East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, November 17, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 6

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    scon's EmuisiM
ftcaflg is.
The essence of nouroh
mcnt a predigested food. A
condensed fat made palatable
and acceptable to the memt
"delicate stomach. Th first
'food a baby receives, mother's
'milk, is an emulsion. Scott's
'Emulsion is the milk or cream
of cod liver oil, and contains
ihe elements needed to supply
the nourishment that may be
lacking in a mother's milk.
'If a baby is fat it is comfor
table and happy; a thin,
'scrawny baby is never quite
iwell, never thoroughly com
fortable. Its ordinary food
may not contain the right
For such a baby Scott's
Emulsion is intended. It
supplies the needed nourish
ment as well as heat and fat;
it makes babies comfortable.
Why? Because Scott's Emul
sion contains the elements
that possess in the highest
degree the principles of
Cod liver oil has for years
been known as one of the
greatest foods in the world. It
stands at the head of the list
as containing, in a given quan
tity, the most nourishment of
any food. But cod liver oil in
its raw state is repulsive. Weak
stomachs cannot retain it;
delicate tastes rebel against it.
' It was to overcome these
objections and still retain the
full value of the oil that Scott's
Emulsion was introduced.
"But it does more than offer
the full strength of cod liver
oil in a palatable form. It
combines with the oil other
splendid ingredients hypo
phosphites of lime and soda
and glycerine. The proper
and perfect combination of
these, found only in Scott's
Emulsion, represents a most
valuable food-medicine.
The mission of the oil is to
stop waste, supply the loss of
flesh and furnish nourish
ment; the hypophosphites feed
and sustain the nerve tissues
and nerve centers besides
stimulating the action of the
blood; the glycerine furnishes
bone material and marrow,
upon which latter the blood
How are these resylrs se
cured ? By the easy action and
mild progress of Scott's Emul
sion through the body. Being
partly digested it does not tax
the stomach ; being perfectly
blended it is quickly and easily
assimilated, that is, distributed
with exact regard for the par
ticular need of each part of
the body.
On every package of the
genuine Scott's Emulsion
there is a trade mark label of
a man with a fish on his back.
We will .tend a sample free to
anyone on request.
scon & BOWNE,
409 Pearl St, New York.
Daily East Oregonlan by carrier,
only "IS -cents a weak.'-" -1
Clove-Fitting Skirts White Chiffon
Vesta Collars and Cuffs of Sable-
Gold Embroideries.
New York, Nov. 17. Fur Is 80 ln-
diBpensible an Item of fashion that
It must bo Included In every smart
wardrobe this year, If only In a touch
of trimming'.
In the latter cruise It Is extremely
effective, lending at the Bame time ele
gance and warmth to gowns without
A glimpse at many of the frocks
which will bo worn at the horse show
next week roveals the fact that fur
will certainly bo tho trimming par
excellence at tho exhibition. Tho now
effects arc mainly employed and com
bined with laces and appliques In the
most Incongruous and exquisite fash
Ion. One of tho smartest of the gowns
which will be worn Is developed In
rich dark blue cloth with close fitting
skirt trimmed with seemingly num
berless little bands of chinchillas. A
flounced effect Is gained by a very
full flare at the bottom of tho skirt
with the bands of fur stitched on In
graduated stylo . At the back the
fullness Is gathered Into two Inverted
box plaits whose effect im maintained
to tho very end of the deml-traln.
The bodice is laid in tiny box plaits
at the back and these are piped with
tiniest cords of blue silk. At tho belt
line the waist is cut round and short
at the back, but lengthens at the
front until Just a wee bit of a Mario
Antlonette nip is gained.
The effective feature of the bodice,
however, is the arrangement of tho
vest This Is composed of white chif
fon laid over a foundation of cream
white satin and embroidered In light
blue and palo yellow designs, the bor
ders of which are outlined with the
most delicate of chenille threads In
black and white to produce' the "effort
of chinchillas.
