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Eaurtcm Oregon Wotho
j 5c A wmiR-
Tonight nnd Thursday, PrUr
clopdy; threatening.
Insolvency in Jhe
ly OT UUcdii iiauc
That Bondholders Are
njf nwi"" w
Litalized at $70,000,000 and
dt From Maine to Califor-
K, J., Juljr 1. -Judge Kirk-
announced lo counsel
: complaining bondholders
l:cd States Shipbuilding
Lit he lad read all the
lie case and nad decided
corporation is Insolvent
Is cireciors ana iuneu iu
I steps to protect the bond-
scenied to be without
iise (unas Therefore, in j
of the bondholders, both
hppcar here and the corn
ed all the others, be said:
kppomt receivers. I wu
I as to whom they ma)
. Iteming, for the defend-
Bion, asked It it was not
postpone consideration
I appointment until tonior-
r'clock, but both Samuel
land R. V Lindbuny ob-
ki finally agreed that the
t signed immediately.
King his decision. Judge
nam ne nan: not had
e the opinion to be filed.
I amy it would not be
til later In the day, and
HEtH tomorrow
Itnt Nixon Resigns.
July 1 The directors
States Shipbuilding
today the stated ob-
1 act on the resicnation
IXiion. For reasons not
Wournmcnt until tomor-
ln without action.
tillion Dollar Concern,
ership will be one of
per filled, as it involves
itioa of a seventy -mll-
wern witn shipyards
liver Appointed.
IJ L James Smith, for-
States senator has been
iwer 0 the Shipbuild-
Inferior to Last Year Fifty Per Cent
of "a Bumper Crop,
Tacofna, July i.Deputy State
Grain Inspector King, who has re
turned from a three weeks' tour of
the wheat belt, estimates the crop
will bo ,5 per cent of last year, and
?2nrerfntJof thc bunP- crop of
1901. The dry weather early in the
season accounts for the decrease.
In Franklin county about half the
crop Is ripe, and farmers expect to
begin harvesting soon tvhiin ..
yield is smaller, the quality promises
to bo better. The greatest. need of
the state, where grain is not ripe, is
a good rain of 48 hours. There will
bo a great Increase in acreage next
year as many new farmers are break
ing land.-particularly In the western
pan m uie wncat belt.
Soldiers of Both Sides Fraternize at
Gettysburg. Pa.. July 1. Severn!
thousand veterans and their fnml.
lies, representing both Northland
South, gathered today and began a
three days' celebration of the 40th
anniversary or the battle of' Gettys-
urns. im- cmej leamre or 'oaav.s I
muh:u n cunieu out at
Reynold's Grove, were historic ad
dresses by General 0. 0. Howard and
ueneral H. S. Huidekoper.
Man With a Light Goes Into a Condemned Eifrand Ignites
1L. A ! I rv l?l4j '
ine Mccumuiaiea uas.
Tremendous Explosion Followec5-TI niberlng of the Mlnjlit on Fire and
But Thirteen Men Yet Rescued of Two Hundred Who Were Inside
Special' Trains With Nurses and Laborers Sent to thj Scene.
I-iramle, Wyo., July 1. A terri
fic explosion took place at 10:25 this
raornlttg at the Union Pacific coal
min&yat' Hanna, Wyo., known asj-No.
1. Tw'cT'liundred men wero worlilng
in the mine at the time. Thirteen of
the workmen have been rescued from
the- burning mine. 12 of them uncon
scious and one dead. Tne rescuing
party, under the direction of the su-
followed i perlntecdent of the mine, which was
by the unveiling of a bronze statue of j organized immediately, has succeeded
John Burns, the aged Gettvshurg ,n setting air Into tjie mine, and It
man who was wounded three times in ' le hoped to soon reach others of the
the historic battle. Ittniprlsoned men. M
jSJL i . I. rt.
; The explosion was caused by n
miner going into a condemned entry
Badly Damaged , of the mine. " Quantities of gas had
Suburb of Seattle
This Morning.
