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    " 1-
IF&Nbhcil every afternoon itxcent Sunday-)
at Pendleton, Oregon, by tlie
Itmnt. Main 11.
Sully, tine rear bv mail
tMlij. tlx months by mall
tally. three months by mall
tally, one month by mall
Jilly. per month by carrier
TViwkly. nnc cnr by mall
Wwitly sii months by mall
VMtlT. rour months by mail . . .
BirmMVookly. one year by mall . .
SroMVeekl, six months bv mall
Seal lVpt'k'y. three months by mall
I their degrees about this time nml (
j hold the footlights for a brief spoil i
, There Is a point worth emphasising , bllt ali tlie A XJ .s LU jvs, p), D,V '
ln the Rcnornl agreement between ; aml A n .g n(ter n sweel nlui happy
Latiioiics and non-Catiioiics, ami tins chry8nHs period arc resolved Into the
Is the opinion shared alike by each old-fashioned degrees of 51a and Pa.
that Pope I.co XIII was the most now- j
erflil pope of modern times. j PERSISTENCY OF WRONG.
l.eo XIII broke a lance with the Qur Rroat m,h7s ,, we ,ack
iron Chancellor. Bismarck, and came patence and persistency of effort
out victorious. Ho secured Import- Our great waste Is the squandering
nut concessions alike from czar, kal- of energy on nonessentials. The rea
.,..,.....,11.1.,.. n ..i ,t,i r son tbnt the kickers and mischief-1
aui .ill.. iui.. iif t.i.t.iv nu. ui , I,,.
Mime of the traditional enemies of his
liuroh and left It after " twenty-six
years of papal power, stronger and
more harmonious than ever before In
.30 1 Its history
makers accomplish so much trouble
is their persistent nnd everlasting
stlck-to-lt-lvenoss. They boat us and ,
spoil tilings because we allow them (
to excel us In persistency.
If we were as doggedly determined 1
tot Ro.it Orcsonlan is on sale at 11. It , And yet Leo had no army or navy , in tmr efforts to counteract their evil j
rreVuiMSTolalmlIIOr-onrt,Und "'"M He haJ 110 temporal power excupt the Influence with a good Influence; If we,
- : 1 : intiiionr.. iu m-iMoi1 us .,.. ,.n.i vnt wore as persistent with good as they
Memlver S.-rhiivs Meliae News Associa ... ' , nrr with 111 will, with kindle wnrila
alML he achieved more than any armed na- . .,. .,,,, ..i.,.i .-.iu .i, -.-
Ity as they are with the antithesis .of '
charity with the oil of kindliness nnd ,
temperate speech ns they are with
he achieved more than any armed na-
". Frncl.lo"l.Ureu. -MS Fourth St. j ,,on ln Christendom. In the same pe
VWaso Iiureau. mil) Security Ilulldlns. i l'10'1- He was shorn of the little ter
Wjjblnptoo. l) c Utirean. "oi 14th s!t.. i ritory that wns once the boasted
v. ii
Is the joy of the household, for without
it no happiness can bo complete. How
sweet Ihe picture of mother und babe,
angels smile at and commend the
thoughts nnil uMiinitions of the mother
bending over the cradle. The ordeal through
which tlie expectant mother must pass, how
ever, is so full of danger and suffering that
she looks forward to the hour when she shall
feel the exquisite thrill of motherhood with indescribable dread and
fear. Every woman should know that the danger, pain and horror
of child-birth can be entirely avoided bv the ue of Mother's Friend,
a scientific liniment for external use on'l , wniJi toughens and renders
pliable all the parts, and
assist:- nature in its sublime
work. Ity its aid thousands
of women have passed this
trreat crisis in perfect safetv
nnd without pain. Sold at $'i.oo per
bottle by druggists. Our book of priceless
value to all women sent free. Address
We have the BestB.
Real Estate. W
some nice home, thai
b "old. Choice Bui
Lots. Alfalfa Land fJ
acre to 100. Wl,J
" "1.IH
tracts from 160
nii..,..nii. r it..