Tho wide box-plaits which turn
away from the vests are' appllqued
with medallions of heavy gulplre and
these hold In place tiny bunches of
fur tails. These same little ornaments
complete the' decoration scheme
around the brim of a deep blue French
felt hat, supplemented by an immense
ostrich blue.
An unusual fashion, yet an elegant
one Is shown In a gown composed en
tirely of mink-skins. Eight hundred
of the little animals were sacrificed
to satisfy this demand of my Lady
Modish, but when It is considered
that she accompanies the demand
with a check for $10,000, something
of the worth of minks even when sold
In largo numbers may be imagined.
Black gowns, too, go well with chin
chillas, while brown is reserved with
green for the sables. Ermine is used
in large quantities upon evening
wraps and dresses, but generally
speaking the more familiar furs are
restricted to linings.
Collars and cuffs of sable upon
wraps of cloth or velvet are a splen
did recourse for tho woman who can
111 afford an entire fur garment. Com
bined with heavy Dutch and Itusslan
laces they are particular! ysmart for
street wear, whllo the points and liner
laces are employed for more formal
However elegant the fur, it is sel
dom that it Is used alone as a trim
ming this season There is no abate
ment for the luxurious craze for com
binations and all sorts of rich mater
ials are associated to satisfy this
The result of the strain put upon
the furriers' Ingenuity to supply new
designs shows well 'this season, not
In that they have found new animals,
but rather because they have treated
so variously tho materials at their
disposal. For Instance thero Is dis
played In ultra-smart shops what, tho
Inexperienced would call dark sable.
so pretty Is the coloring and soft tho
fur, but in reality this is no more or
less than the dear little squirrel skin
of old, dyed a rich brown.
It is much used as a trimming and
for short jackets. In tho latter style
It Is not Infrequently appllqued with
rich brocades and trimmed with an
other, a lighter, fur.
Although sealskin has stood proof
against Imitation exceptionally well
even considering the electric counter
felt, there has come out this winter
a new effect so amazing in its Imlta
Hon that oven experts have been baf
fled by It. The very shade of tho
roots have been duplicated and In con
sequence tho demand for real seal
skin has been lessened.
The skin used for tho counterfeit
Is musquash, a fur which also lends
Itself to the imitation of moleskin,
sable and Russian beaver.
Oold is making a vigorous re-ap-pcarance
in the embroideries used
with fur, fur coats, boleros and long
wraps showing delightful notes of the
richly effective decoration.
Tho drooping trimming which has
been the distinguishing "rear-end"
feature of fashionable hats during tho
fall Is gradually disappearing, Fash
Ion's elite will not tolerate a modo
that becomes universal and the now
effects In headgear which show en
tirely their outllno are a relief to tho
eye as well as a triumph of artistic
Some of tho new UirbaiiB are com
posed of 'moleskin, Bqulrrel, ermine
miiiiiiinfliiauiiiiiMiBWMMMfawm .
W. J. CLARKE & COMPANY, Hardware, Stoves ani Plumbing
Your St ova
. . t nf Celebrated Acorn Stoves and Steel Ranges has arrived and are
- , . a xi that nienfies vour iauvy aiiu nuie Ttif
u ouiht .w- - - . 3 hntir miirn vnii cuin nhvc in Tn nt M
. ? j i& ftM trn II 1 1 1 4 rt uwm - in
points ot superiority h.ik M ntuiru w- hnd exoected tosunnlv th
- . . rxA..A nti1 rffl KUiivca. TV "ivii " r r r r ucio
ri 4. v e rrrwi iivl.. aaiiu ww - n "i
tne season, soiu su rimij c,aB h stpi Don.. ...ui.l
u- Thnww to examine me m.um wr- .V"..6, wCn
tneSlOVesare IIUW . , Ua, lnrnpH thf lrw t.! .....
nin in Mena eion on v u v no, tt- . , .
u 1-.. ..- ht tnpv rpnnnv ucuaiiic n" 1 nun uuven
this superior siove is sum uy - -
nllmentfirv words.
