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Eastern Oregon Weather
TonlRlit and Tuesday, probablr
""e- A WFF.K.
3t "
NO. 1(503
Muumuumm iiiiin aJiuiiwaiuuidUllj saS f!! m I I
on Birch Creek, in
A, Equal to I hose in
rmert Discusses tne new
Hts on Willow Creek Six
Thomoson, who has just re'
i (mm the Morrow county coal
i .here r-e lias been working for
kVt few months, is very enthusi-
lorer the prospects of these fields
fcptog Into good paying mines,
lanson Is a practical minor, hav
Eorked In coal mines for the past
irs. When the development
beran on Willow Creek pros-
the management employed Mr.
Ipson and several other practical
ulcers to handle tne wont, Mr,
took out the samples
i have been on display at Brock
IcComas' drug store and says
is Dlenty of more to be iound
t this came from.
Pipeaklng of the Morrom county
, Mr. Thompson said:
fcere are three tunnels now be-
farked 3 5 and 9. On 9 a new
lias been installed and the mine
braving very satisfactorily as
Is gained, Tunnel 3 is also
tag very good, although the de-
taent work Is not yet quite
gb. the breakdowns. As soon as
1 are passed the work will then
solid coal, hut at present the
us only in pockots and layers with
aiied with It. There Is little ap-
foslon but that the solid coal will
Reached at any moment. The
ptions aie perfect for an excel-
coal field and the veins have a
Inn pitch now so that there Is no
fcn to believe that the veins will
fanel No. 5 Is proving the most
factory, however. This runs in-
le hill on a water level and the
lis now six feet thick, with oue-
Uol'd coal. This lays In stratums
I a layer of dirt between the lay
f coal, The only thing remain-
lor this to develop into a solid
Is distance. Coal experts are
Ktlng that the solid coal will be
anywuere withing 50 or 100
(further into the hill.
I good wagon road has been fur
to the mines and a route
teen surveyed for a railroad to be
by the company developing the
K. Thompson prospected for coal
Birch Creel: in this county, two
1 ago, and says he found forma'
rtlch pointed very much to a
V coal bed in that lonalitv. nl-
Rh those backing the proposition
t time were afraid to put the
! lito the thing to do develop
tils prosnectinir on Birch
W.Thompson said:
Bin four months on Birch
Kilfiund lust as (rood rims-
Msftiitauntv. Thn Inriirnrlnns
' ill JKtaical fnrmMnnn nnlnr
r?m this is on the direct
" now helne wnrkort In
1 OTtrj,"
Agree With the French That Mrs.
Gore Was Accidentally Shot.
Paris, Dec. 1. The American doc
tors today submitted a report on the
death of Mrs. Ellen Gore, agreeing
with the French verdict of accidental
shooting. It is said one strong point
for the accident theory Is that the
ball passed between the open eyelids,
which would close Instinctively from
fear had sho been threatened.
Will Meet the Demands of Germany
and England With Concessions.
London, Dec. 1. It Is stated in dip
lomatic circles that Venezuela has
yielded in part to the demands of
Germany and England for claims put
In by their citizens. The concessions
are sufficient to delay the contemplat
ed presentation of a Joint ultimatum
by Germany and Great Britain.
Congress Opens With a Full Attendance of Members and the
Galleries Were FiHod With Spectators.
Railway Trackmen Meet.
St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 1. The Broth
erhood of Railway Trackmen, which
has a membership extending through
out the United States and Canada,
began its nnnual convention In this
city today with a good attendance of
delegates. The sessions will continue
a week or ten days and much busi
ness of Importance to the members
of the brqjjierhood will he transacted.
General Bell Coming Home.
Manila, Dec. 1. General J. Frank
lin Bell was today relieved of the
forces in Batangos province. Lu?on.
He Is succeeded by General Jesse M.
Lee. General Bell purposes return
ing via Europe and will stopwit Carls
bad to take treatment, as his health
is not "good.
