East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, January 13, 1903, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 8

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High top box calf, regular price
$3.50. sale price 13.00.
Enamel, welt sole, regular price
$4.00, sale price $3.86.
Rid. welt sole, regular prtco $4.00
sale price $3.00.
All broken lines, legUlar price
2.60, sale price f 1.85.
Enamel, good style, welt sole) Tegular price 10.00, sale price $6.00.
French calf, welt sole, regular price $6.00, sale price $5.00.
Patent calf, congress, turn sole,
Dindinge, Wilson & Co.,
a Phone Main U8t
Miss Margaret Fuller has gone to
"Seattle on a visit. '
J.H. Kaloy is in Walla Walla today
on a brief business visit.
Swanta Anderson, of Pilot nock, is
In the city today on business.
A .J. Eisner, who lives two miles be
low Pendleton, is in town today.
Ralph Wade and Benjamin Burrow
are in Baker City on business.
A. Gustafson Is confined at his home
with a severe attack of rheumatism.
John Garrison ,tho prominent Pilot
Rock stockman, is in Pendleton to
day, Jesse Alloway starts tonight for
Linn county for the transaction of
Charles Wright, of Pilot Rock, Is
transacting business In Pendleton
this afternoon.
T. Donovan, the O. R. & N. line
man for the Umatilla-Huntington dis
trict, is in the city today.
Mrs. C. S. Jackson went to Portland
today, to visit with friends in that
city for several weeks.
Matt Kasrl, of Missouri Canyon, is
building a now barn, and remodeling
and adding to the old one.
Sister Superior Bernadette, of St.
Anthony's hospital, is in Portland, and
will return In a very short time.
C. D. Dlraent, of Walla Walla, rep
resentative of the Spokane Spokesman-Review,
Is in the city today.
Mrs. W. T. Hl3lop returned this
morning from the Sound, where she
has been visiting for several weeks.
There was a light attendance at all
tho churches Sunday last, due to the
nervousness, which the quarantine of
a week before not subsiding.
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Bush and daugh
ter, Miss Nellie, of Athena, are spend
ing the week at the Wooddy home at
tho west end of Webb. Street.
Miss Ethel Thompon, of Pendleton,
Is visiting in Walla Walla, tho guest
at tho home of her brother, Herbert
Thomson. 'Walla Walla Statesman.
Thomas Matthews, a prominent
Bheep-ralser of Butter Creek, spent the
day in the city. He reports the stock
of that locality in excellent condi
tion, S. F. Thompson, proprietor of the
lodging house at 127 Webb street, is
This celebrated line of
Perfumes, Toilet Water and
Toilet Soaps are now han
dled bv us. If yot want
something exquisitely nice,
ask for Colgates.
There is no proposition before the people that is as safe
and sure to double in value as Real Estate in Eastern Oregon.
You take no chance of losing, for Real Estate at the figure it
is selling for now, is as good as gSvernment bonds. We have
the choicest farm land, grazing land, wheat land and city prop
erty that is on the market. We can make the terms to suit
you, If interested just take time to call and look over what
we have and learn the prices.
llatwit l.itrurv Mlntlln A Hmnll
Court btreet.
Children's and Misses' Shoes
lied School House shoea, sizes
13 to IK, regular price $1.60,
salo price $1 10.
Misses' high top box calf, sizes
11J to ljs, regular prlco $2.26,
sale price $1.86.
Children's high top box calf, 8&
to 11, wre $1.86, now J1.60.
regular price $6.00, sale price $3 60.
recovering slowly, from tho attack of
pneumonia, which has prostrated him
for over a month.
J. H. Raymer and Charles Weiss,
hoth nf nr near Milton, are In town to
day. Mr. Weiss has business before
the county court, while Mr. Raymor Is
tho guest or uounty Treasurer oom
Mian Flnrn Jnnenla. daughter
tionrv .Tniumln. of Missouri Canvon
Is somowhat recovered from the stroko
of Tinrnlvsls which nrostrated her last
September. Sho can now walk and
talk a little,
Jacob Enbusk, of Missouri Canyon
is in town today. Mr. Enbusk states
'that the condition of winter wheat In
that neighborhood is excellent, lncltid
lng the 160 acres of his own sowing.
although hardly flret-ciass.
Mrs. Justlna Kasrl, of Missouri Can
yon, Is suffering from a protracted and
severe attack of heart trouble. The
ailment has not been diagnosed, but
is said to be very severe, and Mrs
Kasrl's completo recovery Is hardly
hoped for.