Two sizes
$11 and $13
Three sizes
$9 $11 $14
Three sizes
$10 $12 $15
All sizes
$3o to $65
W. J. Clarke b Company
and chinchilla ornamented with mili
tary braid; others depend upon tho
natural beauty of the fur for their
effect unless relieved by a pom pon of
chiffon or of ostrich feathers. They
come in a now rounded shapo with
rather high crown that is strikingly
beautiful to oval faces.
No feature of fashion Is subject to
as many and as frequent variations
as sleeves. There is no discontinu
ance of tho generous allowance below
the elbow, but the newest designs In
troduce many novelties In the way of
making cuffs. Sometimes this is cut
deeper; extending to within a few in
ches of the elbow. Then below tho
close fitting band tho puff droops In
fanciful effect, according to the man
ner In which it is shirred.
One very pretty sleeve shows this
snug upper part extending well belov
the elbow and so sharply curved on
tho inside that It Is exactly elbow
length by the time tho semi-circle is
completed at the back. At this point
thero is tacked on a bow of velvet
ribbon with long loops and ends. The
puff, emerging from the upper part
is composed of chiffon shirred In
three rows, then gathered into a writ
band of embroidered cloth.
Another smart design Is stitched
directly up the back, with tho seams
overlapping about two Inches. Tho
uppper side of the seam which Is
slightly stiffened to Insure Its stand
ing erect, Is faced with white panne
velvet tho sleeve being black and
stitched with black silk. Above and
below the elbow three and four largo
cut steel buckles, respectively aro
sewed on.
.Many of the smartest sleeves are
seen upon shirt waist suits of velvet
and velveteen which are not only
smart, but about the most serviceable
dress one could have, excepting the
tailor-made gown.
No Bad Debts
Are contracted, by our system
of doing business or we sell
for caEh and give our custo
mers the benefit of our saving
from loss. More fresh, first
class groceries for your money
than any other store in Pen
ton. Our stock is all fresh.
New goods arriving daily
Miller Grocery Co.
Luck in Thirteen.
I)v sendlne 13 mllnn Wm Snlrov
of Walton Furnace, Vt, got a box of
uucKien-s Arnica ttaivo, that wholly
cured a horrible fever sore on his leg
Nothimr olsn could. Pnnltlvplv niru
bruises, felons, ulcors, eruptions.
Dous, ourns, corns and plies Only
25c. Guaranteed bv TaHmnn & rv
Gray's Harbor Com. Co.
Opp. W; & C. R. Depot
Tho beat shoe
repair work at
When getting figures from
others on that lumber bill of
yours, don't forget to come
and see us. We carry a large
stock of all kinds of
Btrildmg Material
including shingles, door, win
dows, moulding, screen doors
and windows in fact, every
thing that is found in a first'
class lumber yard.
Come To Us
For your lumber and building
material of all descriptions and
you will save money and get
lust-class stock. We can sup
ply you with
Doors, Windows,
Screen doors and windows.
building paper, lime, cement,
brick and sand.
We make a specialty of wood
gutter- for barns and dwellings
Oregon Lumber Yard
Alta St., opp. Court House.
A half aection of fine wheat
Irtn.l rtll I. 1
ohu, an in summer-iai-low,
north of Pendleton.
Good improvements.
Almost a section of land in
one body, a short dis
tance north of town.
are both brought itf J
work we mat to""!
vvv it, ib
travagant or nigg"'
Ul Hiatal im. " . ,
inane int t ,
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more. nuu " -
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The PIub"'
TtMorohv Frw1
Pictures for Cbtti
c the work ' "1
and y0 '
B?.u,." ,'"7d. Best
of framing mer,J1
7 KYflhV S
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