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Pay as
for sn inferior beer ?
ScWitz beer costs mice
what common beer cosa
in the brewing. One-half
pays for the product; the.
other half for its purity.
One-half is spent in
cleanliness, in filtering even
the air that touches it, in
filtering the beer, in ster
ilizing every bottle. And
it pays the cost of aging
the beer for months before
we deliver it.
If you ask for Schlitz
you get purity and age,
you pay no more than
beer costs without them.
Ait .Tiki
Brcxtrj BMling.
Phone 51 Main,
H. Kopittke,
507 Main St., Pendleton
I baby bonnets and protect not only the
tt't.i.11- the rnmnlexlnn. as the ruf-
wired to flare beyond the
Cos are
in th mount Imp summer towns Sot
house and street wear snow a nnu
Xew York, June 20. The girl, who t adherence to the bolero In one form
a-swlnimlng goes this summer, will ' or another An effective Illustration
find one distinctive denarture In her 1 of this idea Is shown In a frock of
bathing suit: It will have a hlsb neck, mauve linen, or at least the skirt and
With transparent lace collars for
afternoon wear and the dccolette
gown for receptions, the fashionable
woman finds that a perfunctory dab
of cream and powder Is powerless to
counteract the tan spots of old bol s
rays during her morning dip.
Greater extravagance Is shown In
bathing suits than ever before. Many
are silk lined: others are made entire
ly of silk, while the elegant non
clinging fabrics are bound with satin
or otherwise trimmed with ft. For
the sand-bath taken by the young
woman who "doesn't go near the wa
ter." though her clothes are left in a
luxurious bath house rather than
hung on a hickory limb there are
shunning suits of etamtno. silk-lined,
voile, briiliantlne and elastic cloth.
The fashionable length for the bath
ing skirt is four inches below the
knees The bloomer worn beneath Is
a trltie shorter and narrower than
'ormcrly While a perfect fit is as
essential as though the outfit were
'utended for street wear, there is ab
solve freedom and comfort added
o the infinite chic of these suits.
One pretty mode in very dark
creen had a hip yoke cut in points,
w .h the skirt plaited into the inden
atlons. Around the bottom of the
skirt are bands of dark blue taffeta
lantlngly arranged in groups of four
t ach with earh end held in place with
a tiny blue silk button.
Embroidered Blouse and Neckband.
The blouse has 'a broad sailor collar
und this with the little neckband
vhirb well covers the throat, are ac-
ualiy embroidered in tiny aquatic
u cures.
Another model In black Is effectlve-
sc off with pipings of white. The
slur' is stitched with bands of the
same material headed with white
a'ln The bodice is semi-tight fitting
nd has a round yoke of black and
hi'e saUn ribbon. The sleeves are
'uere'y ebow puffs, but the bands into
v, hich they arc gathered carry out
he Idea shown In the yok-.
bolero are in this fabric. The under
bodice Is composed of white broderie
nnglaise. the skirt being worked to
match with white embroider- and in
sertion. Completing the toilette Is a flat
plateau hat, the brim ruched with
New Style Summer Gown.
A youthful, but vrry smart looking
gown Is shown In silk muslin embrol-'
tiered In pink silk spots. It is arrang
ed in a series of soft puffs: the bodice
is crossed by broad soft satin ribbons J
in two shndes of rose pink that tic
in a most clrllsh fashion over the
shoulders, cross the bust, encircle the
waist and form a bow at the back
There the long ends are brought,
around the skirt, knotted at the sides
and tied In another bow at the foot
In the center. The fullness of the
skirt is confined by gaugings at In
tervals and the sleeves and hem again
show tho soft puffings.
Though early predictions were to
the contrary the sunburst skirts are
extremely fashionable and one sees
many of them worn on the streets.
They are specially effective in pongee.
One striking model in pearl grey has
the plaiting coming into the waist
line and gradually flowing outward
quite, long and full over the feet with ;
somewhat of a dip In the back. ;
The bodice U cut low round the i
throat, being finished simply with a '
i i . i . i .. ii
u.i n vi ui lut e uuii iiutjjij uu tuuui .
with a lace yoke coming down over
the shoulders quite long. The vest
Is accordion plaited, as also are the
sleeves, which come to a little below
the elbow, caught at the wrist by
lace cuffs. Encircling the waist is a
circle of the pongee, which catches
the plaiting into the figure, coming
to a point in the front and tied in a
tiny bow In the back with ends fall
ing over the skirt.
