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NO. 47(53.
Altogether Smooth Sailing
Irthe New uovernmeni ai
Ly of troops at
t:tng Accounts a -ton
of King and Queen's Bod;
Austrian Gunboats on the
t Have Appeared at the Cap-
fleleate of Alexander's Rep-
i. inna i The first trou-
retime is reported
Ixisch this morning. It Is stated
H entire garrison mere reiuseu
rthe mandates of the new mln-
Secret Burial.
Tun 1? Renter's Acen-
Seismic correspondent asserts
iWirir nd Draca were bur-
icetlr In the old cemetery of
between 1.30 ana 3 o cjock
Still Another Version.
tit. June 12. The bodies ot
HIM with the exception ot
t-.lfrc irtti ho hurled tonlcht.
f&f'j body has been claimed
kaSe and after the Inquest It
pre trcnai at KaKovuza monas
Austrian gunboats hare an
I !a the Danube off Belgrade to
tAutrian interests. The mem'
! the former king's govern-
Irio were imprisoned yesterday
1 today. The new king will
Tin here until after both
i of parliament hare met and
plans for the new govern
Ignominious Burial.
Jane II. The Evenine
I Belgrade correspondent wires
i-e wdlea of Alexander and
I wre knried in a pit early this
n MKonitaa as a mark or
"I. Tag bodies of the roval
l'i relaures and murdered
' ere thrown In on ton of
i uu earth was tilled in.
Ito to Many Murdered.
Jane 1!. Tho Km ProRn
fwig states that neither the
wr nephews of Draga were
L "e'sraoe yesterdav. Dp-
the only memoers of her
I '"oerea were two brothers
I "J Official Kinn Yet
r-. June 12. Secretary
Pnrisr cablegram to the state
r ji mgnt from Athens:
ELS10 Uds la 5"et official
rained, rhc nni..-t
Monday" '
I&Mnet on a strike Because
Not Been Supported".
loouTr. VST-mDmfT 01 tne
i hiLbause fer con.
td nri; .V n sumcienuy
KethXlDqu,ry J?to
ftt at wir. XAJ....
86611 a sharP ad-
Uw . u wnls- Xbe latter
of 5 cut b' a Prom
buyers today. Club
rUurr', ren.1 Dcr than
I ,rT "7 sale has heon
hGA.. That
P m i:Z., uu?aejg of last
K Ji!..??1 lot of bfc
Pl18, belonginrato
L 1.1
ttl i7tJZ--Goveror
aW.r'S'? or regents
u W1. o asic
i E. T. Weath.
u appointedias
pj-r ior Oregon; to
e Exposition.
Will Build Municipal Electric Llgh
inn Plant.
Olymnla. Wash.. Juno i ty,
state board ot land commissioners is
considering the advisability of grant
ing an application mado by the city
of Seattle for a loan ot $500,000 from
the permanent school fund of the
stnte, to be used in erecting an elec
tric light planu If the loan Is nego
tiated the state will get 4 per cent
interest, tho minimum rate fixed by
law for such loans being 3; per
There is some objection to the
loan because of its size, and the
transaction depends largely upon the
showing that will be made by the Se
attle parties. There is $700,000 in
permanent school funds on hand in
the state, owing to its accumulation
under the former minimum rate of
interest, which was 4 per cent.
Oreaon Short Line Is Now Surveying
a Route for It.
Salt Lake. June 12. Tho Oregon
Short Line has sent a gang of sur
veyors to Salmon City, Idaho, for the
purpose of buildlns a line into the
Thunder mountain mining district,
nnd to encourage the development
of Northwestern Idaho.
United States Circuit Court
Makes a Decision Directly
in Its Interests.
Held That Questions Relating to- the
Reading Railway Need Not Be An
swered Decisions of Far-Reaching
Import In Relation to Attempts to
Curb Fuel Trust.
Situation Is Materially Improved at
St Louis.
St Louis, June 12. The river fell
three-tenths of a foot last night. The
situation In East St Louis is mater
ially improved. Rescue work was
resumed at dawn. Funds, clothing
and provisions are being received.
