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Best for medicinal uses
Your physician will tell you that you should always havo some rood whiskey In the
house. For accidents, falntlne spells, exhaustion, and other emergency uses, It rcllerea
and revives. But you must hare rood whisker, pure whiskey, for poor whiskey, adulterated
whiskey, may do decided harm. HAYNER WHISKEY Is Just What you need (or It roes
direct from our own distillery to you, with all Its original strength, richness and Savor,
ITY and AGE and saving the dealers' enormous profits. We have over a Quarter ot a
million satisfied customers, exclusively family trade, who know It Is best for medicinal
purposes and prefer It for other uses. That's why YOU should try It Your money back if
you arc not satisfied.
Direct from our distillery to YOU
Savit Oitlirs' Profits I Privints Adultiratlon !
YEAR-OLD RYE for 11.00, and wo will pay tho express charges. Try It and
If youdon't find It all right and as good as you ever used or can buy from
anybody elso at any price, send It baok at our expense and your W.00 will bo
returned to you by next mall. Just think that offer over. How could It bo
fairer? If you are not perfectly satisfied you are not out a cent. Better let us
end you a trial order. If you don't want four quarts yourself, get a friend to
Join you. Shipment made In a plain sealed caso with no marks to show what's
If you can use SO QnartH or can get some of your friends to Join you,
we will send you SIO OuarlH for 10.OO by lVreljfht Prepaid, thus
saving you H.OO. Wo havo been In business over S3 years and have a
paid-up capital ot 1500,000.00 so you run no risk.
Write our nearest office and do It NOW.
Farewell tour of the Great
X Complete Production of
6 L
5 5
PRICES: $1.00, 75c, 50c.
.... ....... ..... .......t...t.
j. Mail Contracts,
A new contract for carrying the
mall from. Canyon City to Mitchell,
Wheeler county, will begin next Wed
nesday, when W. H. 'Damon and Sid
ney Green, both of Mount Vernon,
will start work. The original con
tractor was 'It. N. Morrow of Sedalia,
Mo., who took a contract at nearly
15000 for carrying the route. He sub
let it to a Grant county resident, and
a month or so ago abandoned the
contract. Mr, Green has since been
carrying tho route, under another ar
rangement. Morrow's abandonment of the con
tract caused considerable trouble in
Grant county. He abandoned also
the route from Canyon City southwest
Into the Izeo country, and the route
Gray's Harbor
Commercial Co.
Wc Don't Keep Everything
Hut we do Keep 11 good big
stock of nice dry Flooring,
Celling, Rustic and Finish ,
in all grades. Also all kinds
of Dimension Lumber, in
cluding Lath and Shingles.
Our stock of Doors, Win
dows, Moulding, Building
and Tar Paper and Apple
; Boxes Is complete, and any
one in need of Lumber will
I not be wrong in placing
their order with the : : :
Gray's Harbor Com. Co.
0. W: C. R. Depot
from Long Creek to Ukiah. where
connection is made with the stage for
Pendleton. J. W. Caldwell of Long
Creek, is carrying the Lone Creek
Ukiah route and will probably fulfill
the contract abandoned by Morrow.
No Offense Intended.
At tho exhibition of tho Internation
al Livestock Association in Chicago
last fan a portly old gentleman re'
marked to one of the men In charge
of the cattle department, "You don't
call this the 'fat stock show' any
more, it seems.
"No," replied tho other. "It's nual
Ity that counts with us now. and not
quantity. You can put fat on any
kind of an animal, and after Its all
done ho's nothing but a big fat I I
I beg pardon, sir. I I hadn't no
ticedI didn't mean"
The poitly old gentleman had be
gun to. turn red. and the attempted
apology only made the matter worse.
After an Ineffectual effort to express
himself he waddled on, in speechless
A Safe Time to Cross.
"Well, well," said the old lady liv
ing inland, when she heard that her
favorite grandson was going to Eur
ope, "It's been a dry summer, and the
sea won't bo so deep as common."
Our principal exports to Korea are
electrical appliances and idols.
We can supply you with
Building Material of all
descriptions and save
you money,
Building paper, lime,
cement, brick and sand.
Wood gutters for barns
and dwellings a specialty.
Oregon Lumber Yard
Alia, St., Opp. Court House!
