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BMIMiiI every afternoon (except Siiuilay)
at Pendleton, Oregon, by the
TLunc JInlti 11.
suimcitimoN uatks.
Jtally. one year by mull . $.",.00
Sally, "Is months lit' mull '!."
Jtolly. three months by mull 1 .'-"
Itally, one monlli by mil 11 , .50
IMIIy. ar month by rnrrlor G."
Weekly, one year by mall 1.50
Brail-Weekly, mie year by mail .... -.00
The Hast Oregonlaii li on sale nt U. II.
ikh'd Ne-8 Manila nt Motel l'ortlaiul anil
Motel Perkins, Portland," Oregon.
Membor KcilppaMcItae News AFSocIn
Hon. San Prnnelreo Iliireaii, 108 Kourth St.
Chicago llurean, H0! Security UuHcllng.
Wiulilnutou, I). V. llurean, BUI llth St.,
: w
acnteml nt I'enilleton tofIlce as ncreond
clais matter.-
t(i linker City in a body It will be a
tromomloiiB advertisement and that
much aid In asslntlng tig In the prop
er department to secure government
Tito general sentiment of those
lu have Httidied the situation is
that linker City should have this con
vention at any cost and that Immedi
ate steps should be taken to that end
by the county association, or the
mayor and citizens nt Inrge If the
association Is not Interested In the
The United State. government has
fioiii) a wise thing nttd sot a worthy
uxnmple by boycotting thr towr. of
It Does Not Matter Now,
slender, blue-eyed
was n
i hoy,
Yet scarcely reached sixteen;
1 His widowed mother's hope and
i Of brave and gallant moln.
A jaunty soldier enp was press
ed Upon his girlish brow,
But whether It wns blue or
It does not matter now.
Close to her hi east the mother
Her boy. In llorce embrace.
Her ldsses hungered on his lips,
Her tears bedewed his face.
Yet yielding him at duty's cnll
She rrayert as mothers pray.
And gave her nil It matters
Whether for blue or gray.
On Shlloh's dread and bloody
He lay among the slnlti,
The ruby of his youthful lips
Dyed u more crimson stain.
The blue eyes were forever
And cold the waxen brow:
Hut if he died for blue or gray,
It does not matter now.
Just where he lies she may not
Yet, on some grave Instead
Of his, she lays a snowy wreath
For all the "Unknown Dead."
And on his grave some kindly
Will place a wreath today,
Nor seel; to know If the dead-
b-?low I
Had worn the blue or gray.
J. H. Cradlolmugli. I
It Is a hunltlilul lesson that othc
Pacific Coast towns may profit by.
Is an indication Hint the government
recognizes the moral standard and I
going to Insist on Its observance.
Is a rebuke to the city that open;
Its doors to the vile and Invites th
slums of the earth to infest it.
This does not signify that Bromcr
ton Is any worse than othor coa.-
towns It only signifies that when;
such gross Immorality conies In the
way of good service in the govern
ment, It must yield or the govern
ment will seek othor locations for
lmportnnt headquarters.
It is a warning to the people the
vice is not tolerated by the United
States government, it is a declarn
tlon by the head of one of the great
est departments In the national gov
renment that the worst class of cltl
.ens In the community shall not sit
the standard and form the environ
ment for employes of the people.
Hremorton opened her doors an
gave hor keys to the nifllnn class
She built saloons, gambling house;'
and unspeakable ileus with which to
allure anil demoralize the sailors of
the United States government. 8h
soon won the unenviable reputation
of being the "toughest" town on tu
Coast, and If the navy departmer.
permanently abandons the yard there
It will be only a mild rebuke io the
low element which tries to dominate
every now Western city.
