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Published every afternoon (except Bundar)
at Pendleton, Oregon, by the
I'lione, Main 11.
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Dally, all months br mall 2.IMJ
Dully, three months by mall 1.M
'Dally, one month by mall 50
..-11.. ,.. 1.:. IAI,.ina. . nr.
.Weekly, one year by mall ........ 1.80
emi-weeKir. one rear or muii .... ..uu
-rim IffAKt nrnirnnlrtti la on aalo at n. B,
illch's News Stands nt Hotel Portland and
Hotel 1'crklns, Portland, Oregon.
Member Hcrlpps-Mcltac News Assocla'
San Krnnclaco Ilureau, 408 Fourth Ht.
Chicago Ilureau, 000 Hectirlty Ilulldlng.
Washington, 1). C. Ilureau, 501 Mth St.
N. W.
.Eutered at Pendleton postoQlcc ai seccond
class matter.
TIs hardship, toll;
'Tls sleepless nights, and never
resting day b;
Tis pain, 'tis danger, 'tis affront
ed death;
TIs equal fato for all, and chang
ing fortune;
That rear the mind to Glory,
that Inspire
The noblest virtues, and the gen
tlest mannors.
Eastern Oregon Is rapidly attaining
her educational Independence. The
pull has been a long one, discourag
ing and disheartening at times, to
those who have stood sponsor for
strict educational advancement in this
section of tho state.
The Idea prevails in every Western
community that nn education can
only be acquired and finished at some
famous institution at a dlatnnco.
The common expression Is heard
on over' hand that the education ob
tained at 'local Institutions Is Incom
plete; that In order to finish, ono must
have a degree from somo well-known
This Idea has been the cause of a
delay In building up educntlonal in
stitutions In tho West. Thousands of
dolars havo been sent out of Oregon
to build tip outside institutions when
tho same results could havo been at
tained at home, had the patronage
been given homo institutions.
The founding of an academy In tho
city of Pendleton, the location of a
Normal school at Weston, and tho
(law creating the high school, nil mark
epochs In the history of Oregon edu
cation. Slowly the educators aro battering
down the demand for imported educa
tion. Slowly It Is dawning upon every
community that an education is not
always included in tho degrees con
ferred by foreign institutions. Just as
thorough teaching, Just ns excellent
jjjresults can be found In homo Institu
tions as abroad, and tho money that
(formerly went to build up outside In
stitutions Is now spont at home.
The Pendleton Academy, tho Pen
dleton liuslnesa College and the State
!?;NormaI School at Weston nro homo
institutions, and offer just as good
training, as llko Institutions anywhere
mih the world. What money Eastern
i t p .1 ., ml 1 1 n H nn
".1 LirUKUU HUH LI I BIIU1IU lUi -. - '
Should ho spont at home. It will
i litrenathen tho homo schools, eneour-
ge them to mid now features and
ranches as the patronage demands,
tnd helps to lay tho foundation for
ftompleto educational Independence
' fDr Eastern Oregon.
5 Thero Is no reason why Pendleton
"Uould, send her young men and wo
Jaienifrom home for nn education. -Ix)-jfcated
in tho heart of tho richest, most
KjjfOBressive section of tho V(eat, it
mould 'build up and support every
ducatlonal Institution demanded by
no surrounding country.
Spend money .it homo, keop tho
lorno enterprises moving, boom homo
Matrles and patronize home Instltu-
tSslons. thoso are the esentiais or prog
M-8s. Thu'soed you sow by building
in tho city and Its' various concerns,
omea back, -.a hundred fold for' as
jMHhora.grow.you grow. As tlietclty
lutes, vour oronerty Increases lu
Thoro should 'not be a 'Pendleton
oy or girl sent abroad for an oduca
lou hereafter. The homo patronngo
.ouid bo so great thai tne nome in'
4 1 ... 1 1 .... .. .rtA.,f,l nTA..l n n.l.l AVIllil,
Lntnrn ilpmnnileri liv n mocrO88lV0
UU 'tho 1 women
''of tthe
gent Ho
1) hurdies go after
Jvor. ibe won't do it. as it Is much
!-.- ' . . . .
fitter to be a senator tnan a martyr,
I Inntnnnnt rlnnnrnl Mllitt letter iln
cxplanafloiuof his. report on the condi
tion land operations of 'our army in
tho Philippines ought to sllonce and
shame his critics. It Is a manly, sol
dierly, patriotic production.