New York, Juno 12. Tho United
States circuit court today handed
down a decision upholding tho con
tention of the rnnl enrrvine- vnllwnvs
! that contracts between them and
sales agents are privileged docu
ments nnd as such the Interstate com
merce commission has not power to
compel their production as evidence.
The decision also upholds Share's
refusal to answer questions relating
to the Heading railway.
The questions involved got into the
courts ln the efforts of the Hearst
action to force a disclosure of the
nmnllnt nf nrnflta rpaltrpil liv tho rnnl
combine through Its various systems
of differential rates and rebates.
! It was developed during the first
hearing of the action whnt had long
been suspected, that the Reading
road system and the anthracite coal
combine are nearly Identical in own
ership and management
Retail Coal Merchants Are Also
Fined for Combining on Prices
During Fuel Famine.
Chicago, June 12. All the mem
bers of the Illinois Coal Dealers' As
sociation who were indicted for con
spiracy In restraint of trade during
the recent coal famine, were found
guilty this morning and fined $500
Sentence was also imposed upon
members of the Retail Coal Dealers'
Association and they were fined $100
Twenty Million Dollar Depot and
Twenty-Story Hotel.
New York, June 12. The time limit
set by the New York Central road for
the vacation by tenants of the prop
erty in the streets adjacent to tho
railroad yards expired today and as
soon as the demolition ot the present
houses is finished work will be com
menced' on the new $20,000,000 termi
nal. More than 100 brown stane
houses, apartment buildings and
churches are to be razed and the re
sult will be a complete transforma
tion of the large area bounded by
i-exlngton and Madison avenues and
ioiu ana Diti sirtvia.
Finest Hotel In the World.
f .The company purposes to erect a
magnificent new depot on the site
of the present station and in addition
it will construct a hotel on the vacant
lot just west of the station, bounded
by Madison and Vanderbllt avenues,
43rd and 44th streets. The hotel will
bo 20 stories high, and, if there Is
no slip in the plans it will be the
finest hotel in tbe world. It is the
intention to close Vanderbllt avenue
entirely and make a direct connec
tion between tbe hotel and the station.
Canadian Pacific Wins Over Broth
erhood of Employes.
Vancouver, B. C, June 12. The
Canadian Pacific strike is settled.
The United Brotherhood of Railroad
Employes Is not to he recognWed,
and the men go back as Individuals.
Pack pay of one month Is allowed,
and old men are to be take) iiack
when thero is room for them, which
means that only a small percentage
will get work. The arbitration com
mittee recommends government arbitration.
Why Coal-Carrying Roads Juggle
Rates to Seaboard.
New York, June 12. The interstate
commerce commission resumed its
hearing on the complaint of W. H.
Hearst against tho coal-carrying
roads. W. A. Marshall, of tho firm of
Reghter & Marshall, coal dealers ln
this city, Boston and Philadelphia,
was called, and said It was usual
when the price of coal was low at
tidewater, for tho railroad company
to make a monthly adjustment of
the freight rates so that the agent
might make a profit on the transac
tion. Since March 1, 1301, there had
been no deviation from the schedule
rate at $1.55 per ton, free on board.
The Robbers Were Drunk and
Spoiled a Chance to Get
Rich Quick.
Rode In the Car Several Hours and
Threw Away Eleven Thousand
Dollars Worth of Valuables and
Money Packages Scattered All
Along the Railroad From Chicago.
Rochester. Ind., June 12. Last
midnight the express cur of the enst
tounil Erie train was boarded by
robbers outside of Englowood, III.,
and wnj completely looted. The rob
bers threw out undesirable pack
r.ges alone the road nil the way from
Hammond to Rochester.
A freight train discovered the
packages and wired to Huntington
this morning that something was
wrong. When tho Erlo trnln reach
ed Huntington tho wnltlng ofllcers
started to force the door. One rob
ber sprang out, firing two shots, two
others hidden In the car escaping.
