East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, June 11, 1903, Image 2

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Hot weather is on and we
have clothing to make you
feel comfortable
$2.00 to $3.00
Coats ana Vests
$4, $5, $6 to $7
Coats and Palis
$5, $6, $7 to $10
Baer & Daley
Furnishers and Hatters
The Western Federation of Miners
will meet next year at Butte.
The heaviest June fall of snow In
many years is now under way at
LeailvIIle, Colorado.
A syndicate of Chicago capitalists
has bought 1.000,1mm) acres of wheat
land in Manitoba which they will
The relief committees state that
23.000 people are homeless in and
around Kansas City as a result of the
Torrential ralnR in New Mexico,
followed a hall storm which loft
J2 inches of' hail on the level in some
The building trades strike in 'West
chester county. N. V., has dissolved,
the strikers losing every point con
tended for.
The new libel law in Porto Itlco
is tho most drastic in effect in any
state or territory belonging to the
United States.
Two men were killed and three
others dangerously wounded in Mul
berry street. New York, in a fight
over a woman. All were Italians. !
According to the New York World,
Bourke Cochran, the famous Tam
many orator, is engaged to the j
daughter of the lord chief Justice of
Eight hundred car loads of grain
were lost In the Kansas City yards!
during the recent flood. This is ex-1
elusive of the losses by the collapse
of elevators.
"Two hundred Roumanian Jews now
In Venice on their way to America, (
declare, that the cbnditlon of the i
llusslan Jew Is daily growing black-1
er and that they fear more and far I
more extensive massacres. ,
Warrants are out for the arrest of J
AO New York physicians who ol-,
tained from the city's hospital sup-.
plies of anti-toxin by affidavits that
it was for the use of destitute pa
tients, but who afterward sold It for
jr, per bottle.
Rain Is Badly Needed Between Pen
dleton and Athena Improvements
Being Made on the Highway
Rest and Health.
When the hot days of summer
. make ou think of the cool and
ihade of the mountains, there 19 no
I more enjoyable place to spend n va-
ration than Lehman bprmss
the present manager, nr. it. j
ton has spared ho pains and expense
for the convenience and comfort of
the guests. The grounds are ndmlrn
blv situated and the lnrge hotel Is
modern and up-to-date In every re-t
spect. There are 25 cottages con-
venientlv situated in the cool shade ;
the grove and camping iumiue
Residence Approaching Completion j nIV ample and convenient 'P1'""6
nnimofit nno u-irti nil nuim.
Several Cases of
None Are -Severe.
Illness, But
Athena, June 10. L. C. Kilgore
tvntn.. nf T.ohninil SnrlllKS IS not I
equaled any where for Its medicinal
properties and hns proven In every,
ca.-e a positive and lasting cure fori
norts having heard the crops In Hud- ri,'.ln,ntiSII, Fr further partial
son Hay vicinity are so blighted 'yjiars address C. R. Button, Lehman
the continuous hot. dry weather Hint i Springs, Or.
some are already turning horses on
their wheat and usa it as pasture
in order to realize anytning there
from, R. J Boddy. who lias been quite
111, is somewhat improved, as is re
ported. The crops are in need of rain very
badly just now. Between Adims and
Pendleton, along the Wild Horse
creek, the grain Is looking quite j
sickly, some ot tt Heading at auoui
six to eight inches.
R. E. Beck has gone to Crook
county to look after his Interests in
said place.
W. R. and Sheldon Taylor arc tak
ing an outing and looking after their
Interests In the John Day just now. ;
W. W. Harrah. of Pendleton, was
visiting nnd transacting business in
Worst of All Experience.
Can anything be worse than to feel
that every minute will be your last?
Such was the experience of Mrs. S.
ri. Newson, Decatur. Ala. "For three
years." she writes, "I endured insuf
ferable pain from indigestion, stom
ach and bowel trouble. Death seem
ed Inevitable when doctors nnd all
remedies failed. At length I was in
duced to try Electric Bitters and the
result was miraculous. I Improved
at once and now I'm completely re
covered." For liver, kidney, stoni
ach atid bowel troubles Electric Bit
ters Is the only medicine. Only Di-c.