The agltntlon of the East Oregon
am In the matter of holding the semi
tnnual Irrigation convention at Uakor
tc .lime, in spite of the apparent
tick of Interest, Is hearing fruits
The Bake.- City Herald prints the
Kast Orogonlan's editorial on the
iiitfiject In full, and Introduces It wltn
j. cordial appeal to the bettor judg
ment and public spirit of Kastorn
-Oregon frrlgationlsts to see to It that
ahls:,Jr8t meeting does not go by de
fault. The linker City Democrat, which
Aas been mum on the subject, seem
!' willing to abandon Hie meeting,
Mid 'was Baying nothing or lining
oiotliiug- to save this pectlni) of Ore
gon from the undeserved reproach of
liofug too flow to hold a meeting In
ilb own Interest, until after the I.ish
e". the East Orosonlan was cracking
pr Its head
Awakening from lis dream. It
makes a good fight foi the meeting
ami with n word of cncourngcmcut
from the local associations, the meet
rng will bo held. Tho Democrat hits
Ihe nail on the head In coming back
Ha consciousness, when It says:
"Tho mistake mado by tho locnl ir
mgatlon association in throwing over
me semi-annual convention of the
Slate 'Irrigation Association, which
was scheduled to be held in Uakor
Ciiy In Juno, because an under ofllc
nl of the government did not at tho
Unit glanco recommend an Irrigation
ieervolr for linker county, is glar
ingly apparent J
"Baker county sent thirteen dele
gates to tho last irrigation convun
Uion held In Portland. At their In
itiation tho members of the stilt.' as
,'icclatlon agreed to make n special
rule mid hold a semi-annual meeting
Baker City, tho noxt regular nn
jioal meeting to bo hold In Pendleton.
"The! hospitality of Baker county
iu at tstuke. What noes It mutter
chetheV u government official lids'
.for tho moment turned us down or
wot? k'JTlio way to get Irrigation Is to
.widi Southern Oregon delegates como
One of the most exciting scenes of
the president's tour wns witnessed
yesterday at Pocatello. Klve hundred
Fori Hall Indians, mounted on the
best steeds and dressed In their Sun
day blankets, met the president's
train near town and raced for three
miles beside It. The only mad man In
tlie party was the locomotive engin
eer, who had orders to hold his steed
down so the ponies could keep up
with the train.
discovered at other points on the
coast, from which shellfish are sup
plied to the markets,
The Infection Is pronounced duo,
altogether, to local sewage. There
have been other fatal warnings since
tho terrible Winchester banquet,
where tho eating of oysters. It was
claimed, spread death m that boro
These indications make manifest the
truth Hint tho limit has been reached
and may be accepted as nature's pro
test against crowding bo vast a popu
lation in ono locality. During Eliza
beth's reign, which ended just three
centuries ago 1603 there was nn
outcry against tho increase of the
number of buildings In tho British
capital, hut aggregation has .gono on
until the population of a second
class power Is now crowded upon a
few score miles of surface. It Is not
only tho pollution of food resources
that has to be dcalth with, but the
water supply Is found to be inaile-
quale, it is now admitted that the
Thames valloy, with its contributing
streams, Including artesian wells
furnishes an Insufficient supply, and
even an ordinary drouth causes seri
ous Inconvenience as well as sanitary
and lire perils. The only solution
suggested of this menacing evil is
an immense aqueduct to Wales, to be
built nt fabulous expense, and this,
again, would renuer the drainage
problem the more serious.
Here is an alarming physical con
dition brought homo to our business
and our bosoms; tho moral degener
acy resulting from this herding to
gether of millions of human beings
has long been the terror of moralists
and social reformers. Dr. Johnson,
of a century ago, pronounced his fa
vorite London, "tho needy villain's
general homo;" and slnco his time
the crime and illiteracy, with all their
unspeakable evils, have been growing
and extending in that Immense swarm
of humanity, notwithstanding horolc
and Increasing efforts to leaven tho
mass, until the condition of- things
now evolved Is tho dospalr of states
manshfp and Christian effort.
iew York Is tho second city In
point of population and without the
room for oxpanslon that tho old
world capital possesses. Greater Now
tork hns three million Inhabitants
with nearly another million who do
uusines8 within Its walis. but are
crowded outside tho Island for shel
ter. The congestion In portions of
thnt city exceed that In any other
known community.
Gray's Harbor
Commercial Co.
Of the periodic pain which nuuv women
experience with every month (t makes!
the gentleness and kindness always as
sociated with womanhood seem to be
almost a miracle. While in general no
woman rebels against what she regards
as a natural necessity there is no woman
who would not gladly be free from this
recurring period of jkiin.
Doctor Pierce's Favorite Prescription
makes weak women strong and sick
women well, and gives them freedom
from disease. IL establishes regularity,
dried weakening drains, heals itillatuma
tion uml ulceration and cures female
Sick women are invited to consult Dr.
Pierce by letter, free. All correspond
ence strictly private and sacredly confi
dential. Write without fear and without
fee to Dr. U. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N". Y.
Mm. T rutin, of Madrid, l'erktm Co., Nehr.,
writes M was cured ol palulul period by the
tne of Dr Pisrce'a Favorite 1'rencripttou, mid
hi Compound Kxtract or Sniati-Weed. I think
Dr. Pierce's medicines tlie best In ttie world."
