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    V lu'' fi" 'Hf
Outfits, Regular $500 $400
Bowls, Regular 60.
Bowls, Regular....i 135.
1 10
1 10
ricture frames, Kcgu'ar 25.
Picture Frames, Regular 35.
Picture Frames, Regular 40.,
Picture Frames. Regular 50..
Tobacco Jars, Regular.... 165.,
Steins, Regular 165..
Trays, Regular 35 25
Pipe Racks, Regular 75 50
Stein Racks, Rrgubr 85 60
All nre not just because they ilo
not wrong:
Hut he who will not wrong me 1
when he may '
He only is the truly just, I I
praise not them
Who in their petty dealings pll- (
for not. :
Hut him whose conscience
spurns a secret fraud I
When he might plunder and
defy surprise I
His be the praise; who, looking
dawn with scorn
Upon the false Judgment of the
partial herd, I
Consults his own clear head ;
and boldly dares 1
To be not to be thought an i
honest man.
swer is that It does, and that the
people seem to bo satisfied. And the
reason is that ours is "a government
of laws, not of men" particularly
not of a man and when rightly
wound up it runs automatically very
well for a coustdorablo period.
Six insane pauper immigrants who
arrived recently on board the Bul
garia iron Russia, are to lie deported.
While immigration of the better class
Is desirable, there hns been too much
laxity in years gone by in the en
forcement of the regulations prohibit
ing pauper, criminal and other un
desirable classes coming to our ble because it was not generally
Speaking of success, one of Theo
(lore WInthrop's characters said;
"Some men grab their chances, some
chuck away their chances and some
just let their chances slide."
The following able lnwyers have
held the office of attorney-general
since the Sherman anti-trust law was
passed. In 1S90:
W. H. H. .Miller, under President
Richard Olney and Judson Harmon,
under Cleveland.
Joseph McKenna and John W.
(Jriggs, under MeKinley.
Philander C. Knox, under McKlnley
and Roosevelt.
All these men had an equal chance
to win credit for the administration
and personal distinction by securing
an enforcement or the plain law
against competition-killing and traffic-restraining
trusts. Mr. Knox is
the only one who improved his op
portunityor to put it idiomatically.
"grabbed his chance." And Ills action
is the more conspicuous and credita-
to understand that such appointments
can 110 longer be obtained for parti
san services only. The applicant for
a consular office must be fitted by
nature and by training to perform
the duties which the American pub
lie has a right to expect from each
and nil of Its representatives abroad,
The Washington Stnr In noting
what has been, done in the way of
reform says: "The service has grnd
ually Improved In recent ndmlnlstra
tions, but has not yet come up to the
president's standard. Ho Is now on
gaged In hoeing out the weeds, and
In the several weeks past more men
in the establishment have been re
moved for reasons of reform than
ever before in the same space of
time." The report adds: "There now
are 327 posts In tho service. While
perhaps the poorest paid, it Is look
ed upon ns already the most efficient
consular corps in tho world. In tho
eld days these po3ts were looked
upon very generally ns sinecures, of'
ferlng a foreign lite of ease to men
with sufficient private fortune to ad
mit of their mingling In society
nbioad. Literary men coveted many
of the berths for the abundant ma
terlal offered and many a lasting bit
of fiction has been Inspired by the
romantic surroundings of our consul
ntes. Hut tho Ideal wave of Yankee
commercial supremacy has now beat
en. upon the shores of the farthest
distant isles of the sens and nearly
every American consul is busy."
The improvement thus being effect
ed in the service without the old of
reform legislation tends to confirm
Dr. Johnson's theory that tho govern
mem that Is best administered is
best. It proves thai when a long de
sired reform becomes n necessity and
men are resolved to have It there Is
nlways found some way of achieving
it, oven If politicians object. It would
be better, of course, to have a thor
ough reform of the consular system,
but oven If the present system con
tinue It can be made to work well by
resolute president. San Francisco
shores. .America has been used as
the dumping ground for the scum
and dregs of other nations too long.
We have been the asylum for crim
inals when their own land became
tropical for them. We have been tho
peeled of him. New York World.
Wind ol an eye the fiddler played
011 a tliree-stringed violin: and ever
tho same old tune he made, wore
harbor of refuge for nihilists, high- ovc' tne sumo old grin. The rough
binder nnrl n.nil.m nr ,,,., ,-,.. ' "ur ami me rougner wall to
izatlons as the Mafia. If lite stom
ach takes In too much trash the
blood becomes impure. We have
taken In too many undigestlble ele
ments into our national life, hence
we have such colonies as are found
at Paterson, N. J., the 'headquarters
of somo of the most noted anarchists
from Europe. We are nlways willing
to welcome emigrants who come here
to make this land their home and to was iair by paint 3ince ever the
the jostling crowd, thev creaked
There was beer, mescal .or the Scotch
high-ball while the fiddle screamed
and shrieked.
So the miner danced in his wild,
weird might to the blaze of the tallow
dip, and varied it all with brawl and
fight and a ready hand at hip. For
the smile he fought of his lady fair.
though painted she was like sin. and
the fiddler kept to his lonesome air
and ever ho seemed to grin; for the
Indian cross, and over and ave the
mixed blood taint showed plain
through the surface gloss.