Congressman Taylor, of Ohio, Throws a Bomb Into Democratic Ranks by
Calling for an Investigation of the Title of Carter Glass, of Virginia,
to His Seat,
Washington, D. C, Dec. 1. In an-1 recognized him. LoUlng fully as vlg-
' Method of Answering Ques-
1 W President
1 Ote Ikn.l 1 ....
(ih.i ljiucuin was ubk-
If . WouW happen to Great Brit-
continued to "butt In" dur
.iJl...:81688 of the war. The
H layorltn mnHinri one
Kir ii.... w
- .uiea ouestlons with a
to Ms aid and he told this
iaM! there was a man. out In
IT nrf vWh Wanted tO BO to a
'r and ha .
bbv Jm , a ingnuui growiu
Wb fk,erS- We!1' he Kot t0
Ns't V m B'eop. The barber
t bearV c?eertlH and soaped up
.to scrape It off.
Med in " ruuoea 11, and then
I . JI tO flprnnA U ir.
i Intnl. " J"1 " tut
-P.c aun a vunr nlnn. n,ln
. wllskers
fIr Wid:
and the man In the
8eem to be getting things
P hoM?8'11 .the barber, "If the
. ""'Is out, rn got them all
L'1'. the
the harL . naa sunKen cheeks
In ?he 1 hart t0 8tlck hls
me man's month .
" Will fin tuL .1 "- v 1'icoa
Iean xJi',at 1 iey culd be ahav
he mart 1 " waa having
0r went twT. T BRraP. and the
I tut tL nUgh .th0 man'8 check,
" cms t..i ' "u laniem
'(!" 'ou ye made file cut mv.
Mn"tbe man1 Brlutaln stlclta er
lenie,?.6 matter. "he Is liable to
Senor Herran Has Been Specially Em
powered to Conduct the Panama
Canal Negotiations.
Washington, Dec. 1. Senor Her
ran, of the Colombian legation, call
ed Acting Secretary of Stnte Hill this
afternoon nnd informed him that
Minister Concha, owing to ill health,
was obliged to go to New York indef-
nitely and during his absence Her
ran was especially empowered to con
duct the Panama cannl negotiations
on behalf of Colombia.
Although the state department had
not received official advices, It is gen
erally believed that Concha has been
recallled on account of dissatisfaction
with his diplomacy, and Herran will
act as minister until Concha's succes
sor has boen named. ""v
tlcipation of the receipt of President
Itooscvclt's message, members of the
senate today assembled early in then
senate chamber and in the cloak
rooms adjoining. Many of the sena'
tors, particularly the close personal
and political friends of the president
such as Lodge, of Massachusetts; Bur
rows ,of Michigan; Spooner, of Wis
consin; Fairbanks, of Indiana, and
Scott, of West Virginia, were already
familiar with the principal features
of the message, but the reading of the
important state paper of the presi
dent was marked with unusual inter
est. Those passages of the message
treating of the trust and tariff Issues
were listened to with closest atten
tion, notwithstanding the fact that
the recommendation concerning the
creation of a non-partisan tariff com
mission and the cautious attitude re
garding the question of trusts had
been generally forecasted, Equal in
terest was displayed by the senators
in those portions of the mesago re
lating to the question of reciprocity
with Cuba and to existing conditions
in the Philippines, Porto lllco and Ha
waii. The recommendations In regard
to statehood for the torrnorles ,IrrH
gation and the protection of forests
evoked nods of approval from the
Western senators. Mentipn of tlvo
satisfactory status of the isthmian
canal question also was received
with general approval.
Health officers to Consider the Bu
bonic Disease on the Pacific.
Washington, Dec. 1. Surgeon Gen
eral Wyman states that the marine
hospital service has decided to call
the United States health officers here
either just preceding or immediately
after the holidays to consider the bu
bonic plague situation In San Fran
cisco. Many cases have been reported and
the situation Is reported very serious.