- . . 1 oiiuiitii ui nit' pujiva m jmm' xii'
Xattml Ht Pendleton postoCl.-e as second-, wus a vlrtlla prisoner to the king of
:lits matter. , , . , , , , ,
Italy, who took from his predecessor ;
, the last vestige of territory and made ,
the city of Home the property of Italy
; instead of the church. The history of
i ! l.eo's triumphs is worthy of study
1 1 He made a peaceful conquest which ;
the sand of uiiUindiioss and Intemper
ate speech, they could inevitably be
beaten and turned down. The power
ot wrong and evil lies in their sleep
less vigilance and unceasing effort.
Tin weakness of frond is that It crnivn
lazy and careless and has too many t
lapses of activity .Mrs.
Orsdail. In Pacific Eclio.
It is not the bee thnt hies the
farthest and visits the great
est number of beckoning blooms
in a da) thnt returns at night
heaviest laden with honey. Kath
cr. it if that patient, persistent
worker who alights upon tlie
first flower he finds, probes deep
and skillfully into Its hidden
treasures, nnd wnstes no lime in
rain flight und fruitless labor.
So it is in the human hive. That
man achieves most, who turns
every slightest opiwrtuulty to
account who alights upon the
first waiting task, organizes his
forces, and wastes no preclotH
time ln vain pursuit of fancy or
adventure. In the economy of
the human hive every minute Is
part of man's allotted "wealth, and
every one that is wasted or de
spised, -.educes the sura of life's
possibility, to that extent. Itert
C. C. Van
; win
' the
stand as a monument forever to jjq YOU GUT TIP
war of mind over the war of '
1 1 The total number of immigrants ad
' milted Into the United States for the
1 fiscal year ending Jur.o JO. was S57 -jOIC.
The largest number admitted
; fioni any country was 230.ni'2 from
j Italy and ner islands, and the small
est number from any one country was
H7 Irani tlie South Sea Islands. This
; total number of immigrants repre
. , "eius an increase of 20S.3O;
far 1902. Frank P. Sargent
.' missionor of immigration
i the ofUce of grand master of the
i Hi otherliood nf Locomotive Firemen
j lor 20 years, and who is one of the
' Ih m authorities in the United States
Kidney Trouble Makes You Miserable.
Almot everx body who reads the news,
papers i jure to know of the wonderful
cures nuule by Dr.
Kilmer's Swamii.
Root, the jjreat kid
" ' II
1 ip
1 Ml
i . R J " I
ne , liver and bind 1 '
over the Mf G
jnt. i rn rj jjl;"
who held '
der remeilv. I
It U tltf. erf.-it itii'il.
inn triuinpn ot tue
nineteenth ceuturv :
'iMI .liki.jit-..r.ul n ft..t- i-i.nrc
ot scientific research
bv Dr. Kilmer, the
eminent kiduev and
and is wonderlullv
' , on industrial subjects, says of the
Tbe strike -germ" seems to be at-! ularmlujf Increase of foreign immi
ijwkinp the lnlKjr world in a most j ration: "Immigration under present
atsnnlng manner. Tiir oountry never ; ' omlltloiiB presents a serious problem,
exiierienced such a widespread "pt-1 o one ran Bit at his desk and absorb
iemir of big. little, old and yuuug. j ihe facts :hal come to us in reports
jut and unjust, sensible, nonsensical. I T- lthimt appreciating the peril liai
bladder specialist, and is
successful in promptly curing; lame bach,
uric acid, catarrh of the Idadder and
Hrigbt's Disease, which is the worst
form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's 5vamp-Root is not rec
ommetKlrtl for everything but if you have
kuluev. liver or bladder trouble it will lie
found" jut the remeilv you need. It has
been tested in so main ways, in bospitu'
work ami in ;riute practice, and has
proved so succi ful in every cue that a
.-peciul arrangement has lieen made by
which all readers of this Mier. who have
not already tried it, uiu nave a sample
i i I .i u i a ... not nireativ irwii ii. uiu) un a
. ' j ." ; bottle sent free b mail. ol. a book tell
suk striites as is uow sweeiiiug overi''is country. I am not an alarniis'. 1 , ,rP Hi-mt s'wan ii-Risit.and how to
Kin wnen l see nunoreus or tnotis
ni.ds of Ignorant foielguers cominz
Into our great cltlos overy year I
II. ink I can realist in some riegrt
ihc danger tbat will come from the!;
discontent and dissatisfaction when
1 1. ere are no wages to be earned."
