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Eastern Oregon Weather
Tonight fair: Tuesday Increas
ing cloudiness.
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NO. 4571
Scano of Santa Marie
rthwestern Guatemala
fis Mount Pelee.
the Largest In the World,
Only Ten Miles From Que-
Ingo, Which Was Destroyea
Nicu-agua, Oct. 27.
itimlay morntng tho Santa
felcano in the northwestern
Guatemala, has been in a
E fierce eruption. Earthquake
irere felt over the entire of
, Salvadorc and Costa Rico.
ano is one of the largest in
d. and Is only 10 miles dlB-
the city ot Quezaltcnango.
as destroyed by earthquake
hia Capitalists Interested by
Prince to Develope That
York, Oct. 27. D. O. Mills,
Difornla millionaire is said to
n interested by the crown
Slam in a great industrial
nent scheme in Slam. With
fie contemplates a large Invest-
that country.
Church Alliance Meets.
delphia, Pa., Oct. 27. The
or American section of the
of Ileformed churches
lout the world holding the
lerinn system began a two
neeting in Philadelphia today.
In attendance represent the
lerian churches of Canada and
with the seven Presbyterian
Is. and also the German and
Reformed church of the Unit
les, with a constituency in the
lie of more than Bcven and
Uf million persons. The first
was held this afternoon :n
Etlierspoon building and was
to tho formalities connected
be opening of the gathering.
the convention will take
fctlons connected with Sabbath
young people's societies and
Blstlc work.
Senator George Turner, Democrat,
and Governor McBrlde, Republican,
Will Speak at Walla Walla.
Walla Walla. Oct. 27. Today Is the
day of politics and politicians in this
city. Both republican anI democrat?
have made and aro mnkln; the eftort
ot tho campaign to show the people
their strength and make steadfast a
number of weak-kneed voters just be
fore the campaign closes. Governor
Henry McBride Is In tho city as the
representative of the republicans,
nnd Senator George Turner is here
to speak to the democrats at thfs
opera house this evening. The repub
licans hoped to hold forth at tho
opera house at night, buv the demo,
crats had taken time by the forelock
and engaged It, so the address of
Governor McBride had to be bille 1 for
the afternoon.
Governor McBride is the advocate
of the railroad commission idea, and
about him has gathered a number ot
strong politicians. Senator Tiirnef
agrees with the governor in this one
matter, but differs in all party poli
cies. The two men are considered
leaders In state politics.
It is conceded that Turner will have
the best of the situation here, as tho
meeting at night will be much more
freely attended than tho afternoon
gathering. Still the two meetings
are sure to draw out gTeat crowds. It
has been a long time since two meet
ings of such Importance were sched
uled for the same day in the opera
house of this city.
Mr. Baer Declares That He "Will In No Wise Deal With the
Mine Workers as an Organization,"
Dispersed With Difficulty by Troops
Men Were Preventing the Unload
Ing of Ships.
Itochfort, Prance, Oct. 27. Troops
this morning with great difficulty dis
persed the rioting dock strikers, who
were preventing the unloading of
ships. Later In the day the strikers
formed a column and sacked the rest
dences of the officials of three dock
Operators as an Organization, Demand Hearing Through Their President
But Refuse to Allow the Miners an Equal Right Baer Sets Himselr
as Dictator to the Arbitration Board "Don't Know Much About the
Upper Region, But Much of Lower Region, According to Gener.il Be-I'"-"
1 MMU -
htederate Veterans Gather.
nhus, Ga., Oct. 27. A host of
Is sweeping down upon this
. will retain posesslon for me
iree or four days. They are the
w ot the United Confederate
PS, whose annual u-r.-'sional on-
put win be formally opened
Judging from tho large
Piatd the number of visitors
My up to the encampments
P mts and from all lndica-
f MtUon of the state will be
CdmnletB arrancemema
made h, tho local rocIgUrh
e reception and entertainment
: Jr Tlsfors.
N'thntl Croatian Rorl.tu
T'sbunr. Pa n n rm, m
?Ht" Socety, composed of
me Hungarian province
ivmuu iu iue uiuicu
ran lie i a, j
kk, ", ,'- milium umeuug 11
oXS 0day' Manv members of
htk. i '"""-ma oi oiuuuun
ihv Z . I 11118 vicinuy ana
kntor(i. . ulu yuo -or
K ,knment 01 the vlBltors dur
Fe'r three iiv.
tform. n.ment wl '"elude varl
r i ins or national
bns "if ,!ntersPorao the business
01 'he gathering.
nn and Alabama n,iirj .
0. 27.-New York
oc a i nmn. itnn.