Seattle, July 1. Fire this morning
in Georgetown destroyed the l.afe
Hamilton block, the Scandinavian' ho
tel and two other buildings. The, fire
department of Seattle arrived in time
to prevent a general confiagaralion.
Loss. $25,000.
Client Elected of Steel
N t W ;, am Corn-
i"'"'" or the Car.
Uua , marie n.
president of the Unit
I t-orporatlon. An m.
I")s that Mr Corry is
f in Charge.
tt actve duties as
ul 'ne steel tniat
rntrallv iu n..
& With v.,nc...nn
Itctlon with
f "e sh.,, building
lias iiraetieallv
P of an Overloaded
I tie h,i "KKeper
Helnze comnant-
UZk the
feting8 Cnmtl0n'
1 Be Sl, i
tel?"' ' Cleve-
., uiuurrow,
Lto. dusty
tLtlme SIS.
frtoff'''" the
-uucea. j
Scotch-Engllsh Syndicate Will Buy
300,000 Acres.
San Francisco, July 1. The Post
says that Jesse D. T. Carr has suc
ceeded in buying out the last inde
pendent settler on Tule Lake, in
Kalamth county, Oregon, and is nra
preparing to consummate the blRgest
land deal on this coast by selling
nearly 300,000 acres to a Scotch-English
evidently accumulated, for a torrific
explosion ensued the moment the gas
touched the miner's lamp. A special
train has taken physicians and nurses
from Rawlins and Laramie to the
,mlnc, which is reporte'd to be burning
fiercely. Most of the entombed min
ers are believed to be on the sixth
level. So far the rescuing party has
been able to. pecetratfevoniy as-far'aS'Warge
Indian Territory People Vow Ven
geance on -the Slayer of an Old
Woman Whose Body Had Been
Given to the Hogs.
he fourth level
Estimated Number of Dead 175,
At 1 o'clock the party of rescuers
reached the surface with the bodies
of 25 miners who were taken out of
the mines by the rear shaft, or man
hole. Some of the men were alive
when found, but many will die. Those
that can talk say that the men who
were working further on in the mine
are probably dead, A conservative
estimate places the number of dead
I at 175, The names of the unfortu
J nates and those of the rescued miners
j cannot now be learned. Surface
I men, who went to the rescue, are
fighting manfully, and are subduing
the flames, which are being confined
to a few chambers.
1 Many of the rescuing party have
been burned or injured.
The fire is still raging in the under
workings, but It should be under con
trol by nlgut. All efforts are now in
the direction of subduing the fire in
one story at a time, so that the res
ruing party can reached the entomb-
cd men If altvo and their, bodies If
ucnu. special trains; are rushing lo
Hanna from Rnwllns, Carbon and
other towns, having oit board voliiu
teers io fight the fire! and dig for the
entombed miners, with doctors and
i.urses to care for tho injured that
rre rescued,
First EstimateslCorrect.
Hanna, July 1. ThoTfirst estimates
of the number of fnMlltics of tho
mine disaster wero correct. Tho of
ficials of the company Jiavo abandon
ed all hope of rcsculngjtho entombed
alive. Two hundred and eighty went
Into the mines yestyday, of which
number only 48 nru now accounted
for, J'q bodies have been removed
since yesterday afternoon, but rapid
progress is being made and other
victims will bo brought , up today.
Superintendent Clark, .of tho Union
Pacific Coal Compat.y,arrived here
this morning and took personal
charge of the work. During tho
night the rescuers, reached tho 15th
level, and by noon had penetrated
tho 17th level, where iLjls-itwpccted
i.. .
Hi levelK where ils-Sepccjed
number of' 'dead' will bo
Miners are now confident tho ex.
plosion took place in the 17th level,
from tho fact of tho slopes tnd en
tries being more choked as work pro
grosses. It has been decided tho ex
plosion was cnuscd by fire damp,
which gathered In a small alley o,T
tho 17th level, where tho clrculatl-in
was defective from somo unknown
cause, and a miner, unaware of dan
ger, went in with a lighted lamp.
