East Oregonian : E.O. (Pendleton, OR) 1888-current, November 13, 1902, DAILY EVENING EDITION, Image 5

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t9&9 $J.OO.
,973 $. 25.
bplete assortment of styles and sizes.
foVEMBEIl 13. 1902.
(arm loans.
Lm chowder
: at Castle's.
led at Teutsch's.
lerested In P. I. R.
et 6uiU at Joorger's.
iiring go to Teutsch's.
st and saur kraut at
shoe repairing at
ern and Cove oysters
nburcer and Swiss
bes at Gratz's.
loking at Phillips' res-
Ung tastes good.
br Dutton's fine tafflea
chocolate creams.
kill be the helghth of
I by Siebert & Schulz.
" and Buff Cochin
alp at the Standard
lowest market price.
dglng house, 12 rooms
. Main street. Good
nrgain. E. T. Wade.
hall and winter street
losed out this week at
prices at Mrs. Canip-
fcweet potatoes, chick-
at the Standard uro-
Ish plan saves you
in Need
id Indeed"
lood umbrella is a
till need especi-
lis season of the
(Stock is new and
of the latest
finishes in
i Wt guarantee
ftotone vear.
l0(fefn Jeweler
wc are a tew ol our best sellers:
The long hip form is the original
long hip corset. It has set the
mode in corset styles. The long hip
gives that deep graceful dip, rounds
off the hips into graceful curves,
takes all strain from the abdomen
and chest and places it upon the hips
and back ' muscles. Absolutely
hygienic The only corset for the
new style skirts.
Erect Form 990 $.00
Erect Form 992 $1.50
L ire numerous other models of the W B
i which vou will also find at our store.
I Whitaker, the dontist.
j Oyster cocktails at Gratz's.
Olympia oysters at Castle's.
I People are interested in P. I. R.
Neuman'a for cigars and tobacco.
Cigars, tobacco and smokers' sup
plies at Jack Candish'8.
Wood, coal and hay now on hand,
P. P. Collier & Co.
Immense ilne of toys, dolls, games,
fancy celluloid novelties, and station
ery. Nolf's.
Wo hnvp tl.p nnxtpfit and larcest
stock of JardinierS at prices so low as
to surprise you. u. itonrman.
Wrirk Is wanted as chambermaid
or in pantry by Mrs. Donnelly. See
classified column for particulars.
Wanted A strong, capable girl to
do housework. Wages $4 to $5 per
week. Call at 725 Johnson street
The Daily East Oregonian is on saie
In Tnrf land nt thfi Rich I16WS Stand In
Hotel Perkins, and at the Hotel Port
land. Thn iwrsnn who lost four flat keys
have the same bv calling at this
office. See classified columns for par
Lamn fixtures, all size chlmnetfs,
urtftn liiirj.ers. brackets, reflectors.
cbades, globes in stock at all prices.
C. Rnhrman.
WantPil A bov with some experl
anna in store and wltn norses. to
drive delivery wagon. Call at uour-
man's grocery.
See Wlthee for sewing machines;
th lntpst and best on earth: chain
and lock stitch combined. Prices 14
degrees below zero. Call ana see
me. It will pay you.
The Eastern Cloak, Suit, Skirt and
Wast Pnntnrv. Ed Eben. proprietor.
continues tc grow and 10 ladies are
now employed In order to supply the
demand on this Institution.
Why have gray hair. Get walnut
coloring, $1 per bottle, express pre
paid. San Francisco Hair Store, 1401
First avenue, Seattle, manufacturers
of all kinds of hair goods. Send for
DonrUntnv, Hhailtep No. 1. ltOyal
Arch Masons, will put a team through
the Royal Arch degree at uieir niwu-!,.-
inmnrrim nleht. November 14.
All members urged to be on hand. F.
F. Wamsley, secretary.
Stock Shipments Continue.
Six cars of cattle were shlpied out
ever the O. R. & N. line yesterday to
the Union Meat Company at Trout
ion. flinv were shinned bv C. M.
Grimes, who had been here .several
weeks representing the company.