It's guaranteed by Tallman & Co.
Philip Ileal, a pioneer of '47. lias
just died at Forest Grove.
The travel to Alaskan points Is ro
portod unusually heavy this season.
Emll Junna was drowned while
fishing at the mouth of the Columbia
Chicago capitalists have purchased
1,000,000 acres of land In Manitoba
to raise wheat.
John H. Coleman has been re
elected president of the Willamette
University at Salem
John Myers, of Summerville, has
been adjudged insane and taken to
the asylum at Salem.
John Edgar Sattorwhlte. 7 years of
age, was run over by the cars In
Portland, June 10. nnd killed.
Brown and Pierce, two of the Mon
tana escapes who killed their Jailor
in escaping, have been recaptured.
The pay car Is a thing of the past
on the Southern Pacific system.
Hereafter the men will be paid by
Willie engaged In n friendly wrestl
ing bout at Deer Lodge, Mont,, Frank
Davy, manager of the Deer Lddge
Electric Light Company, had his
neck broken.
James Piling, of Seattle, knocked
down his slater and brutally beat her
because she did not cook his dinner
just to his taste. She appeared in
court with her eyes blackened and
her face swollen out of shape. Tho
judge fined the brute only ?50.
Hotel Pendleton.
Frank Folsom, Orchard Park.
O. Peek. Walla Walla
Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Ratlins, Chicago
.Miss Rallins, Chicago.
J. A. Fenges. San Francisco.
H. A. Stern, Chicago.
F. F. Golden. Now York.
W. R. Glendennlng, Portland.
R. E. Porter and wife. Meacham.
H. AV. B. Smith, Baker City.
W. R. Browning, St. Louis.
Mrs. H. P. Isaacs. Walla Walla.
C. J. Freese.
P. M. Morse and wife. Portland.
W. R. Dennis, Salt Lake. '
G. S. Youngman. Portland.
E. B. Canon, Portland.
Ed Forbes, Chicago.
G. A. Cosper, Portland.
W. D. Green. Alameda.
C. C. Simpson, Portland.
W. H. Holley, city.
George Wells and wife. Heppner.
Morey, Spokane.
George E. K. Fichtner. Portland.
James McKay, city.
S. Peterson, San Francisco.
Golden Rule Hotel.
L. C. Walters. Muratoh.
Minnie Shields. Pilot Rock.
E. Payent, Pilot Rock.
C. Cameron, Pilot Rock.
Alice King. Athena.
Malendia King, Athena.
Mrs. M. Sweeney, Spokane.
W. A. Stark, Rockford.
W. G. Hartman and son, Cherokee.
W. J. Moore, Spokane.
C. L. Downer, Spokane.
A. D. Payand, Pilot Rock.
Mme. Hunt, Spokane.
W. D. Marks. Spokane.
H. Connell. Umatilla.
John Rhodes, Heppner.
Robert Hudspeth, Athena.
E. E. Travis, Whitney.
J. W. Smyscr. Spokane.
F. Osborne, Spokane.
Mrs. E. M. Chandler, Baker City.
Mrs. H. E. Deardorff, Omaha.
Mrs, C. R. Shaw. Sumpter.
Hattie Wright. Whitney.
Mable Wright. Whitney.
.Mrs. A. Newlln, La Grande.
Mrs. A. Newlln, La Grande.
Mary Russell. La Grande.
-Mrs. L. Goddard, La Grande.
Bert McAtee, Salem.
S. Torgerson and wife. Milton.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars reward
fur imv raae nf rittnrrli that cau Dot be
the vicinity of Pilot Rock a short I ' t- j cHKXKV . CO., Toledo, O.
time ago. , tie. tne liiiiiersiRiiwi. nave Known i u.
