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1 Eastern Oregon Wethf
p-" ,"5 A WEEK.
J Fair tonight nnd Tuesday; con J
A tinned warm.
NO. 47(54.
lurv Will Go to the
m in Investigating the
bl Frauds.
, s Said to Have Keceivea
I nnlllrr Cflm
Firm in Tfiree Ten -
L to Secure the Use of Their
L by the Government.
LitiiD. June 8. Tho federal
Km ha3 voted to Indict Samuel
Fthe government m connoc
il A. W, Maclten, who was Ill
Friday. Groff brothers are
tors ot the mail box insienors
ie sales of which A. W. Ma-
l Is alleged, recelveil isiiu.uuu
the pa3t three years. Tho
diriment will ho reported later
ind jury did not consider any
til evidence In tho caso re-
k the Machcn hearing as being
It upon which to base tho
(Punitive Expedition Bombard
ht Algerian Tribesmen.
ra, June 8, The French artll
i moraine attacked tho rebel
MMsmen at Figulga. with
tie bombardment, Inflicting,
lllered, heavy losses, although
Hi have yet been received
pci pins were posted In the
rronndlng the rebels' strong.
1 gained tho position by
M the tribesmen. There
) losses on the French side,
! attack was mada a mes
i sent with a flair of truce
VP to noiny the women and
i leave, but ho was killed
nng tie message. France
pally notified the powers that
paowmenu to seize Moroccan
i, out that the nresent nxnnril.
Ii punltatlve one, In reply to
pi auacK on uovernor Jo
A Montana Man Uses a 30-30 Rifle
on His Guard Swims the Missouri
River and Makes a Get Away,
Havre, Mont., Juno 8. A telegram
from Glasgow advises Sheriff Cosner
of Valloy county, who Is hero waiting
a delayed train from the west, that
William Hardee, a murderer under
sentence ot ueath, and uiree prison
ers In for burglary, escaped jail
Saturday, killing the death watch,
Jack Williams, and beating Sheriff
Dlllard nearly to death. Hardee es
caped once before, but was quickly
Tho escaped prisoners arc armed
and mounted. A posse has been or
ganized to pursue tho prisoners, who
nro desperate characters, and will
doubtless fight to the death before
they will be retaken, it Is known that
outside help furnished the weapons
by which tho prisoners escaped.
Hardco was sentenced Inst week tn
bo hanged June 26. j
William Hnrdee Is under sentence
of death for killing George Snearly;
Jack Brown Is serving for assisting '
in n former Jail break, and the two St. Louis Is practically cut off from
other jail-breakers are short term railway transportation. Only a few
prisoners. trains are running irregularly west-
Untlor Shorlff Itutter was on guard I ward over the Missouri Pacific.
in ino i;cu wnore mo lour men were ; Thousands of excursionists nre de
.Nearly All the Suburbs Are
Under Water to the House
Water Is Still Rising and Has Broken
Over the Old Granite Levee
Steamers Are Leaving Their Regu
lar Runs to Go to the Rescue of the
P'ftJ In the Adirondacks Be
pnguished by Heavy Rains.
M.T., June 8.
lor,! 1, , J v,
wuuuaur neavv mln tu if
111 ... .! lUOt
rtuironaacks, thus chock-
replaces extinguish-
pi urea whiph iin,rA 1
P ,l0,en during the past
" Representatives In
In l . .
lit. tt-.L " . -I' """S UU1U-
IChh ZJ , 0E the Chicago
hfcSS d0I,rtmnt store
Itwi.-. ""'Keu witn
lot their appearance
the scale mmnaw
rwe Insanity ... r. ...
. "H, Ji,nn c, .,
ma bv .it; niT:'
l the T.i UlSB 81(10 ln
ktL.???tal f the young
rhffiD ht there
I "'the hmttl lnreo otner
3&F?Wry In Moun-
Idaho t ' laa"-
Eft fiL8 of
w- was
P-ttlni"' lw5 miles
' rl.ki , wh a bul-
-...a ll)r iorg-
. trial i .""in are
tkr l.Ce tl,Is TO0-
?tl S ftb. Postponed.
