluded. EmlllV Appropriation for the Fair. t m.u. wrecklue a nusse. ger
.. t i Atirlrn cnmnienccd lis aauress
will occupy the land,, waix.ng ueiega.c v-u. , "" -",.,,.
Ibout the llrat or bopiem- wew ion: aub.
Ing H to alfalfa, nnd maii- delegate rams case win inuuuu.y (iu
jht repairs neoded on the to the Jury this evening.
Iwlll have chargo of the i
icing an experienced Irrl
Hliph builder, having lol-
becupation In .Montnuu and
nut the land in a nigu
Lltlvatlon In the shortest
Skinner nnd Mounce are
the Vlneland Irrigation
lat l.ewlslon, Idaho, ami
l In that city for tno pies-
Venard, who has been a
Mr FurnuH. will probably
(laxwell this winter to as
urnas in the work f l"i-
lo trad All t ho mirchas-
tactical Irrigators,
kentlemen reorganized me
Ehaha lrrlcntion Company,
Brst by Judge Spargur, In
will continue to do uusi
fori i.,lt,,iti,. i,v nrnL-im ileleuatlon.
I favoring the appropriation of $1,0(10,
! (100 by congress for Lewis and Clark
Miscellaneous Demands.
1 Itesolutlon asking the president to
. nlnce the name of Hugh Craig, of
Once World Famous Actor Lived to
Rp Rfl Years Old.
. ,i. ' Pnllfinnln mi the ththmlan canal
New ion;, Ai8. .""J in. ..
nnr. nl tl.O I.PKt inOWn aClUIM UIU. '"'au
time to sae wrecking a passenger
train entering the yards. Has r.. lov
ers In the tower The men got away
with smnll booty
uu v. v . , noMiliilloii nroviulni! lor
nintiacers or tno oiu bcuuui, who dhu, .- .--
, m?.i this morning, aged SO. He ments to homestead laws
mmTRY FLAMES AND FLOOD, was known the wor.d over as a part-' 1 eso J - "
er FlTIudden, S
r.rt namnne to Chattel Property Jaml " r ...i,. rme 1 11.- ranue.
Which Survived the Fire Damage
Suits Are Imminent.
Now Seen That No Bill Can De Fram-
Levi Williams, of Juneau, Gets Pay
ing Job Hit Colleague, Governor
Drady, Gets Glory Only Affair
Has Raised a Disturbance In Re
publican Circles at Washington.
Washington, Aug. 21. -Assistant
Secretary Itynn. of the Interior de
partment, has sllried up a political
hut nets' nest by the appointment
which wns tunde public today of
I t'M Williams, of Juneau. Alaska,
democratic national committeeman
Horn Alaska, as executive commis
sioner to take charge or the Alaskan
exhibit nt the World's Kulr
The other conitulmlnner Is (lovor
nor llrady. llrady net salary,
while Williams will get 2,tl00 per
year and expenses.
Hints or the appointment leaked
.... I In ,.iU-..nf.ii i.n.l reilllhllcnii noll-
Helium strenuously piotosted, led b
henalor Carter, or Molilalia, but tho
j protests were Ignored
G. A. R. Last Night Elected Officers
nnd Chose Location for 1904.
San rranelseo, Aug. 21. -Tho (Irnnd
Army of the Ilepublle today select
ed lloston as tho place whoro the en
campment of 190 1 will ho held, nnd
elected the following olllcorn:
Ciiiumander-ln-Chlef General John
(' lllnck, Illinois.
Senior Vice Commander - Colonel
C. Mason Konne, California.
Junior Vlco-Conunander Colonel
Harry C Kossler. Montana.
Surgeon-ln-Chlaf (leorge A liar
muu, Ohio.
Chuplaln-ln Chief Wlullold Hcott,
The Women'H Roller Corps elected
(he following olllrom this ufternoon:
National l'rosliieni--narnii nini.ii".
ilUlllVB i.v. , - - -
two daughters, ono of whom.