Khf oi tvrlth tmlnal facilities
UZAi to run
Wavno "! -"uiy, Alabama,
fence iC " ioseo, wiw
F ni... BS tOe SOUthrn tormtnnc
lis r!:heuBecon lo he travers-
Purees. """ ana in mineral
$10,000,000 INCREASE.
Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance Est!
mates That Amount Necessary for
Army and Navy.
Washington, Oct. 25. Rear-Admiral
Charles O'Nell. chief of the bureau ot
ordnance, in his report estimates that
the necessary expenditures for the
fiscal year ending June 30, 190, will
be $13,000,000, of which $10,000,000
will be for an increase in the navy
and army and armament.
St. Louis Delegates Allowed Short
Time to Prepare Papers for Contin.
St, Louis, Oct. 27. The cases
against 1G delegates in the bribery
scandal were called this morning.
Their counsel were allowed until this
afternoon to prepare papers asking
for a continuance of the cases.
oiaon. om - . ..
S30 horse aX J?S"'
. " showed n
'ceremonies. 1 aalur-
O'Donnell Is Still Defiant.
London, Oct. 27. John O'Donnell
M. P., in a speech at Colne, Lanca
shire, Saturday night, denounced tho
sentences of himself and other mem
bers of parliament, under conditions
which prohibit their serving in public
bodies In Ireland for five years, ns a
scheme to prevent constitutional agi
tation. Mr. O'Donnell said he did not
regret the clash with Mr, Balfour In
the house of commons, October 16, on
acount of which he was suspended
from the house and declared he would
bo a slave and a coward If he dll not
resent being deprived ot th right to
speak In the houfie of commons after
being prevented from speaking in his
own constituency and lmprisone.l for
speaking in others.
To Improve London's Port.
London, Oct. 27. The first step to
ward remedying the glaiing deficien
cies of the antiquated port of Lon
don was taken today when representa
tives of the dock companies, the ship
ping Interests and the city of London
assembled In conference at Mansion
House with Sir Joseph Dimsdale, ihe
Lord mayor, presiding. In the pre
liminary way the conference discuss
ed practfcable measures for the Im
provement ot the port, with the pur
pose of agreeing upon a plan to be
laid before tho government. Among
the various proposals was one for the
entire abandonment of the present
dock and wharf system, cn which the
rocent dock commission proposed to
expend $140,000,000, nnd the conver
sion of six or seven miles of the river
into a vast tidal dock, furnishing am
ple room for all kinds of .craft.
Washington, Oct. 27. The confer
ence of the strike commission open
ed in the room of the interstate com
merce commission at 2 o'clock. Th-j
coal operators and President Mitch
ell seated themselves on opposite
sides of the table. Assistant Record'
er Mosley shortly announced, "gen
tlemen, the commission." The oper
ators as well as Mitchell, all arose and
stood while the commission entered
the room.
Judge Gray briefly explained the
situation and said that he preferred
to regard the case as one in which
plaintiffs and defendants were pres
ent and that he would like to hear
from each.
President Mitchell said that as
plaintiff, he would be ready to pre
sent his testimony next Monday.
Judge Gray interrupted him and said:
"All we want is a logical statement
of one side and an answer by the
other, thus eliminating lrrelevent
matter. We don't want any argu
ments. " Mitchell then made a state
ment of a few hundied words. Pres
ident Baer, for the operators, follow
ed and said:
"We object to the presence of John
Mitchell as pres'.deut -f the l.'nlon
Mine Workers before this (.ommis
slon. In no wise will we deal with
that body as an organization, but we
have no objection to Mitchell's pres
ence as a representative of the coal
miners of the anthracite region."
Baer also announced that he would
urge as a solution of the labor prob
lem the adoption of a re-adjustment
of a sliding scale, which he called a
profit sharing system, that would
give practical peace in the mines foi
many years.
To Visit the Mines.
Mr. Baer also suggested personal
visits to the anthracite fields. Mr.
Thomas agreed. Truesdale wanted
an opportunity given to the miners
of certain mines to settle their diffi
culties with their- employers by a
conference of committees. If no
agreement was reached then, he was
willing that tho matter be submitted
to the arbitration commission. It was
agreed that the largest individual op
erators should also be called before
the commission.
Judge Gray, on an agreement be
tween Baer and Mitchell, will ap
point an expert to take statements of
wages from both sides.
In Good Humor.
The men were all in singularly good
humor. When the suggestion was
made to the commission that it be
gin its inspection in the upper region
of the anthracite district, Baer said:
"I don't know anything about tho up
per region. All I now have a knowl
edge of is the lower region, accord
ing to general belief." Even Mitchell
and Fahy joined in the applause and
lauchter which followed this remark
Judge Gray, after consultation with
all parties, fixed Thursday as the day
when the inspection of the mining
fields would commence. Mr. Wilcox
volunteered a special train to take
all parties to Scranton, which will
be' the starting point. It Is expected
that it will require a week to visit
the mines. The commission adjourn
ed at i o'clock to meet next Thurs
To Pay Fares.
