East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, June 01, 1903, Image 5

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    V ' ' v v,,';v , iwi',-.. ' f t ' v i - " Vi'-)ff Tf 3'i'.'" -i
;hirt Waists Free
All This Week
-' . y
I . . 1. i 1 1 ..... , i
I,. !1 QftlurdaV nigu wu give awuy ausoiUlfilV
PD fhirt waist with each Dress or Street Skirt Sold
!S$5 Note the following:
u-ih every ts skirt we give you a 5c waist,
in h every 6 to (7 skirt we give you a $1 waist.
h every JS to 58-5 skirt we give a $1.25 to $1.50 waist,
! h every $10 to U 1 skirt we give a $1.75 to $2 waist,
i pvorv $12 to $17 skirt we give a $2.25 to 2.5o waist.
-IT Il '
We also have a very large stock of under skirts in ail
1I1 mntftrials at very low prices. Would be,
(rlidtoshow them.
Pendleton's Busy Store
First Day's Score Eleven to Four
Second Event Six to. Four Very
Interesting Games Were Played
Both Days The Public Got Its
Money's Worth.
Dayton 6 rendition 4
Walla Walla S CotUx"
ITyii Won Lol P. C.
Pendleton 20 12 8 600
Walla W alia SO 11 S S.10
Dayton so 9 n ro
Colfax 'JO S 12 400
Qtty Brevities
ICttle't for fresh fish.
Sharp for paper hanging.
ITij The Delta's iced drinks.
m thoe work at Teutsch's.
I Delicious ice cream, The Delta.
Uttf halt soles 40c. Teutsch.
Ger rour spring suits at Joerger'a.
Bite your shoes repaired at
Is furnished rooms to rent at
1 Court street.
fill kinds of imported and domestic
betes at Gratz's.
IB' cigar store, headquarters for
;ckj' supplies.
Jut received a new line of Jap
mi hats, at Campbell's.
I Fnrtr different styles of extension
Ib'e: from So to $30. Ilader's.
I -n SHtlo ." the best clear made, at
. ; . .
Mi' cigar store, uouri street.
Tcrk always In sight on the Under
mod typewriter. J. S. Kees, agent
Wiated Woman to do general
w4ork. Inquire at this office.
I Good business for sale, Main street,
mam Alia ana uouri. see is. x.
I tinted Two or three furnished
nj ior nouseKeeping. Inquire at
t office.
.u tnw tale ui HlllUi
Seep home. Apply Mrs. Baker, 1208
i euD street.
I' new line 0f Cut Glass will
tnA.- i new ana
, 0!rg.ns m!nv an beautiful
-. wm surprise you.
ru.ess-we.do a lot of it,
Choice meats at Houser's.
Everything in season at Tefft's.
Smokers' supplies at Neuman's.
See Sharp's artistic wall paper.
Dining tables $5 and up. Rader's.
Fresh strawberries. Oliver & Co.
Dest meals In the city at Tefft's,
Fresh strawberries dally. Hawley
Gedney's Queen olives. Hawley
Delicious strawberries. Hawley
Seeds, package and bulk. Hawley
Sunday dinners a specialty at
Store for rent, inquire of Chris
Try a meal at Tefft's, formerly the
Royal restaurant.
Open day and night; meals at all
hours, 2Cc, at Tefft's.
Hammocks, new stationery, souve
nir postal cards. Nolf's.
Try the Palm, 221 Court street,
for nuts, candles and fruits.
Bird manna, sticky and poison fly
paper, celluloid soap boxes. Nolf's.
Camas Prairie stock ranches, 100 to
1,000 acres. Prices right. E. T.
Hanlon's cigar store, headquarters
for smokers' supplies, Association
Blacksmith shop In Pendleton for
sale. See Earnhart, Association
Wanted Job by young man, any
kind of work, city or country; best
of references. Tel. Red 14.
One hundred and sixty acres. Half
rich bottom land. Good Improve
ments. $1600. E. T. Wade.
For Sale The Delta candy store.
Doing a fine business. Owner in
poor health. E. T. Wade.
Houser always furnishes good
meat Send In your order. Market
Alta street, opposite Savings Bank.
For Rent Suite of rooms, nicely
furnished, one block and a half west
of Main street Inquire 208 Alta.
Attention Knights. Damon Lodge
No. 4 will work In the third rank
this evening. All members request
ed to be present.
Mrs. Marston's music class will
give a recital at the Christian church
Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. An
admission of 25c will be charged to
defray expenses, tickets being on
sale at Frazler's book store.
Boiler for Sale.
Twenty horse-power flue tubular,
In good condition; Inquire at the Do
mestic Laundry.
President Harper, of Chicago Unl'
verslty, Is vigorously opposed to stit'
dents working for the railroad com'
panics as "strike breakers."
i v-irowder
" package
win bulk
K -Chloride of
Uine ip
J5C cans
M free
"v odor but
- '""tog.