Kllsler. became famous.
Hesoltitlon recommundlng the es-
i ini.iici... ii.ni nf International salmon
for water
St. Louis. Aiib. .-Hie cany Hesolu.lon providing
morning duinageu uie uwu "'""" Chicago policeman inuugm n """istoing..
Company $(10,(100, the Simmons Hard- shooting at a Burglar. 1 rtesoMtlon piovldlng for the crea-
ware Conipany, damage $000 ho i 21.PoiCeman tloll ()f single, state out of the area
r .,n n nnat Sinlooo and the Schafer. lookl.U! for a burglar in , ; . braced in inu.an ..-r
v inn onr v iiiih iiiwi ijiiim. ohw. laiiuiWii.
ed Upon Which Senate and Houie,0 vifit-ITtwIilMil - Ursula M.
Can Get Together Next Winter. ( Mlltt)U8on. WnshliiBlon.
, i The only contest In the eloclU f
v.,,,. Vi.il. Ai.tr ! - Tin. iiiein hers ... ' n... .Inlimv for
tabllshment of in.erna. ..... sa.mo n wlll(, o. r, - -; b
hatcheries by the United Stal.s "nil .-..nslderlnir a new i-urioiicy I ., M.,i,n,skn. ro-
culved Tin votes. Si'ott. Arlsona. -0B.
and llrudford, Washington, IIS. Ilrai
find withdrew and Hcoti was n-
r IhU nnli.n TheV will liot n..l(ll,, mtp Sr. 000.
a colonization scheme nor j Lalcr the falling of an Immense
l of land on tho market, i w-ater tower flooded tho tniee
..i,.civ .ii.rliiins fatal y. wounucu
i... ...iro' .. rnllnwed llltn dOWIl
stairs. She exonerated her husband
iati ui iiinu Mil uu; wilier UJWUI iiuutn.ii ----
nprovu It nnd convert It In- ,.l)t mmet lU,d added ouonnousij io . ... . becoming un-
1 irrigated farm, and with j tho 1(13Ses sustained by them, n I ,)lRm
vii w uri lifiiiiir lii illume titn nas 111 I'liuii 10 L-anmi"v - - ,
rovements permanent and trebled, as the falling of the
tmuer took I) ace nuer mu -
SJncUfafiMnoVToxMontoiA' ncland. Me, Aug. 21. -Admiral
lata (lc'll-''L ' . ,,.' iBt Kiiei, a i n...,i,rv ur,niiirnii will steam hero
..pen mane iuu..uii.h n --- uhhi -- .
Ich will reclaim about 2,BU0
be vicinity of Muxwoll. ami
nas been run turoiign u
Hr since Its construction,
renalrs nni needed. The
...... xll.MDv
There were several very narrow os-
" -l r flrnnlPIl nnd 0111-
liverted from tho Umatilla 1 1)1()V(S wi,en the tower collapsed
poatio the moutli or inmei There Is taiK ..u...t,- msi
I runs around tho foothills aKaMt the city baseu upon i tmn
; ' oi u.o Mvui, , urn . me '"V. " rVnn, li on of
' i. 1)0(,y.. 01 l"'on ,0. "" ,PClected to
5 r,es!" 11 ?.".?iu' ")' towc " ' lu l:, w,. ; ..nabio
IS dnrlv i in i lor- tlm illt oh. nnd n ..iinpuut nrnnorty owners io lB'i
llltlu to a high state of ctil-; nl0Vt. their chattels.
The kn U. n i nek. sauuy
Pteil to tho culture of nny
Its or grains that grow in
.....j.... Thorn will lie IWO UII1-
plres. ono on each vessel. The naval
reserves and military of the adjoin ng
Ill nnrtlelnnto. OnO of til
first efforts will be to seine the sta-
Cuba Will Sign Up.