An improvised hospital has been
locuted near the shafts' mouth and a
morgue arranged. Thero will likely
be little uso for tho former. A largo
corps of surgeons and nurses Is
awaiting around the shaft's mouth.
The disaster is tho worst that over
occurred in Wyoming, and ono of tho
worst in tho entire West. Tho condi
tion of thoso rescued yesterday shows
the seriousness of tho explosion, as
many, mau with pain and terror,
fought their rescuers and succumbed
only to superior numbers and had to
be forcibly taken from tho mine.
Question of When Title Paste From
State to Individual.
Salem, July 1. For soveral years
tho assessors of the several counties
of tho stnto have been confronted
with tho question whether land, when
It Is sold by tho slate to tho indi
vidual, but upon which no deed has
been given, Is subject to taxation.
This question was submitted directly,
This question was submitted Indirect
ly, and from a non-official source to
.Attorney-General Crawford recontly.
while not rendering nn opinion up
on the question officially, Mr. Craw
ford said yesterday that itolthor the
certificate of sale nor tho land Is sub
ject to taxation uutllthu deed la Is
sued. "The purchaser," ho said, "has
nothing but nn equity In the land
until he gets his deed, tho state re
taining thc legal title In tho land tin
til It has been paid for In full, and
an equity Is not subject totaxntlon.
Tho legltslnturo. In my opinion,
could pass a law subjecting these
lands to taxation, but at present no
such law exists."
Gov. Cummins is Ovorriding
All Opposition at Dos Moines
Slate of
and Washington , Admlnls-
Two Towns Inundated and Much
Damage Done,
Cumberland, Md., July 1. Ah a re
sult of a cloudburst this afternoon
tho towns of Mcdford and Uverott,
Pn., nro Inundated and ninny families
are lleelng for their lives. Tho elec
tric light plants nre Inundated nnd
mo town will bo lu dnrknoss tonight.
Dctnlls nro mengro. Tho Pennsylva
nia railway tracks aro under water
for miles.
Hung a Negro Who Wat Accused o
Murdor Sunday Last.
uo nimnm, juiy I. rue governor
received a telegram today from Nor-
wny, S. C, thnt a mob last night
broke. Into the cuardliouso and Heir.
ed-amirlynchod thcnegro-ETnmi, wUo
was accused or imtnicriiig ,101111 mil
lips Sundny night, while tho latter
was at dinner with his family.
Will Witness the Trial Races.
Newport, July 1. Sir Tliomns Lip.
ton, nbonrd the Hrln, came Into port
todny. He will witness tho trial
races between the Columbia, CoiihII
tutlou and Rellniico. Ho pays many
compliments to tho appearance of
the Reliance.
Welch, I. T., July 1. A courier
bringB the news that infuriated citi
zens have surrounded a young white
farmer suspected of murdering Mrs.
Johnson, an aged woman, Sunday
mobs avowed intention, ine courier
believes the purpose will be carried
out bv noon.
The woman was killed with a club, covered here,
Tho motive was robber)'. The body pool of water
was thrown Into a hog pen, where It
was discovered by her daughter when
she returned from church. Tee nog
bad partially devoured it.
One Report Says Forty Were Killed
Near Brussels.
Brussels, July 1. A train from Ant
werp carrying corn and mechandise
to market collided with a passenger
train at Sehaerbock today. One was
killed and 18 Injured.
Reports Forty Killed.
London, July 1. An Evening Star
special says 40 were killed and many
injured In the Brussels wreck.
Quotations Furnished by"Coe Commis
sion Company R. L. Boulter, Local
Manager, 120 Court Street.
MlnnodT.nlla .Tnlv 1. Wheat was
weak today on accoun of Liverpool
to our markets.
also on account of reported rains In
tho Northwest, cash demand is goou.