Hte country The unions are laying
fuwHjations for a general and penna
lent disorganization, by their extreme
sad thoughtless acts. The politic
Ttl soon grow tired of tlie strihe
zn will demand that the business- of
lite rountiy be carried on. without
& ninwni of th. agitator and the
Not content with the control of the
I shipping interests of the West. Hill
of J. W. Morrow, i and Harrinian. the twin railroad
formerly of ilepp-1 giants, are perfertlng plans to corner
the lumber industry of the Pacific
With all the transportation
Tko generosity
stale land agent.
sir. and one of the most prominent
nf the younger generation in Eastern ! ,-oast
Qragon. is the kind that counts for i tceitlw of the coast and the Paclm
iometbing Dozens of Mr. Morrow's oc-eati in tholr gniHp. they are in a t'
eaghliors lost the last vestige of their! sitlon lo enforce a control of the mar
ptaBcssionK. In the Heppner disaster. ! ket. They are now buying up tinibei
Sudoutif voubavi-kiduev or bl.idder trou
ble. When writing mention reading this
generous offer m tin- paper and send your
address to Dr. Kilmer fL-.
& Co., iitugh.itiuon. rfrrai554:"iSj
N. Y. The regular giigwtfirrjl
fifty-cent and m - -!-l5t3
dollar sii- loittk- a' Uoni . f swimi.Root
sdd by all good il'ugits H". t make
anv mistal:t. but rt-ttieui!er iht name,
Swautp-Koot. Hr. Kilmc s Sw.im-Root
and the address. Uiughamton . , on
everv lottle.
3 3
w Liter
1 hutt- le'r-ii IriMlllIril li rt-iit ilelil
VI llll a t U hi ..... a
. i t : ' ' - 1 1 r ' 'i'ii
aaa more of them lost their
property am) families. making
aw eulamity of double force to them.
'Jlr. Morrow escaped with eompara
rtsty little loss, and now as a means
i sliowiue the size or his heart and
Kini. he offers to give away 20 build
ni kits u residents of tbat elty who
Awt their homes. In order that they
kit bgin to build In a safe and con
itJifent place. The property he will
sway lies on high ground, be
uyii the courthouse and tho school
tHtaw. nnd is au ideal home site. This
action on the part of Mr Morrow will
I a iKtrpetua! monument to his sterl
fcrg qualities.
nt every" available point and are nv
l.arlng to fix prints, rales, markets
end all other features of the lumh."
Industry. Judging from the treat merii
or the Hill merger, by the people or
the Northwest, the lumber mermM
may not be such a monace us It
Bi;K'Hr on llrst glance. The peopb
nre tlrod of the merger proposition
r.i.d will '.mve a word to say abor.
who controls the natural channels o'
tiade. and to what extent puMh
luivlleges :.re nbiu -l liv- pii'iiii "
.a, i- - p' - . i ru
. ' .. l. ci in t.. n-c-
nil . - ' .. - . " . I) ..r'.- Ulty
V - A - vit h
.V- J -.'. - i lei. . .x 1'. U. i'.- .lit. a l'A
l'i -vn- I
4 i' i i osi" (. f-d. IK
v I . 1'- i
k,f fM.fi. - Mlr.l V,. Wtl. W
t a drug.
- Illtill.
1 1 hi i .-.
n.al. .
I (.I--,. , ,,T
Daily East Oregonian by carrier,
only 15 cents a week.
Huder the apuorliounieni of dele
au to the meeting oT the National
itesjcatloii Association, to Ik- held ir
Oaten. Utah, on September 1 5-1 s.
it'nwtllla county and the elty of Pen
tfffltfm are entitled U: 10 delegates
TJi mayor of the comity court the
-ifltumercial association, the wool
snrxem' and the irrigation assona
ws of the county are oaeh allowed
j appoint two delegatus nnd it is
fteptrf thai each of these will mid i
dtvBiiieni to make well ciioneii ap
;ntmonts. The meeting is of na
itiutssl iraijortanee. and tlie full ipiota
iti ulogates should be there to fight
battle of irrigation. The sin -tsi
ot government, irrigation in the
'-'rt, depends largely upon the ln
iittt manlfosted by the people of the
Vt. If they arc caraless of the dp
lUfls of the grout ciiotloii and lml
fd how tholr desire for progress,
JMi goviirninunt will take their Innr-1
UH-iTj' as evidence that they do noti
ant hulj), and will stop work and p
'testlBatloiiH. It Is a time to strike,
o-fcfct now while the Iron Is .hot, I
Schlitz Means
The best materials the best that money can buy.
