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    Published every afternoon (eicept Sunday)
at Pendleton, Oregon, by the
Tlione, Main 11.
Daily, one year v mall ?3.00
Dnlly, six months by mall 2.50
Dally, three months by mall I.Jo
Dally, one month by mall CO
Dally, per month by cnrrler Oj
Weekly, one year by mall l.BO
Weekly, six months by mall io
Weeklr, four months by mall 00
Seml-Veekly, one year by mall .... 2.00
Semi-Weekly, sir months by mall .. 1.00
Semi-Weekly, three months by mall .. .BO
The Kast Oreconlan Is on sale at Ft. It.
Illeh'8 News Stands at Hotel Portland and
Hotel Perkins, l'ortland, Oregon.
Member ScrlppsMcllae News Associa
tion. San Francisco Bureau, 40S Fourth St.
Chicago Bureau, 000 Security Building.
Washington, D. C. Bureau, 501 Hth St.,
K. W.
Entered nt Tendleton postofflec ns second
class matter.
Be careful what rubbish you j
toss in the tide, j
On outgoins billows it drifts
from your sight, I
But back on the incoming waves j
it may ride j
And land at -your threshold
again before night.
Bo careful what rubbish you
toss in the tide. j
Be careful what follies you toss i
on life's sea.
On bright dancing billows
they drift far away.
But back to the Nemesis tides
they may be
Thrown down at your thresh- ,
oiu some unwelcome day. '
Be careful what follies you loss
in youth's sea.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox, i
The third term bugaboo has no
terrors for President Diaz, oi Mexico,
who is nominated for his seventh
Japan Is not satisfied with the
Manchurian situation and talks war.
Talk, in Japan, as elsewhere. Is very,
very cheap.
The Northwest wheat yield for 1802
was 41,078,000 bushels, and less than
2,000,000 bushels of that crop now re
main unsold. The new crop has a
clean granary.
Gold duBt amounting to $0,000 was
obtained from beating the carpets in
the minting room at the San Francis
co mint this week. Not many car
pets aro worth their weight in gold.
The St. Louis street car men have
decided to strike on July 4, unless
their demands are granted. This is
a number on the celebration program
not arranged by the committee on
Out of fourteen circuit judges in
Oregon, three of them hold over until
the election of 1900. These hold-overs
are Judge Ellis, of the Sixth district
and Judges Sears and George of
The get-rich-quick fever has reach
ed the Philippines. A native doctor
is under arrest for imposing upon
his unsuspecting brethren with a
scheme equally as brilliant as the
American product.
cause a reduction in the prices. The
experience of last winter will cause
men to hesitate to start In with more
stock than feed.
In all the history of disasters In
the United States, the response of the
people to the needy sufferers was
never so great as in the Hoppner
cloudburst. Beforo tho people could
recover from the first shock, money
and assistance began to jiour in, and
has continued every day since. It is
tho greatest possible tribute to the
American's open heart and hand.
The drunk Indian Is going to cause
trouble In Pendleton sooner or later.
There are too many men ready to risk
the danger for the small price. As
long as Indians can get whiskey with
money, that danger is present. The
worthless white men who peddle it
out to them are worse than the In
dian. If the law cannot reach them,
it is time to ascertain the reason.
The costly lessons of tho past
should prompt campers In tho moun
tain districts to be careful of their
fires. It is a violation of the law to
leave fires burning or In any way en
danger the forests or private proper
ty by building fires in unsafe places
or letting them get beyond control.
The state lost over $4,000,000 worth
of forests last year and the misfor
tune must not be repeated.
manifest in tho abundant donnuona
pouring In for tho sufferers, who are
especially In distress, and thore is no
Insurance to assist them. From "The
Recent Floods of the Mlddto West,
by Charles M. Hargor, in the Ameri
can Monthly Ilevlew of Itevlews for
"Mother may I go out to combine!"
' Yes, mv darling dnughtor.
Sell your stock at eighty-nine,
And fill your stocks with water.'
1.1-hn an I Chnilcs weir u: the street
With forty millions of water;
The floods swejit Charlos oft his foot
And Charles came grumbling after.
Sine a song of sixpence.
Here's the stock to buy:
Four nnd twenty shipyards
Baked in a pie.
When the pie waB opened
There wns no end of trouble;
Nothing In that pretty dish
Hut iridescent bubbles.
New York Evening Post.
An appropriation or $5,250,000 has
been mane for a new nnd more effec
tive police system In European Rus
sia, more especially designed to se
cure protection to lives nnd property
In the districts where the Jewish
population is the heaviest.
The alarming Increase
ders and robberies on
Coast makes thoughtful citizens
shudder for the safety of the commu
nity. There are too many men with
out visible occupation living In every
city in the country. Too many of
them are engaged in the secret work
of ascertaining who, in the communi
ty hns ready money, which may be
obtained by the easy metnod of for
gery or the next step a knock on
the head in the dark. The law abid
ing people of every community should
insist that every doubtful man give
some evidence of his occupation, or
move on. It is the only safeguard
left by which the Innocent may 1k
The minister who resigned his pa's-
torate at Seattle this week and went
to work In a sawmill, because he
thinks the tendency of the church is
nward moral stagnation, has taken
coward's position. If every minis
ter should do this, there would be no
one left In the pulpits to fight against
moral stagnation. Every man is
honor bound to do his best to improve
the conditions around him, nnd the
higher his position the greater his
responsibility. It is cowardly to flee
from a duty, no matter how irksome
it may become. The way to encour
age wrong and moral stagnation is
to run away from them. The way to
check them Is to stand your ground
and make a fight.