Telegrams of complaint from many
Western states have been received.
e?. At uB nly 'eht teeth.
m . "t n years hn
trowt. 01 of tceth and a new
showlnig publicly His room in New
York was not expensive, but in a good
part of the city One of the stringent
roles of the house was that no cook
ing was allowed in the rooms. Mor
rison emptied his trunk, lined It with
oilcloth and placed a gas stove In
side, connected to a jet above. This
was his kitchen. The suspicions of
the landlord were aroused, and one
noon he knocked on the door of the
room just as some liver and bacon
were frying on one side and a pot of
coffee was making on the other. The
astute actor winked at Lewis, turned
off the gas, dropped the rubber tub
ing Into the trunk, closed mo latter,
sat down on It and yelled, "Come ln!"
The landlord, whom Mr. Lewis de
scriues as a lady-like man, came in
and sniffed the air suspiciously. "Mr.
Morrison, sir, you know the rules of
the house about cooking?"
"Yes, I do. Not allowed, I believe."
"But, sir, I distinctly smell it here,
have smelt It, sir, several tlmo's,"
Morrison iook a turn at suiiung uiu
air and failed to And any trace of
obnoxious vapor. Then be assumed
an attitude of Injured innocence and
said: "See here, where do you sup
pose I would do ray cooking? In my
trunk? What do you mean?"
And after the landlord had retired,
with apologies, tho trunk was opened
and the cooking finished.
Actor in Straightened Circumstances
Fooled His Landlord.
Mr. Horace Lewis, the actor, tells
a story on his friend, Edwin Morrison,
that Illustrates the difficulty artists
sometimes have fn keeping up appear
ances. Morrison was down on his
luck, bt believed in making a good-faimost hidden beneath their fragrant
Ovation to Cannon.
Washington, D. C Dec. 1. There
was a good auonaance in me iiuuso
long before the hour had arrived for
the assembling. The members gath
ered early, emitting and discussing
prospective legislation, Tho trust and
tariff Issues were the main topic. The
exchange of congratulations was in
order among the re-elected members,
and everyone was jovially slapping
everybody else on the back. The ar
rival of the new speaker, the venera
ble "Uncle Joe" Cannon, was the sig
nal for an ovation which was gra
ciously acknowledged by the distin
guished member from Illinois.
Many Women.
Pushing about on the floor were
crowds of visitors, mostly women, all
anxious to obtain tickets which would
entitle them to seats to witness the
opening of congress. The opening of
congress is distinctively a women s
day. and women were present in
gieat crowds. Fashionably dressed
in blight colors, they began Invading
the galleries as early as 10 o'clock.
Most of tlie sections were filled with
women and children and the time up
to noon hour was spcut chiefly ln ad
miring the floral tributes which
adorned the members' desks. Many
of these were of great beauty and
some of the mahogany desks were
oroiis ns he uin a score of years ngo
was representative Grosvcnor, of
Ohio, who was kept busy exchanging
greetings with his friends. Other
prominent members whose desks
were centers of attraction were Bab-
Quotation Furnished by
Commission House I. C.
Local Manager,
Chicago, Dec. 1.
Wheat Opened.
December "SHJTH
May "5.r"8
December 53
May 42Vs
December 30
May 32 M.
January 15S5
May 1502U
New York, Dec. 1.
Wheat Opened.
December "!
May 79V2T'
December MV44f
May A7i
the Coe j
Alton's Wage Advance.
Chicago, 111., Dec. 1. The wago ad
vance recently announced by tho Chi
cago & Alton railroad company be
came effective today. Tho increase
averages 10 per cent nnd affects nil
enginemen, trnlnmcn and switchmen
employed on tho system.
Railway Orders of Oregon to
Unite Fellow Servant Bill
the Point of Action.
Trial of Doctor.