This is all the cattle now in sight for
shipment O'er the O. II. As is., uui
cars have been Ordered for the trans
l.ortatiou of 2600 head of stock sheep
to go to Iduho. They are being bought
up in Umatilla county by McDonald
& Minger, two of the extensive sheep
owners of Idaho.
Pe again prepared to serve vou with our Hot Soda.
ve all .1. j , .. , . . l I
, - me ota iavontes ot last year anu sevcrni
;kn Bouillon, Beef Tea, Vigoral, Tobasco Flip,
-, jjUUUOn( ueiory uotmion, hot, unocomie,
lt Lemon Thev are all
5 cents
Ps From Main St., Toward the Court Hoase I
One Substitute Will Alto Be Ap
pointed Postmaster Llvermore Ex
pects Appointments Soon.
Postmaster 1-ot Llvermore received
a letter this morning from the post
office department at Washington, D.
C, saying hat P.endlcton would have
three carriers for the free, delivery.
Instead of two, as at first announced.
The examinations for the civil service
was made last spring and also again
last month, but the names of the
lucky ones have not been returned.
It was announced that the recommen
dations would be made at once and
forwarded by wire so that no further,
delay would be experienced.
The free delivery is to be started
with the first of December and In or
der to get everything In working
shape the appointments of carriers
will liave to be made at once. It
will take several days after the car
riers have been announced for thorn
to acquaint themselves with their re
sistive routes. This being the case,
Postmaster Uvermore is expecting a
wire every day announcing who shall
have the appointments. In addition
to the three regular carriers, one sub
Ltitute will be appointed. This sub
stitute Is to take the place of either
of the regular carriers In case of
sickness or something which will
compel them to be off duty for any
length of time.
Misses Daphne Swearingen and Cella
Cunningham Win First Prizes at
the Catholic Fair.
The second evening of the Catholic
fair proved a greater drawing "card
than the first. From the time that
the Pendleton bant) began to pl;iy on
the sidewalk In front of the entrance
to the Armory hall, until 10 o'clock,
the hall was thronged with people.
both old and young, and the interest
In the fair was very marked.
The music was kept going during
all the time dinner was being serv
ed and following this the band music
cave way to a recitation by Miss
"Dunbar. Several other entertaining
features were introduced during the
evening, but the most exciting ' time
was when the contests were being
waged for the prizes.
The doll contest was won by little
Daphne Swearingen, who received
votes amounting to $87.10. The sec
ond prize doll was won by .Nadyne
Blakely and this netted the Sisters
$79.05. Alma gewell won the third
prize doll, which brought $22. Two
other contestants were In this' race.
They were Esther Shay and Katie
The necklace contest came off last
night and held the crowd until late.
Cella Cunningham won this prize, the
votes she received amounting to $00.
Gertrude Fitz Gerald was a close sec
ond for the necklace, as she received
votes amounting to $57,515. Hazel
I3odle and Jennie Pearson were In
this contest.
The fair will continue the rest of
the week, and from present indica
tions will grow In ' popularity Trom
day to day.
Many Prominent Umatilla Educators
to Attend Excellent Program As
sured. The teachers in the public schools
of Pendleton and Umatilla county are
preparing to attend the fourth annual
convention of the Eastern Division of
the Oregon State Teachers' Associa
tion, which Is to 'open at La Grande
November 21, and last over the 26th.
The announcement which have
been, sent out contain an elaborate
program which has been prepared by
the committee in charge. In the eve
ning the address of welcome will be
delivered by Colonel F. S. Ivanhoe,
and this will be responded to by
County Superintendent Nowlin, of
this city. B. !i. Conklin Is also on the
program to talk on "The Aid of Pu
pils in School Government," It Is ex
pected the city schools will close
close down during the whole week,
as It Is Thanksgiving week.
It Is Believed That the New Building
Can and Will Be Erected.
Kn definite action was taken last
night by the committee of way and
means for the new young men's club,
The matter of erecting their new rlub
house was discussed, but it was de
cided to look further into the costs
before they made any steps to organ
ize further. It was the opinion of
those present that the erection and
maintenance of their own home would
be the only possible way to have ade
quate quarters, and It Is also believed
that the new building can and will
be erected.