Three thousand tons of Oregon
flour is going to Japan on an Oregon
steamer next week. This does not
sound like Oregon is a frontier set
tlement. She holds an enviable place
among tho commercial factors of the
The specie of harmony which
reigned In the Iowa republican con
vention yesterday may be judged
from tbe statements of the press that
not a person prearranged by tho
bosses to be temporary officers of the
convention, was chosen by the dele
The collapse of the shipbuilding
trust is a natural result of its fraudu
lent capitalization. It was two-thirds
water and was soaked in bogus stock
values from its inception. Schwab
as head of the steel trust unloaded
one steel plant valued at seven mil
Hon, for thirty million dollars, upon,
it and a like accompaniment of II
uanclal corruption has followed its
entire career.
The scarcity of hay in some of the
Eastern Oregon ratfge districts Is go
ing to have a tendency to make
stock cattle cheaper this fall than
last. Many small herds or cattle will
be sold down to the capacity of the
hay crop and .this will Inevitably
Whether a woman is tearful or cheer
ful depends not on what she has materi
al W. hut what she is Dhvsicallv. Many
, , , an indulgent husband is driven almost
of foul mur- j tQ lespak tne tearful outburst of
the Pacific wfe who
has "every
thing she
wants." He
wants to
what's the
matter, llut
the wife
can't tell.
She only
knows that
she is de
pressed and
Such a
condition is
usuallv re
lated to
some form
of womanlv
disease. The mental depression has its
corresponding womanly weakness.
Doctor Pierce's Favorite Prescription
changes tearful women to cheerful women
by curing the diseases which cause phys
ical weakness nnd depression of spirits.
It establishes regularity, dries unhealthy
drains, heals inflammation and ulcera
tion, and cures female weakness.
Sir. Alice Adatm. of laboratory, Washing
ton Co.. l'a., says ; " With many thank I write
to let you know how 1 am. 1 can say by God's
help and vour help I am well. 1 have taken six
bottles of'Dr Tierce's Havorile Trccnptiou and
two of hi - Golden Mttlical Discover'.' ana'
can do all ray work I cau't praise your medi
cine too highly. I will recommend your medi
cine as lontr ns I live. If anyone doubts this
give them my ddreM."
"Favorite Prescription" makes weak
women strong and sick women wen.
Each year sees more and more
money expended by states in the edu
cation of farmers. The great sciences
that surround the art of agriculture
are being more thoroughly demon
strated year by year. Oregon spends
about $50,000 per year on her agricul
tural schools and experiment stations.
The sole purpose of this exiiendlture
is to broaden tho possibility and
lighten the load of the farming com
munity, by introducing scientific
methods into the management of tlie
farm, and the handling of products.
Education is just as necessary in
handling a farm successfully, as in
handling a bank. The people are
coming to recognize this fact and the
efforts of tho state to supply that ed
ucation are fully appreciated.
Accept no substitute for the medicine
for weak
works wonders
Keep the bowels healthy by the
timely use of Doctor Pierce's Pleasant
The dally papers greatly exaggerate
ed the losses to farmers. It was as
sumed that something llko a third
of Kansas and as large a portion of
Iowa and Missouri were devastated.
In the first-named state was the great
est loss. For 200 miles, over a strip
of valley land two to five miles wide,
tho water rushed for five days. In
tho currents the crops are gone. Not
more than one-half of this was tilled
land, on which crops were wiped out.
If tho crop loss amounts to $3,000,000
tliu probable maximum, it will be
but a trifle In a state which markets
$220,000,000 of farm products annu
ally. A dozen towns lost from $35,000 to
$100,000 each. Topoka's loss by far
the largest, proportionately of any of
the afflicted communities probably
was $1,000,000 or more. Here was the
greatest los of life 71. In Kansas
City the property loss Is greatest on
tbe railroads, and will reach to 7,
000,000 or more. The losses farther
down the streams Is lighter, propor
tionately, because of the preparation
time given. The governor of Kansas
Issued an appeal for aid for the thous
ands who lost homes and property.
The generosity of the nation has boen
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In order to got some lines at the prices we
t bought, we were compelled to etock heavier
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f niiroAlvs overstocked. Therefore, in order
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Commencing SATURDAY, JUNE 27th, w wjg
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Main and Webb Streets
i mi n
run a
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in Real ESate
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00 SO rl. f!U:..
vuiiira u.
"uit Land
acre to 160,
tracts from
in m i
in iii i
in i ii
narntuar c..
or oqnm
Wo .U T.l.
i "win la iii.it.1 aiiKiiiru
Well Exhibit In Pendleton
Tuesday, July 7th
Performance at 2 and 8 p
Real Estate
I have a larger and better
list of Farms, Stock Ranches
and City Property to sell
than ever before. Also a big
lot of land in the coming
wheat eection of Eastern
N. Berkeley
vciiuicLuii rjflii
hum i umivr i
T r
Pomllotnn Roil Mil
C-rnnm i h p II nE. Slant
' ml and 2 lotMM
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fntllv shaded lawn
H-room hoarding house
ifniiiiu unci hue. m
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street. S5lH). Other ka
IV lor 6iuc, n
Come anil buy.
To find Just Mt V
i rlslit lirlce. see
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. Telepww
r nt 1PS
III uuj
. .r.-lll
Consisting of Trained Elephants, Camels,
Llinias. Lions, Pumas. Seals, Sea Lions,
Zebras, Monkeys, Ponies, Etc,
... mttf inr ii m
W . -M Pitt
.., i Mirvn- First ''
$3.00 per J
Olympian HippodromeCostly Zoology Annex
Sensational Cycle Whirl Bicycle Experts Royal Matruda Troupe
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" .1. nl a l