S. Clf'th(ush it shows
confined at tho time. After Dlllard
came to got tho supper dishes the
prisoners seized him and Itutter and
overpowered them.
Shot Wllllamc Down.
One of them then wont to tho kitch
en and secured the Winchester and
lay In wait for Jack Williams, one
of tho guards, who had been down
town. When ho appeared ho was
shot through the body and fatally
wounded. Dlllard and Itutter wore
then beaten almost Into insensibility
anil tne men lett. A posse was soon
in pursuit and caught sight of the
three men on the 'opposite of the
rlvor. i hi
Hardee was not among them. He
was either drowned In crossing or
left the rest of tho party, which Is
thought more likely. Hardee has the
rifle, and as ho Is to be hanged on
June 2G, It Is not thought he will be
taken allvo or until he has killed some
of his pursuers.
Local Pastors Not Molested, But
Proselyting Must Cease Hugh J,
Cannon Has Taken Refuge In Swlt
Berlin, Juno 8. Hugh J. Cannon
superintendent of tho Mormon mis
slon in Germany; his wife, his secre
tary and assistant secretary, were or.
dored by tho police to leave Prussian
territory within three weeks. Similar
orders are about to bo served by tho
local authorities on 80 other mission
aries in Prussia, under tho decision
of the government to oxpol them all.
No explanation wns given for the
action takon, except that the pres
ence of tho Mormons was undeslred.
Mr. Cannon will movo his headquar
ters to Zurich, Switzerland. Ho has
engaged a house thore near the one
occupied by Calvin Cook, when lie
lied from France. From Zurich the
missionaries will occasionally visit
tho Mormon communities ln Prussia,
who have 1,200 members In groups of
ID to 20 each. Tho German pastors
continue thoir services.
Governor Bailey Weds.
Topeka. Kan.. Juno 8. Governor
Balloy loft for Kansas City today,
where tomorrow ovening ho will mar
ry Miss Ida Weed, an old-time friend,
aged 35. and recently a saleswoman
in a millinery store.
talned in this cltv unable to cet out.
Two steamers went to Madison at 10
o'clock in answer to a call for heln.
j Twelve hundred there nro prisoners
in tneir nomes. nctugoes from near
by cities are being brought ln here
by the thousand. Many immense in
dustries aro idle, throwing thousands
temporarily out of employment.
The Water Still Rising In St. Louis.
St. Louis Juno 8. The flood Is 37
feet six inches at 10 o'clock this morn
ing and Is still rising. Water broke
over tho old granite city levee this
morning and poured down on West
Venice In a torrent. Tho Inhabitants
barely had time to escape. By 10
o'clock It had reached the roofs of the
greater number of tho dwellings there
adding thousands more to tho already
large list of homeless. Hundreds are
now sheltered ln the Granite City
schoolhouse, which so far is above
River at Highest Point.
Tho weather bureau at noon savs
the river gauge reached the highest
point, 37 leet six inches, which It be
lieves will bo .the crest of the flood.
Look for fall tomorrow.
Up to 2 this afternoon nothing
had been heard from the relief steam
ers sent out this morning. Nothing Is
certain regarding fatalities. The num
ber of dead Is variously estimated at
from nine to 20, not Including 1G reported-
drowned at Granite City last
night. The latter are said to have
been strengthening the levee when
the break came.
All railway connections between
here and Alton nro cut off. Larger
boats are running, but smaller craft
don't venture out Into the river owing
to tho rush of drift wood and debris.
More People Drowned.
Four boys were swept off a raft and
drowned at East St. Louis this nfter-,
noon. Refugees from North Venice
report that a house containing 13
occupants was swept away and all
drowned. A woman with a small
child in her arms was seen to drown
in Madison. The marshal of Venice,
and his wife, are reported to have
been drowned this morning.
Waters Wreck Pontoon Bridge.
Topeka, Kan., Juno S. The pontoon
bridge connections of South Topeka.
with tho flooded district In North To
peka, was carried out by tho swift
current this morning.
Engine, Baggage and Mail
Cars and Several Coaches
Leave the Track.
Accident Caused a Delay of Nearly
Twelve Hourt to the Westbound
Through Train Wreck Occurred at
Latourelle, Twenty-six Miles East
of Portland.