General Miles states that he went
to tho Philippines under special in
struction from the president, and that
his report is based upon a thorough
inspection of the island, in which he
visited all tho principal garrisons and
saw and complimented nearly all tho
troops. From facta which came to
his knowledge "from offlcors of rartk
and experience, ns well as from prom
inent citlzons," ho found that "an Im
pression existed In the minds of some
that certain acts that have been pro
hibited in our army and In every
other civilized army were Justifiable."
To correct the Impression that "cam
paigning In the Philippines has con
ditions that warrant resort to me
dlaoval cruelty," the lieutenant gen
eral Issued an order "to prevent any
possibility of tho commission of any
such offenses in the future."
That abhorrent cruelties have been
practiced upon tho Filipinos under
orders and In some cases under the
personal direction of officers of our
army Is a fact beyond question. It
has been proved, confessed and de
General Miles, with proper ludigna
Hon, denies that the censure of such
practlcos "smirches the honor of the
army." It Is really a defense 01 mat
honor, by a soldier who In many ycatF
has earned a right to spenk In Its be
half which none of his critics can
claim. If General Miles' reports need
ed any vindication his letter supplies
It most completely.
Tho Echo Cold Storage and Cnu
nery proposition Is now past the joke
stage. Tho company has oiganlzed
under the laws of Oregon, Is now sell
ing stock, and bids fair to becomo one
of the great industries of Umatilla
county. It starts out without debt
or weight of any kind upon It. It has
a meat wagon now running at Echo,
which uses three beoves per week
in supplying Its patrons, and tho .o
mand for samples of American hare
Is great, from steamboat and hotel
companies, that It Is impossible to
respond to all applicants, with the fa
cilities at hand. Pendleton capital
might bo placed at a great profit. In
this Infant Industry. Great cuter
prises have sprung from far more in
significant beginnings.
necently a young woman was ar-
tested in Now York for driving her
nutomobllo too fast. The newspapers
describe her as tho owner of a million
and tho heiress of further millions, a
magazine editor, playwright, theatri
cal manager, amateur actress, dnriug
horsewoman, full-fledged lawyer,
trained athlete, society woman and
onu of tho best chaffeurs In America.
Truly such a woman should bo par
doned tho offense of which she is ac
cused. An aulo going nt ordinary
speed would not U fast enough to
keep up with her.
Russian diplomatists nro saltf to bo-
showing some Irritation becatiso of
tho frequency with which they are
questioned concerning their Intentions
In Mnnchurla. It never seems to 00-j
cut- to them that they might rid tlieni-
selves of all such annoyances by
making up their minds to act as thoy
talk and quit saying ono thing and.
doing another.
The advertising patrons of tho East
Oregonlnn will kindly take.notice that
.Mr. John P. Hlgetow, of Portland, nn
experienced ad man, has lKen placed
In chargo of the advertising depart
ment, and will hereafter tonduct It.
Mr, Hlgolow comes welt recommended
to this city, and is a valuablu addition
to tho East Oregonlnn forc.
The plot to dynamite tho Umlirla
whether by crank or by anarchist,
ha called attention to a startling
condition of affairs.
Inspector McClusky says tho dyna
mite was bought here. This would
Indicate that dynamite is sold in
rather a reckless manner. If a crlm
lnnl or an Irresponsible portion can
leavo his boarding place and come
back two hours lat,er with 100 pounds
of dynamite, tho plain inferonco Is
that Boniowliero too closo to Now York
for the city's safety it ,1a possible for
any ono to buy dangerous quantities
of this explosive.
Such a condition of affairs can
easily bo avoided. If dealers In dyua
mlto wero 'required to roglstor all
sales and 'forbidden to sell Ito Irre
sponsible persons, dynamite outragos
would bo mado difficult if not impos
slble. Dynamlto Is too deadly a
weapon and too dangerous merchan-
rilon n ho trnfllnlrort In . mrplPBBl V. nOT-
Itlcularly In the vicinity of a big city.
Now York worm.
Two months ago Nicholas II, iem
peror of Ilussla, Issued a statement
of program of Intentions which breath
ed tho spirit of humanity and prog
ress. Ho promised religious toleration;
and the press or the world Is today
ringing with the story of outrages as
horrible as those of the dark ages,
committed at the bidding of Intoler
ance. Ho promised to extend local sou'
government; and In Finland the last
vestige of people's rule has been
swept away, In Hessarabla local gov
ernors with absolute power have set
their troops .to protect pillage and
mingle with murderers.