Indianapolis, Dec. 1. Tho trial of
Dr. Alexander, demonstrator of aunt
nmv nf Pontml Mnllrnl Colleen, nn
rock, of Wisconsin. Dalzell, of I'cnn- j ,,,; chnrge of grave robbery, began
a.'Muuiu, iMiiiuiEi ui uiuiuiui, ji t ()jg morning,
iMinuis ami j.'ii'imiu, 01 -M!W iuij.
Speaker Henderson found his desk
heaped high with floral tributes from
his many friends and admirers. He
was cordially greeted by his col
leagues, who, without exception It
may bo said, sincerely regret that he
will soon disappear from the nreun
where he has been such a prominent
and influential figure for so many
Congressman Richardsun, of Ten
nessee was another member who was
surrounded during the brief session
by democratic representatives anxious
to consult him. Payne of New York
and Underwood of Alabama were also
conspicuous on the floor.
New Members Sworn.
It had been agreed In advance to
swear in the new members even
though unprovided with -credentials,
there being no threats of contest.
This plan was chosen on account of
tardiness of the returning hoards of
New York, Texas and Connecticut
Cannon diopped a bill into the bas
ket providing for an appropriation of
$50,000 to the anthracite commis
Public Roads Bureau.
Another was presented by Brown-
lee, of Tennessee, to create a public
roads bureau in the department of ag
riculture to secure national, state and
local co-operation for the permanent
Improvement of public highways.
Before the gavel fell the appear
ance of Mrs. Roosevelt In the gallery
created a stir.
Bill Defeated at Last Session Will Be
Presented Again Friends cf Labor
Legislation Begin Active Work.
Portland, Deo. 1. A concerted
movement Is now on foot nmong tho
railroad labor organizations of Ore
gon to renew the fight for more sat
isfactory legislation In their behalf.
Tho ftvo groat orders of railway em
ployes, the Brotherhood of Locomo
tive Engineers, the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Klremen. Brotherhood of
Kntlrond Trainmen. Order of Hallway
Cnnductois and Order of Hallway Tel
egraphers, each have legislative com
mittees nml nro now formulating
laws and dlhcuKsIng proposed meas
ures which are to bo presented at
the coming session of the legislature
Circular Letter Out,
Tlie following circular letter has
A Fierce Battle Fought at Planlna
Macedonians Lose Over 300 Men
and Flee In Disorder.
Vienna, Dec. 1. "Die Information
today reports a fierce battle being
fought between Turkish troops nnd
Macedonians at Planlna, near the Bui
garian frontier.
The Macedonians lost 302 killed and
140 wounded. The Turks lost 250
killed and COO wounded. The Maco
donfans fled in disorder.
Hearst Conspicuous.
When Clerk McDowell rapped the
house to order on the stroke of 12
there was not an empty seat in the
galleries. Admiring constituents had
even preempted the steps In the gal
leries and they refused to leave. Af
ter the body had oeen rapped to or
der the chaplain delivered the open
ing prayer. He prayed that the mem
bers and speaker of the house might
receive divine guidance during the
session. The moment the chaplain
concluded the members began to
scatter about and talk with old
friends. William R. Hearst, tho young
newspaper publisher of New York,
Chicago and San Francisco, and a
new member of congress from New
York, was a conspicuous member on
the floor. His wan one of several new
faces that was constantly pointed out
to tho gallery visitors by persons who
. Stirs the Democrats.
Congressman Taylor, of Ohio, threw
a bomb Into the democratic ranks
shortly after the preliminaries were
through with by offering a resolution
calling for the Investigation of tho
title of Carter Glass, the newly elect
ed member from Virginia, to a seat.
The question raised being whether
tho negroes were not unlawfully de
prived of their franchise. It was re
ferred to the committee on elections,
of which Taylor Is chairman,
At 12:50 Henderson appointed
Bingham, HItt and Richardson a com
mittee to await on the president, con
sult his wishes and ask for his mes
sage. Then, ln honor of the memory
of Representative Russell, nf Connec
ticut, the house adjourned.
Estimated the Government Will Re
quire Close to 600 Millions for the
Fiscal Year.