Last night's Spokane flyer, train
No. 4, which leaves Portland at G p.
m., was wrecked one mile this side
of Latouroll. The engine, baggage
car and several coaches left the track.
The engine was thrown partly Into
the river. .1. Christian, tho engineer,
had his hand and arm qulto badly
cut from being thrown through tho
cab window, whllo tho passengers
were much shaken only a few were
hurt. Some fishermen from Troutdalo
were bruised and cut, but not seri
ously hurt. The accident delnyed
traffic badly, tho rext regular east
bound train being over 10 hours late.
Miss Kittle Harbord Appointed a
Member of the State Board of Phar
macy. Salem, Or., Juno S. Miss Kittle
Walker Harbord, of this city, waR
Saturday appointed by Governor
Chamberlain, a member of tho stato
board ot pharmacy, to succeed L, W.
ioody, of Portland, whoso term ex
pired May 20. Miss Harbord not only
enjoys tho distinction ot being tho
first lady pharmacist to receive an
appointment to a position ot such re
sponsibility, but, so far as can bo
learned, Is tho first to receive such an
honor in tho United States.
She is a graduate of tho Philadel
phia College of Pharmacy, with the
class of 1001, being one of four ladles
to graduate from thnt high Institution
of learning out of a class of 1 IS. Sho
carried oft high honors, and Is today
the only lady graduate pharmacist In
uio siate oi uregon. sno is a nntivo
Orcgonlnn and was born In Yamhill '
county In 1S7G. Sho has been active-j
ly cngnged In tho drug business for
over 10 years, and Is thoroughly quail- j
fled in every respect to fill tho posl- j
tlon for which sho has been chosen.
Steamers Foul on the High
Seas With Groat Loss of
In a Fierce Fight With the Insurg
ents the Turks Have Heavy Losses.
Vienna, Juno S. A dispatch from
Sofia says a courier has nrrlved there.
J who reports florco lighting between
insurgents and Turkish troops In tho
frontier villages of Zeargo and Swo
gor. A full Turkish battalion wns en
gaged, but was compelled to retreat.
The Insurgents used bombs with
deadly effect, destroying an entlro
Turkish company.
So They Were Chained to Posts in
the Heat of the Sun Till They
Couldn't Work.
Washington, June 8. Complaints
have been made to tho war depart
ment through unofficial channels, al
leging that cruelty has been practic
ed on the Inmates of tho Mnlahl mil
itary prison at Laguna do Bay, noar
Manila. Six prisoners ,lt Is alleged,
refused to work because they thought
tho food was Improper. They were
chalued to postB exposed to tho heat
of the sun. They again refused to
work, when they were again chained
to posts until one mnn dropped from
Party of Scientists Narrowly Escape
Foundering Off the Carolines.
Norfolk, Juno 8. Tho schooner
Van Name, bearing a party of distin
guished scientists who nro bound for
the Bahamas on a two months' cxtie-
dltion, waB compelled to put ln hero
touuy, They encountered a terrific
storm off the Cnrollnas. Supremo ef
forts wero required to escapo founder
ing. They will await more favorable-
weather before proceeding.
Flannagan, the Colored Murderer,
t Electrocuted at Sing Sing.
Now York, Juno 8. Flanagan, tho
colored man who killed Koopor Mc
Govern ln the west sldo prison, nnd
for whom great endeavors havo been
made to gain executive clomoncy in
vain, wns electrocuted at Sing Sing
this morning.
Worst Ocean Horror In Many Year
Takes Place' Off the Southern Coast
of France Carelessness of One
Captain and Cowardice of the Other
Held to Be Responsible.
Marseilles, Juno 8. The latest ro
port of tho loss of life from tho (link
ing steamer Lilian, yesterday, places
the list ot dead at 185, ot which 33
bodies havo nlready been recovered,
Tho top mast Is visible this morning.
Divers nro at work on tho wreck.
Tho captains of both vessels aro
blamed. The captnln of the I.ltmns,
becauso ho did not direct his ship
properly, and tho lnsulnms, becauso
lie didn't do mora to assist tho pas
seiiRorH ot tho pinking vessel. Tho
latter clnluiH ho was afraid that his
own ship would sink, so ho rnn ashoro
for fear ot foundering.
