East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, January 19, 1903, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 3

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    15; GOOD GOODS
t Alexander's.
The latest Belts Pall Hall
Monte Carlos and Dip de
signs, fast received by ex
press at the
:ander Dept. Store
yaLIe Entertainment of Novelty and Instruction
Under auspices of Pendleton Academy
snd H. M. Hanaford, Chicago, Exclusive Managers
Freezes Alcohol, but Burns Steel;
Makes Iron. tin and rubber brittle;
Renders mercury hard as iron;
Runs a steam engine and does
Frten Strawberries fa u Ice
Ib PRICES. BQc uid $1: children under 15, 50c. Selection
Subscribers only, opens at 9 a. m. Jan. 24. Sale of seats,
ibers begins at 4 p. m., Jan. 24.
flou! and two
Juiadfdlawn. on iirom-
fjwen roonitt centrally '
Jfeetiic light, bath and
6 "Wed iawu, $i50O. I
ling, stable and two I
lK centrally locnt-
PN with lots from $700
1123 to (3C0.
Property on easy
Otf 111 rIMllatlnn
'J Mate art) rising.
.yepay more.
alt until real e-
Despain & Clark
Wholesale Com
mission Merchants
Will drv cash for poultry. The
Market price always. Bring it in
ever' day and all day. Chickens,
Geese, Ducks and Turkeys.
Office in Savings Bank Building
Come,JGet Our Quotations?
Opera House Is Furnished Several
Have Smallpox A. 0. U. W. Install
Officers German Measles Make
Their Appearance School Enter
tainment at the Bolus School
Much Trouble In Freewater.
Milton, Jan. 19. The Milton Furni
ture Co. sold the new opera company
S00 chairs last week to seat their
tall. It also received a half car
load to fill up tho vacancy.
Mr. Boyce, who lives three miles
north of Freewater, is Quite low with
heart trouble. As he is well along in
jrnrs, his condition is critical.
S. A. Miller, Mac Alexander and a
child of A. Franke have the smallpox.
S. A. Miller, D. J. Phelps and E. U
Smaller appraised the Harris estate
as follows: Real estate, $12,100; per
sonal 'property, $2199; total, $14,299,
The following officers were instan
ce in the A. O. U. W. Lodge at their
last regular meeting: Past master
orkman, Rcbert Frazier; master
workman, Chas. B. Demaris; fore
men, Guy Edwards; overseer, C. D.
Walters; recorder. Nelson Manda;
guide, Asa Troyer; inside watchman.
Ernest Hudson; watchman, A. R. Har
Claud Steen, of Dry Creek, sold 14
head of fat beef steers to John Kauf-
1. an last week for $3.80 a hundred.
Rev. D. C. Sanderson returned
heme from Oaksdale last Wednesday
where he was assisting in a revival
meeting, and left Thursday morning
for HuntBville, Wash., to assist in another.
Mrs. David Bailey and two child
ren, ci Missouri, were guests or Air.
James Frazier last week. They left
Friday morning for Dayton, Wash.,
where Mr. Bailey has been in busi
ness for the past six months.
Oscar Waiters has concluded to
make a druggist of himself, and has
entered Chastain's drug store for the
purpose of learning the drug busi
The German measles have made
their appearance a couple of miles
north of Freewater.
A school entertainment and box so
cial will be given at the Bolus school
house next Friday evening. The re-
Soak tho bands thoroughly, on retirinj;, iu
a hot lather of CuncuKi. Boat, the most
effective skin purifying soap, as well as purest
and sweetest for toilet, bath, and nursery,
liry, anoint freely with Cpticura Ointment,
the creat skin cure and purest of emollients.
Wear old cloves during night. For sorehands,
itchlnir. liurntns palms and painfnl fincer
ends, this one night trrtitmmt Is wonderful.
(Sold Ihroortiouttli. world. roTTll D. tvo C.Cotr,
rniZ. Norton. " Ilo lo htre lit.ullfll llUndt," fre.