Washington, Dec. 1. Estimations
of the various departments place tho
amounts needed to run the govern
ment during the fiscal year ending
Juno 30, 1904, as $589,189,000, This
is $33,000,000 less than the actual ap
propriations. Reductions were made
for military and public works. Tho
largest single Item Is pensions, which
i r ..A c: r r r
cans ior inu,uw,wu,
Senate Adjourned.
Both houses met promptly at noon.
At 12:15 the senate adjourned until
tomorrow on account of the death of
Senator McMillan, of Michigan.
Chaplain Resigns.
The resignation of Rev. Mlllburn,
the chaplain of the senate, was plac
ed ln the hands of President Frye
this morning, before congress opened
The caue for his action is poor
Mrs. Style Now, Henrietta, you
may give FIdo a bath and a shampoo,
comb his hair nicely and put ft fresh
ribbon around his neck; and then, If
you have time, you may go and see
what the baby Is crying about.
The Grain Cultivated fn Turkey Prac
tically the Same for Centuries.
Tho Chamber of Commerce of Con
stantinople, in reporting upon Turk
ish wheat, states that 90 per cent of
the varieties of grain cultivated In
Turkey have been practically the
same for centuries. This fact alone
Is sufficient to diminish their germi
nating powers. The chamber recom
mends the authoi.aes to purchase
seed grains of all sorts and of the
best quality, and to distribute it
among tho agriculturalists of those
portions of the empire whore the ne
ccsslty exists of Improving the' crops
The chamber recommends that the
employment of the Improved seed
grain should be made compulsory.
An Improvement. -
"I hear Hint Cactus Tim had
legs cut off," said Alklll Ike.
"Yes," said Tarantula Tom; "rail
road did It nipped his feet off clean
and sure. Ho's stumpln' 'round on
wooden pins now."
"How does he like It?"
"Fust-rate. He says he can't get
snakes In his boots now."
Kaiser Gets $1,250,000.
Fran,ifort, Germany. Dec. 1. To-
nn s i.nzeuo says inni inc vnisrr mis ,, ,8gutl1 ,,y ie J()lnt (1;HllUvo
;V . , T ... m . """","m, board nf the live iinlors. to tho varl.
vtllhelm """brand. , mm ,0ttg8 tUruiiKhout tho
"To the olllcers and members of tho
different ardors of railway employes
of Oregon, greeting: Tho Oregon
legislature will boon convene In regu
lar session. Tim various Interests of
tho peoplo will bo loprosentcil before
this body of Inw-nuiliois. As citizens
of this groat and progressive stato,
entitled to Its protection, In Just pro
portion to tho duties of cltlzeuHhlp
required of ns, wo fool that some em
phatic expiosslon of our Just demands
should 1)0 made. At the piosnnt tlmo,
no laws for our protection are found
upon the statutes of Oicgon Wo
nro engaged In n quasi public serv
ice, oxtia hazardous, nnd fraught with
uiitulil perils. The public Is dlicctly
interested In tin operation of rail
roads, and fools n deep ooncorn In
those whoso lives aro In Jeopardy ln
tho discharge of the Important duties
of carrying on the truffle of the coun
try. With the record already made
In tho last session of tho legislature
before us, wo cheerfully tako up tho
struggle once inuro, hoping for full
fruition of our highest anticipations."
Number of Employes.
There arc over .'1000 members of
tho. various organizations in Oiegon,
and their united effort In favor of
lubor legislation will bo h matter of
much Interest at tho coming session
of tho legislature. Ench organization
will have n member of one Joint leg
islative board, ami this board will bo
at the oapltol during tho entire ses
sion of the leglBlatuie.