Onu man who lost his wlfo and four
children Is now a raving maniac.
Another roscued imssongur who has
gono Insauo Is a woman who lost hor
hURlmnd and live children. It now
appears that tho Ltban was running
nt a 12-ltuot speed when sho turnod
the Isle of Mnrlc. Hor speed was eo
great when sho saw tho lnsularo that
bIio could not chnngo her courso to
avoid tho collision.
Probable That the Pontiff Cannot
Survive Many Months Eats Very
Little and Is Gradually Wasting
Massachusetts Paper Makers Want
Higher Wages.
Holyoke, Mass., Juno S. Two
thousaud paper makers struck this
morning. They demand an Increase
of wages. Twenty-eight mills are af
fected by the strike.
Quotations Furnished by Coe Commls
slon Company R, L. Boulter, Local
Manager, 120 Court Street.
Minneapolis. Juno 8. Wheat In
sympathy with lower cables and heav.
ler receipts our market opened a
shndo lower. Weather conditions ln
tho Southwest show a slight improve.
ment over Sunday, but rain is pre
dicted for Kansas ln tho next 24
hours. Cash demand both domestic
and foreign continues good. This re
action is a natural one and will put
the market on a better basis. We be
lieve wheat a purchase on these re
Chicago, Juno 8.
Opening. Close.
July 75 75
Sept 73 72ft
July 48V4 47
July 3CV4 3G
Minneapolis, 'June. 8.
Opening. Close.
July , 8.. 78
Sept 71 71
Kansas City Appeals for Outside Aid
for Her Homeless,
Kansas City. Juno 8. Citizens
nearly all of whom were wage-work.
era, held a mass meeting today and
Issued n call for aid. Fifty-two hund
red aro homeless. Tho city treasury
Is depleted. The town Is submerged
by water or mud. The Inhabitants
aro all ln modest circumstances. So
far but $75 outside aid has been re.
celved. Tho mayor will acknowledge
all contributions.
Epplnger & Co., of San Francisco,
San Francisco, Juno 8. Epplnger
& Co.'s creditors meet at 4 oclock
this afternoon. It Is believed that
tho warehouse certificates were Ir
regular, the discovery of which caus
ed tho banks to force payment.
Arguments In the Merger.
St. Paul. June 8. Young continued
his arguments for the defense In the
stato against Northern Securities this
morning. It Is asserted tuo consoli
dation was for tho best Interests of
tho Northern Pacific railway, as the
latter was threatened with being crip
pled by stock manipulators who want
ed to increase the value of the South
ern Pacific.
Paris, Juno 8. Tho Temps today
pi hits the following dlBpatch from
Home: Leo XIII continues to recolvc,
but those who seo him notice the
gradual decline, which, without ex
citing apprehension that any serious
llluoHH Is Imminent, do not wnrraut
a continuance of the recent confident
Ills recent uudlences wero very fa
tiguing. Knch tlmo tho pono receiv
ed he was obliged to rest, sometimes
I for two or threo dnys. During tho
last few days tho po has restricted
his diet to milk, bouillon und eggs.
This roglmo counts sovoroly against
a man 112 years of ago. Vory llttlo
fresh air is admitted fo tho popo's
apartments In tho vatlruu. His valet,
Centra, ojions tho windows of tho
pontiff's sleeping room momentarily,
night and morning, but tho air Is
more or less vitiated nnd thero is a
lack of Bufnclcnt oxygen,
Tho correspondent of tho Temps
"I have had occasion during tho
last few days to seo a number of
persons on Intimate terms with thn
White and Jett Trial Causing Great
Excitement In Kentucky.
Jackson, Ky Juno 8, Last night
wns another turbulent one. Many
shells wore fired about tho outer edgo
of town. Jurymen who nrrlved last
night wero immediately given bunks
In tho courthouse and are guarded
by soldiers. Tho nntl-llargls faction
clnlm tho defenso havo been favored
In summoning mon to Bcrvo. As usu
al, White and Jett wero brought Into
court this morning under a heavy
gulrd of militiamen.
Believed Loss of Property In South
Carolina Will Reach $5,000,000.