And the glasses clinked at the slop
py bar and tho oaths they were some
what rude, for this is a tale of things
that are and of social form that's
crude. So they danced and drank
nnd drank and swore, and once was a
pistol shot, and a form lay stretched
or. tho rough bonrd floor, and a man
that was. was not. But thev took the
Inferior, our country Is not corpse to a nearby tent, and on they
wont with the dance, for as yet the
night it was not hair spent; iunnnua,
tomorrow, perchance?
become loynl and law-abiding citi
zens. We want to purify our national
life and to keep It pure. To do so
we will have to exercise greater dil
igence n excluding Immigrants who
come here as agitators or to brew
trouble and not to earn a living and
found a home. While our extent Is
vast nnd we can assimilate much
that is
a lake into which Europe can dis
charge her sewerage and garbage
to pollute our national life.
It is a singular coincidence that
when the kings and presidents of
Europe are upon their travels Presi
dent Roosevelt is also absent upon
a Go-days' whirl through half as many
states and terlrtorles, snys the New
York World.
The president of France, now In
Algeria, is an amiable figurehead
And the frontier keeps to a two
fold law like the moral code of sin,
and the man who attempts it must
be raw If he wears a dusky skin. For
the frontier holds to Its double code,
and the man who shot was white, and
the man he hurried to death's abode,
ho was neither black nor white.
It is treat and dance nnd dance and
treat to each of the painted bunch
mescal or beer and a cigarette, by
tho way of a Mexican lunch. And
the danco went on and the fiddler
played on hie thrce-strlnged violin
with few official duties; the king of t ver the same old tune he made
nun ever no seemed 10 grin.
And the moon went down nnd the
day put out the lamps in the desert
sky; ltl tho sun came searching all
about with his blear and torrid eye.
Qreat Britain, who recently amused
himself at a Portuguese bull-fight,
"rules, but does not govern;" but a
president of the United States hns
something to. do.
Yet how wonderfully easy, after
all It must be to run this govern
ment. 'A man In Dakota cannot sign
papers, commissions and orders In
Washington as tho executive servant
of congress,
Although congress has- never pass
ed any of the many measures devised
for tho reform of tho consulnr service.
It appears that reform is nevertheless
taking place very rapidly. The ores-
Practlcnlly, so far as sure of commercial expansion has
the legal or constitutional form of
service Is concerned, lie cannot per
form It unless all these papers nro
Bent after him to take their chances
with the bears and bobcats.
How can this government go on
like clockwork for CC days without
a head In Washington? The best an-
been felt In tho state department.
and in response to the domands of
merchants nnd manufacturers tho
service Is being filled up with men
competent to promote American trade
and advnnco American Interests.
President Roosovolt has cordially
co-operated In tho work of Improving
tho personnel of tho service and has
given the politicians at Washington
The United -States commissioner of
education. In his speech before the
International Kindergarten Union in
Pittsburg, did- not exaggerate the
acts when lie said that 'an import-
nut work for the kindergarten -is to
uienare the precocious children
which are born into families of the
newly 'rich for a life helpful to civi
lization," or in coupling them with
the children of the very poor as a
oclal problem for educators.
The making of money Is normally
an intellectual operation. It sharp
ens the wits, develops keenness.
Unfortunately breadth does not al
ways develop in due proportion.
Having "made his pile" the newly
rich man has too often no resource
except to go on and make more, or
to stop working, stop thinking, eat
and drink more thnn is good for htm,
try gambling, nnd In general make of
himself a spectacle and an exemplar
of what not to do.
Even where the father avoids tills j
swift mental and moral degeneration
the son Ih apt to justify Commission
er Harris' description of him as "wil
ful and capricious, siouthful nnd un
certain In his habits of study, and
altogether an unmanageable pupil in
school." This is the type of .glided
youth who barely "scrapes through"
a fashionable college, which ho de
moralizes by his idleness and ex
travagance; who distinguishes him
self 111 the gaming houses of two con
tinents, and who. armed for uluucht
ter with a high-power automobile,
nnd regardless of law or the people's
rights. Is almost as much n menace
to life as would be a baby with a
Ratling gun.
How to find useful employment for
Idle millionaires nnd to teach them
that there Is more hnppitiess In work
than In health-wasting profligacy, is
rather more than a kindergarten un
dertaking. New York World.
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When the mist Is on the river
tite haze Is on the hills.
And the promise of tho springtime all
the ample heaven 1111b:
When the shy things in the wood-
haunts, and tho hnrdy on the
Catch up heart and feel a leaping
life through winter-sluggish
Then the summons of the morning
like a bugle moves the blood,
Then the foiiI of man grows larger,
like n flower from the blood;
For the hope of high endeavor is a
cordial ball' divine.
And the banner cry of Onward: calls
the laggards into line.
There Is glamour of the moonlight
when the stars rain peace below,
lint the stir and smell of morning is
n better thing to know;
While the night is hushed and hoi-
den and transpierced by
dieaniy song,
l.o! the dawn brings dew and lire
and the rapture of the strong.
Richard Ilurton.
In Pendleton and cut a few miles.
Farms or small Tracts.
$10.50 per acre buys ICO-acre farm
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$C,000 buys 480 acres, spring water,
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$S00 buys 5-ncrc home near city
limits, mostly bottom in alfalfa
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$1.D00 ,bwyB20 lots Irrigated, fruit;
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mittonCJM,Tlrrignted for garden
and chlcltetw.s.'
$2,f00 A JO-aoreHiomo; well Improv
ed; fruit. vr.
4-iO acres; choice grain land, 9 mllcB 1
out, 17.000. , , I
N. T. Conklin.
lAttPMtoffice.: ,
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cept under the provisions of the act
or June, 1902. Entries under this act
are Biibject to a cutting down of
acreage at the discretion of the secre
tary of the Interior. The tract with
drawn by this order Is townships
" and 4 north, ranges 23 and 24 east
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