The robbers were all captured this
All are stylishly dressed. They
gave as a reason for throwing out
packages that they were drunk.
Kour thousand dollars worth of val
uables were picked up by the freight
behind. One packnge thrown from
the car contained $7,000.
National A. O. U. W. Elects Officers
at St. Louis.
St. Paul, June 12. William Miller,
at St. Louis, was elected supreme
workman this afternoon by tho Na
tional gathering of the A. O. U. W.
William Norvls, of Iowa, is supremo
foreman; Mathew Hackett, of Penn
sylvania, supreme keeper of the rec
ords. The next meeting will ho nt
St. Louis.
Twenty Thousand Dollars Stolen
From Los Angeles Man.
Vow Vnrif .Tune 12. Robert Nelll,
of Los Angeles, who arrived on the
Grmanic this morning, reports be
hait ton n An in drafts of 150 i each,
stolen from his state room Wednes
day last. No trace of the tniei or
the property could be found. .
K'otll inlil nronertv in Ireland late
ly, thus securing the money. He left
the money In his staie room4wu
,o(Mr,o. Mo is lpft nractlcally. pen
niless. ' On arrival hp had tojleave
i i A J 1. n 1 1 1 hA T1 rL-
HIM iruDKS on ice uuen umih
cured money, $
rnhn WleAATisIn HuMlIlT Club WlJl
visjt the World's Fair In lfKM.Jn 10
rrtiA ara nrft ran able OI
accommodating 25 persons each. The
. . . . .. ....... n . V. fl
club wllj live aunng i i
fair in the hotel cars which will be
.Un .iicn in tho exDOeition
grounds. For this purpose the club
will build lU.own spur of track;
Heavy Seas Compel a Postponement
of Trial Run.
Highlands, June 12. Great and
tremendous seas this morning de
cided the management not to race
today. The next test of tho yachts
In a seaway will be off Newport tho
latter part of this month. They will
meet over tho Qlencove course next
Alleged There Is a Combine Which
Operates Between Canada and
United States.
Albany. June 12 Special Inspec
tors of the treasury department aro
investigating tho operations of an al-.
Icged smuggling combine which has
been bringing diamonds, rugs" and
furs across from. Canada, Certain
employes of tho Delaware & Hudson
railway are alleged to have, been Jn
the conspiracy.
Double Hanging In Indiana.
i.no,,iiic imi. Juno 12. Gov
ernor Durbln falling to grant a re
spite, tho state prison at aiicnigan
City is to bo tho scene today of a
double execution, tho first to take
place within prison walls. Tho con
demned men are Ora Copenhaver,
who killed his young wire In this city
last September, and William Jack
son, a negro, who murdered a mill
watchman In Evansvlllo last January,
while robbing blm of $3.S0.
Aged Veteran Pastes Away From
Dayton, O., June 12. General Alex
ander McCook, retired, died at C:30
this morning froi paralysis. Ho
came from Washington three weeks
ago, and shortly nfterward suffered
a mild stroke, followed n few days
later by a second, and n third which
caused his death thl morning.
General McCook was 72 years of
age. Ho graduated from West Point
02 years ago and was retired In 1801.
About One Quarter Million Pounds
Changes Hands This Afternoon.
Tho second series of tho annual
wool sales are belnr held In the city
this atternoon and tho wool In tho
I ig warehouses of tho place are be
ing emptied of their load of Hecres.
i There Is a large number of buyers
I hero aim they all aeem to wnnt to
buy and an a result the crop is mov
ing at a good rate. On tho other
hand the growers seem to bo as anx
ious to sell as tho buyers to buy and
welcome any bid that Is In the na
ture of reason.
During tho day hut two bids have
been rejected and one of them has
hcen reconsidered and tho original
offer has been accepted. Tho prices
offered have been about the Bamo as
they wero on the last day here, with
one or two exceptions. On the last
day tho highest price offered was 13
as against 14 on today, but this fig
ure was only offered for tho clip of
one man. It Is thought that the even
ing will sco most of the wool stored
here sold, only a few of tho growers
being willing to take the risk of
holding thplr clips for prlvato sale,
and to pay the Insurance required by
the warehouses. The sales made up
to the time of going to press aro
given belowj
Pounds, Cents
It, A. Jackson, Dayton 99,765 ....
