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Sirictly up-to-date furnishings at prices
that will no' initate your pocket book
Mr will buy nice light weight balbriggan
underwear, and up to 52.50.
ti 50 for a good straw hat, Panamas run from
that to 5-
25c neckwear is one of our specialties and
some up to 51.50:
50c for golt and negligee shirts, correct style,
others up to $2.50.
$9 buys the man's best suit that was ever put
before you. Sells everywhere at S12 50
lexander Dept. Store
Banquet at the Golden Rule Toasts
Happily Responded to Pleasant
and Interesting Close of Profitable
School Year
inn unless it stands for something. The name "White"
.L ..tnlhnun r hiii'ncc nH tin 1 1 ovor cfinl m.t li (V
Willi IlllCUim-ilfc uvis uiiu oiauu mill liiC
j'u ww - - n a " w
.1.11 . 1 nit. 1111.. l 11 111 l . iiLri 1 1 111, 111 111 vi
Its Merit
Has the large demand for
Byers' Best Flour
built up. Only the choicest wheat that grows enters in-
Prt H... L'l.... 1. . I . ? Tl . f 1 .1. .
11 r?TTT "T W1TTT T
W. S. Byers, Proprietor.
.w j WfVlIltl 1S
Itlnrl Iko ...1...
- ...1. ICH.RUI. cannot
Hi i:
Writing in
The Snpprline. ... L-
- -r-"""i iiuioauie on
wme and see our testi.
At S:30 Saturday evcnlnc. the
ninmnl, a number of the former
teachers, and the present faculty, as
sembled In the parlors of the Golden
Rule hotel to form an alumni asso
ciation. The constitution mi ni,i n.i
adopted and offlcers were elected.
ai a.ju tno Ruests repaired to the
dining room, where an elegant sup
per was served in courses.
Toasts were rpsnnn.ii .,, i.
Mrs, John Vert "Pnmllninn 1,1.
emy In its Infancy."
Cecil Wade, class of -y9, Coeducation."
Miss Koesch. class of '111 'fnoilff .
Miss Whlltemoro Ma KB nf Ylf .'Tt
Nauuhty Twoes."
Miss McDIll. class nf 'na "Tim 1 nt.
est ThliiK Out."
Mrs. Henn, class of 'OS, "First
Mr. Wilson, "Our KctlrinR l'resi
! dent."
Colonel E. 11. Boyd, "Prospects."
I Dr. Forbes, in a few words, thank
ed those present for their kindly
wishes and In a verv touching man
vtr referred to the loyalty of the stu
dents and the citizens of Pendleton,
towards the Institution which ho has
so lorn; represented.
At 12:30 the guests adjourned after
bidding farewell to the faculty, who
are all to leave soon for distant
Those who attended were as fol
lows: air. Vert, Mrs. Jessie L Vert,
Professor r. U Forbes, v S. A. Wil
son. Colonel K. D. Tloyd. Miss Ida
Boyd. Grace Beagle, kiilo A. Patter
son, Miriam Strong. Carl O. KIoop
fer. Mrs. Kloepfer. Rev. n. ,T. Diven.
Mrs. Diven, Maud Crawford, CIcll
Wade, Mr. Henn, Mrs. Renn, J. A.
Kennedy. Frieda Roesch Eva Belts,
Mable McDIll, Flora Walker, Myrtle
Hawks, Ruby Whlttemore, Delia
Beagle, Thressa i-orter, Grayce
Crockett, Nell Whlttemore.
Senators to Visit Alaska.
Indianapolis, Ind., June 1. Senator
Unverldpn qr.nrmnr.ifc thm llw. tunm.
bers of the niicotnmlttQ? of tho sun-.
ate on terrltorlea app'dnted to In-'
vestlcato and renort mi lh liest meili.
od of electing a delegate to congress
from Alaska will start t hid week on .
their trin fn thf fnr TinrtIivvf:I.rn nr.
rltory. The members of the commit-,
ice who win mane uie trip are sena
tors Patterson, nf Colorado- XVlsnn i
of Minnesota; Burnham, of New
Hampshire, and Dillingham, of Vermont.
'What Is the difference," said the
Information editor, "between a dis
satisfied third baseman and"
"And the owner ot a collection of
curios," broke In the exchange editor.
"One plays for his discharge and the
other charges for his display. That's
easy. What Is the difference between
the captain ot & leaky ship "
"And a lawyer cross-examining a
witness? Shucks! That's like falling
oft n log. One mans the pumps and
the other pumps the man. Whv Is an
Impecunious actor "
"Boneless ham. Why Is "
Chicago Tribune.
Wlggs What's the matter with
Kraft these days? He's positively
Waggs Xot at all. He's merely
pretending to be stupid.
Wlggs Pretending? What's tno
Idea In that?
Waggs For some reason or other
he's trying to get Into society. Phila
delphia Ledger.
Mistress Did you tell those ladles
nt the door that I was out. as I told
you? New Servant Yls. mum. Mis
tress Did they seem disappointed?
Now Servant Yls, mum. Wan av
thlm sed: "How forchunlt!" Chica
go Dally News.
.TnnOS 1 lnvnetA.1 In n nnrimt I lwt
other day. Drown So! 1 thought you
disliked to hear any 6110 play that In
strument. Jones So 1 do. 1 bought
mine of the man who lives next door
ic me. i nicago Dally News.
i . . . . ..
iwsi ipaning ort nis guesis) .Mr,
.iiuMiiuraiits. you win please iai;o
Miss Guinwell out to dinner. Mr.