A brewery as clean as your kitchen; the utensils as clean.
The cooling done in filtered air, in a plate glass room.
The beer aged for months, until thoroughly fermented, so
it will not cause biliousness.
The beer filtered, then sterilized in the bottle.
You're always welcome to the brewery for the owners are
proud of it. Phone SI Main,
And the size of it proves that r H- Kopittke,
people know the worth of 507 Main bt" I,enoleto
fur tit
The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous
Koom io over Tayl,
Hardwaie Slow
1 am uoing to lay in my fall stock of millinery.
1 have about 200 very chic and stylish summer hats
that I wish to sell to make room for my fall hats. I
have cut the price fiom 25 to 00 per cent on these
hats You will find no such bargains in millinery
and ul the price I am selling them they wont last
long so come at once and examine them. If you want
a good bargain here is your opportunity.
Court Street, near Main
Pendleton Real Estate I
fi-room dwelling .inM .
ral and 2 lota ?l,O0O.
C-room dwellinr
fullly shaded lawn flnthl
$2,500. ' ql
14-room boarding house ul
vuiuruiiy located I'M
I b-room dwelling with two I
Hint ?1,.'D0,
A number of lots somewhl
?iza to J150 each.
1 lot on flat, live blocks I
street, $500 Other lots c
.Much other very desinJ
' j ty ror sale. All sold on i
uome anu uuy.
To llnd Just what you l
i ngnt price, see
;2 1 L. D. BOYD. Ill Cod
t'j'nk you're slmi p, but any old tick
could cut ('rerccnt Pastrv "
m c
tt.i sl.ort and crusty .mi 1 '
1 ii nut M. t'ltiuli as that last pie ou figured in Took
' We.
au liour in nuiki .in! an hour to liake. did it?
dig tht fruit out with a pickaxe. I'm to d."
But n
Folks had to
r atjain since now tlies use
Tin- World's l!et
Su. i Ever) where
With a Coupon
Pound 25c
I f.-room house and fivewl
I ?-.'n cash balance long id
I One of tlie lest stock
i Eastern Oregon
C7 acr. a fruit ranch ml
I ::.2S0 airc-i fine wheat
I Several small orchan!
tracts near town PriMil
Improved and unln;
1 proper-v tt reasonable 1
' Over So desirable ranctl
I .lie un.. fire Insurance
I See
Savings Hank BiaTl
;danner is notI
He will be here a.
tome in up timeasu
t;ct. rf tji.cn i'J1
unly 25 ce- ts a doze:!
varied rf hardest viel
big line "f Indian pt
inet photos oniy
1.1 ....tlnl.ll. l'MM
I Ncx llootlolhl!ltll"J
I .H-'t
! Insurance a
t $13,456,960X01
J ot Insurance in
IT ncr.nu PIRC RH
io'r LfmatflU
Since securinK the services of Mr. J R. Parker of Chicago,
the Soda Water expert, our trade :n summer drinks has more
tlian doubled and the best part of it is, if you come once you
will -oim hack. We venture to say no more delicious summer
drinks were ever served ir Pendleton than we are now serving
PINO PONG which is creating such a furore in the East is
c nt of our specialties.
Our Menu for today is:
California Orangude Walnut Frappe
Mystic Shrine R00t Beer, in Steins
Dont fail to try a Brock Frappe
Corner of Main and Court Streets
T M.
.j. A gen'
T pcndloton,
,1 .. ..-ill short
,.l,pi 011 liaml W'l
mates on j
Peterson 41
nlJi "
ivc f?
gon .-r- aoprtwn
and the P'"?" pilt
re 11 1 ,y.