He promised to free the peasant
from forced labor and "communal
claims," to make him free to go or
stay where ho will; and from Kloff
alone .10,000 people havo been banish
ed amid scenes that recall the expul
sion of Jews from Spain In tho fif
teenth century.
The emperor himself is not Inhu
mane. Great wore his servlccsj for
peace In calling The Hague Confer
ence; admirable wero tho motives
that prompted his Birthday Edict last
March. But If he can not and does
not restrain riot, punish murder, rule
a brutal soldiery and ordain Justice In
his land, then Is a promise traced in
air of as much weight and worth as
tho word of a czar. Now York World.
Oft In the solemn stillness of the
I stnrt and waken from a sleep pro
found, And deem I hear a footfall soft and
Beside my couch a stealthy rust
ling sound
As of a woman's garment, and I He
And listen, and indeed, I seem to
Full well that step unto me drawing
Oh, how It stirred my heart long,
long ago.
And as, with breathing stilled nnd
straining ear,
I wait, some straggling moonbeam
shows to mo
A form, white robed and stately,
standing near,
With raven hair unbound and flow
ing free.
I see a face I loved and still must
All pallid In the moonlight's ghastly
And bending my recumbent form
It seems to smile and softly fade
If moves me not to terror; I ,am sure
That apparition meditates no harm;
No awful apprehensions I endure,
I've not the ullghtest feeling of
For next there comes of minted coin
the clink,
And to myself I say: "It will bo
If I'm not shy tomorrow, for I think
My wife has Just relieved me of
some change."
Chli'airo News.
Mrs. Fairbanks tells how
neglect of warning symptoms
will soon prostrate a woman.
She thinks woman's safeguard
is Lytfia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
" lirnoranee nnil neglwt are the
c;iuso of untold femalu Mifferinir, not
only with tho laws of health but with
thu chnnce of a cure. I iliil not heed the
warnings of headuuhes, organic pains
and general weariness, until I was
well nigh prostrated. I know I hud to
do something. Iliinplly I did the rirlit
thiuir. I took I, J dirt 1:. JMnkliam's
Vt'KOtrthlc Compound faithfully
according to directions, and wus re
warded in a fuw weeks to find that ray
aches and pains disappeared, and I
again felt the glow of liciilth through
my body. Since I havu .been well I
havo .been more careful. I have .also
advised a number of my sick friends
to tako I,ytlla 13. Pliikiintu's Vejro
tnblo Coinponud, nnd they havo
nuver had reason to 'be sorry. Yours
very truly, Mas. May Faihuankh, 310
South 7tluSt., Minneapolis, Minn." (Mrs.
FairbAuks is one of .the most successful
and highlit salaried travelling sales
women in the West.) t&OOOfrrfeltlfulalnat
When women are troubled with
.irregular, suppressed or painful men
struation, leucorrhuca, displacement,
etc., remember, there is one tried and
true remedy, I,ydlu K. Plliklium'l
Vegutablo Compound.
FtrioK Tcfflng
does not take into consideration the oue
cWnSl to woman's happiness -worn-aiilv
health. There is many a woman
w hose "future Keents absolutely unclouded
who is marked by her own conjlitjon for
luiurc uhbpi.."
I UC woman wnv
neglects her health,
is neglecting the
very foundation nf
all good fortune.
For wlthouthealtu
love loses iUlustre
and gold it but
Womanly health
may be retained or
regained by the
use of Or. Pierce's
Favorite l'rescrip
tlou. It establiidies
regularity, dries
the drains which
weaken women,
heals inflamma
tion and ulcera
tion and cures female-weakness.
makes weak wom
en strong, sick
wouicu 7 ,. , . 1 r.
Sick women are uiviicu iu uuuoun.
Pierce by letterrevr. All correspondence
hold as strictly private and sacredly
confidential. Address Dr. Ii. V. Pierce,
BSlfffiw Uketi U boUlof Dr. Pierce'. Paver
Ite Prescription," writes Mas M. Pvfc, of Ori la,
SlmcoTcoTontatio. -and two fltl of lie
?l'lant rilleU as you adrised for congeitlod
of uterus, OTSries, J weaknets, oml can safely
y itat jSor mSjlcinc has been the means of
rettorlnK me to good health again. h ch I had
"oTl aadoTouiee year.. unUl taking your
medicine. 1 thaofc yoa ery nmch for your kind
Sid prompt attention U.my letler uklugadvice.-
Favorite Prescription" has the testi
mony of thousands of women to its com
plete cure of womanly diseases. Do .not
accept an unkiiown and unproved substi
tute in its place.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets clear the
complexion and sweeten the breath.