Makinbrakes Certainly. But, great
Scott! where? Don't you have dinner
linra t., tlt I.n..n9 nl,lo.... ......
liw Pfltphor Tlinrn. cnninllilf.fr
peculiar about thia mask. It rhipIIm
ni;e nair.
Pitcher Yes, sir: we have been us
Inir It .IS n il.lir niliflln Hlticn 1nt Hon
son. Chicago News.
Congressional Contest in Oregon.
Salem, Or., June 1. Politicians are
awaiting with considerable Interest
tho result of the special election in
the first district today to fill the va
cancy In congress caused by the
death of Congressman Thomas H.
Tongue. Republicans express confi
dence In the election of their candi
date, Blnger Hermann, who resigned
as public land commissioner last No
vember. The democratic candidate Is
A. E. Reems, of Jacksonville.
Pa, what Is a bigot?" "A bigot,
my son Is a person who doesn't think
as I do, and sticks to It." Harper's
There is always a fight
going on in every human
body between health and dis
ease. On one side are poor
food, bad air, over-work,
worry, colds, accidents. On
the other are sunshine, rest,
cheerfulness and nourish
ment. The reason Scott's Emul
sion fights 50 powerfully for
health is because it gives so
much more nourishment than
you can get in any other way.
Get in the sunlight and try
Scott's Emulsion.
Wt'U ftend you umple free upon request.
SCOTT & IIOWNK, 409 Pearl ilreet, New York.
Suffered Eight Months
I can heartily recommend Acker's
Tablets for dyspepsia and stomach
troubles. I have been suffering for
eight months anil tried many reme
dies without relief, until I got Acker's
Dyspepsia Tablet,:, which I used only
a short time and am now perfectly
well. Thanking you for tho speedy
recovery, I am gratefully yours, Fran
cis I. Gannor. Vnncouver, Wash. Send
to W. II. Hookci & Co., Buffalo, N.
Y., for a free trial package. (Nothing
like them.) F. V. Schmidt & Co..
The Chicago
Typewriter received the
Gold Medal at the Paris Ex
position over all others.
Will do the work of any
Typewriter Supplies and
Rub'bej Stamp goods.
Electrical Supply House
257 Court St.
!' and Machinery
RV Street.
f He,s Old Stand.
Buggy and Hack Wheels at Cost.
See us for Wheat racks before
ordering elsewhere
WANTED- First-class Horseshoer
$3.00 per day steady.
Missouri Blacksmith
Shop. West Webb St.
Hot Weather Specials
This hot weather makci all feel that wo need the very lightest
clothing we c n get, anil wc are going to make this a week of
Special Bargains in Hot Wealher Goods
Ladies gauze vests, slcevc'css, 3c each.
Misses gauze vest , sleeveless, jc each.
Ladies knee length knit gauze drawers, 69c, 50c 30c and 35c
Ladies lace hose, all sizes, several styles, 25c pr.v
Ladies lace liose, silk finish, worth 40c, special 30c pr.
Ladies sunbonncts, good assortment, 25c, special 30c each,
Japanese silk, all colors, 23c yd.
Crystal cord wash silk in waist patterns, 4 yds, $1.75 pattern
Ladies tailor made suits, special reduction of 10 per cent on
all grade-:.
Ladies walking skirts and dress skirts, all grades ao per
cent reduction.
The above ptices arc good for a week, and all who desire to
save money Will find this the place to buy, and now the time
Agents (or McCall's Patterns
There is a lot of satisfaction in having a refrigerator
these hot days, keeps everything so cool and fresh.
Our stock is exceptionally complete - all sizes and prices
And Adjustable Window Screens are not only a con
venience but a necessity anil we have anticipated your
wants by putting in a stock of all sizes -give 11s your
order early.
BAKER & FOLSOM, Next Door to Postofflce
YOU WILL probably need sonic camp supplies
anil wc have anticipated your wants by laying
in a big stock of Camp Stoves Fold Chairs
Cots Tables Tents Wagon Covers
Dutch Ovens Tin Rellectors for baking bread in
fact everything you might need in camp nt
106-412 AM IN ST.
Local agent for the North German Lloyd Steamship
Company. Tickets sod to all parts of the world.
Have Your Water Pipes Examined and Repaired at Once
Delay will lead to serious breaks.
First-cjass work guaranteed by
BECK, the Reliable Plumber.
Court street, opposite the Golden Rule Hotel
MIm Antlque-Don't you know, that when I rcfuned him be sot drunk a4
",nyMli.dcTutrqu"-ItaBrai-t6 me that he carried the celebration to a 7
weal extreme.
1 am sole acnt for the Lee farm of 1000 acres, six
miles from Pendleton, on Birch creek. Good
Water, Buildings, fine Orchard, Alfalfa Bottom.
Terms, half cash. Will sell with or without stock.
A J J J .-. t - 1 .1. t .....-! -1. .J. A A M J J -M. M. J. J A
VI f T I I ( I i I T T T I I n C Www V I I V I I I I I f I f I V 1 I WWW V V T T I 1
Would a Cream Separator Pay You
I A De Laval Cream Separator
Will positively save 10 per cent to 50 percent in skim
ming, save time and labor, insure purity of product,
remove tuberculosis and disease germs, saves woman
and housework, saves ice and water, saves $10 per
cow every year.
The De Laval is the only separator that absolutely
took all the butter fat out cf the milk in the govern
ment lest.
I Thompson Hardware Co., 62 f Main St.
r Headquarters for Fishing Supplies.
. . . . M ,t J, A I lull ill Jllfl fill ill Jl ll llji .1111 .........