I), neltH 35,041 13
Karnwald 14,448 13
D. W, Chapman 10,000 12
Salisbury 15,788 J 3 Vt
(lulllford 26,800 1214
J, KnotU 20,201 12U
O. Horn 13,464 13
(I W. McDonald 9,050 14
Total 225,563
Loggers Decide on Shutdown to Pre
vent Decline In Price.
Portland, Juno 12. Loggers In tho
Portland market yesterday decided to
take radical measures to prevent ah
wcr-supply ot logs and consequent
decline In" price. About 25 of them,
representing a dally output of 1,300,
000 feet, met in the office ot tho Nc
lmlem Numbering Company nnd unan
imously agreed to close their camps
for two weeks beginning July 1 nnd.
If that does not sutllco to prevent
an over-supply, to shut down for n
further Indefinite time.
Little logging has boon done In tho
burred districts nml little will be nt
tempted until ntter tho Kburth of
Logs have been gblng Into the wn
ter plentifully ot late nnd this has
led mlllmrn to anticipate a decline
In prices. Tho loggers aro deter
mined to prevent this nnd, ns n great
proportion of tho timber land Is in
the hands of men who are In no hur
ry to reallie on It, except In tho burn
ed districts, they are In n position to
maintain prices,
Held That the Exposition Is a Pri
vate Corporation.
Salem, Or., June 12. The Lewis
nnd Clark Fair Association, of Port
land, according to n decision tender
ed by Attorney-General A. M. Craw
ford, Is a privato corporation, nnd
must pay tho annual llcenso fee, un
der the new corporation tax law, tho
some as all other corporations.
The capltnl stock or tho organiza
tion Is placed at $300,000. and, ac
cording to the grnduated scnlo ot li
cense ices, tho annual fee will bo
Believed Deal Is Now Approaching
Consummation for Consolidation
of O. R. & N. and O. S. L.
San Francisco. Juno 12. A special
dispatch from Salt iJtko says: Be
hind all tho mysterious rumors ami
denials regarding tho merging ot tho
Oregon llullroad & Navigation Com
pany nnd tho Oregon Short Lino Is
a secret activity which strengthens
tho supposition that tho reports aro
based on something more substantial
than nlr. The rumors wero renewed
today, when It was learned that w.
H, Bancroft, vice-president nnd gcn
ernl manager, and K. 12. Calvin, as'
slstaut general manager of tho Short
Line, had left for Portland.
Verified by Officials.
Tho Impression is gaining ground
that tho plans of n consolidation of
tho two lines are being carried ror
ward. Officials or tho Short Lino
have asserted tlmo nml ngaln that
such a change would eventually tnko
place, but they havo not boon pro-
pared to say how soon the consolida
tion might ho expected, Tho rumors
first bocamo apparent about tho tlmo
tho San Pedro bogan negotiations ror
tho purchnso or the Short Line. Short
Lino oHlclnlB do not deny Hint somo
deal Is on.
C. B. West, of Huntington, Under
20OO Bonds,
Baker City, Juno 12. C. II, West,
the O. 11. & N. telegraph oporator
of Huntington, who stabbed his fellow
operator, J. W. Thomas at that place
last week, Is now In Jail hero under
$2000 bonds,
Tho condition of Thomas, who Is
now In tho hospital at Portland, Is
critical and It Is feared bo can not
West Is an erratic, flighty charac
ter, with a traco of Mexican blood,
and the sympathy of tho railroad men
Is entirely against him.
He Is said to have stabbod Thomas
without provocation and now main
tains a sarcastic, Impudent demeanor
which does not soften public senti
ment In his favor,
Thomas Ih a quiet, obliging man
and was a general favorite with his
fellow employes.
