East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, June 06, 1903, Image 6

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of Them All
the Hero 4J. T
ONLY the best of cream
and the very purest of
flavors used in our ice cream
and ice cream sodas
Tty our ice cream with crushed fruit
Our chocolate creams will
please the most fastidious
WE aim to be leaders in our line
Come around and we will convince
you of the excellence of our Cold
Drinks and Candies.
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Have Your Water Pipes Examined and Repaired at Once
Delay will lead to serious breaks.
First-class work guaranteed by
BECK, the Reliable Plumber.
Court street, opposite the Golden Rule Hotel
Importation of Southwestern Cattle
and the Finishing Off of Local Fed
Animals for the Market Responsi
ble for the Slump In Price of
Beeves on the Hoof,
Fred Phillips will ship five carloads
of cattlo to Carstens Brothers, of Se
attle on Monday next, and four car
loads on Wednesday. He also lias
five cars contracted with Gibson, to
bo delivered at Kenwlck on the 20th
of this month.
Four of the cars woro bought of
Illnolmrt, three of Urlgham and two
of Hoach Brothers; some woro also
purchased from Suntzler. This is the
shipment of Monday and Wednesday.
The stock market, both as regards
cattle and hogs, has almost hit tho
bottom of the prlco bucket. Some of
tho stock bought In tho recent sales
only brought ?4.35 as a top figure,
and around this llguro It hovers ubove
and below, as the condition ot tho
cattle varies. Only a month or less
ago tho quotation scaled from $4.25 to
$4.75, and cattlo were scarce at that.
Now all kinds of stock can bo
bought at $4.2n4.nn.
Influenced by Importation.
This fact Is duo In great measure
to the Importation of Southern beof
to 1111 tho shortage. Perhaps a month
ago thoro may have been a shortage
or at least tho growers did not con
sider their stock ready for the buy
er, hence tho market kicked the
beam. The buyers did not feel Jus
tified In paying tho prlce3 asked and
went elsewhere. Thoy bought cheap
cattlo In California, Texas and even In
Now Mexico and Indian Torrltory,
and shipped them In. Tho hole In tho
demand was filled and naturally tho
price In tho local market fell. Or It
might he that the Oregon producers
saw that thoy could not hold out
against tho cheap beef of the South
and decided to let their stock go for
what was offered Instead of trying to
force the market.
But whatever tho reason, tho mar
ket is low, and all tho buyers have
no difficulty In filling their orders.
Local Herds In Good Condition.
The cattle, too, nro In good condi
tion. Thoro is a largo number of
growers who have fed hay until grass
came, and then turned their herds out
on green ranges to finish for mar
ket. As a result, tho beef Is fat and
sweet and in good demand. But thoy
waited too long to get tho prices
out of tho branches of tho market
tree; they aro sprouting now down In
the reach of all.
. t flffff if f I
L5C Cigar
V Smoke that's a little
better than the rest
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Monastery of La Blancere Closed by
Gendarmes Crowd Makes a Dem
onstration. Paris, June C. A number of gon-
darmes and a detachment of engin-1
cers have dispossessed tho .Monks ol
tiio monastery of La Blancere. A
crowd of C,0no persons engaged In
demonstrations for and against tho
authorities. Tho monks barrlcndpd
tho gates and doors of tho monastery
with paving stones, but the soldiers
climbed tho walls and gained access
to tho building. Thoy then cleared
away tho barricade and arrested tho
monks nnd a number of mnnlfestnnts.
I am sole agent 'or the Lee (arm of 'ooo acres, si.i
miles Irom Pendleton, on Birch creek. Good
Water, Buildings, fine Orchard, Alfalfa Bottom.
Terms, half cash. Will sell with or without stock.
For Health, Rest and Recreation
beautifully situated in the depths of the picturesque Blue
Mountains, reached by daily stage from Pendleton, is the
Mecca of the Summer Vacationist and a more inviting
and delightful resort cannot be found.
The Mineral Hot Springs
Fifteen or more in number are uneqaled anywhere for all stomach troubles, digestive disorders,
nervousness and rheumatism. Under new management the finely appointed hotel with its
large, airy room and excellent table offers every comfort. There are 25 nice cottages and ample
free camping grounds. Recently enlarged swimming pool. Music every evenin for dancing in
the large Pavilion. Bowling Alleys, Golf Links and Shooting Gallery. Hunting and Fishing.
Pure, invigorating, healthful, mountain air makes Lehmam Springs the Arkansas of the West
The delightful LEHMAN SPRINGS are now under the able management of C. R. DUTTON who, assisted by ample and experienced help, has
spared neither expense nor labor for the pleasure and convenience of his guests. Easily reached by a short and eniovable coaching trio Surround
ed by every comfort and almost unlimited healthful diversions makes Lehman Springs once visited always visited coacninS tnp' su
The rates at the springs are very reasonable and full particulars can be had by addressing the manager,
C. R. DUTTON, Lehman Springs, Oregon