East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, January 07, 1903, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 3

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fW 'GOOD lawwwo " -
. THEf .-v
;afider Dept. Store
to announce thei an-
Sale of Muslin Under
if and showing of Dainty
joti desire to lay
dir weal n niiuurir
rt'io lass, yourselves
hare done. Look
due wo l" "un
file community Thoy
a lire to' sled m real
jour means, buy
(euaeace now. I will
I (fill payments, or lor i
to properties:
h i rooms c cellar i
m ir-il lot . 900.00
J wo lota 700.00
Katie ud lot . . 700.00
title mii 2 lota 900.00
Strom (150 to $300.
Ft! lots 1200.00
tlMi 900.00
lied 650.00
ky, 300.00
III Court Street.
HE,PP, Prop.
Baking and
At .money-saving, prices af the
Miller' Cash'Gfocery. Every
thing first-class.
Prompt -Delivery
Our Cash System saves pur
chasers money.
Miller Grocery Co.
623 Main Street
Phone Main 511
Are recognized the best. We
have the complete line. Always
fresh. Always good.
A Big Grocery
In a Small Room
Alta Street, Opposite Savings Bank
"Have Cakes
Made With
OldTime Buckwheat
jj. famous
Pwted lunches,
"uerkraut and
k GO'S
Pure Maple Syrup
Standatd Gtocety
Gqvtt Street
Low Sellers of Groceries
U. S. Supreme Court
U. S. Patent Office
Trade Marki Apd Copyrights ,
700 tftH.Bt, N. W.. Washington, D. O
Rush of Oil Locators to Malheur
County Oil Struck In Sand Hoi
low Urand Ball on New Year's
Valo, Or., Jan. 3. The New Yoar
In Vale opened auspiciously with a
ball at the now courthouso, and tho
town full of strangers, mostly oil lo
cators. As a consequence, the conn-
iy viuik anu ins uepuues are snowen
under with oil locations.
Not ono location was relinquished
or any attempt at Jumping, recorded,
A severe snow storm erected the
oil locators and many laughable In1
stances of locators getting lost are
reportoti, However, the oil gang
seemingly got their own property and
no ricks aro registered.
Sand Hollow .seems now to bo the
greasy spot in Malheur. Mossrs. Al-
brecht and Miles lmvo been doing as
feessment. work with a drill and found
unmistakable evidences of oil nt -a
depth of 1C0 feet
Tho county seat fight has now cot
to tho lighting point, valo will send
down three ex-members of the legis
lature fully equipped to do battle.
Mossrs. Hope, Editor McCulloch and
Smith, of the firm of Smith Mercan
tile Company. That they mean fight
is not to be questioned. Petitions
against the removal of the county
seat have and are being circulated in
every nook of Malheur and they are
being generously signed, remonstrat
ing against the removal of the county
seat from Vale and a fight is on that
will try tho metal of both sides.
Ono thing Is vers evident. Valo
now has a courthouso that for com
modity, beauty -and solidity cannot bo
uc.-u in any county in the State or
Oregon. The court room alone' has
more floor spaco that all of Baker
county's official building. It is well
built, well heated and presents a last
ing monument to tho inhabitants of
Malheur county for their, public spirt.
edness, as "the whole structure was
built by .public subscription ; without
ono cent of expenso to the taxpayers.
Thomas Barton, one of the county
commissioners, whoso pet object has
been to build the courthouse, has
certainly shown what can be done by
a determined man. Ho has provided
courthouse that will last Malheur
county for ages and also made h, coun-'
ty structure that for beauty and work
manship has no superior In the state.
Fireproof vaults and lofty -1 ceilings,
with solid workmanship and great
floor space, with plenty of light.
inarkB the structure of Vale's court
house, the walls being built of native
stone. It .certainly presents a hand
some appearance. To say that the
first ball was a success hardly suffices
it. Malheur county, from the "cow"
lung to the festive rancher, from the
remotest part of tho count.y put iu
ar. appearance and the greatest ball
in the -history '6f Malheur took place
in the new courthouse, as a dedica
tion, one and all voted It a 'beauty,
and are ready to swear that Vale now
has tho handsomest courthouse in the
state outside of Portland or Marion
county. .