George Mincer and wife have re
turned from Cambridge, Idaho, where
they have visited for some time. They
were accompanied home by Miss Vio
let Allen and Edith McDonald. Tho
latter will attend St. Joseph's acad
Many Bridges Out.
Nearly all the smaller bridges on
Wild Horse and Cold Stream went out
during the recent freshet, which has
resulted in considerable Increase In
tho demand for bridge timbers' and
planking at tho lumber yards in the
city. Among other incidents of the.
flood the bridge at Holdernian went
out clean, which was entirely unex
pected, as It was a solidly built struc
ture from the bottom of the piers to
tho topmost timber. The bridges are
all being put in by tho road super
visors, tho cost of all of them being
The Club Building.
The committee from the Commer
cial association will prosecute tho
matter of raising funds for the erec
tion of a commercial club building Im
mediately. The subject was laid over
until after tho holidays, not from neg
lect, but because It was thought ad
visable. R. Alexander, who Is chair
man of the committee having in hand
the raising of the fund, believes tho
entire amount will be raised and the
building erected.
To Purchase a Plant.
William Roeseh, who Is the proprie
tor and owner of tho new brewery,
the foundation for which has been laid
at 403 Court street, started East last
r.lght. His mission is the selection
and purchase of a manufacturing
plant for tho brewery. Ho will invest
in only up-to-date processes. Daul.
May has the contract for the brick
work of the new brewery.
Umatilla Pioneer.
J. B. Kesney, who Is tho proprietor
of tho Elgin hotel, and who Is among
tho few distinguished of old timo
stage men of Orogon, received this
irorning n beautiful dark bay stallion
which ho paid $1000 for. He will take
him to his ranch on Snako river. La
Grande Chronlclo.
Marriage Licenses Issued.
The following marriage licenses
were Issued today: Marion Jack, of
Havana, and Laura Crafts; to Chas.
M. Wright and Emma Brown, both of
Old Dutch Henry Feed Yard. J
IllltlllPfiH lllMlmiir COml tirollLH. Oil !
R. Alexander, President of the State
Board of Regents, Thinks That Five
Members on the Board Would Be
Sufficient Speaks Highly of West
em Normal.
R. Alexander, president of the state
board of normal regents, when inter
viewed by an East Oregonlan reporter
this morning about Governor Cham
berlain's recommendation to cut tho
number of state normal colleges from
four In number to two, was not very
Ho had no objections to being quot
ed to a certain point, but declared ho
had ltttlo to say on tho subject at this
Juncture. However, ho expressed him-
Eolf unresorvedly to tho effect that
under no consideration would he fa
vor abandoning Uio Weston normal, It
being tho only normal the entire east
ern portion of tho state has, whllo Its
efficiency Is Increasing every year, and
for tho past year or two at a rapid
Ho considers the present president
and faculty as efficient and capable.
During the past two years between
$50,000 and $60,000 has been expend
ed on tho Weston normal, and the
board of regents Is asking for 137,-
000 this legislature. These reasons
moro particularly the location of the
Weston normal In Mr. Alexanders
opinion, forestall tho presentation of
nny arguments for tho abandonment
of this, college that will have any con
ilder-ible weight w'lh the legislature.
Ho believes that one normal in
Western ai tl nno In Eastern Oretrnn
poperly maintained, would meet all
l oturil or legitimate demands of the
1'fople for state normals.
Mr. Alexander incidentally favors
reducing tho number of regents of the
state normr.l from soven to flw. The
most forcllle reason for the reduc
tion being the fact that It Is very sel
dom that any amount of persuasion nr
good reasons for a full board meeting
actuallly secures the attendance of all
the mcmbets. Usually there Is but
cie session in the year at which nil
the members arc present, and that Is
the session at which tho teachers for
the ensuing year aro hired. Even for
this meeting a good deal of persuasion
Is necessary to secure the attendance
oT all of the members.
Much Sickness Among Children
Many Attended K. P. Convention
Miis Myrtle Hill Entertains Per
sonal Notes,
Helix, Jan. 13. There is consider
able sickness in Helix and vicinity,
among children, although nothing se
rious so far. There is one caso of
measles, but every precaution is being
tcken to keep tho disease from spread
Tho protracted meeting at the
Christian church Is progressing very
Several K. of P. members attended
the convention at Pendleton last Sat
urday, among them being B. B. Rich
ards, D. B. Richardson, H. B. Rich
mond, C. AI. Alspach, A. F. Raymond,
C. A. Logan, C. E. Rushlmore, Burr
Johnson, Tarmon and Charles Barger,
Alex Montgomery, Emmet Rees and
Lyman Grlnwold.