A material which lends itself
charmingly to the soft flowing lines
of the season's fashions is variously
Dark red promises to be popular j called foulard de chine and china
- 1
Miss Nettie Blackmore, Minneapolis,
tells how any young woman may be per
manently cured of monthly pains by taking
Lydia E Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,
"Yorsx, Women: I had frequent headache of a severe nature,
dark spots before my eyes, and at my menstrual ieriods I suflered
untold aconv. A inemlier of the lodge advised me to try I.yiliii 1,.
IMnklmnY- Vcsetal.le Compound, but I only scorned good advice and
felt that mr case was hopeless, but sne Kept at me luuu i uuuruv
bottle and started takimr it. I soon had the Itest reason in the world to
4At I 1 1 11 1 M
TiX I 1 I 1 II 41111
Thnnn 4nA t
Many Things
we would like to suggest this
week and one of the most im
portant is Diamond W. Of
course you've tasted canned
fruits and vegetables but did
you ever try "Diamond W"?
You can't find better, that is
sure. It all has that natural
flavor so seldom found in
canned goods.
"Diamond W" is sn a big
variety at
. . & SON . .
tTeare Heudti tmtn-r-. for all
kind oflrtli trulls In --ami
t Jiitnlnf it T t I I '
Cor W. Aha and Lillith Sts.
L. Neff, formerly of the Hotei
Uta, has chatge of the Old Dutch
ieriryFced Yard, and would be i
pleased to care for j our horses. I
Plenty of stalls, large corrals for
loose horses and cattle. Hay and
;rain for sale. Chop mill in con-
silk with foulard finish clilrh nftpr '
all. amounts to the same thing. The
fabric Is delightfully soft and easy to
It is shown to good advantage in a
calling gown of cornflower blue, deli
cately sprinkled with white figures
ehantre rar opinion of the medicine, as cacti clay my neaitn impiweu.niui
finallv I was entirely without pain at my menstruation periods. I am most
teiUL" -NETTIE JiLACKJIor.K, 1" central .-vt, .HUiuuiijAJus, .uiuu.
Painful Periods
lor bathing suits, but it must be very
subdued and trimmed only in black
' ) ecive the approval of the woman
ho avoids the conspicuous. Xavy
luc of course, holds its own and the
stout sisterhood adheres strictly to
The water nymph's headgear also ; The skin has a craduated vakp which
boasts a novelty. This is an extend-; is shirred in five rows, the front he
ed crown which fits closely down ing quite deep, while the back tapers
over the ears so that the hair will not off inm a mp.rp- iinml
f I get wet. The brim Is composed of There ,s h d
t ! ,,! , , T lnat .wne? I bottom, held In place with a band of snrelv help vou. for no person in America has such a wide experience in treat
, (lonnen llli lint 1k nnitp n nrr f it nf. 1 . . ... (. .- . 1 . i . - i ' , .1 i .
" , r : -- - r-- , lagomng auove wnicn are two ap-
f . u Mhleniea 'S outl Ped tucks. The skirt hangs quite
1 1 .Inma FVbber m.er Pre,"J' Ehl?eS ; f ar"l the figure and has a decid-
1 look like large editions of sunshine j etl train
nre rjuieklr and iieriimnentl.v overcome b Iydia K. Pinl;lirim s
Vcjretnlile t'ompound. The above letter is only one of hundreds of
thousands which prove this statement to he a fact. Menstruation
is a severe strain on a woman' vitality, if it is painful something
is wronjr. Don't take narcotics to deaden the pain, hut remove
the cnue perhaps it is caused hy irregularity or womh displace
ments, or the development of a tumor. "Whatever it is, -Lydia
E. IMnkhamV Vegetable Compound is guaranteed to cure it.
If thnrp is .inrthinir atxiut vour case about w'tich vou would like special
adviee. write freelv to Mrs. Pink-ham. Xo man will see your letter. She can
, roes farthest txkks the salate.
pieasme m atpannce. itcwi
smeathlr from the can. most ap
Detizuiff. most nouruhm?.
The asoTe cap label on all our
brands Is an Insurance poker for
as mteenar, pumy ana siuuiui
creDaxauon. Insist ucon rcur
dealer ffrrmg you Economy
tarana ana see inai our lacei is
on the can. Take no sua-sctau.