Goneral Walk-Out of All Hotol
Employes Took Place This
Rogue River Valley Is Thoroughly
Grant's Pass, Or,, June 12. Tho
drouth that has been crisping things
In this section of tho stato, was somo
what quenched by a heavy rain last
ovenlng. Showers fell ovor all sec
tions of tho county, accompanied by
thunder and lightning. Tho rains
havo not been heavy enough yet to
entirely overcome tho harm done by
tho dry weather, though the outlook
Is promising for moro rain ere the
sky clears.
Cooks, Walters, Elevator Men and
All Other Organized Labor of the
Large Hostelrles Join the Strike of
the , Restaurant Help Traveling
Public Also Greatly Discommoded.
No Signs of Agreement.
Chicago, June 12. The employes
of nil Hyde Park hotels nnd West
Side restuurnutH wero called out early
this morning.
Throe largo hotels on tho South
Side, ljit;nlii. Metrapole and Sher
man, Insldu the elevated loop wore
called. Hyde Park Is the fashiona
ble summer resort district. The
West Side Is populated by nearly a
million, mostly working people.
General Strike of Hotel Employes.
Tho millionaire guestH of Hyde
Park hotels wero forced to cook their
own breakfasts, Soclvty womon got
their breakfasts on chafing dishes.
At tho Dclprado nothing but salads
and sen food are obtainable, because
this noon tho teamsters refused to
deliver provisions. Tho elevators
nre not running, nnd many guosts aro
compelled to climb 10 stories. It Is
tho avowed Intention of tho unlou to
rail all employes out ot down town
hotels, leaving visitors In tho city
without hotei accommodations.
The situation Is tho most Inconvon
lent Chicago citizens havo yet con
fronted. Out at Two More Hotels.
Shortly before noon tho Grand Pa
cific employes, Including bartenders,
waiters, cooks, bell boys nnd cham
bermaids, wore called out, Tho Au
ditorium Annex was the next place
called out, and 500 of tho 700 walk
ed out, conicllltig the management
to close the kitchen and dinlne
rooms, although a feeble effort was
made to proparo and servo inoals
with bell boya. Provision wagons
wero turned back from tho hotels
whero there aro strikes, through thu
Teamsters' Union,
Four More Hotels Hung Up,
Tho Vlctorln, Strntford, Wellington
mid Kaiser I loft employes all wont
out this afternoon, adding several
thousand moro to tho ranks ot tho
striking Winters' Union.
Surveyi Now Made Into the Interior
of Grant County.
Joseph Barton, superintendent ot
the Sumptor Valley Hallway wan seen
by an ICnst Orcgoulan representative
yesterday evening nnd said In regard
to the proposed extension of that busy
road, that the company will build by
gradual stages, from Whitney Into
tho Interior of Grant county, Pralrlo
City iKiIng a possible tremlnus.
Tho county to bo traversed by tho
extension Is vory rough and tho
grades oxmidlngly heavy, so the
work of building tho road will neces
sarily be slow.
Surveys have been mado through
tho mountains from Whltuey south
and west nml whllo It Is the ultimate
aim of tliu company to reach tho
farming district or Grant county, the
road will be built to reach the timber
belts first.
Founder of the Graded Schools of
This City Is Here.
M. O, Royal, ot Olympla, Is In the
city for a brief visit with his old
frlonds bore anil to look nftur busi
ness Interests here. Mr, Royal was
formerly a resident of Pendleton and
Ik well known here as tho fouiii.'cr of
tho Pendleton graded public school
tyslom. Ho taught tho first session
or school n tho brick school, In 1886,
ami was the starter or the present
excellent schools of tho city.
He was also the preslilint of thl
Normal School at Weiton for a tlmo.
and has Just como from that placo,
where ho has boon attending tho an
nual meeting of the alumni of that
Institution. Mr. Royal is now engag
ed In tho practlco of law In tho Wash
ington town, but still has a homelike
reeling for this city. Ho will return
to bis home today or tomorrow,