,...,.ln.nn AllB. SI. !""
le climate, and Is especial-1 informed tho stato
I, as is tho entire Hutter ; Q" la 0 1 Cu,,a ls ready to sign
Umatilla district, to the ''"f rnt naVal stations to the
of alfalfa in its porfectlon. the W '
To Protect Austria's Interests.
fnncinnilnoi.le. Aug. 21. The Aus-
.1.... n,l.iaanilnr today Eellt a UOte
I to the Porto demanding adequate- pro-,
tectlon for the ausu iuh
Mo astir, and also for tho Oriental
hallway, which connects Turkey and
nn and which Is run by an Aus
trian syndicate.
In nr nlfnlrn in lie nnrfnctlt
I'th will bo gradually extend
e 'and Is placed under cum-
Ku win bo matlo tno oogui
1 Bnlrmll.l l.-rl,.nliwl illstrlct.
(; object of tho purchasers Is
'"nit from tho laud, They
"o time in seeding It to ai-
r uruer that it may become
""tog ns (illicitly as possl-
I 'Ml la1 ill. m mnrn .will' lnlld
I 'turned
United Slates.
Quotation. Furnished by Co. Commit
s.on Company-B. E. Kennedy, Lo
ca, Manaflor
Chicago. Aug. brek.
,-.. now aeillllg
r,u,,t Ooouing.
ro.Mllwlll at once move to lw,
e. on the Iloltol lnrm. Corn
ifOV., If o.,.l i-ni.lnl.n more ....... 5"
I he ... i,,,. ..... ....i..,..,. .nt, -h
..vi.i.a tile l.iiii
HQs l il.... h
'ie u i , ,rf, mi
wnieh h,. S constructing near
't Umatilla Ho has a dlfh
') then' wnlcli will Irrlgai
" t land owned by him.
i Sent
ji.anoapoHs, Au; . t.
o n
; 78
r.hlcaoo Wheat.
.. , An, 21 - Wh'Mlt
1,'lliriisu ' ,
. ami ' a
For the Murder of Goebel.
Georgetown. Ky., Aug. M-Vo:
ert- trial this morning was devoted
to reading the deposition of ox-Cover-nor
Taylor, of Kentucky, now a fit
"RV 7 ,...n niui which s a gen-
eril denial of complicity i the Ooo-
bel murder.
Official Speed Trial.
Bar Harbor, Aug. 21. The cruiber
Cleveland arrived here last night arid
Is today making preparations for the
governmont test. Speed must show
it. ft kuota
Barely Alive.
London, Aug. 21.-Lord Salisbury
is barely alive this morning. His con
dition l critical with no liopo for
I,...1,. nrm'llllllL- lor i.iolettloil
ot the cities and towns and lands In
valleys or the .Misslsslpjil, Missouri
and Kansas rivers from ravages of
Hood. , .
Itesolutlon providing that no legis
lation be made for the territories of
tho Five Civilized Tribes of h lan
Territory, except such as will lead
to an Independent state of said ter
ritories. Resolution providing that Hie pies
ldent of the United States select a
man of experience and matiue Judg
ment for tho iHjBltlon of chief of tho
bureau of manufactures.
Itesolutlon proWdlng that tho ten
gross protest against further exten
sion of forest reserves by t-e fedeial
,..,!. i. ritlpH
Resolution recommending u sys
tem of highway Improvement
Resolution providing for Improve
ment of Mississippi liver banks
Itesolutlon providing Tor Improve
ment of harbors nnd rivers.
Resolution providing for improve
ment of the San joaijuiii ""
"as- Providing that the gov-
ernment build wan in in.m .
property at Galveston
lllli JI4IRD .--
&. .1.. I
rtff r.ers Are nom.i.u'c-.
The following otllcern have b'-on
aonilnaiod by the eouimlt.ee for of
IK. -is or the organisation, and no
doubt will bo elected:
Iresldent-H. C. Kerens St. UjuU.
Vice-p.esldent-A. U la'k, W"-
t0Send Vlce-pro.IU.nl - Walter
Grcbham, Galveston. , .
