East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, December 15, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 3

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. !.
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Wlosinff Days of All Week's Bargains
survey or one of the through lines
mapped out by the Harriman frater-'
nlty cannot be disputed. That Vale
is to have the railroad Is established
i beyond preadventuro of a doubt, but
. . that she Is going to get the county
RESOURCES AND POSSIBILI- .seat remains to be seen. She Is go
TIES OF MALHEUR COUNTY. I lnE to be a good substantial town In
I the near future. '
Vale on an Ideal Site Forty Feet of' Valc has a hot water deposit 40
I Hot Water-Enormous Deposits of 1 be,Iow. the ,s"r,fco, ,hf 1 h vn I
u.nii.. i-i, Itself to be absolutely Inexhaustible.
. Kaolin-Lakes of Oil. ! As mcdIclnal watc lhero ,B noth.
tor lour ears the town of Vale Ing in the West to exrel It. Its heatl
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lexander Dept. Store
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315 East Court Street.
has been begging for some railroad
company to give them a railroad. If
they could not get a through line,
they were content to get along with
the toot of just any kind of a steam
During .all these long years their
cup has been filled with joys and sor
rows. Sometimes the scheme was
up, but more times it was down,
floored, beaten. Sometimes their ef
forts were ascribed to a pull to hold
the county seat, other times somo
other motive was seen In the railroai'
rumor, and oven now when the re
ports show a branch line from Nyssa
on the Oregon Short Line, the old
cry of "county seat wind' Ms being
raised In quarters that would be a
candidate for the seat of government.
The site of Vale Is Idea
for a village. On the west bank of
the Malheur river. In a canyon val
ley, where the summer winds fan
the heat away and where the rich
loam soil Is' heavy enough to stay
down when the wind blows, and
where a broad stretch of fertile soli
spreads out before the eye in three
directions is the present county seat
of Malheur county. No more beauti
ful site for a good town can be found
In Eastern Oregon, not a more fertile
spot exists therein, not a better key
to Malheur county can be found, and
now with a railroad the future is
more bright Those who would have
taken away their county seat before.
have another song to sing. Those
Is immense. It Is hotter than Is nc-i
cessary to rook and egg or boll a j
ham. Us supply Is great enough to .
......i . . inahu nun iiIIIU'a dull, n-iii
to heat a city
Twenty miles from Vale is an
enormous deposit of Kaolin. This
material Is not found In commercial
quantities on four square miles of ter
ritory in the United States outMdc
of Malheur county. Tlw rounty w
enough of it to duplicate all tho fine
wares now tn existence. Vale savs
this Is one reason why she is gcltint;
a railroad. It Is hard worh sho says,
to get an enabling act that would re
move the Kaolin.
That Harney county Is j.iet now
bursting out upon the horizon of tha
financial world Is another reason
given for Vale by the new line of
roan. Harney county can do no bet
ter than to unload her product
through this gafeway. A vast empire
unsurvcyed and not on the maps In
telligently lies beyond Vale.
Vale takes new life under the Irri
gation animation that Is taking hold
of the West. With nmple water for
the arid lands In her region one more
spot In Eastern Oregon has ushered
in upon the scene of prosperity. In
the very heart of tho new prcsperout
picture is the present town of Valo.
Hundreds of Ideations mark the
hills and gulches. Those who claim
to see further in the ground than the
ordinary man. see great lakes of oil
underlying the other formation. They
This Advertisement is For,..,,.
Men's iiandk,ercliefs
who would have sent nearly every in-! have sent away and purchased drills
dividual In Vale Into bankruptcy by for sinking and these machines are
depriving them of their railroad iiros- not toys They are the regular stan
pects are now confronted with the dard oil drills. like those used In
very strong rumor that a line is to. Texas and California. This Is an
be Immediately built. Just what is other reason Tor a rallioad now pierc
to he done with this rumor remains I Ing this domain.
to be seen That it Is backed by the
best men In Vale cannot be denied
and that it I sa feasible undertaking
Is Insisted upon by different railroad
companies who have guarded the field
with a jealous eye for several years.
That the branch is exactly ou the
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Consumption is
Like a Plant.
No matter how much corn .
falls o'i a bare rock, it wont
grow there. Neither will con- j
sumption germs grow in per-,
fectly healthy lungs. But if
the lunj-s become weak and :
inflamed they are good soil
for consumption germs, and (
if these enter they may take i
root and grow. j
There is no medicine that t
will directly weed them out. I
The thintr to do is to make 1
the lungs so healthy that the
germs will have to stop grow
ing because there is nothing
for them to thrive on.
