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    -Our Line of
Richard Hud nut's
Perfumes and
Toilet Requisites
Is now open for your inspection, including perfumes, toilet
soaps, cold creams, satchet powders, talcum powders, almond
meals, etc. We will be pleased to show you these goods
whether you intend to buy or not.
FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 1903.
We must not judge a man by
his ornaments but strip him of
all his advantages and the Im
postures of fortune, nay, of his
very body, and look into his
mind. Seneca.
I counts that have heretofore escaped
I taxation entirely. It is encouraging
to note the gradual spread of more
equitable assessments throughout Or
1 i 41 l
egon. une coumy auer miuiuer is
recognizing the need of adjustment,
ami when all uronerty nays an equal
! ! share of taxes the high levies, so
usual in Oregon counties, will have
been reduced by half.
Reviving tho old blue laws will not
make men love the Sabbath any bet
ter. The proper way to bring about
Sunday observance Is for the Chris
tian people in the community to set
the' example. Sunday papers will
cease to exist only when the demand
for them stops. Sunday ball games
will stop only when the great mass
of the people have a half holiday on
There are striking evidences of
moral reform on every hand in the
Northwest. The cities of Tacoma and
Helena, within the past week, have
shut up gambling houses. Seattle Saturday, and the Sunday excursions,
and Spokane have been in the throes s0cials and lawn parties will be no
of tho moral warfare for months. The moro wj,en the poor can take a day
battle in nearly every city election ,)u- during the week, to enjoy such
held in the Northwest during the past things. It is not lack of piety that
year, has been waged around the muses men to break the .Sabbath; it
gambling issue as the storm center, j s acj ()f time to find enjoyment on
Portland is raiding her gambling t any other day.
houses right and left. Smaller towns
throughout the interior of Oregon. . The Evening Telegram made a sad
Washington and Idaho have closed mistake when it published its coarse
public gambling, for a brief spell, at caricature of St. Patrick. There are
least. I subjects which should be held sacred,
The country is being loosed from aven b-v cartoonists, whose license is
the grasp of pioneer customs. The wIler- if ',osslble- tlian U,B ,oeta- 11
Puritanism of the East is gradually costs n,one-v t0 learn lwnrwer' aml
.....nintinr. tho ,in, f , patronaRo of thinking Irishmen
the other ovonlng and found there
many of his intlmato friends. After
the dinner was over a conversation
. . - .....! ,
drifted to literary worn ""
presently became tho topic of convor-1
satton. I
Whnn I1n illspiiR.qlnn was going Oil i
one of tho company asked the liter
ary man If he over wrote any poetry.
"Oh, yes, I have written considera
ble poetry," he replied, "but I am not
going to have it published until after
my death."
Without waiting for any explanation
of the statement ine young "-
to their feet and with glasses raised
. 1. Ml n ltfk
nnn ni rim nnriv iiroijusuu; LUUK lii.
UUU Ul V ll V I" r
to you. old man." Chicago Chronicle
n ,rrlr,l r, tntwla rnnrfi n 11(1 111 rim tO thO
presumption that ancient America
Mm l.uwl whom Mie civilization
Asia itself originated. The curator
of the American Section Museum ol
Science and Art In the University ol
Pennsylvania. Stewart Culln, contrlb
utes a suggestive article on the sub
jeet to the March number of Harp
er's .Magazine.
nnllti nnliltc nut lllUIIV strikilllT
resemblances between the games of
chance played by early American Iu-
dians and those now in use in mum,
Korea and China. Among these the
Hundu game of "Parchlsl" is almost
identical with "Patolli." as played by
the Aztecs in old Mexico. Incident-
oil,. il. ,r.. ,r rP P'inliial with wlilnli
all American children are familiar, Is
a development from the Pachisi which
Mr. Culin and others regard as one of
the important Units in tne evidence
identifying Eastern with Western
civilization, as lie explains In his article.
J 11 Krnmbah. .i farmer in the
ITiiilcmi Tlriv I'ountrv. was In the city
yesterday, says the Union. Mr. Kruin-
bah reports that between suuu and
MOO hr:nl nf cattle have been fed
by the ranchmen of that section the
past winter, and that high priced al
falfa has been the principal forage
West. Formerly prosperity in a
Western city was measured by the
size of its poker games. Tho, popu
larity of the camp or town depended
in a largo degree, upon the amount
of money that could bo thrown in
sight in the games.
A "good town" formerly meant a
wide-open town,
which will be withdrawn from that
paper on account of Its mistake, will
be worth more than the alleged hu
mor in th" cartoons.