Tlmd Vlce-preaWint-Jobn Ca.rt-
Held St. Paul. .
Kourtn Vice-piwident-r' U
I Ios Angele.
has been considering a new riiriency
measure have given up tne uiea oi
nllpmnllni. tn leilpl. HI. Iiureemellt tl II-
on any asset currency plan, says a
World dispatch rroni rroviueuce. it.
I. Senator Aldrlch, llie chairman. Is
nnlhnrltl- dtp Hip utnt.tlliellt tllllt wllllC
the couimlltee has not depnrled from
Its ileternilnntlon to devise iih
slrjiple, conservative measuio for the
bettermeul of llliauclal conditions. It
has decided to exclude from the hill
any reference lo asset currency or
any other detail upon which a dis
agreement of senate ami House
would be likely.
It Is the belief of thin .ommll'eo
that In the short Hum before .tongress
Is convened It would be practically
Impossible to frame, with any hope
or Its adoption, a comprehensive cur
rency pleasure Hint would embrace
all the larger iiiotlons which will
yet have to be dealt with. The ener
gies of the committee, therefore ar
being devoted to paving the wny for
the passage of a simple bill lo meet
present needs When tho formal con
ference of the i-oniiiiltleo Is resumed
In the neur future ul Senator AI-
drlch's home th w measure will
bo drafted.
Wants a Vacancy In Legislature Fill
ed Upon That Basis,
li-., a., 9!l WIiIIm I'riJ
ldent Roosevelt and Governor Odoll
Ualveston. eri, ,lw.Hlng Nh York politic to-
for the Improvement of . ..xprowted filmaeir
river and Its tributaries. " VM r. ij bi1(-11hU nwn
. I .L.l.rl I ... il. .4... t III th. till-
oliK-ted to the vaconl sent I" up
per Uouae of (lie legisnuur
Oucsts of Navy Department.
Beattle. Aug. HI .-Tll. members of
the Trai.n-MUslHlypl Congress wen-
... .... i.. ii.e Ha lie navy rn.u, . -
ed on the second ballot.
New Treaty Provides for a Partial
Open Door.
Washington, Aug. 21,-Clilnese
Mlnlhler Cheng called at the t
department today to contlrm the dls
natch that piolHlon for op. nliiK two
.oris In Manchuria be Included In tho
treaty with the United States, which
will bo concluded In October. Ho
says the outcome Is a great victory
for tho United Stales, and the ls.no
III s accruing to China will be Inesti-
'lli'el'HXM.cl the HuiMdnn evacuation
i,r Manchuria to begin AiiKUSt 28.
Off for Europe,
New York, Aug 2l.--Hocrtary
Root milled to-lay on the - ' J"r
Llverisiol to attend tho Alaskan
Ijoundi.ry wuiimlwlon, of which ho U
a membr. Minister IMaier ulo sail
ed for Turkey
Jesse Sellers Got $10 and Costs In the
Clrsult Court.
.lease Heller was arrested on ail
information died In th- cl,. u It royit
yesterday aflernoon th. dlslrlef at
tori.v .barging him V.IH, ..mMlus.
He utih arraigned b " J'ld" W.
I-: 1 1 1 H ii.i, inuriilng and ftfc.-d 10 and
ihi l.y ih" 'i' ,, . .
I, , (, Ini.ulb.e ..I Hi- "Uirtc
v ... .1.. 'i ';;
Hiiimn- vvhttl i;aMil.)l"n I "' ' '
.,, , in . . .1 ! i work-
t the officers at dlni.er at 1 u hx h
last evening They made W
tour of lnp ton of IB W
ernuieiit woika. and will probably rec
onim.nrl an extension Hi- yam
,i..-ii,i. i i m iii-i' "i '
1olntliiK 'he laws
Aln-ad) 51.0 Ji 1 '
, i, d lor '!. i.,, ii .'
u, tii. m I . W..i!
il l sv beeu
i iruu. digplay