The now railroad, which by the way
Is now sure of success, by way of
Nyssa, has also caused many of On
tario's citizens to buy real estate,
the price of which Is now very elas
tic. Rumor reports Representative E. H
Test as having got a 40-acre plat
near tho town of Nyssa. Bo this as It
may, Malheur county Is evidently on
tho eve of prosperity. What with
sovoral canals for Irrigation, new rail
loads, oil developments, and a great
number of Immigrants buying farms.
the country around Vale will take on
new life. Plenty of wealth stands
ready to back the enterprise and we
confidentially look for the population
of Malheur to double within the next
two years.
There are many a good over
coat not bought, and we have
them, too Now you wont feci
sore with yourself if you buy
your coat of us, for IT WILL BE
Another customer says: Well,
half the people who speak about
my new suit say, "Who made
your suit ? How muth did the
tailor charge?" I let them
think I had it made by the
tailor, then tell them I got it at
Boston Store
Some of Their Wanderings Among
Washouts and Freshets.
Portland, Ore., Jan. 7. Tho North
Coast Limited has resumed the run
cut of Portland ou its own tracks to
Senttle, and from Seattle to Spokane
the tracks of the Northern Pacific
railway are being used.
The adventures of tho Great North
w v - irr- j .1 si
Make the Hair Grow
WIUi warm shampoos of CimopRA. Soap and
light dressing of Cctioura, purest of emol
lient ilcla cures. This treatment' nt olice
stops falling hair, removes crusts, scales, gud
dandruff, soothe irritated, Itching surfaces,
stimulates the hair follioles, supplies the
roots with energy and nourishment, and
makes the hair grow when all else (alls,
80IJ throughout tU vnrld. POTT BE D. D C.COKr.,
1'repc., Ueiioo. " Uow to U" Utiitiftillllr."nM.
em's transcontinental train No. 3 '
nial'nti on tnjorooflnt. lnntfir It, tlm '
era of flood3 and landslides that as
sail tho Northern Overland roads at
the present time. No. 3 arrived In
Portland Sunday and laid over sev
eral hours, leaving for Seattle Sunday
right at 11.45 o'clock, as the second
section of the Puget Sound train. It
was the fit st tlmo In the history of
leilroad disruptions that a full Great
Northern tinin has been seen in tho
terminal yards. The train unexpect
edly made a long visit here, and nt
cue knew anything about It until It
was ready lo be sent North,
Train No. 3 left St. Paul last Thurs
day with about 200 passengers bound
lor the coast. Tho train arrived at
Stpnkane on time Saturday morning
and loft within a few minutes for tho
Hair way to Seattle, at tho station
f Leavenworth, the trainmen were
met with the news that a bridge was
out near Madison. There was noth
ing to do but to turn back to Spo
kane, where the train arrived agjln
alter a hard run of abouf eight hours.
The train was next scheduled to start
'ir tidewater terminal over the North--m
Pacific tracks. Upon its arrival
at Pasco a washout of the roadbed
vns reported between Ellensburg and
Tacoma, and No. 3 had to stop in its
Journey over that route Saturday
Then the wires were touched for a
short time, and the Tesult was that
provision was made for the wandering
transcontinental train to come to
Wallula Junction. She was given time
to come through to Portland over the
Oregon Railroad & Navigation Com-!
pany's tracks, where she arrived Sun
day morning. The. extra traffic was
handled over tho O. K. & N. without
a single hitch. The train was held
here in order to make sure that before
starting on the Journey to Seattle It
could get through without being
swamped. Eventually the road was
reported in condition," and the train
left at 11:45 as the second section
of the night train.
at the same time, "Women and child
ren can stand up Just as well as wo
can.' That Is a typo of people notic
ed on evoiy public conveyance.
When I sco thorn I wonder It they
were brought -up without tho care of
mothers or tho companionship of sis
trs Thov aro objects of pity."