Vn " n TlpOrnw nf Weiton is Hieney for the last IS yenrs, aud believe
Mrs. G. Deuraw. of Wisioil. lb ,,Wtly honorable In all business
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Cora transactions anil financially able to carry
Barnes. In Lake Chaian, Wash., at out nuy olillpitlnns made by their Arm.
present ' W'CST ,t TUl'AX, Wholesale Druggists,
C. C. Darr. the Adams road super-, w.u.m.NU.' Kl.VNAN .t MAILVIN, Wbolc-
vlsor. has been making improvements ale rirnsslsts, Tulmin, .
on the road In his district lately. I "airs Catarrh Curn Is taken Internally.'
m m-tw. i ,t ii'., i ,.i I aetlns directly upon the hlmxl and niiicmi" '
Mrs. McDougal. of Weston. Is us-, slirfattfs of tiie ystvn. Testimonials Kent
Itlng her son's family at Lake Cha- free. Price T.'c ier bottle. Sold by all
lan. Wash., at present. i d"-"";. , , . i
William Kilgore has about com- " "roilyPillsnrcthe best.
pleted his new residence on Ills prop-
The Parrot Talks
"I'm neither too big nor too
little-I'm jast right. My
quality is admirable. I'm
calm and unruffled even when
I'm burning up."
" Just Try a
5 cents
At Yoar Dealer's
Sole distributors
Portland, Or.
erty in the city.
Mr and Mrs. Fred Rosenswlep and
their daughter. Miss Elsie, made a
trip to their Franklin county farm a
short time ago. Mr. Rosenswleg has
returned and Miss Elsie is teaching
school and she and her mother are
holding down the farms.
Grandpa Helmick was Ashing down
on Umatilla river Delow i-endleton.
this week.
Stock Farm for Sale.
The Ogle stock farm, consisting of
3000 acres, about 230 head of cattle, ,
plenty of water, grass and timber.
Range has never been sheeped off.
All under fence. Will grow all hay re-'
quired. Call on or write to Bentley 1
& Hartman, Pendleton, Oregon.
Stock Cattle for Sale. 1
Have for sale 50 head of cows. 25
iohn Smith remains about the I by e; 10 a,o,d heifers,
same; not much improved. mun) cdu-i?
Grandma Gerklng remains about, ELMER SPIKE. Echo. Ore.
the same as usual.
Grandma King Is reported to be
quite III at present.
Much Improved in Health.
Frank Mansfield is reported as im
proved so much as to be able to walk
around town with a cane.
Scarlet Fever Case Improving.
The little 3-year-old daughter of
Verne Bannister, who has been quite
low with scarlet fever for the past
five weeks, is Improving slowly and
there Is hopes for her recovery now.
For really fine, choice
Steaks-Chops Cutlets
Roasts of Beef, Mut
ton and Veal drop in
to our shop or phone
310 E. Court Phone Red 211
Good work tells We are kept busy these
dy fixing out-of-whack waeons, carriages etc. I
Good ieM)US we know hovr to do the trick 1
and do it: ue bare the right materials ooa
Iron, putnt and Tamlah-aud use them. Then,
' loo, we are )rompt In executlnr repair orders.
May we have yoursT We hare the celebrated
inona wasron with steel clad bubs and auter
' leaving blocks. The only wagon that stands
hot dry climate Top buggies Irom MO up
. second hand rigs too. Our slock includes
! Gasoline Engines. Irrigating Pumps and Kes
' sell Tereshers and Engines. Call and examine
I our stock.
bargains id
That Throbbing Headache.
Would quickly leave you, if you j
Thousands of sufferers have proved I I 4 I 1 1 1 I I I I I II MIHIIIIIII
their matchless merit for sick and 1 T
nen-ous headaches. They make pure J
blood and build up your health. Only
25 cents, money back if not cured. ' '
Sold by Tallman & Co., druggests.
Real Estate
' Elgin Murder Case Called.