"Favorite Prescription." has the test i
molly of thousands of women to in
complete cure of worn a nly diseases. Do
not accept an unknown and unproved
substitute in its place.
The sluggish liver made active by the
use of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.
We Don't Keep Everything
But we do Keep a good big
stock of nice dry Flooring,
Celling, Rustic mid Finish,
in ull grades. Also nil kinds
of Dimension I,iunbtr, In
cluding Lath mid Shingles.
Our stock of Doors, Win
dows, Moulding, Building
ami Tar Paper and Apple
Boxes Is complete, nud any
one in need of Lumber will
not be wrong lu placing
their order with the : : :
Gray's Harbor Com. Co.
Opp. W; & C. R. Depot
For want of
heavens are invaded
with twenty-flvo to
tower in the air, to
and industrial space
ants tnat nost there.
growth the
and buildings
thirty stories
furnish homes
to the human
And lmmigra
Tolstoi s.i ltussln If. .solely to
blame for murdering the .lows. She
meil not try to shllt the responsi
bility. And the whole case against
her Is summed up by this fearless
philosopher by saying that the hot
torn cause of the outrage is tlie idol
nlrous faith that has supplanted
Christianity in Russia. She no lunger
l ows to the cross but t the rouble
tion irom anroait is pouring in at a
rate unprecedented in our nnnals.
What is to come of this piling up of
Humanity? in London wo perceive
nature has already begun to inflict
her penalties, and It requires no
prophetic power to predict that a con
tinuance of this disregard of natural
law will bring evils upon tne human
race, which to. borrow Oom Palil's
memorable words, "will stagger hu
Missoula, Mont.
The crop reports trom the world's
great wheat countries, now indicate
a sliortag" of 300,00(1,000 bushels
This means money to the farmers of
Umatilla county, although it may
mean want to iieople less favorably
It Is rather a grim bit of iiouy to
say that bartenders got 40 per cent
more wages in Oregon than county
school teachers. The bartenders aro
organized and the teachers are not
There may be something lu this.
O lifeless presence, mule, unknowing
Accept from us our sorrowing
heart's behest
Ah with n sigh, we reverently lav
The blossoms on thy breast.
This Is the day of dead. To thoso
who know Its meaning, through sor-
mw, words aro empty To them, tho
eloquent silence of the tomb Is the
greatest incentive to high resolve.
jaiiv nnj i I, if)U lit,,, in lu
. iifterUaiid i noidown-ln abject
r, (IftlioPortlaiid and Western
In London a discovery haH been
mado which la likely to become ono
or ino toughest problems of tho ago.
D. V. Collugrldge. tho chief medical
nuthorlty of that city, has issued a
report In which ho announced that
all of the Thames fisheries, Including
tho estuary, aro contaminated with
tho bacilli of typhoid fever. Ills .con
demnation lncludesthu famous i.Wnito
tablo oyster beds, wlierq -ji per Jent
of tho oysters ,oxnmliioil were; fojund
to bo Infected. A ban has also been
laid on the whitebait, shrimps, smelt
and cockles. Contamination .by sow
ageikwas ifound (50,anlle jaway tfrom
London in tho drainage outfall, while
nn ovon worso stato of .affairs was
In the first place, let us say that
American college life and work as
now carried on. are of themselves a
better training for Journalism In tho
tecimlcaf sense than they aro for any
oinor calling, except teaching. Thfs
is in part becnuso tuo work of lour-
nnllsm Is at many points so closer
roinieu to tho work of education;
and also because the best college
work nowadays Is In such close svm
pathy and touch with tho best social.
etnicni ami economic progress of tho
community at large, such progress
neing tne material with which jour
nallsm most concerns Itself.
Another renson Is that the skillful
and correct use of language, whether
to state a fact or convey an Idea. Is
oi tlie very essence of iroml lournal
ism; ami our college work more and
moro recognizes the Imnnrtnnrn of
training alf students in Uio art of
direct and lucid expression.
Iu COlloge. ono ought to acmilre the
habit of seeking tho truth nnd liking
it lor its own sauo, In n disinterested
way. One's logical faculties ouuht
to got good training, iu order that
lauacious reasoning may be easily
iiiuuyzeu unti uisposeu or. 8clenv...e
study should havo as its groat object
the training of tho Dowers nf ovnet
observation and accurate analysis.
prom "Journalism," by Albert Shaw
Ph. D iu the Juno Cosmonoiitnn.
To croivu Memorial hour.