M'"1 1 1 1 H I I 1 1 1 1 1 1
Gold Medal Butter, I'ute,
rir-an. The chief
T characteristics of good butter
are purity ami cieanitueub.
t This tmtter combines both,
T and will ictain its rich and
delicate flavor to the last.
I Try it and you will never
..o tini- ntlwr Vimr monev
lt.1l. . w..w.. - v
refunded if jou do not like it
. . A SON . .
H4 1 1 1 1 M I 1 1 1 IIIHM M
Water tankS
We makea Specialty of Building Round
or Square
We make them right and the)
always give satisfaction Out
work is never slighted or botched.
Pendleton Planing Mill
and Lumber Yard.
Roiikkt Fokstek, "Prop,
$13,456,960 lBsanuice in Force
H. M. RI0E, Freewater
. Anst (or Umatilla Oountv.
J.l". Wnlkr,CUjr Agaat dw 1'endUtoo
Farmers Custom Mill
Ptti WaiHera, Preprkter
OapMlty 160 barrels a day
Flour exchanged for wucsU
J'lour, MU1 Feed, Chopped Feed, eic
I ways ob hand.
Coutrnlly Icuted ,,-.
The genuine, the bicycle
which is the undisputed
leader, is handled in Pen
dleton only by us. Cotne
in and see the Racycle.
Witl.ee, 3,r
Bargains m
Real Estate
I have a larger aud better
Hat nf fTnrms Stock Ranches
and City Property to sell
than ever Doiore. aiso a uig
lot of land in the coining
wheat section of Eastern
N. Berkeley
One of the finest resiliences In
Pendleton 11 rooms all modern Im
provements; pretty lawn; complete
$6,500. $2,500 down, balance on time
Another residence 7 rooms, with
bath. HfiworuKH. eluctrlc lights; pretty
lawn, shade trees, within three blocks
of Main street. $2,500.
Other houses and lots from $600 to
1 Nice residence lots, $150, 5K50 and
I $800.
Much Other Town Property, and
Easy Terms, Where Desired.
C. D. BOYD. Ill CoUTl Street
We can supply you with
Building Material ot all
descriptions and sa v e
you money
Building paper lime
cement brick and, sand.
Wood gutters for barns
and dwellings a specialty. "
Oregon Lumber Yard
Alta St., Opp. Court Home
IH 3rick
H Urge
We have the BestBargJ
in Keai Estate. tye hl
some-inice homes that ma
ho ftrtlrl. f!li
Lots. Alfalfa Land from(
acre to 160. Wheat LaaJ
tracts from 160 acres
Rihorn & Swaggart
Room io over Taylor's
Hardware Store.
We Make Our Bow
. ... . j n. ....Mindtlutal
bospcakiDK our escatninallon oi Vhe flaa i
tlons In catriaRon, runabouti, vWfz
.... ... Ua.nm nf fSf!ntlftf M
your Nttentloit this season. We hi
rufaieu au 101a irom uur ,7Zii
H. Wo have a i-ompleto stock of
beurlnB blocks, msklui? them the ."fSJl
lliDRHnu niuKiiurauiru'i my
nurt tiiKgles w hao Itoui the che.paitwu1!
!.!. IllVe lis n lllll.
The UUckmlth4.
Cor W. Alta and Liltith Sts.
L- Nofl. formerly of e Hotel
Alta, has chaige ol inewiu
Henry Feed Yard, and wlllj
pleased to care for jour horse
Plenty of stalls, large corrals w
loose horst s and cattle. Hy D
i i.. ri,.. mill in con-
Ijraiii lor smc. v-nur
Engine, Boiler and MacuiutfJ
0 all kinds is our specialty.
worK guaraiuci-u.
ExtraPart Ptirnished for aU Ki
w iiarvcsuu;
e r i .
Manufacturer ol
un . Alia Cireet.
Baltezorc & Howe's Old S
Mf Humane
4&hP Umatilla