Highland, Illinois. $
The bodice blouses over a girdle of
darker blue satin, graduated, but with
the greatest width at the back and a
mere lmml nt thp frrmt Tho rnnn.1
yoke is composed of iace with deep i
lointed scallops which fall unconfin 1 1
to the bust line. Beneath these seal
, lops are two bias frills or chiffon,
one white the other blue, and below
i these is another applique of lace
Tnder the yoke there Is an interlining
pf rreara net between the lace and
s."k foundations and veiled in the
ncf are embroidered figures of blue 1
s"k to match the girdle. The collar
is a simple affair in lace with blue'
and white bands of chiffon top and
bottom, but it makes an effective fin
ish to the yoke.
A Hint as to Prevailing Color.
International Stock 'and
Poultry Food
C. F. Colesworthy
127-129 East Aha St.
Agent for Lee's Lice Killer
That we give special attention to
orders for fancy ICE CREAM
( The tussor color, which far more j
nearly defines the new tint than
champagne, pervades most materials.
, In the meteor crepe de chine it is
. particularly pretty and oCers an ef-fectiv-
background either for silk rat
ings or old lace. A chic design has
touches of red here and there round
the neck, over the shoulders and down
the front. There are tiny canes over
Uhe shoulders, the vest of the bodice I
being tucked, blouslng In front over I
a high girdle. The sleeves are tuck-1
j ed above, becoming very full at the '
! wrist with cuffs touched with red The ,
wnole skirt is tucked to a little below
the knees, from whence it falls very
full and long over tho feet
No wardrobe is complete without
a white lawn shirt waist suit. The,
sheerer the daintier, and if the en-
ie uuuir is maoe uy nanu it goes
the machine-made garment one bettor
In point of elegance. No lace is used,
but there are myriad groups of tucks,
either hemstitched or run in with silk
A white kid belt with white enam
elled buckle is the correct falst trim
ming tor such a dress.
ing female ills as .she has had. She has helped hundreds of thousands of
women back to health. Her address is Lynn. Mass.. and her advice is free.
You are very foolish if you do not accept her kind invitation.
Details of Another Case.
"Deak 3Is. Pixkiiam: Ignorance and
carelessness is the cause of most of the suffer
ings of women. I believe that if Ave properly
understood the laws of health we would all lie
well, but if the sick women only knew tiie
truth about Lydia K. IMiifcham'.s VcgctaMe
Compound, they woidd be saved much suffer
ing and would soon be cured.
UI used it for five months for a local di'Ti
culty which had troubled me for years,
and for which I hnd spent uuudreos
of dollars in the a am endeavor to rec
tify. Iy life forces were being sarped,
and I was daily losing mv vitality.
" Lydia K. IMiikhnm's Vegetable
Comiioiiiid I'lirpd me cnmnletelv. and
I I am now er joving the best of hculth, and am most grateful, and only
, too pleased to endorse such a great remedv." Itss Jk.vxie L. Eiwakps,
CCM Ii St, X. u ., "Washington, 1). C.
Jlrs. Pinkham, whose address is Lynn, 3Ia.ss will answer checr-
iLuiy iiuu ivmioiii cost ail letters addressed t
to her hy sick women.
V Society Belle of London, Canada.
; Sally East Oregonlan by
Hy .is cents a ween.
is the cause of more discomfort than
any other ailment If you eat the
things that you want and that are
good for you, you are distressed. Ack
er's Dyspepsia Tablets will make
your digestion perfect and prevent
Dyspepsia and Its attendant disagree
able symptoms. Vou can safely eat
anything, at any time. If you take one
of these tablets afterward. Sold by
all druggists under a positive guar
antee. 25 els. Money rofunded If
you are not satisfied. Send to us for
a free sample. W. H. Hooker & Co.,
Buffalo, N. T.'
Raise Funds for Pythian Home.
Dallas, Texas. Juno 20. -Throughout
Texas entertainments were given
today by the Ratblione Sisters In re
sponse to the roquest of the Knights
of Pythias' grand officers that tho
day bo observed as "Pythian Widows'
r.nd Orphans' Day." The object is to
raise funds for the proposed home
of the ordor. It is hoped that a total
or 1100.000 will be raised when eon
structlon of the home will commence
Senators Going to. Alaska.