Did vou' aver notiea lha difference J
1 between country milk and city milk? I
11 you nare. you wui una inera u just
as muen amerenee between
and all the other brand, When
you uuy traporatea (-ream, look
lor ine aoove cap tacei. trial
label Is our guarantee and every
can Is ol uniform richness and
absolutely pure, you wui see
no unsightly clots In Economy
Brand. It flows smoothly from
the can and Is pleasing to the
eye. ask your aeaier tor
the right kind.
Highland, 111.
Declared That the Farmers Should
Work Less and Do More Thinking
Should Be a Business Man,
Master Jones spoke for two hours,
covering Grange work In detail and re
viewing the history of farming In this
country. He said when ho was elect
ed master of the National Orange ho
begnn gathering statistics and datn
of Interest to agricultural classes and
got reports from Secretary of Agri
culture Wilson. These statistics, he
said, showed In 18G0 the total wealth
of the United States was $8,500,000,
000, of which $5,300,000,000 represent
ed the wealth of the farmers. This
was G2 per cent ot the wealth of the
nation In 1900. Fifty years later the
total wealth of the nation had increas
ed to $94,000,000,000 and farmers own
ed 70 per cent of this. The reports
showed that 09 per cent of the exports
from the United States came from
farmers, which furnished 60 per cent
of the total freight of the American
Praised Agricultural Collenes.
The speaker spoke In the highest
terms of agricultural colleges, which
he termed co-workers with the Grange
In Its work of education along agrlrul
tural lines. He urged education among
farmers, and said they should solvo
the great mysteries around plantgrow
ers. He declared the Grange to be
part of the great educational system
of the United States and that the or
der recognized as first in importance
tho church and Its religious teachings
and second, the great public school
system of which he declared the ngrl
cultural college one of the most lm
portant branches.
He reviewed at length the great
combinations of capltnl and their
growth ami power, and declared the
farmers must organize. "Tho Patrons
of Husbandry wage no war against
any legitimate organizations," de-
clared the speaker, "but recognizes
that manufacturing and selling goods
over the counter are as honorable oc
cupatlons as ours so long as they are
conducted legitimately."
Study More, Work Less.
He urged the farmers to study con
ditions affecting them, and said:
"Don't go about the country whining
about someone getting onto your lit
tie neck and crushing the life out of
you, hut rise up in your might and
assert your rights and maintain them.
Do not imagine you can right these
wrongs by working an hour earlier
and an hour later each day. Cut off
an hour or two from each day's work
and devote it to the study of condl
tions affecting your business. Const!'
tuto yourself a business man. capable
of handling your business upon busi
ness principles.
Super in a Play Put in a Few Extra
Touches to His Act.
The elder Wallack once played in
a romantic drama in which, after tak
tng an impassioned farewell of the
heroine, he leaped on a horse which
stood In the wings and dashed across
the stage. Harper's Magazine tells
a story of a performance In which
something happened that was not on
the program.
Wallack objected to this nightly
gallop, and it was arranged that one
of the supers who resembled tho ac
tor should make the ride. The man
was accordingly dressed like Wal
lack and sent to the theater in the
afternoon to rehearse. He did tho
work well, and the stage manager Ac-parted.
But the super was not satisfied.
Why, see here," he complained to a
young member of the company, "that
tiling is too easy; A man with a
wooden leg could do It with his eyes
shut, I used to be in a circus. Could
I not do a few tricks?"
"Certainly," said the actor, who saw
a chance for a Joke. "That would be
all right. Go ahead."
"You think tho old party wouldn't
"Object! Why. he ought to be
tickled to death! Do It."
That evening when the critical part
came, Wallack saw his double already
in 1 no scenes
"Love, good night, good night!"
cried the hero, preparing to drop over
the balcony.
"Stay!" cried the heroine, clinging
round his neck. "Vou ride nerhans to
"Nay, sweet, say not so: I ride to
honor! With thoughts of thee In my
heart no harm can come! Good night,
good night."
He tore himself from her embrace
and dropped out of sight of the audi
ence. "Go!" he hissed to tho man.
As the horse leaped forward on the
stage the fellow gave a mighty vault
anu niighted standing on Its bare
back. Ho threw ono foot un Graceful
ly and danced easily on tho other.
and Just before it was too late leaped
into me air, turned a somersault,
landed on tho horse's back, and
bounded lightly to the stage.
it is said that tho audience applaud
ed tumultously, but Wallack's re
marks aro not recorded.