She brings tlie tribute of the laud
To deck Its deathless brave
U hat wonder If they thrill to feel
Her step be9lde each grave7
Columbia, Empress of the West,
Alike on laud nud sea,
our starry vestments wake acclaim
The banner of the free!
O Sovereign-Mother! smile on us,
The while we kneel and pray.
For thoie who died to live again
On eaci, .Memorial Day.
Martha McC. Williams.
Monopole, Rock Candy,
Red Star and White, Rose
in half gallons, gallons,
jackets and pails.
Standard Grocery
Coart Street
Low Sellers of Groceries
is throbbing drum nnd shrilling fife
Call through this morn of Mav.
Tho veteran thrills to youth again
Tho sad years drop away;
Again he's supple, strong and strnlght
Part of a dauntless line.
That sweeps the flold and drowns In
The bullots' fearsomo whine.
Today he Is tho household's pride
Far greater than a kinc:
Tho grandchildren look up to him
With awe and. wondering.
Thoy fetch big hat .and touch his
And shuddering, whisper low;
'I wouder, did' It kill a man,
v mug, long timo ago7"
Frondust 'of 'death nnd dow of Mrs1
Upsprlngs tho finest flower?
'.So blooms tuo daughter of tho post
The sun Is cllniln' higher in the mid
die o' the day,
An' I tell you I'm n-feelln' like the
Summer's on the way;
An' we'll be chonnin' cotton nn' we'll
soon be atackln' hay,
An' we'll all sing hallelujah in the
Some folks they Hue the Winter.
when the frost Is on the shed.
An' the stars are like bright diamonds
in tlie co d skies overhead
Hut give me Summer blossoms an'
the water-melon red,
An' we'll all sing hallelujah In the
I don't keer for the hot days for the
twinkle o' the heat
In the long and weary furrows where !
the sand'll burn your feet:
For the noonday bells are ringln' an'
the noonday rest Is sweet.
An' we'll nil slug hallelujah In the
I don't keer what the season In this
mortal world may be;
I want to roll In blossoms reel the
breeze a blowin' free;
In the shed I see the harvest, an' the
harvest Is fer me.
An' ue'll all sing hallelujah in the
Atlanta Constitution.
A flume has been constructed in
Ronton county, the purposo of which
is to float lumber from tho Denton
Ceunty I.umuer Company mill to
Philomath. It Is six ami three-quarter
miles long, and has a capacity for
carrying 23.000 feet of lumber ait
Cor VV. Alta and Lillith Sts.
L. Neff, forinerjy of the Hotel
Alta, has eliutge of the Old Dutch
Henry Feed Yard, and would be
pleased to care for jour horses.
Plenty of stalls, large corrals for
loose horsts and cattle. Hav and
grain for sale. Chop mill in connection.
liave 'e BestBargai,
in Real Estate. tye
some nice hornes that
Lot8' AlfalUn(l frotn(
Horn 160
Dihnrn 9 P...
Room 10 over Tayi0,'s
Hardware Store.
uue OE me linnet aij.. I
Peiidletou-li rooms 3
Afi, ' , , balanM on t
"..".ud resilience 7 roami
IbMn a a nmrn - 1 1 . . '
eieciric llgOU: I
lawn, shade trees, within tbree b
of Main street. 42.5M
utner houses and lots from t
Nice residence Into titn i. I
cum T" '-"I
Much Other
Town Property,
Easy Terms, Where Desired,
Track laying on tlie t.k-i
em railway Is now in progress.
HII I III 1 I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ...xa.
& SON . .
We make a Specialty or Building Round
or Square
We make them right and they
always give satisfaction. Our
work is never slighted or hotched
I Going to
l Improve
Repair your homes or
of business by having them
ed or papered.
to us
Large and nicely sell
stock of wall paper and paiaJ
E. J. Murphy
111 Conrt Street.
Agency for the Sherwii
Hams .Paint.
The cenuinc, the bicjcJ
which is the undisps'l
leader, is
handled 111 P(J
dleton only by us, "1
in and see the tcaccir.i
Pendleton Planing Mill
and Lumber Yard.
Rour.n-r Forstiik, Prop.
1 m .
t jwe are Headquarters for
P berries and traits of all kinds t
Is always received when you
i....,c juur oruer witli us.
Fir, Tamarack and
Why buy poor coal when you
pi the best for the same
Laatz Bros.
Telephones Main 5
c?rDJWPilf'?n8-T0 TUT ..HNPEit
J. A. Smith