Immediately after adjournment the
commissioners retired In private con
sulfation. Later It was announced
that they had decided to pay their
own fares, declining tho offer of a
special train.
Socialist Candidate for Governor Says
Baer Got His. "Trustee of Provl
dence" Idea From the King.
Philadelphia. Oct. 27. Is President
Hner of the Heading railroad, a pla-
ganst7" This question Is asked by
John W. Staylon, candidate for gover
nor of rennsyivanln on the socialist
ticket. Ho calls attention to tho mat
ter In tho similarity of language con
tained in the famous "Trustees of
Providence" letter written by Presi
dent Baer to that uttered by George
III of England, at a tlmo when the
colonists were preparing to be alike
"strikers." Hero are the paragraphs
upon which Mr. Staylon describes hlw
King George III "Tho rights and
Interests of the American colonists
will not be looked after and caied
for by the agitators and rebo's. but
by the kind Christian gentlemen
whom I, as the direct representative
of God, have duly appointed to look
after my lands In the western world."
President Unci- "Tho rights and
Interests ot the laboring man will he
looked after a.nd cared for, not by
agitators, but by Christian men to
whom God, In His infinite has given
the control of property interests of
this country."
Mrs. Stanton Dead.
New York. Oct. 27. Mrs. Elizabeth
Cady Stanton died Sunday afternoon
at the ago of S7 years, after a short
illness at her home In this city.
Her funeral will be held Wednes
Reported That the Ship Was Delay
ed by Stops for Target Practice.
Panama, Oct. 27. The Colombian
warship Bogota, Captain Marmaduke
Men Who Murdered Captain Craft In
dieted for Manslaughter In First
New York, Oct. 27. The grand jury
commanding, arrived here this morn- this afternoon returned an indictment
ing from San Francisco. The delay 0f murder in the first degree against
was caused by reported stops for tar
get practice.
General Marmaduke was received
with great enthusiasm by the Colom.
bian generals. Two other gunboats
were Immediately placed under wis
orders. The arrival of the erulsei
was a signal for a great celebration
In the city.
British Lost a Gun and 70 Men Mul
lah's Losses.
Aden, Arabia, Oct. 27. Details of
the fighting in Somaliland October 6,
between the British expedition and
the Mad Mullah, show that a more se
rious disaster was only averted by tne
splendid example of the four white
officers. As It was, the British force
lost "a Maxim gun and 70 men killed,
while 60 of their enemy's dead was
counted close to the firing line.
Thomas Tobin, manager and Alexan
der McKearney, bartender of the
Empire hotel, where the headless
body of Captain Craft was discovered
September 27.
Three Newsboys Fell Asleep on Santa
Fe Tracks and Were Run Over by
Oklahoma City, Oct. 27. The re
mains of three little newsboys were
found on the Santa Fe tracks near
Noble this morning, where tney had
evidently fallen asleep and had been
cut to pieces by the morning passen
ger train.
Inter-Collegiate Golf.
New York, Oct, 27. In the final
round for the championship of the In-ter-Colegiate
Golf Association played
Saturday on the links of the Morris
Country Golf Club, H. C. Egan of
Harvard, beat H. B. McFarland of the
. TTntvprfiltv nf Pennsylvania bv 4 un
Physicians Arraigned and Gave Bond and 2 t0 ,a
Negroes Sent Back to Jail.
Indlananolis. Oct. 27. The alleged Trains Guarded.
grave robbers were all arraigned in Cheyenne, Wyoa., Oct. 27. Armed
the criminal court today. The phy-, guards have been placed on all ex
slclans immediately gave bonds of 'press and mail trains between Chey.
$1000 each. The negroes were enne and Green River. The officials
brought Into court chained together, fear a repetition of the Northern a-
They were unable to give Dan ana. cine roDuery.
were sent back to Jail,
Wheat In Chicago.
Chicago, Oct. 27. Wheat 72
?ic per bushel.
Blodgett Dead.
Cleveland. Oct. 27. P. S. Blodgett,
general manager of the Lake Shore
railway, died this morning,
This His 44th Birthday, Did Not In
terfere With Regular Business Re
ceives Many Flowers.
Washington, Oct. 27. President
Roosevelt declined to permit tho fact
of this being his birthday to Interfere
with, the regulnr routlno of business
By noon the receiving room on tho
second floor of the temporary White
House was nearly filled with flowers
sent him by his friends.
The president has called a cabinet
meeting for November 7. Ho has no
tided the several ministers that ho
desires recommendations from each
In writing for use In constructing hid
annual message to congress.
