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    WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8, 1903.
Special effort has been made
to Ret the newest and best styles
for babies and children, and we
have a stock which includes some
thing to please all.
Bring in the little tots and
make them happy. Our prices
mean a saving to you.
Dindtnger, Wilson & Co.
Phone Main 1181
Good Shoes Cheap
V. C. Moore, of Uklah ,1s In the city
William Beach, of Dale, Is In the
city today.
It. P. SIcGec left Inst evening for
Logan, Utah.
W. Slosgrove, the Athenn merchant
Is In the city.
John Kraemor, of Walla Walla .Is
In the city today.
Mrs. M. Jacohs left this morning
for Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Mrs. Slnnrd, of Milton, Is visiting
with her aunt, Mrs. U J. Dell.
U B. Miller haB returned from a
trip to Boise, Baker and Similiter.
Walter Gillette, of Echo, has the
lumher on the grounds for a new rest
F. M. Nelson has arrived from the
Wallowa country, and will remain
hero permanently.
T. It. Enstmnn, of Walla Walla,
was in the city yesterday, the gueBt
of the Hotel St. George.
"Joseph Kepplnger has arrived from
Jervis and Is cooking for his brother
John, in his restaurant.
James Pendley left for Spokane
this morning, expecting to spend the
summer In that vicinity."
A. D. Reynolds, of Snn Francisco,
the new pattern-maker for the Itlgby-
$1000 buys 300x582 feet of sightly
building property, north side.
850, two excellent building lots,
atone wall and sidewalk, W. Court.
$1800 buys three lota on north side;
corner and irood G-room house.
$1200, corner lot, and coltage nearly ' Clove works, has arrived,
new, -Mrs. Jones, of Athena, and Mrs.
$3050, four lots and Bp'.endld rest-' Lee, of Northport ,nre here the guests
dence, a very cheap property. of Shelley Jones and family.
$2000. four acres, edge of town.house, , w. O. howls, of Rltzvllle, Is In the
barn, 200 fruit trees. city en route to Crook county. He is
$2250, 113 acres. 3)niiles from town, j cousin of Dr. C. J. Whltaker.
ShJMLh, h Charles McGuIre of Spokane, is in
wheat, up nicely. 4-room house, good I the dty ,ool.,ng for ,oca'torg fQ'r Wn.
350, a graded lot, stone wall, north . lowa nountv government lands,
aide, east front, sightly location. Martin Melners has been appointed
$10,000, half a section of choice farm- road supervisor of the .district In
lug land, crop Included. which the town of Helix Is located.
These are entirely new offers, but I Mrs. C. F. Gilpin arrived this mom
have many more arid would like an Inr? from T.n flrnnilp tn visit with hnr
opportunity to talk them over with friend, .Mrs. A. P. Nash of the north
The climax in perfection is
reached in Monopole.
When you want the Best,
come to us and get
Our line
for cash.
of groceries is
We sell cheap
Miller Grocery Co.
636 Main Street
Phone Main 511
Gray's Harbor
Commercial Co.
I side.
Mrs. P. H. Fee is in extremely poor
health, and will enter St. Anthony's
hospital for an operation next Satur
day. Mrs. Starr arrived this morning
from Baker City to visit with her
sister, Mrs. J. A. Owens of Bear
Mrs. Susan Welch will go to Port
land and visit her son, James, as soon
as his condition allows him to be out
of quarantine.
G. Grimes. J. T. Grimes and Mrs,
B. Grimes, all left last night to return
to Chelsea, Indian territory, expect
lug to remain there.
William Babb, of Echo, is trying to
sell out with the intention of going
to live In Alberta, which province
ho visited last winter.
H. G. Cook has arrived from Ashe
vllle, N. C, with the intention of lo
cating In this neighborhood. He will
locate upon government land If he can
find It.
George DeHaven and wife, formerly
of this place, and of Milton, hut now
of Wnlla Walla, are In the city en
route to Yoakum to visit their son,
Miss Elmira Fry. of Moscow. Idaho.
I Is expected to arrive here Friday for
a visit with her friend, Mrs. A. Kun
kle. Miss Fry Is county treasurer at
J. C. Scott, tho harness maker, has
returned to Pendleton from Denver,
after an absence of four years. Ho
was formerly employed In Joe Ells'
shop two yearB.
George Waddlngton haB sold his
farm, nine miles southeast of Atne'
na, to C. W. Courtney. The place
consists of 150 acres and tho consid
eration was $800.
C. E. Arnoy. of Pocatello, private
Rnprntnrv nf Rpnntnr nnhnln nncnt
last night in tho city, tho guest of
ine fiuiei si. ueorge. ima mumms
he went north, en route to Northern
John McCourt. of the firm of Bal-
loray & McCourt, Is In Weston today
defending Prof. Hawes, in the famous
assault and battery case. T. G. Hal
ley Is also at Weston engaged In pros
ecuting the same case.