Fine Syrups
Tea Garden Drips
Canadian Maple Syrup
Log Cabin Maple Syrup
Monopole Syrup
Acorn Syrup
Buckwheat and material for
your hot cakes
HI Court Street
A Big Grocery
In a Small Room
Is the cause of more discomfort than
any other ailment. If you eat the
things that 'you want and they are
good for yoi you are distressed.
Ackers Dyspepsia Tablets will make
jour digestion perfect and prevent
dyspepsia and its attendant disagree-
aide symptoms. You can safely eat.
anything at any time. If you take one
of these tablets afterward. Sold by
all druggists under a positive guaran
tee. 25 cents. Money refunded it
you are not batisfled. Send to ub for
a free sample. W. H. Hooker & Co.,
Buffalo, N. Y. F. W. Schmidt & Co.,
Economy is Wealth 1
cwpis to go towards uuying more
booKs for their library.
Wc heard a hunter say the other
oay, that thero were so many tres
pass notices on the ranches around
here that a law abiding citizen could
"not shoot in any dlrectlbn, except
straight up, and be safo from arrest
Among tho "visitors in Milton last
week were Chief or Police Kaufman
r.nd wife, and Mrs. Broughton and
daughter, of Walla Walla, Wash.,
Rev. C. W. Howard, of Dayton,
Wash.; J. W. Bishop, of Wasco, Ore.'
Mrs. H. Nelstn, of Weston, Oro.
Mr. Louis Beardsley has accepted
a position as waiter and clerk in tho
new restaurant.
Emma Turner, a student at Colum
Ida college, left for Lexington Friday,
where her parents reislde.
The telephone company has always
used the electric light lwles for their
wires, but last week they put in a
set of poles of their own and "will
soon have the wires striine and
ready for use.
Dr. M. A. Mortensen, son of Mr.
and Mrs. S. Mortensen of this city.
and a graduate of Ann Arbor .Michi
gan, passed a medical examination
before thte stato medical board In
Portland recently and will practice
his profession in Eastern Oregon.
Not Much Harmony.
Frewater, with three salons- no
street to the depot; a postmaster not
tuttable to nil and eight citizens tint
have farms in tho corporation, and a
petition before the legislature to be
stricken off, and a saloon stove fa
Lilly shot, with the assassins at large
or refugees from Justice and not tho
sweetest harmony with the remaining
list that is left, we don't wonder that
Milton will not give her a foot of the
gravel flat that lies north of tho rail-
Helped Himself to Wheat.
Some petty thief, who has been
helping himself to wheat while it was
stored on platforms, broke Into the
Peacock mill one night last week, but
as far as the company could discover
nothing was taken. It is pretty well
known who the parties are and it
would be well enough for them to
stop before they are stopped.
To Have a Pest House.
A bill to establish a pest house in
Milton was up before the council at
its last meeting, but no action was
taken. Tho marshal was put on tho
salary system and J. F. Campbell
was made deputy by request of tho
opera house company. j
A Peculiar Case,
About six weeks ago, John Zell's
little child had the smallpox. When
it had about recovered, three other
members of tho family took down
with it, so about a week ago they
cleaned up and raised tho quaran
tine. The next day the little child
that had it first, took sick again and
broke out the second time as bad, if
not worse than the first. All were In
a mild form. Dr. Dittebrandt says
mat a similar case occurred near
here about two years ago.
Wounded Herself.
Mrs. Nellie Julius, who lives out
northeast of Spofford, about four
miles from here, met with a bad ac
cident on last Friday. About noon
she went out to split some wood to
get dinner with, and caught the ax
on a limb of a tree above her head
causing the ax to glance and hit the
back part of her head with the edge,
cutting a bad gash and knocking her
down. She was unconscious for some
t.me and did not regain her senses
until some time after. She Anally
n.anaged to make her way to where
tome men were working close by and
they seein? her covered with blood,
vent to her assistance, took her
to her home and sent to Walla Walla
for a physician. The doctor thought
at first her skull had been fractured
1 ut a closer examination proved that
it was not. The cut was sewed and
the patient made as comfortable as
possible. Last report, Sunday noon,
f.he had entirely recovered from the
stupor and will bo able to be about
her work again in a few days.
The Pe-ru-na Almanac.