Mrs. Rona Walker and little daugh
ter, of Spokane, are visiting her pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Whlteman.
G. E. Allen went to Pendleton Sat
Charles McAlvy was called to Val
ley on account of the serious Illness
of his mother.
Mrs. Slas, of Athena, came to He
lix yesterday to Join her husband, who
is engaged in tho meetings here.
Mis3 Pearl Smith was a Pendleton
visitor Friday and Saturday.
Elliot Richardson, of the firm of
Richardson Bros., of Adams, Is con
fined at the home of D. B, Richard
eon, at this place, with a slight at
tack of la grippe.
Miss Nelllo Herndon. primary teach
er of tho public school, Is suffering
with la grippe.
On Saturday evening Miss Myrtle
Hill entertained a fow friends. A de
licious dinner was served.
Pendleton Firms Will Discard Private
Teams and .Use City Delivery.
A movement Is well under way now
which promises to do away with the
many jyrivato delivery teams now In
uso uy the business firms of this city
An effort Is being made to form a
city delivery, under the management
of ono firm, which now operutes five
wagons. Tho merchants aro taking
very favorably to the proposition, as
tiio co3t of maintaining tho delivery
teams is about equal to tho cost of
hiring this service performed.
Tho principal merchants have been
conferred vith by tho promoters of
tho plan, and much favorablo senti
ment has been expressed. The main
tenance of a system of city delivery,
with teams enough to meet tho busi
ness requirements of the city prompt
ly, would meet with universal ap
proval amocg business men, and tho
scheme will be pushed as fast as pos
sible. Already a limited number of tho
business firms havo disposed of their
. . .L ..,.,oiilnn under
teams nmt as mu - -- d
progress Is dovcloped, It Is cxpecien
fo do away with their entire delivery
entcrnrlso by private parties.
A well-regulated deliver)' system,
with sufficient teams to . handle the
mmenso trnuo oi
much to systematise this Important
branch. It Is tho plan to fix regular
delivery hours for tho convenience
of patrons, besides keoplng cxirn
teams constantly on hand for calls nt
any time.
Large Influx of Settlers Make It Nec
essary to Form Another District
A petition was presented to tho
..-.. om.rt nrnvlnn- for tho organl-
lUUlllJ WM. v I J -c. -
zatlon of a now school district out or
now territory adjoining districts xuu
and 8G. Tho now district, If organiz
ed, would lie on tho county lino, al
most directly north oi mo cuy, um. u
mti in Vin Ti-nntwnril from the city.
Tho first petition was Incorrect, and
was returned to mo prumuiuio ui
Un.iorlntnnilrnf Nnwlln for cor
rection and recirculation. The Influx
of now settlers has rendered tho or
ganization of a now district in the
territory designated necessary
Addition to District 89.
W. P. Ross, of Meacham, Is bestir
ring himself to have about 25 sections
of land parts of the old reservation
nml partly government land and con
slderablo of It railroad land added
to school district 89. Tho project
would add over four miles of O. R. &
N. railroad to the district and greatly
Increase tho amount of taxable prop
erty, which is, of course. Just what
tho promoters of the scheme are alter.
It is a very level-headed move on their
pert. The land sought to bo annexed
lies along the southern line of town
1 In In ranges 35 and 36. The petition
in support of tho project, will be ready
for presentation at the county court
nt the March session.
Methodist Meetings.
There were three accessions to tho
Methodist Episcopal church Sunday
last. Attention is called to tho young
peoplo's prayer meeting nt the par-
sonago this evening as well as to the
regular prayer meeting for tho older
reoplo nnd the general public, which
meets in tin church Thursday even
ing. The Ladles' Aid Society will
hold an all-day session Thursday at
the church. It will bo n meeting of
especial interest nnd importance.
Tho now song book. "Pentecost No.
3." will be first used Friday evening
at a song service at the church, con
ducted by tho choir, but to which all
attendants upon this church are In
vited, to fnmlllnrlzo themselves with
the new songs nnd music.
Settled Out of Court.
Tho case against L. Christiansen,
accused by Lowls Nell of assault and
battery, was settled out of court be
fore It enmo to trial this morning.
'I lie motion to discuss was made by
tho complaining witness, and the mo
tion was granted nnd the caso dis
missed. Cotlnty Court Makes Levy.
The countv court last nvenlnc- m.nln
tho tax levy for tho ensuing year, as
ioiiows: for school purposes, 5
mills: for state and ennntv fnnrlQ
22.9 mills; for roads, .1 mill. Total, 28
Take Laxative Ilromo Qulnlno Tahleti. All
drunltti refund the inonoy int fills to cure.