Columbia, 8. C, Juno 8. Tho
search for dead In tho mud left over
thousands ot ncres along tho Pacolot
river Is being raado today. Fourteen
bodies wero recovered this forenoon, entourage of the holy father, und I
it is believed the heavy drop of mud unu tneir opinion is always unani
lias burled beyond recovery tho
greater portion of those lost. Muuy
bodies were dismembered. Mure than
a hundred are missing from Clifton
Tho pioporty loss will not be Jess
than 15,000,000. Mill officials are con
slderlng whether to call on tho gov.
mous that Pope Leo has been slow
ly wasting nwuy; atrophying for soino
time. Tho popo rises lato and doos
not celebrate muss, except on Sunday,
when no one assists him except tho
faithful Centra, who serves him at
tho massos. Tho pontiff appears not
to desire that others should seo his
If So, Here Is Your Chance to
a Road In Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, Juno 8. Thu city
council this morning, by a voto ot 4
to 3, ngrced to give Senator Clnrk a
chance to bid on n three-cent tare
blanket frnnchlso, lit spite of tho
board of public works udvorso roport.
If Clark menus business ho cun get a
threo-cont fnro road paralleling all of
thu Huntington lines In Los Augoles,
ernor tor troops to guard tho district. 1 Infirmities. Tho trembling of his
Governor and innvnrn buvn iRnneil i hands has become noticeable
proclamations calling for aid. nations I "I do not wish to unduly alarm tho
uovoieu menus of uo xui, but
nevertheless I nm compelled to stato
that tho condition of his health ac
tually Is far from satisfactory."
aro being Issued by tho relief com
tnltteo to 8,000 persons. The Colum
bia railway bridge over Congaree, I,
200 feet long, was swept out this
A $15,000 Fire at Stockton,
Stockton, Cal., Juno 8. The Stock
ton athletic association's club bouse,
Including handball court, boat house
and billiard rooms burned early this
morning. The loss Is $15,000. Some
of tho club house racing equipment
and tho shells were saved. Tho crew
will continue training.
Appointed Archbishop of Manila.
Rome, Juno 8. Hov. J, J. Harlln,
of St. Louis, has been officially ap
pointed archbishop of Manila.
A Banker's Wife Throws a Boquet at
the Kaiser and Is Arrested,
Borlin, Juno 8.Whllo tho Kaiser
and empress were driving at Wies
baden today u woman threw a boquet
which struck his majesty's head, in
flicting slight Injury.
The empress, believing It to be an
attempt to assasslnato Emperor Wil
liam, sprang from her seat In alarm.
It was later learned that tho woman
who throw tho boquet is the wlfo of a
prominent banker. She has been arrested,
The Body of James McCormlck Is
Found by Washington Mill Em
ployes. When some of tho employes of tho
Washington Mill Company opened a
cur of lumber on thu old O, It. & N.
spur on Astor street In Hpokano to
unload It, thoy wero horrified to ills
cover the Uoad body of a man In one
end of tho car,
'Clio car camo by way of Hlllyard
Saturday from Milan, where It was
loaded and ovldoutly locked.
Tho finders of tho body made haste
to notify Coroner Smith, who found
that tho man had probably conio to
his death by suffocation, mo face be
ing blue with congested blood und the
lips almost black. How tho man man
aged to got into tho car Is a mystory.
und It Is suggested that snmo of tho
lumbormen nt Milan, wishing to be
friend the man and give him a free
journey had nllowod him to enter the)
car before It was lockod, llttlo think
ing ot tho (orrllllo hcut that would
bo engendered by tho lumber during
a lint day on Its run.
From lottors found on tho man his
name is James McCormlck, and from
o noto It appears that ho worked tow
days In Sliver King, Idaho, as fore
man of a track gang und quit work on
May 29, going to Milan. Tho lumber
car was loaded (here Juno 1, and from
appearances tho rnun had boon des4
two days,
McCormlck was probably 48 years
of aged and weighed about 1E0 pounds,
Tho writers of lottcrs found on hlra
woro communicated with.
Ono of tho letters was from Oene
Ilowo, an employe of tho Intor Moun
tain Publishing Company of Butte,