We believe the effect of the breaking
of the drouth has been fully dis
counted and think wheat a purchase
on any further recession. Receipts
show considerable falling off from the
corresponding period of last year.
Opening. Close.
Sept 74 Tt
Chicago, July 1.
Openior, Close.
Sept 76 !4 !
Heppner Committees Making
Search for Bodies.
Heppner. July 1. The body of Mrs,
Clarence Andrews, a member of the
Swaggart family, is the last ono re-
She was round in a
In front of the resi
dence of William Dutton, two miles
below town.
The body was bauiy decomposed,
but it was readily identified.
All the general crews have been
discharged and three ciews of 10 oacTi
of selected, experienced men, have
been employed to go over tho ground
in a second bearch.
All the needy have been relieved
and Mrs. Hrltton, of Tho Dalles, who
hus had charge of the emergency
work, left for her homo today.
There is no sickness and tho town
Is doing business again as well as
possible under the circumstances, A
largo force of men is at work on tho
O R. & N. track making tho repairs
permanent. A great many visitors
are coming in dally to view tne city.
Many families whose entire pos
sessions were swept away, will Jeavo
fnr Pendleton and Grande Ronde to
settle, where work is more plentiful, j
Scheme Based on the Most Up to
Date Methods in America,
Washington, July 1. A get-rlch-quick
schemo has been unearthed
In Manila extending over the Philip
pines. Dr. Domlncnr Jesus, at Its
bead, has been arrested on charges
rangiug from fraud lo sedition. The
company Is called the Union Obrera.
and is ostensibly a labor union,
Reports received at the war de
partment this morning state Domini
nor lias been taking CO per- cent of
Hit net proceeds from soiling a groit
number of stocks, borrowing from
concerns i.nd diverting tne Hinds lo
his private use.
Excessive Heat In Chicago.
Chicago, July L Ninety degrees Is
recorded and still rising. Tho air Is
oppressive and stilling, A number
of deaths are reported among thc
aged and young children In the con
gested districts.
The total amount of nuts shipped
from tho Amazon valley so far this
season Is 3953 tons, and has been
about equally divided between Europe
and the United States.
Spokane, July 1. The striking tel.
ephono girls have aflniateci with the
Western Conference of Telephone
Operators of San Francisco. This
means that tho settlement of the
strike here will bo taken out of the
tmniiB of tho local union. The citi
zens of Spokane bavo declared that
a general boycott on the Pacific
States lines will be Instituted If tho
demands of the girls are not snnwi.
The Justice of their strike js recog
nized and the patrons of tho compa
ny aro resolved to assist tne opera
tors I ntho removal of the Muaj'ene
regulations about dress, manner of
wearing the hair and tho more than
ridiculous order against tho wearing
of small bouquets by tho operators.
Tho strikers are still out and will
stay out until their grievances aro
rightly adjusted.
After a Ten Days' Conferenco With
the Owners and Operators the Mln
ers Around Birmingham Refused
Today to Return to Work,
Birmingham, AIn., July 1. Thlrlocn
thousand coal miners suspended work
loday on account of tho failure of
minors and operators to agree on n
wage scale after a conference lusting
ten days.
Tho miners ask for uu eight-hour
clay with sitml-moiitlily puy days.
Tlioy do not ask for the abolition of
the company store, but do ask that
exorbitant prices of powder and
other mine supplies bo not charged
them, and for an Improvement In the
qunllty of the provisions sold them.
They also demand morn helpers to
run tramway cars nnd Unit hotter
speed be mnilo for cars both In leav
ing mid returning to tho slopes.
All the union miners aro out nnd
trouble Is anticipated If the non-union
inon persist In working. Tho iIIhIii
cllnalion of negroes to wink In mines
strengthens the position of the strik
ers us their places cannot bo filled
without Importations from the north.
Firemen In Chicago Waterworks
Have Their Grievances.