Mrs. Alllo Williams is expected to
arrive soon from Phoenix, Ariz., on a
visit with her sister, Mrs. W. E. nose.
Mr. Williams will Join her here in a
short time, and it Is possible they
will mako this their homo.
J. H. Sinclair, who has been in tho
city from Moscow, Idaho, for some
days left this morning on a trip to
California nccompanled by his friend
C. H. Llngenfelter. It 1b a pleasure
trip for both gentlemen, they Intend
ing to locate here.
W. N. Hackney, of Wilson. N. C,
Is in correspondence with friends in
this city, among whom is Bov. Brooks.
.Mr. Hackney, who la a young man
with considerable means, contem
plates coming Into tho Northwest and
engaging In some kind of manufactur
ing business.
Sowing More Alfalfa .
J. A. Mendenhall, of Echo, returned
home this morning. He is arranging
to put In 100 acres of alfalfa soon
perhaps this season. It will be under
ditch from the rights of tho Pioneer
Co. In which he has been Interested
from Its Inception over two years ago.
Mr. Mendenhall Is a breeder of Here
ford cattle mostly, but Is a partisan
of the Shorthorn, although he says
the choice between them is not em
phatic. However, ho bdlloves the
Shorthorn to he the closest and most
economical feeder, and that It will
develop the most beef under tho
same conditions of age, feeding, range
and water. He believes, further, In
the thoroughbred animal.
We Don't Keep Everything
But we ao Keep u good big
stock of nice dry Flooring,
Celling, Bustle and Finish,
In all grades. Also all kinds
of Dimension Lumber, in
cluding Lath and Shingles.
Our stock of Doors, "Win
dows, Moulding, Building
and Tar Paper and Apple
Boxes la complete, and any
one in need of Lumber will
not be wrong In placing
their order with the : : :
Gray's Harbor Com. Co.
Opp. Wi & C. R. Depot
F. & S. Bitters
The great System Tonic.
The remedy that is so
popular because of its
real nir-rit. Now is the
time to take F. & S. Bit
ters and tone upyour sys
tem. One bottle is equal
to a month's recreation.
Manufactured by
Sheep In Good Condition.
A. C. Henderson and wlfo and Mrs
A. I.. Rogers, of Pilot Hock, are In
the city. Mr. Henderson reports tho
lambing season as progressing very
favorably in that neighborhood, eS'
pecially In his own and the flocks of
his son. Henderson & Son feed lib
orally and spared no pains to keep
their ewes in good condition during
the forage months, though the cost
was heavy and tho labor great. Thoy
are feeling amply repaid, however, by
the unusual size and good condition
pf the lambs that have come this
Bpring. Mr. Henderson considers the
outlook for the sheep Industry in the
hills as excellent this spring.
Salt Very High.
J. H. Gwlnn arrived this morning
from Portland. Mr. Gwlnn reports
that the statu quo as to the salt ques
tlon remains undisturbed by any pro
gress in the direction of either terms
on salt In tralnloads or by any pros
pect of lower tariffs. The result Is
that, judging from present appearan
ces, the sheepmen will have to pay
regular retail prices for their salt
this year, which will he from $1 to
$1.50 more per ton than it wbb
thought salt could be obtained for.
Jack Huston Returns.
Jack Huston, who has been fore
man of tho mechanical department of
the Democrat of Baker City for sov
oral months, 1b In tho city and will
accept a similar position on the East
Oregonlan. Mr. Huston held a nosl
tlon In the mechanical department of
the East Oregonlan for a short time
last year and has a host of friends
here who will welcome him back to
the city .
4MI1III ti I'M I'M 1 1 H fltfHHIl Ml I I'M MM II II I
Nicely mowed Lawns are easily maintained. Take a look
at our
Easy Running Lawn Mowers.
They are made on the correct principal. It's a pleasure to
operate them. Let us supply you with GARDEN HOSE.
Best goods at lowest prices. ::::::::::
Thompson Hardware Co.,
62 1 Matn Street
Headquarters for Fishing Supplies.
On Its Merit
Has the large demand for
Byers' Best Flour
Been built up. Only the choicest wheat that grows enters in
to Byers Best FJour. It's perfection in Flour. Made by the
r'' 'i''. ixr c n n i-j
Athena Schools Closed.
Tho Athena public schools wero
closed Monday last on account of tho
measles; tne order was for their
closing for a week only, as the con
tagion Is very mild. It is probable
that the order would not have been
issued but for tho fact that Profes
sors Watts and Beck, who teach in
the schools there are both down with
tho complaint. It Is reported that
there Is also In Athena several mild
cases of scarlet fever.