Tho druggists have already been
supplied with -Peruna Almanacs
There is sure to bo a great demand
for these almanacs on account of the
articles on astrology which tbey con
tain, ine suoiect or astrology is a
I very attractive one to most people.
l ut n f'inx rin nsirn mfv in rnn I'nni.
Save money on your fuel and , na almanac have been furnished by
have your home or place of busi- a very competent astrologlst, and tho
ness always comfortable by using I nieiiuu cnaractensucs or eacn sign
i Is given, constituting almost a, com-
1-lete horoscope, A JUt of questions
I ind answers on astrology sent free
upon request. Thero will be a great
HOT AIR TFAAI HOT WATFP ru or tucse ocoks, Ask your drug-
Boynton Famous-
Alta Street. Opposite Savings Bank
'I he genuine Boynton Furnaces
are the most successful, oldest and
most economical heating devices
on th i market. Manufactured by
the oldest and largest heater man
you how much we can save you
Geo. Phillips
Cottonwood Street, between Alta
and Webb Streets.
Steer Slaughtered by Milton Firm
Weighed 1100 Dressed Market
The largest beef of which there Is
any record, which nan over been kill-
i n.l In TX'nlln WiHn vnlln.t " - .......
ufacturers in the United States, irundinz countrv. was brought tn th
Let us figure with you and show city yesterday morning from Milton,
raH the Union, It was killed at the
slaughter house of Berry & Loof, of
MSIton, and owing to the Immense
size could not bo handled by so small
a firm, and the hind quarters were
brought to Urn Walla Walla Meat
Tlie i wo hind quarters of the beef
THE 903
For Women
This Shoe is certainly the
best value of all the Shoes sold
in Pendleton. Wc claim the
reputation oi having the best,
and this is evidence. Any lady
who has worn a pair will be
glad to say a good word for the
weighed 506 pounds, whilo tho whole
beef, after it bad been dressed, weigh
ed 1160 pounds. Selling as good beef
does at the present time, at 9 cents
per pound, tho part received by tho
local meat company will bring more
than $15, which Is as much as the
avtrago beef brings. Taking the
whole beef, it would sell at tho rate
of 8 cents, which would be almost
Hogs and sheep uro more plentiful
on the market at the present time
than they have been for several
l onths. Dealers aro paying 5 and
G4 cents fcr live hogs. A leal cattle
buyer said yesterday: "Wo have no
troublo in getting all of tho sheep we
want, and the prospects, for tho sup
ply to hold out through the winter
r.re good."
The story that Georgo Chapman,
the London saloon-keeper, charged
with murdering three women, is an
American citizen ,1s untrue.
Art Exhibit at Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, Pjv., Jan. 19. Tho
best exhibition of paintings over
made by tho Ponnsylvnnla Academy
of Fine Arts wns opened to tho pub
lic today. It is tho sovonty-tsecond an
nual show and besides tho largo ex
hibition of canvesscs thero aro many
notable pieces of statuary. Tho ex
hibits represent somo of tho boat
work of all tho leading artists not
only of Philadelphia, but tho wholo
country, Tho academy jury will
award for tho first timo this year tho
Jennie Scsnnn prize, a gold medal
endowed by Allsa Elizabeth W. Rob
erts, for tho best landscape) In tho ex
hibition. Tho Templo Trust Fund
geld medal, tho Walter L-ippIncott
?;(00 prlzo and tho Mary Smith $100
prlzo will bo awarded as usual.
Tho Dally East Oregonlan Ik on sala
in Portland at tho Rich news stand
in Hotel Perkins, and at tho Hotel
r J '
"WH08E BABY 13 YOU."
This Comedy Will Appear at the Fra-
zer Friday, January 23.
Myron B. Hice, whoso latest come
dy success, "Whoso Baby Are You,"
will be goon at the Krazer, January 23,
hag secured a cast peculiarly adapted
to tho prosmitatlon of legitimate
furce. Mr. John V, Ward, Miss Juno
MiiUiIh and Ming Ida Ward, und a
number of others well known for ar
tistic excellenco, arc In tho company,
Mr. RIce'B attraction is winniug an
high prnlBO for tho manner of prcsou
to (Ion as for the acknowledged merit
of tho comedy llnelf,