Castile Soap
ioc cake, 3 cks.
25c pure im
ported kind
Hie cleanest and moat careful house
wives are often ffllcted with the
LrubJf and discomfort of bed buns,
me thing to do when they are dis
covered Is not to waste a minute but
proiure a good reliable hug destroyer
and go at them at once.
uSSS1'1!.'8 mdBOO DK3TROYKR la a
erlii? 5d ,CBe he PU out of every
51!j.pU?? wbere ,br cn hide and
Vi",?"1, tolas'" but death to all vermin.
-J lor a large bottle with sprinkler top
reidy to ute
Koeppem Drug Store
on will Berer know what pure Ice cream
IB linil vmi tsv mi ra
! - - - j. Jj j.. J..J..4..4.1
jfoiisn, 25c
bottle the best 1
you ever had j
Pinenut cream f
for the com-
plexion 25c
all sizes
Pure cream
tartar 15c pkg.
Ice Crean
Nugget ioc t
a dellcloui dtfli of
Ice crfani and
nut dreuiUK
Pendleton Is no hog, neither are
her ball players selfish and avaric
ious. They may win, but they do It
in such a nice manner; and they
sometimes lose, but then they do it
gracefully, and In a way that delight
oth the hearts of the fans.
Saturday afternoon the game was
as fierce as the heat for a while. So
was the umpire, and so was the
crowd. Of all the illustrations of urn
plrial rattledness, Ripley ts surely
Exhibit A. He Is a peach and a rosy
unique dream, a parti-colored land
scape in old gold and crimson, with
a gilt frame and a red plush mat.
But that doesn't make any difference;
It was the game that counted, and It
counted clear across the score board.
In the first Inning the genial and
oien handed umpire presented Day
ton with a bouquet of three runs, but
that effort exhausted his generosity
and he went out of the Santa Glaus
business, perhaps because It was too
hot to keep up the pace.
It took Pendleton three times to
cross the plate, but at the last of
the third Inning they sent one man
across the plate for a starter, and at
the end of the Inning tne score stood
4 to 1 In favor of Dayton. Then the
game commenced to slip and slide
around. The Dayton boys were tired
and It was too hot to go around the
ring, so they allowed Pendleton to
do it for them, and they did. In the
fifth Inning they made two trips, In
the sixth two more, and in the
seventh they scored six times and
Brockhoff made a home run. After
that they rested and the game closed
with a score of 11 to 4 In favor of
Brockhoff's home run was the play
of the season. He swung the ball
over the fence back of left field, and
trotted around the path as confident
ly as a colt behind a buggy. The
effort netted him about $15, the en
thusiastic bench crowds grinding out
that amount In a Panama hat.
Sunday's Game.
Sunday's game, though, was the
game, and it took 11 chapters to tell
the story, and had It not been for
a slight mistake by tne tragedian on
Pendleton's stort stop station, It
might have been a serial story wltn
the old familiar "to be continued"
bracketed under the summary.
The game oiened with a gloomy
outlook for the Indians. Dayton took
the willow and Kid Williams hit to
first and stole second. Iugheeo
did the Identical, and then Ski Wil
llamB came to bat. He made a long
hit that scored the top column men
and a moment later scored on Spic
dell's error. Donovan walked to
first, and then three men went out
In one, two three order.
Pendleton nearly evened things
when the local boys took a chance at
the path between the sacks. Steven
son walked Neagle. he was sent to
second on Gass' hit to first, stole
third and scored on Brown's hit. Gass
stole second after his hit to first and
scored on a passed ball. Brockhoff
had gone out to right field and Sple
dell and Hartman both ml at Stev
enson's benders and sought the
bench. , , L
Dayton went out In three straight
attempts in the first of the second,
and Pendleton took a couple more of
credit marks to the field with them
when they went out In the last half.
Danforth walked, but went out at
second. Collier went to first on
fielder's ciiolce, but went out at home.
Neagle and Brockhoff both hit to
first and Gass did the same thing,
filling the bases. Dunn came to tho
1. a. -,! mit rn nut over tne second
baseman's head that scored Neagle
and Brockhoff. Brown struck out,
leaving the score 4 to 3 in Pendleton's
favor. And tnere the balance sway
ed until the first half or tne ninui,
when Stevenson scored on nonovan a
1,11 an,i th ImrH of Justice swung
even with four nuggets in each pan.
By this time a tnunaer storm nau
nmo 1111 mid the wind and dust ob
scured the field at times, but the
10th Inning was siariea wjui a grim
determination on both sides.