At the Last Session,
At tho Inst session tho legislative
committee fought long and oarni-itly
for the passage of House Bill No. 80,
which Included five or nix main feat
ures, among which was the famous
"follow servant law," limitation of
bouts of service without rest to 10
hours, providing for three hrakemen
on freight trains of over 30 cars, and
tho blocking of frogs ami Mwltchos
with wooden blocks. Tho bill was de
feated In tho house by u vote of 22 to
III J M. I'ooruiun, of Marlon coun
ty, a member of the house, wuh chair
man of the i ul I nm d men's leglslatlvo
committee, being a member of the or
der of Railway Conductors,
Failed to Get Before Senate.
Henatu Hill No, 54, embracing the
principal features of Houmi Hill No.
80, was killed In tho senatu railroad
committee, of which Hfcnator (leorg
C. Ilrownoll, of Clackamas county,
was chairman.
Prepared for the Struggle.
During tho past two years the diff
erent orders have been diligently at
work collecting data and ytutlstlca for
a renewed effort and us tho avowed
friends of tho measure have made
several strong additions In tho Isnt
election, tho railroad employes fel
confident of success. Tho entlru
strength of the friends of the propon
ed hill will bo concentrated upon two
principal points tho passage of a
"fellow servant" law and a law limit
ing the time for a railroad employe to
work without rest to 10 hours,
The Joint legislative board will em
ploy able attorneys to prepare the
bills to be proposed. In order that
their constitutionality rnuy be assur
ed .
Short History of the Great Medium
of Communication in Our Own
Tho gross receipts of the 893 post-
offices In Oregon In tho fiscal year
ended June 30, 1902, amounted to
$094,057, or an expenditure per capita
of $1.58.
. Of tho total number of olllces In
Oregon, 85C are In tho fourth class,
tho average compensation of their
postmasters being $103.74 per annum.
During tho past year 127 forth-class
postmasters In Oregon tendered
their resignations, six were icmovcd
at tho expiration of a four-year term,
nine were removed for cnuso, and
three died in office. There wore 38
new offices established and 35 dis
continued, there being at tho end of
the year two moro fourth-class of
fices than nt the close of tho preced
ing year,
On June 30, 1902, there wcro 37
piesldentlal postofllces In Oregon,
one more than on the corresponding
date of 1901. Theso consisted of one
of the first-class, seven of the second
and 29 of tho third. During tho year
one ofllce In Oregon was advanced
from the fourth class to presidential
Pendleton Livery Stables Merge and
Raise Prices.
Tbreo of the livery barn owners of
Pendleton have formed a trust they
now refuse to board nnlmals at tho
old figure and havo established a
fixed price which will hereafter be
charged by them.
The ones to combine are George
Froome, M. Carney and 8. F, Hays,
the barnes known as the Commercial
Stables, tho City Livery Stable and
the Telephone Livery Stable. The
old price for boarding horses was $12
a head per month and the new sched
ule will be $12.50 for hay and $14
where grain and hay Is fed.
This agreement has been reached
owing to the raise In the price of
feed. Hay Is now selling at $11 a
ton delivered, and grain Is $22.60 a
ton. This inukes It Impossible for
the liverymen to rnako any money at
the price heretofore charged and tho
(also was the natural consequence.
Whether the other barns will enter
the agreement or not Is not known.
The Oregon Tithing.
Tho Oregon Lumber Company and
the Sumpter Valley Railway have
paid $40,000 per year as tithing, Into
the Mormon church, for tho past threo
years. This Is 10 per cent of their
annual income.
Secretary Frazlcr's annual report
recommends that tho dues for tho Pa
cific, Atlantic and Lake districts be
made 75 cents monthly, The marine
cooks and stewards of the Pacific will
become members of the union at this
The value of the Oiniiiuiiy's operat
ing on the mother lodu U as follows,
bawl on tlmrumo capital as Houtli 'oU
Colombia $1 per share
E, and E, OOo per share
North Pole $5 per share
Oolcooda started at JOo now sell
log at 50o and worth more
South Pole is starting at 15o
The time to buy Is on the flrtonV.
ing of stock ami profit ly all advances,
flHlmgun at Hartinan's ltract ofHea,