Mayor Robblns, of Sumpter, Reports
Some Rich Strikes In the Gol
Mayor J. H. Robblns, of Sumpter,
passed through town Sunday on his
way home. Mr. Robblns had been to
Portland in connection with tho pro
posed forest reserve, to which ho is
much opposed.
Mr. Robblns is one of tho directors
and one of tho heady stockholders in
the Golconda mine, near Sumpter, and
ho says that work Is progressing on
the mine and the ore is showing up
better as work advances. Tho Instal
lation of the deep sinking plant will
be completed soon and other new ma
chinery is being added to tho Golcon
da. Mr. Robblns is president of tho
South Pole company and on this mlno
men have been employed for the win
ter's operation and tho work is show-
ng up much bettor values than antic
ipated even by tho most enthusiastic
admirer f this mine.
Italian Steamer Effa Wrecked
Cette Captain and Part of
Escape in Open Boat,
Toulon, Oct. 27. Tho Italian steam
er Effa was wrecked last night near
Cette. Tho captain and six of the
crew escaped in an open boat. Fifteen
others wore drowned.
Congressional Mass Meeting.
New York, Oct. 27. Great prepara
tions have been made for the demo
cratic congressional mats meeting to
ho held In Madison Square Garden to
night under the auspices ot William
R. Hearst, the congressional candi
date in the Eleventh district. Chair
man Griggs ot tho democratic con
gressional commltteo Is to preside.
Among the speakers to Ire heard are
former Vice-President Adlal E. Ste
venson, former Governor Budd, of
California, Mayor Eugene Schraltz, ot
San Francisco, Senator Carinack, of
Tennessee, and Senator CulberUon,
of Georgia.
Refuses to Stand by Agree
ment With Miners and Asks
Men to Sign Agreements,
Work Throughout the Rest of An-
thraclte Region Resuming Rapidly
Ninety Per Cent of Colliers at
Wllkesbarre Working.
Hazolton, Pa., Oct. 27. The only
collieries not working today in this
region are thoso controlled by the
Marklo combine, who still Insist that
the men shall sign agreements. The
strikers say they will never accept
work .from Marklo on the conditions
Union Votes to Remain on- Strike.
. Hazelton, Po., Oct. 27. Tho local
union of the United Mlno Workers,
composed of tho employes of A. Par
dee & Co., at Cranborry and Crystal
Ridge, voted Saturday to remain on
strike until tho company withdraws
Its request thnt all men before return
ing to work must sign an agreement
not to Interfere In any way with tho
non-union hands.
Tamaqun, Oct. 27. Four out of 12
ot the Lehigh collieries aro working
at full force.
Much Coal to Market.
Wllkesbarre, Pa Oct. 27. Tho I
high & Wllkesbarre Company sent
much coal to market today. It has
all Its mines, with tho exception ot
tho Stanton, at work. Tho Susque
hanna also Is making good headway.
It Is believed 90 per csnt nf the mines
are In operation. AH of the collieries
where water has not accumulated In
largo quantities nro now In shape to
receive the full working force. Near
ly all of tho coal and Iron policemen
who woro hired by the coal compa
nies, when tho strike began,
been paid off nnd dismissed.
Well Known Steamship Man Found
on the Golf Links, Dead.
Chlcaco. 111.. Oct. 27. The agent
of tho White Star Lino. Anderson,
one of tho best known steamship men
in the United States committed sul
cldo last night. His body wb found
on the Washington golf links this
morning with a bullet hole In the
head. No icnsoii Is known Rr tho
Will Congress do Anything to Pre
vent Another Strike?
Eighty millions of people, most of
them optimists, bound to see the
lightest and brightest side or wuat-
over happens, hro entirely happy be
cause tho great coal strike of 1S02
the greutcst strike that ever happen
edIs over.
The siiuenllni: of tho speculators In
Welsh anthracite and Western bitu
minous coal, caught with mk
slgnmcnts of thoso substitute fuels on
falling market. Is scarcely fcmra
above the popular shout of satisfac
tion. That the strlko Is over and the
hard coal at $7 a ton Is promised
within a fortnight, are all that the
average citizen cares to know.
And yet and yot
Tho fundamental conditions that
made this strlko possible and brought
tho country so perilously near to a
disaster aro not changed In the Ir-asL
What Is congress going to do to
mako another such criBls impossible?
What will President Roosevelt rec
ommend and urge It to do? New
York World.
We own 4Q4I feet on the Cele
brated North Pole Hill. Our
present tunnel and workings show
our mine to be the richest on the
entire mother lode,
Price, 15c Per Share
Buy before the price advances
Maps., nliototfruphs and ore can be
seen at the office of T, Uahsgnn, Hirt
nian's ubstraot office.