A New Island.
i a German sea captain leports a new
volcanic Island arisen irom mv
In the vicinity of Tahiti, This pre
sents a fine opportunity for an enter
prising speculator to equip the islo
with the necesiary Insurrection and
sell it to Uncle Sam at the usual
price. Uoise News.
In Seasonable
Children's All Wool Ribbed Hose, Regular X5c to 20c, Special iOc pr
Ladies' Fancy Lisle Hose, Regular 50c, Special .. ... 25c pr
Ladies' Heavy Jersey Ribbed Vests, and Pants, Regular 35c, Special 25c ea
Children's Natural Wool Vests, Pants and Drawers, 25c and 40c, Special .i 6c ea
50-inch Grey Wool Cheviot, Regular 75c, Special 46c yd
Flannelettes, Nice Dark Colors, Good Patterns, Regular 2c, Special 6Jc yd
Our Great Thanksgiving Linen
Mrs. Carey, Who Came Here From
Tillamook for Her Health, uiea ,
Yesterday. '
Mrs. Cora EX Carey, wife of V. H.I
Carey, died Wednesday afternoon at
Hotel Pendleton of heart failure.
Mrs. Carey was 29 ye.rs of age ana
beside leaving a husband she leaves
two children, boys of 4 and 6 years.
a, anA luir hnuliand rame to Pendle
ton just a week ago from Tillamook
at the advice of Mrs. uarey s piiyaii;
lo.. !...( Iniliml nf her fast failing
health getting better, it gradually
grew worse until uie enu came in
i,o nftOTnimn vesterdav. She bad
nniv huen an invalid about four
months and her deatii was a great
shock to the husband ana menus.
Mr. Care)- loft with the houy last
,.t,r), fm- Tillamook, where it will bo
interred under the auspices of the
O. R. & N. Company Will Sell Ticket
to Portland and Return for 7.
The O". R. & N. Company have nn
uounced' special rates f $7 for the
round trip for those wishing to attend
the Irrigation congress opening at
Portland on the morning of '.no 18th.
Ticket will be sold on the 17th and
be good returning until the 23rd.
, for Rent.
What .s known as Jacob's
Enquire of C. B. Wade.
I The Best Shoe in the Cotm-1
I try at Its Price. We Chal-'
jlenge any $5 shoe to equal
Boston Store
Where Whole Families are Shod,
and Saturday
Toilet Soap Sale
We purchased an enormous
amount of fine toilet soap just
before the advance in tallow
(6o per cent) and before the
soap makers entered into a
soap trust.
Witch Hazel, 3 bars in a
box, for ioc a box.
Fancy Castiles at 3c, 4c and
and 5c a bar.
The genuine Curative Skin
soap, here on sale at ioc a bar
Other Soaps at 5c, are
Houey, Elderberry, Turkish
Bath, White Koset't.
We also sell the Regular
$1 box soap. Very fine quali
ty at 69c a bar.
One of the prettiest lines that
ever reached the city 65c to $3 95.
Leading Statesmen, Musicians,
Poets, etc. We reserve anyone
yoa may want until the holidays.
Toys, Dolls and'Games
U. 8. Supreme Court
U. 8. Patent Ofllce
Trade Murki and Copyright
fOO Ub.6t, N. W., WUlnirtu. I. '
Biggest and Best Bargains
In Furniture, Stoves, Glassware, China ware ever offered
in Pendleton are now olfered.
Our Big Clearance Sale
Is now on. Wo must reduce our stock in order to make
room for others. We want it to go rapidly and in order
to do so we have cut ths prices. Come in and getg. our
knocked down pricrs and see what you can save.
Remember Joe Basler's Clearance Sale
Lots of goods sold at greately reduced prices,
i ,vwVwAWvAlA
Sale is Now on
The Delicacies
of the season are always
found at our restaurant.
At present we have
Finest Oysters 'f Frog
Legs f Clams f Crabs,
and f Lobsters
and other salt and fresh
water foods
The Ft each
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and the people appreciate It and show
it by their liberal patronage. It It the
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