The Albany people who are asking I
for the referendum on the Lewis and
Clark Fair bill, can gain nothing by
piling up the expense of a special elec-
where everybody tion on the state. The voice of the
plunged. A "live town" meant a ,)eoi)ic was hear,i ln the legislature,
town full of transient adventurers, However, It would be a pleasure to re-
with a pocket full of money, ready to j)eat the vote.
risk it, at the drop of a hat, and Just
as happy without It, as with it Governor Chamberlain has muzzled
That class of men were homeless N't "-'" a' grafter, and has de
men. If they made headquarters termined to save the remnant or Or
anywhere, thoy lived at hotels. They Son'a once glorious school land area
wero not home-builders. They were 0 tIle actual settlers of the state,
not men in the broad sense, who While it is late to begin, some valu
tlrovo a peg in one place and gathered a,),e tracts nmv t!Ven vet sfivei1
their earnings about it. , from exploitation.
They were migratory adventurers. I Thu corner a Uje u,wjjj aml
who led tho advance guard of settle- clark MernorIa, )III(iinfi. w ,)0 laW
meat, yet who contributed but little ,,y presi(lent noosevelt. while on his
to the permanent growth of Western Western tom. The truo mmm
J,8, , , , ot' ,hat l)llHng was laid by Thomas
The order is changed now. A jQorson mo hllmlm, yea,.a .
good town" in the West, as else- wnon ,)e conccivC(, lho i(ca Qf sen(,.
where, is the town of permanent 1R tho explorers into the wilderness.
homes and stable business. Tho
"good town" now measures its pros- Apostle Snioot took the oath of of-
porlty by the magnitude of its traffic, lice as a United States senator with-
the morality of its people and the out a dissenting murmur from that
staunch citizenship that sets a moral body, it is ono thing to charge a
standard and fights day and night to man with wrong, but quite another to
maintain it. prove it against him.
The "good town" today is tho town
that offers the purest surroundings If the coal operators are required
for tho family, the most elevating en- ' the arbitration committee to roc-
vironment for youth, and which shows ognize the miners' union, the long
in tho largest degree, the triumphs of struggle will not havo been in vain,
order over lawlessness . i
Tho "good town" measures Its pro- ROUGH ON THE POET.
hIZnf ?0 TT ln '! volumo oi ,A y,m,,K mn w,10'haB wl"te
business, by tho Increasing territory short stories and who oiten sees his
of trade It wins, through higher abll- name In print above a narrative in an
Ity to meet the needs and tastes of tho 0l)SC"'t' niagalznc attended a dinner
Tacoma and Helena, Seattle and
Spokano recognize this changed stan
dard. The reform now being inaugu
rated in those cities is but the work
of that homo-making element which
has succeeded the adventurer. The
same change is In progress through
out tho entlro West. I
Tho homo-making ago. the best era '
of Western civilization, is now at
Slow healing sores are unsightly, pain
ful and dangerous. They are a constant
care and source of anxiety and worry.
Chronic, slow healing sores are fre-
3uently the after effects of some long
ebiHtating lickness that leaves the con
ititution weakened and the blood in a
polluted, run down condition, when a
scratch, cut, simple boil or bruise, be
comes a fearful looking ulcer that grows
and spreads, eating deeper and deeper
into the flesh in spite of everything that
can be done to check its progress. Old
people whose blood is below the standard
and the circulation sluggish, are often
tormented with face sores, and indolent,
sickly looking ulcers upon the limbs that
give them hardly a moment's rest from
pain and worry.
Ordinary sores Purify the BlOOfJ
are liable to be
come chronic Heal the Sore.
when the blood
is too weak to throw off the germs and
poisons, and no amount of external treat
ment vrill heal them, but they continue
to grow worse and worse, and many
times terminate in that most horrible of
all human maladies, Cancer.
S. S. S. cures slow healing sores by
purifying and invigorating the germ
laden, vitiated blood and purging the
system of all corrupt matter, thus strik
ing at the real cause and removing every
hindrance to a rapid cure, and this is tho
only possible way to reach these deeply
rooted, dangerous places. S. S. S.
strengthens and tones up the circulation,
ana supplies rich,
nutritious blood for
the rebuilding of the
constitution and
healing the sore,
when tou pet rid ol
the old plague spot for all time.
If you have a slow healing, stubborn
lore, write us about it, and our Physician!
will advise you without charge,
The Swift Specific Co., Atlanta, Ga.