K. W. GroTC'a Mgnatuie Is on f acli box. 25c.
I It will pay you
I to huy you shoes
dicing ovv Janti-
ay cleaning sale.
All shoes ate
J cheaper and some
hinds that
Were $5.00 now $3.35
" 3-50 " 2 95
" 3-5o " 2-5
" 3 00 " 1,69
" 2.50 " 1.50
" i-5 " 98
1.25 " 89
B atgains if we
can fit yoti.
Opening Session This Afternoon at
the Congregational -Church.
Tho fellowship meetings which have
their oponlug session at tho Congre
gational church this nftornoon, will be
attended, or that- is tho expectation,
at least, by members of tho church
in particular, nnu to a consiaomble
extent by orders, from all parts of tho
county. Tho general public is cordial
ly Invited. Tho program Is as fol
lows: The opening exorcises of tho rocu-
Jar program Is n gonoral discussion of
tho topic, "Practicing tho Divine
Presence," led by Rov. R. A. Olds, of
Walla Walla. Thoro will then bo an
adjournment until tho ovonlng ses
sion, which will open at 7 o'clock with
tho program proper to commence nt
7:30. The first oxorclso of tho even
ing will bo an address by Rov. Austin
Rico, of Walla Walla, from tho topic.
"Tho Pilgrim's Spirit In tho LIfo of
Today." It will bo followed by nn ad-
diess by Rov. Stephen B. u Ponroso,
D. D., presldont of Whitman College,
from tho topic, "Tho Contributions of
tho Pllgrnms to Education." Tho ad
dresses mentioned nhovo aro expected
to bo tho especial "features" of the
session, and tho local membership of
the church-is anticipating them as In
tellectunl and spiritual treats. Wed
nesdny forenoon will bo devoted to a
business session to consider tho nf-
fairs of tho church In this part of tho
state. Wednesdny afternoon tho reg
ular program will bo mndo up of two
nddresses. one by Rov. J. D. Jones, of
Dayton, wnsii. his subject will bo,
"Loyalty to tho Home Church." The
second Wednesday afternoon address
will be by Rov. Elvira Coblolgh, her
topic being "How to Cuitivato the
Spirit of Service and Sacrifice in tho
Church's Members." Tho fellowship
meeting will bo preliminary to n
series of meetings which will ho held
In tho Congregational church overy
evening for some time, conducted by
Rev. C. F. Clnpp, of Forest Grovo, su
perintendent of the C. H. M. society
for tho state of Oregon.
Grnud public ball!!
In tho Music Hall!!
Friday night, January 10, 1903!!
Refreshments will be served.
Pendleton Circle 527, W O. W.
We are making Big Cnl PrlceB in All Departments
oiore, ami win continue to uo tins until Felmiary 1 t,
Our Special Muslin Unden
Will Occur in February. We will show all the new, up tj
goods tresn Ironi tile looms. A nicer line was never on i
bition in this city. Wait for this sale.
Itenienilwr: The lurgist stock of goods lu the city to select lii
Rade, Reliable Retai
I Main and Webb Streets.
(I Our 25c Cofifl
tl ,
It can't be improved on by nn price'' cofiee
Maple Syrup, Pure and Deliciou
Buckwheat for your hot cakes. All kind- ol mushesl
complete, clean and low priced place to buv firccc ' 1
Mat tin's Family Gfocey and Bal
Wood business, and now we aro reuuy i -
a j nio nafl Main Street.
Phone U2. P. P. COLLINS
1 - ... . miMiv rHo the
aloeoc of tlcm. A foil sapply lwy kP' 5toe
-""i uns n.,t . w 1
Whne. - " . l"U P I
itnitat nne n. l . lH
i uest.
"'" " morr.
WW1 Aea
7 lbs, Sugarj
18,000 acrettutttji,
BOO rum ai?.??14."
good water and S3
cent off market pnc.l
720 nnro awv !LS "il
4.B00. n,rt
.,320 acres, 100 ton, 0l ,
8C0 acres in Camu pn
iruiu x-euuieion, 16,000
200 aores on the river I
ruuuieiuil, l.'.sw
IRA ftflrna tiiluu.. I .
"iivoi mug. m
oii on reservation!
140 acres on the ilver. i
Pendleton, tl,800. 1
HPIila la n nA.tl.1 II. 1 .. I
aud wheat farms which I
Ctty Property a Sp
4 hnvo a long lltt j
ioi8, residences,
I do not list propertj
price In right 1
E. T. WA
Real Estate Da
We have bought of the Allon Brothers, thoir interest!