The lOtn inning was jeaiureiesa
mummnieir Dire
We have all the new novelties in the new
weaves and color combinations as well as
staple and reliable kind of summer dress
materials a large stock too large in
fact and so we are making prices that
will certainly tempt you to have them
sent home. We offer
x Colored Lawns
In small cots and dress patterns at
one-half price.
75c goods 35c 65c goods 33c
50c goods 25c
I Embr oiderid Swiss
35c goods) fie 25c goods (3c
20c goods (Oc
Marsailes and Dimities
White lace striped
35c goods 20c 25c goods J 5c
20c goods J 2 ic 1 5c goods 9c
tOc goods 7c
No newer lines shown In' I theblg
cities than we are showtngfin
Osiris Novelties
Mercerised Oxfords
Afton Dimities
Osiris Cloth, nile green and
blue. only 23c
Fancy Oxfords, in pink,
blue and green, worth
50c, only 39c
Afton Dimities, large varie
ty of colorings, styles all
new. worth 20c, only i 5c
Hosiery .
The FeipDe Wareliroiins
I 1 1 1 M l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 II 1 1 1 1 HHf I M
and without result, but tho 11th told
the tale. Kid Williams hit to first
and went to third on Hartman'a er
ror. Lougheed hit to first and stole
second. Ski Williams sent a hot one
to Spiedell, who scored Kid Williams
and Lougheed on a wild throw to
first Ski WjlllaiuB went out on an
attempted to steal to second, Donovan
went out to Neaglo In the left gar
den, and Wells went out to Gass.
In thi second half Danfmirth start
ed the iHjglnnlng of tho cud by flying
out to Louguoeil; Collier hit to first
and Neagle stopped tho agony by
going out on a fly to second, which
was doubled 'o first for the benefit
of Collier.
Collier was to tho bad yesterday
and walked four men and struck out
three. Stevenson walked four men
and struck out 10.
Pendleton All It II Sll PO A 15
Neagle, If 6 2 2 0 2
Brockhoff. 2b
Gass, tf 5 1 '
ii l ii
Dunn. 31) 3
Brown, c 6 0 0 0
Sp'ldel, ss 5 0 0 0
110 3
0 1
4 0
0 0
i 0
3 2
Hartman, Hi ,...G o 0 0 11 0 1
Danforth, rf ....4 0 0 0 2 0 1
Collier, p 5 0 1 0 4 0
43 4 5 0 33 15 5
Dayton All H II SH PO A K
Williams. Kid ((5 2 1 0 0 0 0
Lougheed, Hi ...5 2 3 1 11 0 0
Williams, Ski, If C 1 4 0 10 0
Donovan, ss ....4 0.1 0 2 4 2
Kane, 3b 3 0 0 o 2 2 J
Wells, 2b 5 0 1 1 4 4 0
Veley, c 5 0 0 0 12 0 2
Carter, rf 5 0 0 0 1 0 u
Stevenson, j 4 1 2 0 0 2 0
Totals, 42 12. 2 33 12 C
Score by Innings.
1 2 3 4 5 G 7 8 9 10 11
Pendl'u.. 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 04
Dayton.. 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 26
Earned rims Pendleton 2; Daylon
Left on bases Pendleton 8; Day
ton 12.
Base on errors Pendleton 3; Day
ton 2.
Two base hits Stevenson.
Stolen bases Brockhoff 2; Dunn,
Kid Williams, Donovan, Ixugheed 3.
Double plays Brockhoff to Hart
man; Collier to Spldel to Hartman;
Wells to Ixmghocd.
liases on balls Collier, tf; Sloven
son, 4.
Hit by pitcher Kane.
Struck out By Collier. 4; by Stev
enson, 11.
Passed balls Brown, Veley.
Wild pitch Stevenson,
Time of guinc 2:10,
I'mplle Itlpley,
Dayton Team to Walla Walla.
Manager Iiughheed unci his Day
ton bull players, left this morning
for Walla Walla, when) they will play
the colored nine from tho fort to
morrow. Thursday they will play
Walla Walla at Dayton for the four
scheduled games.
The Nolf Store
Paper Bound Books
1450 copies, hundreds of leading
authors, 5c to 50c. The most
complete line ever shown here.
Toilet Soap
About 10 gross fine Toilet Soaps
from 2'jc to 24c a bar. Most
completete line at lowest prices
Cook Books
Another large shipment of these
useful books, The "White
House," "Home Queen" and
"Every Day" Cook Hooks, from
38c to Ii 24.
The Nolf Stove
Wank kooks and office supplies
The walk, the ride, the hunt,
or a spin on yonr wheel are not to
be enjoyed unless you are correct
ly booted.
Our Shoes Show
the Correct and
Latest Styles in
Business ' Wear
or Occasions of
Pleasure : : :
You can't go wrong iu then
Boston Store
$2.50 to $4.00
They wear well too
Jndd Blook Court & Main Sts.
R . m - - "