Chicago. July I. Tim union fire
men threaten to cut off tho city's
water supply, leaving more than 2,-
POO.OOO people wit limit wator unless
they am granted an Increase In
wagcH. They ask from B8 to 176 per
Their demands wero submitted to
thn finance coinmlltco of the rlty
council five weeks ago, but no action
was taken. The commuted will ad
journ Friday next for thn summer.
Tho union announces that a decision
must be rendered by the committee
or by tho arbitration court before
that day or tho strike will bo called,
uniy men on inn civil service nut
who can fill firemen's places aro
members of tho union and those not
now working would not accopt ap
pointments tinder the circumstances,
and tho city has no authority to ap
point other men than those on the
civil service list.
Turned Down Hard Con
gresslonal Delegation It Licked at
Every Turn.
Don Monies, July 1. Tho ciu.mhcs
preceilltiK the republican state con
venlloii this morning but otnpnnslscd
tlm foot that Governor Cummins Is
In complete control. Ho dictated the
formation uf each conimltteo dcsplto
the bitter opposition of Ihu congres
sional delegation, which begged Tain
ly for n modification of tne tariff rc
rorni plank, nnd for tho appnlnlmont
of Hepburn ns permanent chairman,
and fur appearance sake, If nothing
more, to have four congressmen on
the resolutions committee.
No Compromise Whatever.
Cummins, angered by the stories
Hint "tho 'Iowa Idea Is dead," refus
ed lo make even the Hinnllost con
cessions about the selection of Kon
dale, of Alhlu to be permanent chair
man, .
WitL standKtriaE.
Machen's and Groff Brotnert' Catet
Being Tried.
Washington. July 1. Tho Groff
Brothers were this morning iirialgnod
In the circuit court and pleaded not
guilty to the two Indictments charg
ing them with giving bribes and with
Maeheii, formerly superintendent
of tho freo delivery service, was ar
raigned tii tho criminal court this
morning, churgrd with conspiracy to
defraud nnd with accepting bribes.
Rending t lu) Indictments was waived
and Muchcn pleaded not guilty.
Kicked on the Head,
Hamilton, ()., juiy I. Htraugler
Kiiiipp'h mother on tho stand this
morning, testified Ihut hvi son wp.a
kicked on the ncad when i-lx yoars
oh! nnd afterward had temporary
lapses of memory and froqitontly wan
deted from home. Previous to that
time lie was kindly, timid and otxidl-cnt.
Latest From Oyster Bay,
Oyster Bay. July 1. President
Roosevelt Is spending u restful day
working. lie will nueud tho Fourth
of July celebration arranged by his
neighbors lo lake place on Sagamore
Hill, whuro there will ho a fireworks
display. Mr, Roosovelt expects to
take an active part lit assisting the
expert at shooting off.
Destructive Fire In Illinois.
Ocoyn, III., July 1. Two g'nln ele
vators burned today, Iohj $100,000.
Also tho lallroad station house and
u number of smaller buildings. Thn
Illooiiilnglon fire department wan
summoned by special train upon rep
resentations that the town is biins;
Threatened Strike In St. Loult.
Ht. liuls. July 1. 'I no Amalga
mated Association of Street Railway
Employes voted lo strike the morn
ing of July 4, unless thoy recolvo a
satisfactory reply to demands mado
soveral weeks ago. John Mitchell
will address tho men tonight.
Minister to Argentine.
Washington. July 1. The appoint
ment was Issued todny of Joint liar
roll, of Orogon, formor minister to
Hlatn, to bo minister to tho Argon
Hue Republic, vico William liord,
who Is relieved on account of old
After Hotel Robbers.
Chlcaeo. July 1. Dotoctlvcs Haw-
ley and Jones, of Los Angeles, arrly.
ed today with extradition paper for
llaor and two others wanted for tho
1C.000 robbery at tho Molroso hotoi,
Tho four largest bottles evor blown
have Just been completou at the
works of tho Illinois Glass company
at Alton, III. Tbo largost will hold
4b gallons nnu is six icoi two iucu
tall. , ,..