The corporations which object to
Paying a Just share of the taxes of
Oregon arc not being Hooded with sig
natures asking the submission of tho
corporation tax law and tho portage
luad bill to a popular vote. Theso
measures have been so badly needed
by Oregon for years, that tho people
will hesitate to Join in tho movement
against thein. The taxpayers are
very well pleased with both,
Tho asaosaoror Clackamas county
baa followed tho
hi and will raise tho valuation of
.property. or all Ulnda. besides bring
Ing to light money, notes and ac-
Destroy the
Remove the
Newbro's llerpicide kills
the dandruff germ which
causes falling hair, and,
finally, baldness. No other
hair preparation kills the
dandruff germ. Stop dan
druff, there'll be no falling
hair, no baldness.
i)icisosi, n. n.,jiov, e,).
llnvoloenulnttlltrutoWp.ttiia have uA
f.'7A"0J',?Vur.ao lult.ud lindihat
All kinds for all purposes
Sash, Doors and Blinds
Planing of all descriptions done
to order.
Don't phcj your order for
Building Material until you have
consulted us.
Pendleton Planing Mill and
Lumber Yard
UOBEliT FORSTUR, Proprietor
lh muuUly iiwnttoiwt, uxt liivi uS Iu3?
flu4 that likeen tlw Ulr ton an. Vltiir?
Kowako Uouo.
For Silt at all Firit-CUu Drug Stow.
By the Fire Insurance Com
panies we represent. Our
companies stand first in the
Hartford Kire Insurance Uo4lvMQ
Alliance- Assurance Co 20 03G DC3
London & Lancashire Fire
Iusurance Co 2 &u not
North British & Mercantile ',OW,08J
itoyjViuVurance'Co'.: ." .' .' .' "V fil$U
The Two Extremes
About the time children begin to go to school they
are liable to be confronted with one of two extremes
they may either grow too fast or not grow fast
enough. In the former case nature makes unusual
demands upon bone and blood; vital organs are
overtaxed and growth continues out of proportion to
their acre. Here is where Scott's Emulsion finds
scope for its best workings.
It nourishes the bones the hypophosphites of
lime and soda does this; it feeds and enriches the blood
this through the pure cod liver oil; it strengthens
the whole system, providing firm, healthy flesh and
fortifying the tissues so that they are better able to
stand the extra strain upon them.
When a child is not growing as it should
undersize, underweight, there will be found in Scott's
Emulsion the very elements needed to aid in proper
Pone food for the bones, blood food for the
blood, tissue food for the tissues that is how Scott's
Emulsion provides for each demand of the body.
We'll send you a sample free upon request.
SCOTT & BOWNE, 409 Pearl St., New York.
My line of Shift Wi
I iiK OKiris , an or Wool
have an individuality J
skirts and Muslin u
wear in big variety.
I make Shirt Wii
Tailor-Made Suits and Si
to order in my CWn f '
Ed EbeJ
645 Main street.
ini t
1U. J . -
The only successful Harvester ever used in Umatilla
25 pounds of fancy driedp
oniy 51.00.
We have Dried
NectarineB Apricots
PrtmeB Peaches
Apples BaJsias m
Pears Curranti M
Coor t Street
t 011 r n
THE HOLT does satisfactory work on any kind of land. It is
rot an experiment, but practical, as time has uroven. and tl
advertising the machine Rets is from those who have used it. Over
75 machines in use in Umatilla County. Liglitest draught and long
est lifed harvester made. Sold by
311 Court Street
Pepdleton, Orego n
t r IA . r gonian for a free cat
alogue of them. A full supply always kept in stock.
Real Estate is the
1 ii Mi 111 in n
in the Yakima Valley.
sm anil rhmntp arp I)
tive of more diverfitied
tnan any otlier section
ment Co. have a large
raw and improved
Si II I lULJlC: 1U U1IV UlllfV.iv.
110c nrn h If in a short
m ilmrr nrnnncihnn lAf
iiinmu wji ,
Pasture Lands, $1.5"
per acre.
1- , n t ml. IA
$8.00 per acre.
Imnroved Lands in
steads still left.
Nessly-Soott Investment
Prosser, vvasn.
'4-4 X X-JIX-, JLL-a.i-n ..I-1 . . .
rtr, n 77X77CT'K-rrK-trarr-rr- I I I I
A Whole Week of Bargains
out is a bona lide reduction. If all our oustimera buy only drosSJs this woXat
?p oial pnoos ouotod bolow, wo will uot get rioh. but wo will Ko ll of frS, wW
daTper ySdk"te8.!ilnChC!Zid.e.'...re8!Iar $,,2Pet Vd"
G"pyecHTe4Grd!d.!:.. 65c
G"i,TSiM 60c
F vart WaiSttagS' 75c and 50c f Wely k
WydHTUt anJ0l'S' "aii widc- sPMiaI week per J2C
NTXfia: WUZ Z ab"Ve braatito1 Patterns, "special &
Other Soittogs from $1.00 to $i.'25'p'e'r'yi
Spring and Summer Goods in Oroat Variety and at Bedrock Prices.
Next week 4s ow Boys' week
vytcn zor our Big Special Sale.
YVy v