Owned and Operated by the Govern
ment Can Travel 100,000 Miles for
It is two years since tho Swiss gov
ernment assumed the ownership ami
operation of tho cntiro railway sys
tem nf that nation. Them aro at
present about 2C00 miles of road opcr-, Roosevelt's Thoufjhtful Act.
ated, Jacob A. Hiis, of New York, tho
Nine years ago the Swiss govern-' author and lecturer,, was tho presl
ment owned tho greater part of the , ctnt's Eucst nt breakfast a few days
great Jura-SImplon railway, and in , GO. In tho course of conversation
1898 completed tho purchase ot tho at tho tablo, Mr, Hiis said thnt his
entire system mother, 80 years old, living in Tube,
Tickets over the entire railway sys- "pnmnaJ J?J"rn fthi
tern of Switzerland for 15 days aro af " f t prove to bo of the
r.old at tho following rates: First-, ?A ! ' n
class, $11.58; second-class, $8.11;, lng ,l nl" th0, mf,al wft.3 vor' ,l 10
IhirdWs, $5.79. Tickets good for one , nt,,.w'Bote"e m r
lironth- PitRt-pinRB sin -m- kpcoiiiI. cram- Mrs. Rils, ulbo, Denmark:
class3& Bon 13 brfMnit h us Wo
Uts good for ono year First-class, 1,T n! 12 'lX
'enr-cn. oi nf. i.ti , doro and Edith Roosevelt Mr. Rlls,
iv ' W in relating tho incident, said: "I do
Accident on Wallowa Hill.
Monday, while William Mars, of
Joseph, was driving a six-horse team
attached to two freight wagons which
'were heavily loaded, at a point In
the Wallowa canyon not far from the
Halfway house he happened to glance
back while going up the grade and
saw to his dismay, that the rear wag
on was sliding off the grade, the
roads being icy. He Jumped, thereby
saving himself from serious Injury, it
not death. As the grade at this point
is 30 feet above tho river, the whole
team went down; but while ono horse
was seriously Injured, none were
Ki..ed. La Grando Chronicle.
These new tickets enablo the hold- Denmark verv noon now. Thnv have
,er lo travel as much and as long as a very g00(l opnlon ot tne Unultod
iic irneu ovBi mo uiiiuu Bmum ui states and of Its present head over
Switzerland during the time of the (horei and when Umt doar 0jd mothor
validity ot tho ticket, ' of mln0 eets tlmt cablegram from tho
Thus It Is seen that for $57.90, ono; president of tho United Stales I ox
n:ay travel over these 2600 miles of j pect thnt sho will get right out of bod
lailway 40 times a year a distance of cured nnd live at leaBt 10 years long
over 100,000. How does thlS' compare er."-
with railroad ratps In America? Ex. 1
Bluo Island, 111., Jan. 14, 1001.
Messrs. Ely Bros.;---! lmvo used
your Cream Balm' In my family for
nino years nnd It has becomo my fam
ily doctor for colds In tho head. I
use It freely on my children. It Is a
Godsend to children.
Yours respectfully,
Messrs. Ely Bros.: I suffered
greatly with catarrh and tried differ
ent remedies without effect. After
using ono bottle of your Cream Balm
I found relief and I cannot pralso
loo highly such a remedy,
Albany, N. Y.
People Noticed In Traveling.
"Tho people noticed In traveling 1
constitute a study in human nature1
that Is not always pleasing," remark-
cd a man recently to the Tacoma,
News. "A few days ago I was com
ing home on one of tho delayed North
ern Pacific trains. Tho coaches wore
ciowded and there was hardly stand
ing room in tho chair car. Several'
women and children came aboard o t '
Pasco. Thoy were crowded aside by
two Seattle men who dropped into,
two seats turned In opposite direc-,
tions, forming a private box. The
brakomcn politely requested the!
young men to take another car and
glvo the ladles and children the seats.
This they refused to do, remarking
Wanted to Itcnt A stable. Call at
this office.
Public Notice.
Parents will please take notice that
schools, public and private, will
not reopen until notified through tne
public press. Parents aro requested
not to allow children to attend any
public gatherings.
By order Health Board.
Heads Should Never Ache.
NTnVfli- ArtrlllT-A Htl frrtllhlfl. 1T fit
once the remedy that stopped it for
Mrs. N. A. Webster, of Winnie, Va.,
She writes: "Dr. King's New Life
nnto whnllv nnrpd mo nf arr hand.
aches I had suffered from two years."
Cure noaaacne, constipation, puuous-neas.-
25c at Tallman & Co.'s drug
A special land agent is Investigat
ing tho timber and land entries In
the Lakevlew district and some 60
claims may have tholr titles canceled.
"Jt'ii funny I The fuller mI he wjMja (treat dorg for rabbltaT'
"fiuofn he. meant when Iy bhjh (Hedp ;
' r V -: I , -I.
i V 1,