Explosive Sunsets.
Mr. Ilascomh hnrl seen wnnrlnrn
enough for his first day away from
nanuury, out just as ho had settled
his tired head against tho back of a
lounging chair, ho heard a distant
"What's that?" ho demanded, start
ing up.
"Oh, that's tho sunset gun. Undo
Ezra," said his nephew's wlfo in a
soothing tone. "It goes off Just as tho
stin rises and sets,"
Mr. nascomb's mild face took on a
look that approached hostility,
'Tvo seen your talking machines
and electric bell-pulls and under
ground rails and overhead trusties
and kerrldges kiting hero and thoro
with no boss nor other signs o" draw
orlng power," ho said, resentfully,
"and I've set mysoir to bollove all
you'vo told me. Tint I'vo seen tho sun
Sacredly i
This is a very important consideration in a woman's correspondence with Mrs. rinkham. It is i
frrcat satisfaction to fcol that ono woman can write to another telling her tho moBt privato and confidential I
details about her illness, and know that her letter will bo seen bya woman only, a woman full of Bynipathjl
lor nor bick sisters, anu wnn a Knowicugo 01 woman's his greater wan mat possesseu uy any omerpenoo.
Mrs. Pinkhnm never violates tlio confidence thus entrusted to licr,and although sliopuMhhw
thousands of testimonials from women who hivvo been benefited by her advice and medicine, new
in all her experience has she published such a letter without tho full consent, nnd often tj
special request of the writer.
Tho reason Mrs. rinkhamis bo amply qualified to give advico in cases of female ills is for the rem
that over ono hundred thousand cases come before her each year, eomo personally, others byroaiM
mis nas neon going on lor twenty years, aay alter uay, ana uay alter uay. iwonty years 01 constant succeal
uunit 01 tne Knowledge tints gameo. buroiy, women aro wise in seoKing auvico irom a woman ol ti
experience, especially when it is absolutely free.
As nu illustration of tho crood comlnrr from such advico wo herewith nubllsh two fattens
portrait of Miss lluttio DcGrout, the rending of which should give every sick woman conlidencel
jiirs. A'liiKuain s unnity to ncip tnem. xnis is only ono 01 tnousantis or tno sumo Kind 01 ietta
which Mrs. Pinkhant lias on file.
"Deau Mns. Pctkuam: I have read with interest your advice to others to mud
that I thought I would wrlto to you, for I have been (suffering for a long time I hire mi
bearing-down pains, and such shooting pains go through me. I have headache, baclo&l
and feel tired. Menstruation is very painful, sometimes have to stop work and lie don I
My stomacn Dloats ternary, ana 1 am troumeu witn wliltcs. Hoping to bear ircmjai
soon, I remain, 1
July 84th, 1900. Miss IUttik DkGroat, Succasuma, N. J." 1
" Dkar Mns. Pimntilf : I can hardly find words to thank you for your advice ui
wonderful Vegetable Compound. I was in a terrible state, every part of my body scbti
was very nervous, had hysterical spells. I think I would have become insane had it Ml
been for Lvdla E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound. Your letter told me just what to k
and your medicine cured me, and I cannot express mv thanks."
March 8th, 1001. Miss Uattie DkGkoat, Succasuma, N. J." I
No other medicine In tho world has received such widcspreadM I
UnaunllflCfl lnilnniimnnl. Vn nflmr tti1IItia lina sitrli n, rCCOrunl
cures of fcmnle troubles or such hosts of grateful friends. Do not he pcrsuadeJI
T II II F II 11 V nrhnr mmllnlnn lu I,.,. .1 . . .1 , i ,i .i.nf hfflf
.Y"r case, tie is seeking a lurprcr profit. Follow tho record of tins mcmciugi
ana remember that the thousands of cures of women wIiohr leHer nro nnnstrmr.lv nrinted in will
paper were not brought about by "souiotliinx else," but by Lydla E. rinkham's Vegetable Componnd.
all my dnys In Banbury, and I know
there ain't strength enough In it when
it's setting or when It's rising to
tetch olfn gun, without there's works
going on. In this place that ain't Scrip
tural nor fitting.''