The lungs must be nour-
ished with plenty of good !
blood, kept pure by breath
ing pure air. There must be
more sleep; less work and
worry. Perhaps some medi
cine. The doctor will know.
The most important thing
is nourishment. When the
body is weakened by con
sumption, the digestive pow
ers cannot obtain from ordi
dinary food enough of the
elements needed to make
good blood. The lack is best
supplied by the use of Scott's
Emulsion. It is extremely
rich in the substances, which
make good blood, and it also
helps the digestion to obtain
nourishment from ordinary
Scott's Emulsion is a food
medicine; not a stimulant;
not a mere "extract" or so
called "wine" of cod liver oil.
It contains the whole oil per
fectly emulsified, which is the
only way of preserving its
valuable properties. These
are united with hypophos
phites of lime and soda into
a combination which rapidly
builds healty tissue through
out the whole body, -and par
ticularly in the lungs. j
We'll send you a sample free
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409 Pearl St. New York.
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fancy Ikjx. A good prcbent
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of fancy silk hi the latest color
ing 7se,$ 00, $i.Js, $1 jo.
Oloves Golf (staves In black,
jwarl nut fancy colors 50c, 03c,
7SC, $1.00.
Umbrellas Fine black Hk
with nice htiudliM $a 50 to $6.
.rult Cases MenV leat'ier
caws, 21!, 1U, J(t lnch-$6 to $30.
fllovcs Dent's line kid iln-.s
gloves, heavy and medium
weight $a.
iult Cases Indies nWe
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(xipular prices
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A Million Voices
Could hardly oxprcss the thanks of
Horner Hall, of Wen I'oint, la. j.isien
why; A severe ccld had settled on his
lungs, causing a most obstinate
cough. Stveral phyielan said he
had consumption, but could not help
him. When all thought he was aoom
ed he began to use Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption and
writes "It completely cured me and
saved my life, I now weigh ZZ7 Itn."
It's positively guaranteed for coughs,
colds and lung troubles. Trice 6O0
and JIM, Trial bottles tree at Tall
man & Co.'s drug store
There are now on Die In the gov
ernor's offlce over 400 petitions for
Let Marphy Frame those
Pictures for Christmas
Don't put ofl having the
work dene. If Murphy
does the work it will be
good work and yon will be
highly pleased, Best stock
of framing material.
E. J. Mtitphy's
Best work at lowest prices.
Pendleton, Or., Dec i, 1901
This is to certify that we, the
undersigned, havf agreed between
ourselves to establish uniform
prices for the care and board of
horses by the month One horse
to hay by the month $12-50. One
horse to hay anil grain per month
ti. Commencing Dec, 1, 1002.
G. M. Froome
M. J. Carney
S. F. Hays
W. Lindscy.
Going out of
All sewing machines
in stock to he (lib
posed ol at cost.
Com e early and
select a bargain
The Queen Hotel
Now Open
The nev. building, 36 by Ho,
recently erected by Joe. IJII, on
Garden strest, between Court and
Alta, is now open to the public
Contains mj well 'ighted, and venti
lated and ncwl furnished rooms
Not an inside room in the build
ing. Modern innrovemt-nts, eiec
trie lights and baths. The Hotel
is directly back of of the Queen
Chon and Oyster House on wain
street, and the Queen Chop House
and the Qurni HoieJ will be run
n connection uy Messrs.
Olson Sc. Van Puymbroeck
Young man, do you desire tn lay
the foundation for weal'ht Kldorly
men, do you wish to Insu c you noire
competency T
If so, do as others have done. Look
around you and see who are th well,
to-do men In tho community. They
are thou who tare tni sled In real
However small your means, buy
real estate Commence now. I will
ell on small nartlsl payments, or for
cash, the following properties!
A house with 6 rooms a cellir
nd lot I7C0.00
A pretty cottage and lot 800,00
A house and two lots,.,. , 700 00
A dwelling, stable and lot 701.00
A dwolllng, stsble and 2 lots DHOIO
Vacant lots from 1160 to 100.
A block of 14 lots 1200.00
A half block, 7 lots ,., 00
A plat of 4 lots C60 00
A plat of 2 lots
G. D. BOVP, III Court Street
farmers Custom Mill
Fred Walters, Proprietor
Capaeliy I AO Iannis 11 (liy
Flour i' changed fur wli- ut
Flour. Mill Fi1. Choii.l Fetd, uU
always 011 hand,