Union, June 11. Wood and Nat
Gray were this morning brought to
trial for the murder of Arch Hal
garth near Elgin In April. There nre
AO witnesses to examine. Owing to
the prominence of the case It Is fear
ed it will be very difllctilt to secure a
Mokl Tea positively cures Sick
Headache, Indigestion and Constipa
tion. A delightful herb drink. Re
moves all eruptions of the skin, pro
ducing a perfect complexion or money
refunded. 25c and 60c. Write to us
for free sample. W. H. Hooker & Co..
Buffalo, N. Y. F. W. Schmidt & Co.,
By taking advantage of the cheap
rates East offered by
Chicago and return $71.50
St. Paul & Minneapolis and
return CO.Otl
Tickets good 90 days. Stop-overs
Dates of sale: June 4, C, 24, 25, 26,
27. 28. 29. 30; July 15, 16 and August
25, 26.
Full information by addressing
General Agent.
132 Third street, Portland. Ore.
Acker's Blood Elixir positively
cures chronic blood poisoning and all
scrofulous affections. At all times a
matchless system tonic and purifier.
Money refunded If you are not satis
fled. 50c and 1.
"My Sons,"
said a great business man, "are my
partners and they need all the
strength and courage 1 can give
them," and he forthwith paid for a
Si.ooo.ooo policy in The Mutual
Life Insurance Company of New
York Not without the most care
ful investigation, however, extend
ing over six months. He was con
vinced by just such facts as led the
President of a National Dank in
New York to make the curious and
shrewd provision in his will, which
is contained in "A Banker's Will."
Write for it and also for the
account of the $1,000 000 policy,
"The Largest Annual Premiums!"
This Company waks
first la Assets.
First In Amount Paid Policy-holders.
First la Age,
Thk Mutual Like Insurance
Company ok New York,
mcjuao A. McCuaov. rmidtat.
Alma D. Katz, manager, Boise, Idaho.
Frank L. Hammond, District Manager.
Pendleton, Oregon,
Five Porcelain Tubs
Are now to be found at
Privett's Birber Shop and
Bath Rooms. We also have
five hydraulic chairs. Every
thing is neat and clean. We
employ none but first-class
workmen. Our tquipment is
not excelled in Eastern Ore.
Privett's Barber Shop t
.Main Direct -y t
I h 1 1 1 1 1 n mil 1 1 1 11
I have a larger and better,
list of Farms, Stock Ranches i
and City Property to sell,
than ever before. Also a big
lot of land in the coming I
j wheat f ection of Eastern i
' Washington.
Best fcboe work at Teutscb'a.
That we give special attention to
orders for fancy ICE CREAM
Telephone Main 4
Monopole, Rock Candy,
Red Star and White Rose
in half gallons, gallons,
jackets and pails.
N. Berkeley
Standard Giocery
Cowt Street
Low Sellers of Groceries
Is now doing a rushing busi
ness in
Cold Drinks
And they are delicious. Per
haps you've had the word "de
licious" spoiled for you come
where, by a bad glass of Soda.
Then be sure and come here at
once and recover the relish of
It. Come and learn where the
Good Soda, the Best Soda ever
served, Is to be had this season.
F. W. Schmidt's
The Reliable Druggist
Ptxtoffice slock, I'hout Mala 851
The CoW;
Newle t. .
Bet. Aha A tr
in o.
me I rwlm
Bv thp p;, i
uanipc tpa ...
tompanift, staai
Hurtfnrrt I
. , , , Auaunnj.
Auuuice Amuince Q
mnurujce VJO.
North Rritla), I u'2L
Royal InsuruM Ca,
111 m i
From 11.30 .m,
Short orders i
Quick, Courteous
upen ail wj
cnD T II
Building Mite
you money
cement, bnw
nrrl fftitfr-n
Alto St., (W
nnn fllM
nr. iiiib
(lllllllvw, ,
Grain ad
rrocnl ' 1
llmt It WW -
Stocks. Bond?.
n, ehiift
.,a Ik'
lit, Minn-
.10 c"'-
.TmclU - V
- a