Stock in Wallowa.
It Is stated and on the authority of
residents of that county, that the loss
of stock in Wallowa county from the
protracted cold weather which ex
hausted the forago and tho lateness of
tho pasturago has been much greater
than Is generally supposed except by
thoso who are on tho grounds and
have some degree of personal knowl
edge of the subject.
Attorney to Locate Here.
C. H. Llngenfelter, an attorney, Is
horo from Moscow, Idaho, and intends
to locato horo for tho practice of his
profession. Ho lately camo West
from Northwestern Missouri. Lator
on ho will buy lots and build thereon
a residence. Ho Is a guest of tho
Hotel St. George.
Goes to Lewltton.
C. A. Chapman has definitely con
cluded to locato In Lowlston. Idaho,
or at least In that vicinity. Ho will
move his family up there In a short
tlmo and engago at Lowlston In the
stock business this summer.
Will Move to Pendleton.
Frank Iteck, tho Echo farmer, In
tends to soil his farm and movo to
Pondleton. Ho will buy lots horo and
build a residence for himself and
othor resldenco properties for renting.
Street poll tax or tho city of Pon
dloton Is now dollnquont. Prompt
payment must bo made or collection
will be enforcod according to law.
Arbor Day to Be Made a Holiday That
Means Something to the City
Civic Improvement a Theme Wor
thy of Study.
Mnvnr Hallov Issues the nddress
printed below urging the cooperation
of the citizens In general In the work
of tree planting on Friday next, with
the general purpose in view ot iieair
tlfylng tho city. The various schemes
that have been proposed from tlmo to
time for civic Improvement seem for
tho most part to languish, and Friday
next, if possible, will ho Instituted a
revival of Intorest In such matters.
Pondleton, Or., April 7, 1903.
To the Citizens of Pendleton:
Friday noxt, April 10, 1003, Is Ar
bor Day, established by the laws of
this state for the nurnoso of encour
aging tho children of our schools In
tho planting, protection, and preser
vation of trees and shrubs and In
beautifying our school grounds, and
It seems proper that we, as progres
sive and loyal citizens having a Just
prldo In our city and tho enhance
ment of Its beauty and the promotion
of the happiness of its inhabitants,
should not only assist the children
In their efforts on Arbor Day by ex
tending thorn our hearty good will.
hut that wo should do something our
solves to encourage thorn by example
and at tho same tlmo beautify and
adorn our city, and I therofore re
quest that on Friday afternoon, noxt,
portion of the afternoon, at
least, bo devoted by our citizens to
tho planting of trees and shrubs and
otherwise beautifying the streets and
prlvato grounds of the city.
Trusting that hereafter, nB each Ar
bor Ray returns, the good work thus
begun may continue until Pendleton
will be known far and wide for Its
physical beauty as well bb for Its
financial progress, I am, respectfully,
T. G. HAILEY, Major.
In Issuing this Invitation to the cit
izens of Pendleton to Join In the ele
vating work of beautifying tho city,
Mayor Hailoy said this morning:
"The city has made the most won
derful progress In tills line within
tho past few years, of any city in
tho state.
"Only a short time ago the first re
mnrk of visitors was upon tho almost
absolute barrenness of a large por
tion of the city.
"Gradually the work of beautifying
begnn. Hero and there homo owners
ornnmented as thoy built. Streets
wero Improved by tho addition of a
few trees, which swelled In numbers
each year until the city now con
tains some of the most lovely homes,
with surrounding lawns, shrubbery
and ornamental trees, In the state.
But there Is room for improvement
yet. We do not appreciate the true
significance of Pondleton until we
visit the rich districts that surround
It. Tho development of tho country
tributary to tho city and the work
of keeping up civic and municipal ap
pearances In tho city, will furnish
employment to all for tho noxt quar
ter of a century."
It Is tho deslro to havo every own
er of a home add something perma
nent to his property on "Arbor Day. It
is a small task for each man to set
out a few trees or a limited amount
of shrubbery, but tho united work of
tho citizens, throughout tho town,
would make a wonderful showing and
would be a permanent addition to the
The public schools will celebrate
tho day appropriately and the holi
day should como to bo more general
ly observed, not only by schools, but
by citizens.
Loss by Pilot Rock Robbery.
The loss from the robbery of tho
Pilot Rock postofllce was $147 cash
and $83 In stamps. Tho blowing
open of the safe took place about 2
o'clock In tho morning and was heard
by one resident of that part of tho
town. He paid no particular attention
to It, as ho was not fully awako and
supposed tho noise originated In a
saloon row.
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