Indianapolis, Ind Juno 20. The
sub-committee of the United States
senate committee on territories will
meet here early in the coming week
preparatory to starting on the trip to
Alaska. The start from Seattle will
be made on June 28.
of London, Oiitarir,
I'unada. it a Imiut,-
ful girl who knows what
suffering is and Wine cf
Cardui cajbroueht hcrbacK
to health. She is une of trie
social favorites of her home
and her recovery to ln-altli
has jermittel her to enjoy
the company of hr-r mam-
friends instead of lying on
Hum Hun iUrktll.
i nat- J
f 'V : u iifalthv and
.1 1 ..inner. Mirutruation
'artw r gbr is wry easy to
k rp rejralar thronph the
fars of ma' ure womanhood,
lliei. the i.hanpe of life"
nl not i feared. Thus
Wine uf Cardui is woman's
ix-st relief from youth to
old ape. A million women
!iave secured blessed relief
from tlii'irufferincs by tak
ing tu:s treatment. It relieves men-
a bed of sickness and suffering
credit tnfvi'rT Tio'fhe pivM 1 stn,al troublOT w incredil.lv short
credit to me of Cardui. She writes tune. In a simple ease of dJra,,CeU
"I hive found Vine of Cardui an exrtl- menses Wine of Tardui neor fails. To
lent renudy for female trouble. I suffered ' relieve disordered menses is to remove
1 or tnree years with terrible bearing-down 'he caute of oth'-r female troubles. A ny
pains at the mtmtrual eriai I
hardly stand on my feet and uu never
realwelL Vine of Cardui w-a the only
medicine that I could depend on to do me
any good, as I tried several with no suc
cess. Wine of Cardui cured me and I
have now enjoyed perfect health for two
years, and give you all the credit for I
know you deserve it,"
Forayounirpir Wine of Cardui is
the best remedy to guide her through
womanhood by starting the menrtrual
physician will tell you that to remove
the cause of a disease renders the cure
easy, in fact seldom fails to complete
the cure. If you would have the same
relief which .Miss Markell secured try
Wine of Cardui. You can take it with
out an examination and without any
publicity whatever. You can take it in
the privacy of your home and secure
just as much benefit as if a doctor had
prescribed it for you. Thousands of wo
men are fet-ling the vigor of returning
health by taking Wine of Cardui.
A million suffering women
hae found relief in
Wine of Cardui,
Gray's HarW
Wc Don't Kcqi ETerjtiju :
But we do keep ,
'k of nice Pdry
Ceiling, Rustic ?ni ;
,n a ardes. Alto s,u '
f Dimension LuX
c."d.ng Utn -
lows, Moulding,
Boxes Is complete,
one In need of Lumber
not be wrena ,
their order w,
Gray's Harbor Com.rj,
OPP. W: & c. R. r, '
East Oregonlan office.
Any Time
Is a Good Tin
Now Is the accepted tin;. -have
your house painted or
pered. A little painting htrt
there will help its looks wj,
fully. Some nice, bright, it,
wall paper will lend a frethrin
to any room. Our stock cf j'
paper was never more compltts
patterns In endless variety a
every one new and up-tc-cY- n
color design. Better ccme lifasj
let us show them to you ini te
you what It will cost for yar
whole house or one room.
E. J. Murphy,
111 Court Street.
l Send Yoor
t Siibscrfotion Honv
T 1 -I
4. to
i B. B. RICH
J03 Thitd Street
Portland, Ore.
Agent for
t AU Pablicatlons
To test this "ad" J
I will give a
Ten Per Cent Redut'
tion on all
Subscription sent m:
during the month of
June 1
The genuine, the bicycle
which is the undisputed
leader, is handled in Pen
dleton only by us. Come
in and see the Racycle.
Witfaee, 3Usf
A Cool Place
Is Robison's Amusement Jfe
lore, under the W. & 0. Depot
Just the place to while
away leisure time. Hrsi
class bowling alley; splen
did pool and billard ta
bles; up to-date shooting
gallery. Tetnperence 1 :
Ireshments and ga-
Free Musical EntertainoeiJ
Every Evening
iinii iiiimH1
Conrad Platzoederi
All k.nds of Fresh
Meats always on
hand. Bacon,
Hams and Sausage.
f Prices as lowtsthe;