Not Attending to Business.
Tho shrewdness of one ot tho found
ers of a famous estate In Maine gavo
rise to many amusing stories, one of
which has recently been retold.
One day tho man, who was a largo
lumber operator, was superintending
a crew which was breaking up a log
Jam In tho river. Suddenly tho spruce
on which ho was standing slipped.
The lumberman dropped out of sight
In tho water, and tho logs closed over
The nearest Frenchman saw the ac
cident. Hopping brlakly over tho
slippery logs, ho helped tho "boss" to
Nothing was said about tho acci
dent. After an hour or so tho
Frenchman began ot get anxious bo
cause tho reward which lie consider
ed due him was not forthcoming. He
approached the lumberman, and pull
ing ciumsuy at nis cap. stammered;
I see you fall in, m'sleur. an' I run
queek to pull you out 'foro you
"Prob'ly." snapped the lumberman.
'prob'ly, If you'd been 'tondlnrr to
business as you'd oughter, you
wouldn't havo seen me fall in."
A Society Bello of London, Canada.
Vast Returns.
Of thn nrnrltirlniia anm nf ti ttoo
014.000 receiver! liv rnllwnv nnmnn.
nies of tho United States in tho year
Just reported upon by tho Interstate
rnmmnrofl pnmmlnatnn tfiirtTiQ nnn
or three-eights, went for wages, J420,-
uuu.uuu ior otner expenses or opera
tion. x.iOD.onn.non fnr intri .i
' I . , . . ....... uuu
taxos, and 165,638,000 for permanent
impruvurnunis anu miscellaneous ex
penses leavlnir 131 flan nnn fnr ,ui
(lends about two and six-tenths per
cum on tno siock and $!M,7(H,000
tor surplus or resorvo.
nornr linn
becomo chief Justlco of the snpromo
COUrt Of Wvomlnr' linilnr ilin ln,
which provides for tho rotation of tho
sovoral Justices of the court In tho
uiKiiesi. pince. Jiuigo Corn Is tho first
man of his nnllMra uihn l.nn no
i - - ..Ma w,ui uc
cnpled tiio position.
of London, Ontario,
Canada, is a beauti
ful girl who knows what
suffering is and Wine of
Cardtii has brought her back
to health, Sho is one of the
social favorites of her home
and her recovery to health
has permitted her to enjoy
the company of her many
friends'inatead of lvinn on
abed of sickness and suffering. For
the health she now enjoys she gives
credit to Wine of Cordui. She .writes:,
"I have found Woe o( Gtrdul an excel
lent remedy for female trouble. I suffered
for three yean with terrible bearing-down
pains at the menstrual period. 1 could
hardly stand on my feet and was never
real well. Wine of Cardul wax the only
medicine that I could depend on to do me
any good, as I tried several with no suc
cess. Wine of Cardul cured me and I
have now enjoyed perfect health for two
years, and give you all the credit for I
know you deserve it."
Pora young girl Wine of Cardul is
tbebeat remedy to guide her through
VDBunhood by starting the menstrual
flow in n healthy and I
ural manner. Jlcnstnut
started right is very eaJJJ
1 rVirnuch !
years of mature womaiuja!
Then tho "CiiangB j-1
need not be feared,
Winn Pnrrllli is WW
best relief from yorath
old age. A million wo.
from their suffenngj bJBfl
im? this treatment. It relieTeJi"!
strual troubles in an incredibif m
time. In a simplo case of ftW
menses Wino of Carduinevfc""v;
relieve disordered menses is w
the cause of other femalo troubles. .
i :.: :n tail vnn that to ra
the cause of a disease renders twj
.Al.lnm fails tO Vm
the cure. Jf you would .haTeWJ W
relief which Miss Markell secffl4
... m V-.. f.irr1
wine or ijaruui. ii- zJTumHH
out an examination and witw&fl
the privacy of your home wdjfj
men are feeling the vigor
health by taking Wine of Card?
A million suffennff-JT
have found relief
Wino of WW".
On Its Merit
Has the large demand for
Byes' Best FM
d . . . . . . -.iters 1
occn mini up. unly the choicest wheat that grow w..- ,
to Byers Best Flour. It's perfection in Flour. Made ")
W. S. Byers, Proprietor.